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Chapter 1: How they met.

Teaching is your vocation, John.

That's what mom used to say when I was really young. That very conversation stemmed from the way I was asked by a former elementary school teacher of mine to keep track of some of her students while she was out for a medical situation. I had the competence to fill in the role, with the headmaster allowing me to keep around and make sure things were fine. The result? I managed to overcome the curse of being a substitute teacher and actually get a proper lesson done with just a few solvable interruptions. It was odd to find my own 'vocation' through that unexpected request, and yet I wasn't that... thrilled by it.

Teaching is fun, but there were reasons why I never saw it as a viable dream job for myself. It didn't give much money to sustain a modest life, it was rather intense as an experience as a full-time job from what I knew of former friends that had taken this road, and I felt rather disinterested by it when it came to personal satisfaction. It just didn't give off the same sense of completion as other smaller activities. Maybe I was being too obtuse in trying to find the job that fit with me, but I really had hopes of finding it.

Of course, my expectations sunk deep when one day I found myself dealing with the craziest hand fate could have handed me. I woke up in a park that wasn't anywhere similar to the one back home. Winter was in full swing just as it had been back the day before but I would soon learn that the 'where' and the 'when' were radically different than that.

Fuyuki City, 2000.

I was fucked. The only thing I needed to understand was how much fucked I was due to the multiple timelines tied to this series. The Fateverse, which was a messy conglomerate of multiple timelines that were all tied to Fate Stay Night one way or another, could either be outright easy or outright cruel depending the circumstances I could have ended up with.

Good news? This wasn't the original timeline set with the whole three possible routes session. Not when I ended up finding Kiritsugu Emiya, alive and healthy, calmly browsing in the same grocery stop I had stopped to find a newspaper to check for more info about my current whereabouts. I could still remember the incredibly difficult effort to not stare too much at the seemingly retired Magus Killer as he quietly retrieved some smokes and filled a bag with food of various kinds. Not a fun experience when I could spot hints of the handgun he brought with himself. What really gave off the entire situation was when his wife, Irisviel von Einzbern, came by holding thrice the amount of stuff the former mercenary had taken in various bags. This was the Prillyaverse, the one where Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya happened and... this was a doable route.

It was nowhere as safe as the first few seasons suggested, especially when there was a parallel universe that was soon going to connect with this one and turn Magical Girls' Adventures into Dark Souls ft. Frightened Magical Girls. This was good, but also Yabai. Before I could do anything major about my current predicament- like getting out of the city and not dealing with this, I paused out of the shop to check my phone as it suddenly buzzed. A new message, and it was from an unknown source.

I would suggest against leaving. I need you on the field as my agent.

KZS from a different universe.

Fucker. And why? And what does it mean from a different universe?

No answer came out about that. Only a few suggestions on how to remain without getting kicked out by the immigration service. I was given the address of a bank and the code to access one of the accounts set there. Good news, I had money through it and it was substantial enough to start an effort to find a job. Even better news? I had my references and my CV copied five times there, plus the documentation that recognized me as a citizen of the country. So I had the means to find a job, get a house and not be worried about the worst case scenario the moment a cop stopped me to check on my documentation. It took two weeks to find myself in a stable situation and I could feel my mother's laughter dimensions away at the irony behind my first day at this very job. I was glad I got it as quickly as I did but... I just couldn't help but feel the need to facepalm at the situation.

"Good morning, class. My name is John Bukharin, and I will be your Math teacher for the next six years."

Yes, I became the worst kind of teacher due to my subject. Some of the students were surprised to see a foreigner in charge of it, but showed little in their collective greeting as it was common between students and teachers. After we all sat down on our chairs, I took a moment to open the paper registry.

"So, let's begin with a roll call so I can start memorizing your names," I hummed quietly, finding the list. "Arakawa Miko."


Nodding, I listed her as present and went on with the rest of the classroom and I spotted a few familiar names too. In fact, I was just a tiny bit surprised when I arrived at the letter 'E' and I found her of all possible people.

"Illyasviel von Einzbern."

My pronunciation was a tad bit off, mostly because I didn't exactly study much German back in school and I could only get the closest version possible. Surprisingly enough, that wasn't what got the students to whisper to one another. The foreign aspect of the little girl's name had them intrigued beyond reason, and they weren't holding back from making their surprise known around... to the point where the white-haired little girl was a bit terrified to actually answer due to the spotlight she had been put into. One thing I believe I need to bring up is also the fact that the one in Fate Zero, the 'chibiest' Illya wasn't actually the chibiest anymore as this one took the cake. Because the example herself was ten, this one was six. And she looked absolutely adorable with her hair pulled in short twin-tails.

Knowing that remaining silent on the matter was only going to worsen the situation, I could see that this circumstance required a brief speech.

"Before I continue, I believe I should make a point clear with this class," I calmly spoke up, gaining some of the students' attention. "While I understand some of you are curious about Einzbern-san's name and possible place of origin, I remind you that one of the elements I demand from you beyond a degree of discipline in handling your homework, following lessons and not disrupting said lessons is... tolerance. Which means that if Einzbern-san is feeling uncomfortable and doesn't want to discuss this matter, you will not push it. Else, I will be forced to hand out punishments to make this point clear. No one in this classroom will be judged for something they are not in control of. Understood?"

There was some hesitation, but I already saw some of the girls that had seen this scene unfold replying with resolute 'Hai's. The rest followed shortly after and I felt relieved that this situation could get defused this easily.

"So, returning to the roll call- Illyasviel von Einzbern."


I smiled and nodded, but still looked at the paper.

"Gakumazawa Tatsuko-"


Oh right, this world does have a mini-Taiga. I almost forgot that.

Still, considering the overall simple situation, things shouldn't turn any difficult any time soon. In fact, maybe this couldn't end up that badly if I managed to get them prepared for the next four years and-

Four years later...

"S-Sensei! Kuro is trying to do lewd things again!"

"Oh, hello Sensei! I was planning to ask you for advice about something called a Threesome. Care to help us with a 'close and personal' lecture~?"

"M-Miyu, help!"

"Sensei, help Illya to get away from Kuro. I will give you a hug if you do."

I regret everything and nothing.


This is going to be a bit Yabai, but nonetheless wholesome in nature.