Chapter One

Viper pushed his chair back, grabbed hold of his hair, and pulled. He fucking hated paperwork. Hated it with a passion. Damn, he could have killed his VP Slammer for marrying his secretary and knocking her up with triplets. Three weeks ago, the doctors put her on bed rest until the little rug rats had cooked enough.

Thus, he has been doing all the paperwork, working in the garage, and being the Blood Demon's President for the past three weeks. On top of all that, he had been so fucking tired that he hadn't felt up to getting his dick wet. The only relief his pipe had gotten was from his hand in the shower, and that shit wasn't cutting it. He needed a hot, wet pussy wrapped tightly around his cock.

Fuck it, the paperwork would still be here when he got back. He needed to feel a wrench in his hand and the smell of grease. Grabbing his cut from the back of the chair, he slipped his arms in the holes and sighed at the familiar comfort. He had been wearing this piece of leather for over fifteen years.

His grandfather had founded the motorcycle club (MC), Blood Demons, in the 1940s in Phoenix, Arizona. He married his old lady ten years later, and they had two sons. His father, Richard "Anvil" Masen, took over the Blood Demons, when his dad decided it was time for fresh blood to wear the patch. Anvil would still be the president if he hadn't been murdered. His uncle, Caius, moved away, wanting to cut himself from the club and the family.

The night of his father's murder was always in the back of his mind. It only felt like yesterday when he got the call from his father's VP, Marcus telling him to get his ass to Sonoran Reserve parking lot as fast as his wheels would take him. He jumped from his bed at the clubhouse, hurling the clothes at the naked club succubus and demanding her out before she even dressed. Throwing on a pair of jeans, t-shirt, boots, and finally his cut, he rushed out the door. Once he was outside, he jumped on his sled, and tore across Phoenix, not worrying about cops until he got to the parking lot. As he entered, he saw the lot full of his brothers, their rides in a circle, with their headlights pointing onto whatever was in the center. When he got near the circle of bikes, two pulled over to allow him to drive into the middle. The sight before him rocked his very soul. There in the middle of the circle of his brothers, his father was lying on the pavement, blood pooled around him. He bounded off his bike and ran over to his dad's body. Dropping to his knees, Viper looked down at his father. Bullet holes covered his shirt and cut, with blood pouring from all of them. Someone had emptied an entire clip into his body. In that moment, a rage for revenge like no other, seeped into every pour of his body. He would live up to his club name, because the assholes would never see him coming until he struck with venomous fangs of death. Their executions would not be quick nor painless.

They held a traditional MC funeral for Anvil Masen, including the missing rider, where Marcus, his VP, drove his bike between the lead car and hearse. Viper's mother and little sister, Gina, rode in the lead car, while he rode his sled with his brothers from their club. Behind them were over a thousand brothers from other clubs who attended, coming from all over the country to pay their respects to a fellow club leader. Their brother Riley "Preacher" Biers led the service, telling tales of the good times and how Anvil was more than just a leader, he was a father to them all. Giving the final commitment to their fallen leader, they prepared to lower his casket into the grave. Viper stepped forward and placed his father's cut on top. He had not shed a tear since the shooting, wanting to be strong for his mother, sister, and his club brothers.

"Dad, I know you will need this as you ride through the afterlife. Give the Devil hell and one day we will all be beside you driving into the sunset."

After his father's burial, they called church with every member of the Blood Demons to be in attendance. They left Anvil's chair at the head of the massive oak table with the club logo engraved in the center vacant. Only the President of the club sat in the chair of honor and power. Even though the club brothers were all grieving over the horrible death of their beloved president, they needed to elect a new leader. In their hearts and minds, there was only one person who could step into Anvil's shoes, and that was Viper. He had started out as a probe, working hard to gain his first patch, and continued to do so until he made Sgt. at Arms.

Viper stepped into the president's position, running. His primary focus was to find who killed his father. The local cops came up with no clues about who had committed the crime and, after a few months, called it a cold case. Time passed by and even though he used every legal and illegal avenue, his father's murder was never solved. So here he was five years later, leader of the club, yet he hadn't found justice for his father. His mother grieved her husband's death, but she found love again with Anvil's VP, Marcus. At first, Viper was pissed, but as time went by, he could see the light in his mother's eyes return.

Love was something he never thought he would find again. Placing his hand over the tattoo of the girl who had stolen his heart when he was only seventeen years old. He often wondered what happened to his Little Isa and if she was okay. If he closed his eyes, he could still see her sweet smile. Isa was beautiful, sweet, and incredibly sexy. They had met one hot summer day at Castle-n-Coasters Amusement Park. His mother had convinced his father that he needed a summer of fun before he committed himself to the club.

It was the first of June when Edward drove to the park on the bike he had built from the frame up, with his father's guidance. He had taught him to ride at the tender age of thirteen.

"You are on your way to becoming a man, son," his father said, standing beside his massive Harley. "Now is the first lesson to get you started on the track to becoming part of our family's lifestyle."

Pulling out of the driveway, he didn't know where he was going, just knew he would enjoy the ride. As he drove around, he passed his high school, where he had just graduated a year earlier than everyone else his age. His teachers had tried to convince him to apply to college and study engineering. But Edward had only one plan for his future, and that was the club. After passing the school, Edward saw the sign for Castle-n-Coasters. It had been a long time since he had been at the park.

He thought a day of riding thrilling rides, eating greasy food, and looking at the pretty girls in their short shorts would be a great way to start his summer of fun. Finding a place for his bike, he parked, stowed his helmet, and headed to the gate to purchase a ticket. The girl behind the ticket booth beamed at him, wearing a tight bright yellow t-shirt with Castle-n-Coasters written across her full tits.

"That will be twenty-seven dollars," she said, as she eye fucked him.

Handing over his credit card, the girl processed it and handed it back. "What time do you get off?" Edward asked, signing the receipt and pushing it back to her.

"Six o'clock," she answered, taking a piece of paper and writing her number on it, then slid it towards him. "Can you get me off by six fifteen?"

As he took the paper, he licked his lips. His club brothers had been instructing him on how to woo a woman. He hadn't had sex yet. The girls in high school did nothing for him and the succubi at the club wouldn't touch him, afraid of what his father would say. "I think I can. I'll call you later."

Slipping the paper into the back pocket of his jeans, he took the ticket and headed into the entrance. Once inside the gate, he looked around deciding what he was going to do first. Seeing the sign for Desert Storm, he made his way over and got in line. The line was long, but seemed to move along quickly.

Suddenly, the girl in front of him turned around and his heart stopped beating. She had to be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life, with long brown hair, a heart-shaped face, and eyes the color of crystal blue ocean. Fuck, she was perfect. All the training his club brothers had given him was out the window, and now he was trying to find the right words to say to her.

"Hi," he said.


"Have you ridden this ride before?" Edward asked. He had many times over the years and loved the thrill of it.

"No. I don't live in Phoenix," she answered.

"Oh. Here on vacation?"

"Yeah, sort of. My best friend from school moved here and I came to help her get settled. Do you live here?"

"Yeah, all my life," he answered, and looked around. "Is your friend here?"

"No, her mother was going to take her to her new school and get her registered. She is not happy about going to a new school for her senior year."

"Ouch, that is a bummer," Edward replied, as he decided to be bold. "So I am here alone and so are you, so do you want to hang out together?"

"Sure, I would like that. I'm Isa by the way."

"Isa is a great name. I'm Edward."

Isa reached out and took his hand. "Let's go have some fun," she giggled.

From that moment, he was a goner. They spent the day together, the phone number in his pocket totally forgotten. He only wanted to be with her and her alone. From that day forward, they spent every waking hour together. Edward knew as soon as he kissed her, he loved her and no one else would ever own his heart. Two weeks after they met, Edward rented a hotel room, filling it with flowers, soft music, and dim lights. She snuck out of the house and took a cab to the hotel. It was that magical night they lost their virginity to each other. After multiple kisses and promises of seeing each other later in the day, she climbed in the cab, waving goodbye to him.

However, that was the last time he saw her. She never appeared at the park and when he went by her friend's house, her friend's father told him that her father came for her and had sent her away to school. Edward questioned where the school was, but he didn't know.

Heartbroken, Edward went home and swore he would never fall in love with a woman again. To remind himself of his own love, the day he turned eighteen he went to Ben "Gunner" Patterson, the club tattoo artist and club member. He ran the shop owned by the club and was a genuine artist. Not wanting to explain what he wanted in the tattoo, Edward sketched his own design, and even though he wasn't an artist, he had to admit it looked just like his little Isa. Gunner was excited to give the club President's son his first tattoo and loved the picture Edward brought in. When Edward told him where he wanted it, he knew there was more behind the tattoo than just getting a first tattoo. However, he would say nothing to anyone about it.

After the tattoo was completed, Edward went to the clubhouse and joined as a prospect. The club succubi threw themselves at him, not because he was a prospect, but because he was the President's son. Each one wanted to one day end up being his Old Lady. After the first month, he received his club name and from that moment on he was no longer Edward, but Viper. He quickly learned the club business and with lots of practice he learned how to fuck a woman to make her scream in pleasure. But they could never sleep in his bed or be fucked without a rubber. It wasn't uncommon for him to have more than one woman in his bed every night. Fucking was a way for him to forget Isa, even though every morning when he opened his eyes, his first thought was of her.

Shaking his head at the memories of the past, he walked out of the office. He glanced over at the desk where Foxy normally sat and sighed. Fuck, there were two huge piles of invoices and bills which needed to be dealt with before he could call it a day. There had to be someone he could call to get help, but he had to be careful who he brought into the office. Most of the club's money came from legal enterprises, however, the two biggest money makers were still running guns and enforcement services. Many of the brothers were ex-military, and they were perfect for the enforcement service division of their club.

His club brother Emmett "Kevlar" Hale was in charge of the enforcement team, as well as Treasurer of the club. Kevlar was an ex-seal and a massive man. He was 6'5" tall, 250 lbs, with long dark brown hair, full beard, and covered in tattoos. Every day, he was in the weight room pumping iron, keeping his colossal muscles in tip-top shape. One look at him, made many a man shake in their boots. He selected and trained the brothers who were on the enforcement team. Each member of the team was required to spend at least fifteen hours a week in the gym and five hours a week at the gun range. For their efforts, they were paid the best.

Kevlar loved being part of the club brotherhood and enjoyed the attention of the club succubi who hung out at the clubhouse. That was until he saw the fiery red-head who worked in the club owned bail bondsmen office. She was tall with legs that seemed to go for miles, an ass that was perfect for grabbing. Kevlar was constantly imagining placing his large hands on her hips and he drove his thick, long cock deep into her hot pussy. Kevlar never had a problem getting a woman to drop her panties, but he hadn't met the tough as nails Rose "Red" Cullen. His first mistake was when he assumed she was just the secretary for the office.

He was coming out of the clubhouse and was walking across the parking lot to get on his bike when he saw her coming out of the office. The scorching Arizona sun shined down on her red hair. Squinting his eyes, he bit his lip as he saw the tight cutoff t-shirt showing her toned midriff. Traveling down her sweet body, he saw the tight jeans which looked like someone had painted them on. His cock hardened to a point, that it had to have the indentation of the teeth of the zipper. Stalking over to her, he gave her one of his panty dropping smiles.

"Hello there, little lady," he said, giving a wink. "Did the big, bad bail bondsmen make you work hard today?"

Red looked up and down at the big guy,looking for his weakness. She wasn't a damn fucking secretary; she was the badass bail bondsman and, when needed, a bounty hunter. There had never been a situation in which she couldn't take down a person who was out weighing her. The bigger they were, the harder they fell. "Excuse me," she said, giving him a face void of emotion.

"Did the big guy in there make you work hard? If he is giving you a hard time, I could go have a talk to him," Kevlar suggested, with a tooth grin.

"Oh, my, you would do that for me?" Red said, using her best southern drawl.

"Why yes, little lady, and then after that I could take you to my room where you can thank me."

With that comment, Red's temper came out. Turning to the side quickly and using the heavy boots she loved wearing, she slammed her foot onto the back of the big guy's knee, causing him to fall onto the hard pavement. As soon as he was down, she reached for her retractable nightstick that she kept in the back of her jeans, jumped onto his chest and slammed the stick against his windpipe. Putting her weight against the stick, she leaned down. "Listen here asshole, I'm not some secretary or some succubi who will jump your dick on command. I'm the fucking bail bondsman and the next time, it won't be your knee I take out."

Never had anyone ever got the upper hand on him. It did not upset him; it caused him to fall in love. Once she got off him, she dusted herself off and walked to a sexy as fuck matte black F-250 truck with a lift kit.

"Pick you up tomorrow at five," Kevlar yelled out as she watched her ass in those tight jeans. She didn't even turn around, just threw up both her hands, flipping him off. To this day, Rose still hadn't given him the time of the day.

As soon as Viper walked out of the office, Red was climbing out of her truck, her hair out of its normal ponytail and she was holding a patch over her side. "Red, are you alright?"

"Yeah, some motherfucker pulled a knife on me."

"Head over and see your brother," Viper instructed.

"Viper, you know he will give me shit about this," she said, motioning to the cut.

"He is the club doctor, and it is better than going to the ER," Viper said, then had a thought. He knew how much Kevlar loved her and even though she repeatedly stated she hated him, Viper knew she was hooked on Kevlar. "Or you can let Kevlar look at it. He had medical training as a Seal.

"FUCK NO! Kevlar is not touching me, ever," Red growled. "And those noisy bastards at the ER ask too many questions. I'll go see Doc and listen to him give me a hard time about putting myself in danger."

"Good, and come see me afterwards. I want to hear about the fucker who did this," Viper said.

"Oh, he is sitting in the police department, waiting for his parole officer to show up. He is going to jail to pull the rest of this sentence."

As Red walked away, Edward remembered wanting to ask her about someone for the office. "Hey Red, do you know anyone who needs a temporary job? It will be for about six months."

"No, sorry," she said.

"That's okay. I'll figure something out." He watched Red head towards the clubhouse, where Doc had a room setup to take care of members. He had a full working doctor's office and a surgical unit. If a member would show up with a gunshot wound, the hospital would call the cops and that was something the club never wanted. Continuing across the parking lot, he entered the garage and breathed in the aroma of grease and gasoline. As he looked around he found the crew busy turning wrenches. Some were doing repairs, while others were working on new builds or custom jobs. Ride was the name of the design shop and currently there was a six month waiting period for a custom build. Most of the jobs came from rich motherfuckers who lived in Vegas and California. Money wasn't a problem, so chrome and high end accents were commonplace.

"Viper, did you finish up your paperwork?" Slammer called out with a grin.

"Fuck you, asshole. It is your fucking fault I am buried up to my neck in paper," Viper growled, flipping him off with both hands.

"Oh," Slammer said, looking around at the other guys who were now looking at Viper. "I think someone needs to get his dick wet."

"Fuck yes, but when will I have a chance?"

"Well, I can see if I can get Jane to come over and help you with both your problems," Slammer said with a wicked smile.

"No, no, no. That bitch thinks she is going to become my Old Lady and that is fucking never going to happen," Viper exclaimed, shaking his head. If he couldn't have Isa as his Old Lady then there would never be one.