Forward from the author: Hello readers! Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I own none of the characters in this story. All credit to the amazing Stephanie Meyer for creating the world of Twilight as we know it. Please know that this story is my first. It has been a minute since I have written so bear with me. Thank you for your time!

Bella has been immortal for going on 2 decades now. Renesmee has left home in pursuit ofcollege education. To Bella, Alice and Carlisle's dismay, Edward, Esme and Jasper have died from an illness affecting the vampire community. It has been a decade since their passing. Bella has been trying to make sense of life since the loss of her beloved Edward. But will she find romance in the most unexpected person? Is she ready to open the door to let someone else in? Is it possible that new adventures could be the cure for what she has been missing for so long?

I sat there staring at the clothes I had packed away in the box. In the decade Edward had been gone I couldn't bring myself to clean out his things. The mere thought brought me to my knees in angst. I knew it was time though. I had to start being present in my day to day life as Edward would have wanted. I'm thankful for the time I had him, and even more thankful I didn't have to raise Ness on my own. We keep the memory of Edward alive and warm. Our cottage holds so much happiness, and is the one thing I take solace in. My safe haven.

"Bella, are you alright?" I hear Alice gently ask from the door way. "I'm just fine Alice. I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in. I was lost in thought." I avoid eye contact so she doesn't see the sadness in my eyes. It's damn near impossible to hide things from her. "Do you need some help?" She takes a few steps closers, and I hear her breath catch in her throat as she peers into the box where I have neatly placed Edward's things. "I miss him so much you know. Though in the mortal world, it would seem that much time has passed it feels like a blink of an eye since..." her voice trails off, and her words linger in the air between us as if it were a cloud of cigarette smoke. "It's ok Alice, I know what you mean. Every day is torture, but I can no longer bring myself to mourn. It's not what he would have wanted." Those words came out as if I had just vomited glass. They hurt. But I know that I have eternity to look forward to, and I can't spend another moment being sad.

"I'm going to donate this box of things. You're welcome to look through it and take anything you'd like. These are just the clothes he rarely wore." Alice looked at the box, and then back at me. "It's ok. But thank you. I have the items that mean the most to me, and I think it's wonderful to see you in this head space. You're so strong Bella." If I could cry I'd be in tears right now. Alice always knows how to make me feel like I'm doing the right thing. I walked over and scooped her up in a big hug, just grateful she's still here with me. I let her go after a few seconds, and turned to scoop up the boxes.

I walked at what seemed like a snail pace to my car. I popped the trunk and placed the boxes inside. It was a gloomy and rainy afternoon, as it always seemed to be in Forks. Perfect day to be out in the open. Walking towards the house I felt the vibration of my phone.
It was Rosalie.

"Hey Rose" I said in a hushed tone. "We're heading out to hunt and get some fresh air, do you want to join?" I pondered for a brief moment but remembered the rest of the items needing packed and donated. "Thanks but I started a project that I am intent on finishing today." Rose paused for what seemed like eternity. "Are you sure Bella? You haven't fed for a while, and you seem like you could use some time around others. We miss you" My breath caught in my throat at the sincere concern in her voice. I knew I had backed away from my family, and even pushed them to the point where they felt they were hanging on by a thread. In all honesty, it wasn't fair. I knew they meant well but the pain wasn't something I was capable of handing over to them so freely when they all had their own to bear. I decided to make a deal. "I tell you what, if you guys can wait for me to finish up what I am doing I will join you. I just need maybe an hour, and then I'll be ready." "Perfect I will tell the others. We will meet in the back yard and go from there. And Bella?" "Yes Rose?" "I'm really glad you decided to come. I miss your rationality" "Thanks Rose. I'll see you soon" I hang up the phone and headed back inside to finish my work.

I made haste of what work I had left. One of the many perks to immortality you could say. I decided to change my clothes into something more myself. I settled for a pair of blue jeans, a red and white flannel with a black t-shirt underneath. Of course paired with my favorite black hiking boots. Looking over myself in the mirror, I ran a brush through my dark chocolate brown hair to detangle the ends. It was amazing to me how much more intense my features had become with immortality. My eyes seemed brighter and more lively than when I was mortal. That could have just been from me not sleeping. I chuckled at myself comparing my mortal image to my immortal time capsule. I wasn't vain, but for a minute I thought myself to be kind of pretty. I stood for a few more seconds appraising my looks, and then headed towards the door.

I ran toward the house with all my strength. It felt good to stretch my legs. It had been too long since I had moved like this. I think I almost forgot, but my muscles sure hadn't.

When I arrived Carlisle, Rose, Emmett, and Alice were all waiting for me. "Hell yea! There she is!" Emmett thundered as he scooped me up in a bear hug. "It's about damn time you get your sorry ass out and about." I couldn't help but to giggle. "It's good to see you too Emmett. I see you're still your usual goofball self." He smiled a crooked sinister smile. "Always." I turned to face everyone and instantly thought of all the things I could say, but before I did I felt a pair of arms gently hug me from my left. It was Carlisle. I slid my arm around his waist and placed my head in the center of his chest. It was comforting. "It is really good to see you here with us Bella. You have been much missed" I pulled away from his embrace and looked him in the eyes and nodded.

I stepped back and looked at each of their faces and realized that I missed them as much as they missed me. "Listen, I'm sorry I have been distant, cold and absent. I just needed my space to deal with my pain. Not that you guys didn't have pain. (Here I go sticking my foot in my mouth I thought to myself) I just needed to deal with it on my own. I love you guys, and I hope our dynamics haven't change" I looked down at my feet, and all of a sudden I realized that I was on the ground in a group hug. I began to laugh, and feel the first pang of joy that I have felt in a really long time. "I'll take this as I'm forgiven." Everyone eventually piled off of me, and Carlisle offered me his hand. I placed mine in his with no reservations. I brushed the dirt and grass off of myself, and turned back to everyone.

"We ready to go...?"

And just like that we were off as a family.

Like the good ole days.