a/n: Now that the story is finished, here is an official disclaimer:

Jane and Alec are not aged up. There are mentions of their youthful looks until the very end, so if that bothers you maybe don't read.

The first chapters were written in a hurry, on a cellphone, no editing or anything. Even though I have gone back to them a few times they still could use some rewriting.

I was going to rewrite them before posting the last one but I don't actually have time for that right now.

This is not a "the volturi are good" type of fic.

English is my second language and I'm not very good at it.

If you want to read this story in Portuguese you can find it on Nyah. I'm still translating it as of now (august 2022) but if you are reading this in the future it might be all there lol

This is the first story I have written in ten years so don't expect much from it.


It is curious how these things happen. How we can live so many lifetimes, go to so many places and see so many people and never be really touched by anyone or anything, until we are. It is puzzling and yet not surprising at all. The Universe can take its sweet time to arrange everything in just the right way to have certain things happen and if you do not live long enough you just do not see them play out. A beautiful, compelling song you die before you get the chance to hear after centuries of careful orchestration.

Luckily, I am immortal. I get to wait as long as it takes for the song to be brought into existence. I have the chance to witness countless symphonies being played even if they take centuries to be composed. I can take a seat and watch the stars slowly rearrange themselves into just the right constellation, one designed for my eyes only. I can look at the sand of a beach for long enough to see a lightning bolt create a glass sculpture and then I can wait for it to happen again at that exact same spot.

So it was not surprising when it finally happened, it was only surprising that it was you. For after all the people I have met and all the places I have been to I have never expected you to be as you were.

Yet there you were.

And there I was. Touched, infatuated. Lost.