December 1st

I was outside cleaning mud off of my shoes when my neighbor came blasting out of her front door across the street.
I was still new to the neighborhood, only moved in a few weeks ago, so I hadn't actually met anyone yet, but I was dead set on meeting the gorgeous woman in blue scrubs.

As her front door swung shut, a giant wreath that had been hung on it fell to the ground. I could hear the woman cussing while she locked the door and bent down to grab the giant green and silver wreath. She smacked it against the hook and it popped back off into her face. She grabbed it again and shoved it onto the door and I watched in amusement as she attempted to shimmy it around looking for it to catch on the hook.
She stepped back, pushing her hair out of her face, nodded at the crooked as hell wreath and turned to leave.

As she caught me watching the entire scene, she paused for a moment, looked down at the ground, breathed deeply and shook her head.

I waved and grinned and she looked even more embarrassed than previously, but she smiled and gave a little wave with her fingers before she jumped into her little green car and sped off down the road.