"This bed is actually pretty comfortable," Meg noted as they stared up at the ceiling of the old Winnebago, the scent of sweat and sex heavy in the air.

"The bathrooms always suck, because there is only so much space, but the rest of them are usually put together pretty well," Adam said.

"And we could probably use a shower about now," Meg said with a laugh.

"Or we could just go down to the beach, rinse off and relax in the sun," he suggested.

"Do we have beach stuff?" she asked hopefully.

"We have towels and sunscreen, don't need much else," Adam said. "I'll leave a note on the door for Chris, and we can go."

"Bathing suits?"

"Sunscreen," he countered with a grin. "We are the beautiful people now, we might as well flaunt it, but if you feel shy you can get dressed after we've rinsed off."

"I'm beautiful now," Meg said happily.

"Yes, you are," Adam agreed with a grin.

An hour later

"Mr. Eastman?" a female voice called out.

Adam and Meg sat up from their beach towels and turned to look further inland, spotting a slender blonde woman in her early twenties wearing a red pantsuit and a pearl necklace, carrying a tablet.

"Lisa?" Meg asked, getting up, face lighting up in excitement.

"Meg?" she asked with a bright smile. "I didn't expect to see you here, not that you wouldn't make a great waifu, just that I didn't expect to see you as the first waifu of my first client before he's even finished his contract," she rattled off nervously.

Meg swept Lisa up in a hug. "It's so good to see you! You were like my best friend ever!"

Lisa laughed. "I kinda got that hint when you carved my name in your arm or at least the Meg I knew did. Doubt we're from the exact same timeline, though it really doesn't matter it's close enough for me," she said in a single breath.

Adam got to his feet and brushed some sand off his naked body. "Lisa Simpson and from the sounds of it, one recruited directly rather than a clone. I'm guessing something disastrous happened in your native timeline?"

"Yeah, not sure what set everything off, but my world became something of a radioactive wasteland," she replied, forcing herself not to stare at the naked pair, who thanks to Optimization could have gotten jobs as models.

"And you somehow managed to contact Slutlife," Adam guessed.

"Slutlife?" Meg asked.

"It's the Company's official name," Adam explained. "I think they started as a porn studio before becoming a multidimensional rescue and recruitment corporation."

"Rescue and Recruitment," Lisa said with a thoughtful nod. "That's not wholly inaccurate and puts the company in the best light."

"I think the company's current slogan is 'Slutlife: The Lesser Evil' which, while technically true, lacks a certain something," Adam joked.

Lisa giggled and freed herself from Meg's arms so she could access her tablet. "I'm here because I've been assigned as your Adjuster, so I guess we should get started.

"What happened to Chris?" Meg asked.

"He didn't have the right qualifications," Lisa replied. "From what I read they were using him as a mining canary and once it was obvious you weren't going to instantly kill anyone sent your way they assigned me, as I have just completed my training, but am still pretty expendable, since I don't have much experience or an in with any of the cliques."

"Hire him as an assistant, please," Adam requested. "While he may not be qualified, he did take the risk, so I don't want him to walk away empty handed."

Lisa tapped away at her tablet. "I'll see if he's available, but just so you know, he didn't walk away empty handed. They not only paid off his contract, they were so sure he was going to die that they also bought a Sweet Home for his waifu and dog."

"What's a Sweet Home?" Meg asked, hearing the capitals in the name.

"Extra dimensional mansion that can house a large family comfortably and safely," Lisa replied, "it's pretty luxurious."

"Glad to hear it," Adam said, "and speaking of Sweet Homes, we need something set up here. I'm thinking castle with maidroids, but we should probably move this discussion to somewhere more convenient and put on some clothes first."

Lisa winced. "I don't have authorization to let you have access to any of the company facilities until they are one hundred percent positive that you aren't going to go Robby and try and kill everyone."

"That's not a problem, I have a World Gate with several convenient worlds to work with," he pointed out.

"Oh," Lisa said in surprise and started tapping away on her tablet. "It says here you have a World Gate, but it's been upgraded with the Monkey's Pawtal World Gacha. You aren't supposed to be able to operate that without significant time spent on calibration and the sacrifice of a large amount of exotic metamaterials."

"Monkey's Pawtal?" Meg asked with a frown.

"The people who come up with things like that like their puns," Lisa told her.

"It's a solid upgrade, targeting is simple and intuitive, open and closes with a thought," he replied cheerfully and started leading them to the RV.

"It's dead handy," Meg agreed.

"I'm beginning to see why you weren't as upset as the company thought you would be," Lisa said, glad she'd worn flats rather than heels as they would have been a problem in the sand and dirt regardless of what those elitist elf bitches had told her.

"Yeah, while it was brutal, it was also quick and surprisingly well thought out," Adam said. "Well, either that or he looked into the future and tailored things to fit. Either way I'm pretty satisfied."

"According to our records you also received a magical sword and the Gamer ability," Lisa noted.

"The Sword of Omens," Adam agreed, before gesturing to his left eye. "I used the sword to hack off the flesh I needed to fill in the gaps in my soul, before absorbing the sword itself for much the same reason."

"I'll have to check with research, but that sounds like it should have some effects beyond not dying," Lisa said.

"Can't say I've noticed the Gamer ability at all, it may have been some of what was sliced off," Adam offered.

"That needs to be looked at as well, I can make you an appointment with Research… though I'm not sure how that will be handled since you are being kept at arm's length and can't access the company's facilities," Lisa said apologetically as they entered the clearing with the World Gate and RV.

"Let them worry about that," he replied unconcerned, "I can wait until they have cleared me, it doesn't factor into any of my plans at the moment."

"Really?" Lisa asked doubtfully. "The Gamer is a major power set."

"One which I don't seem to have, so I haven't banked on it," he replied, opening the RV and retrieving their clothes from the counter so they could get dressed.

"That's logical and a wise decision," Lisa said, surprise coloring her tone.

Adam laughed as they got dressed. "Yeah, something completely unlike an agent, since most rush about and need some guidance to keep from getting themselves killed. If you knock on the average person's door and tell them they have to rescue a princess or complete some quest, they'll tell you to fuck off. The fact is that well adjusted people don't go on quests to slay dragons. To risk your life for power and riches you have to be at least a little unbalanced."

"I wouldn't put it like that," Lisa said evasively.

"You don't need to, I'll do it for you," he assured her as he tied his boots. "LA or do you want to hit some other city so we can avoid the mallrats?" he asked Meg.

"How about Quahog?" she asked.

"In the Comet world or did you want to go to your world? I'm pretty sure no one will recognize you," Adam said.

"Comet world," Meg replied. "I just want to avoid the teens you saved. I still feel a little guilty about beating them up."

"It allowed me to drain off the radiation that was killing them, but I get what you mean. Quahog it is," he said placing his hand on the DHD and turning on the gate. The view of downtown LA blinked out and was replaced with the view of a small Rhode Island town.

"The gate isn't supposed to work this way," Lisa said with a frown, "it's supposed to be very hard to operate and require a lot of rare materials."

"Grandpa hooked me up," Adam said with a smirk as they walked up the ramp and out into the cooler air of the east coast town.

"Grandpa?" she asked confused.

"I am a full quarter… whatever he was," Adam explained, gesturing to the top left quarter of his body, "that makes him my grandfather."

"Not sure that's how it works," Lisa said, turning to examine Adam. "But then again, with elder beings anything is possible."

"No power," Meg noted as she looked at the various storefronts and saw the lights were out.

"Must not have a nuclear power plant nearby," Adam said with a shrug. "Snacks and soda should still be good; we just have to avoid opening freezers and such."

"Gas station then," Meg decided, "I need cigarettes anyway."

"Where are we?" Lisa asked.

"The Earth from the movie: Night of The Comet," Adam replied as they walked down the empty main street. "Every some-odd thousand years or so, somewhere between five and twenty, a comet passes by the Earth and its radiation turns all intelligent life into red sand. Pretty sure it's a sleeping old one who hates intelligent life. Anyone that was sufficiently protected from radiation is fine, but everyone else is… sand now, or turning into sand."

"Do you want me to process a claim on this world?" Lisa asked.

"A claim?" Meg looked interested but was distracted by the sight of a Route 76 gas station which still had its lights on.

"It lets the company know he discovered this world and has prior claim to all its resources," Lisa explained. "Empty worlds, especially ones above a certain tech level, are quite valuable."

"I think there are a couple hundred people scattered about, maybe more," Meg pointed out as they crossed the street.

"They can be ignored or relocated," Lisa replied, "there isn't enough people left to preserve any type of civilized society long term, so it's a simple matter to offer them transport to a world with a decent sized population and a tech level they'd feel comfortable with."

"What's the cost of the service?" Adam asked.

"It varies," Lisa replied. "I expect a fair number of museums and precious metal depositories would be claimed, but for that amount, not only would they rescue the remaining population and ensure they were set up with comfortable lives on other worlds, but they would also ensure the safe shutdown of any nuclear plants and or doomsday weapons left lying around on timers."

"And suddenly the cost seems more than reasonable," Adam said as they entered the gas station's store, an electronic chime ringing out as they crossed the threshold, some preprogrammed elevator music playing softly from the speakers in the store.

"Why does this place still have power?" Meg asked as she walked behind the counter and looked through the packs of cigarettes for a brand she liked.

"Probably has an emergency generator connected to the tanks," Adam replied while he grabbed a can of Coke from the soda display. "I'd have expected it to run out of gas otherwise."

Lisa grabbed herself a can of Sprite and finished the form she was filling out on the tablet. "Okay, the company has been notified, this world is registered as yours and they have teams being prepared even as we speak."

"Excellent," Adam said, grabbing and opening a bag of chips. "Now, I have purchased Power Sharing and Optimization and have two points from claiming Meg."

Meg grinned at that and lit up a cigarette.

"Yes, you got six points from starting conditions considering the situation and spent those, so two points is your current total," Lisa agreed consulting her tablet. "Tier two," Lisa muttered and looked up the file on Meg. "Wow, you were in the Olympics."

"It was just Cross-Country Skiing and Shooting," Meg said, waving it off. "Dad somehow got captured by North Korea, so I had to miss my event and go save him."

"You really need to stop under valuing yourself," Lisa said firmly. "Your file has you as extremely skilled at CQC, a prodigy in music, which I have seen for myself and you have competed in the Olympics. Trust me, you don't become second tier by being average."

"What tier are you?" Meg asked.

"Third," Lisa admitted, but quickly added, "but that's because I studied magic, otherwise I would be second just like you."

"Oh," Meg said perking up, "that does make me feel better."

"Good," Lisa said, before turning back to Adam. "I have a choice of worlds and perks available whenever you are ready."

"I've already looked them over and I know what I want," Adam assured her. "I'm choosing a low-risk world to start as I'm still finding my feet here."

"You are going to be so much easier to work with than some of the agents I've heard horror stories about," Lisa said happily. "Ok, so are we looking at Harry Potter or Avatar?"

"The World of Miraculous," Adam replied.

Lisa looked it up. "That's medium to high risk, not low."

"If we were going to run around beating people up, yes," he agreed, "but I was thinking of approaching it from a different direction. The main villain in the series is only that way because he wants the power to make a wish and heal his wife. He and his wife were heroes before she was injured or at least that's the way I read the situation. I figure we grab Heavenly, Healing Hands, and a Luminal Engine and we'll be able to resolve the situation without needing to get into a lot of battles and put ourselves at risk. A battle or two to establish our bona fides and a fair amount of time visiting hospices and the like and we'll seem to be the answer to his prayers."

"That is a viable strategy," Lisa said with a smile, reading through things in her tablet. "Most Agents just go in guns blazing."

"And that's why the company goes through so many agents," Adam said.

"I need all that explained to me," Meg said before blowing a smoke ring.

"The World of Miraculous is a reality with the heroes and a number of villains are powered by fashion accessories know as miraculous' which have a spirt attached to them that gives them their powers. The world is pretty standard otherwise," Lisa explained while Adam ate his chips. "Heavenly is a perk that gives you the ability to manifest glowing wings that allow you to fly twice as fast as you can run, improves your singing ability while giving it the ability to reinforce the courage of your allies, and infuse melee weapons with a radiant light that burns the undead, parasites, and extradimensional enemies."

"We'd become angels?!"

Lisa grinned. "You could impersonate one, which isn't surprising as one of the ingredients of the potion needed to gain the perk is a willingly provided feather from a celestial being. Of course, since Adam is adding Healing Hands, which gives you the ability to radiate golden light from your hands that heals just about anything short of death, no one is going to doubt you are an angel. Adding a Luminal Engine is just overkill, as it allows you to generate and control light and synergizes with Healing Hands massively boosting its efficiency. Side benefits are you are immune to all forms of radiation except thermal and you are somewhat resistant to that, also your speed and reflexes go up by about twenty eight percent."

"The first two are ten point perks with the third being a fifteen point one, so I'll need to take Perk Sharing two more times to be able to share it with you. All together that comes to forty-five points which is far less than the hundred and twenty-five I'm being given for this mission," Adam explained. "I also plan on taking Mr. World-Wide for one point, which will give us the ability to blend in and learn the local language in record time."

"You are going to need a Normality Core," Lisa pointed out.

"So, I can molest people in public?" he asked, unsure why he would want that, though he had to admit it did sound at least a little fun.

"What? No," Lisa quickly waved it off, blushing. "A Normality core would keep people from noticing the fact that a quarter of your body looks like the night sky decided to take a walk and would also help you blend in."

"But he could molest me in public and no one would comment?" Meg asked eagerly.

Lisa cleared her throat. "Yes, it also has that effect, plus it has Fate Breaker included for a single extra point instead of the usual five."

"How much is it?"

"Ten points, eleven with Fate Breaker included," Lisa answered.

So, fifty seven points with the upgraded version," Adam said with a nod. "That works. I'll also take Chef and Lover Boy for another two leaving us one point shy of sixty."

"And those are?" Meg asked.

"Chef gives you all the skills of a master chef and once you have access to mana you could actually make food so good it's addictive. Not sure I want to make addictive food, but I wouldn't mind being a good cook and at one point it's a cheap skill to get. Lover Boy just insures you can read your partner and are a skilled lover," he explained. "Neither of us seems to need it, but it's only one point."

Meg leaned over the counter to give him a kiss.

"Okay, you had two points and added one hundred and twenty five for the mission, and have just spent fifty nine, leaving you with sixty eight points," Lisa said, tapping away on her tablet.

"Find the Whey is 10 points and would double our physical stats, multiply our healing rate ten fold, make us ambidextrous, and give us the balance and agility of a cat," Adam decided.

"Got it," Lisa said tapping away on her tablet. "Fifty Eight points left. Remember the only points wasted are the ones not spent."

Adam grinned. "Banking points for the future isn't a stupid move but making sure we survive to reach the future is more important. Let's see about getting our housing straightened out first so I know how many points we actually have to work with. What are our options on getting a castle here? Usually, Islands in the Sea of Time come with a castle pre-installed."

"Let me see…" Lisa said tapping away and sorting through offers. "I've got one offer from a Count Zimmerman who has offered to relocate a suitable castle to your island in exchange for ten of his choice from this world."

"That was fast," Meg said.

"He's had the ad up for a week," Lisa replied, "we just happen to fit what he's offering."

"He runs the Z-network," Adam said, "I wanted to get in contact with him anyway. Accept his offer and order us a Maidroid crew, mixed sex, upgraded to T-800s."

"That will run you… twenty points," Lisa said.

"That's expensive," Meg said, getting a feel for how much points are worth.

"We are looking at a hundred Terminators, which will do all the cooking and cleaning etc…" Adam explained.

"That's an insane amount," Meg said shaking her head, "but then I've always enjoyed the few times I've had servants."

"Thirty eight points remaining," Lisa said as she entered the order.

"I need a stamp," Adam said, "as is I have no capture method and I have some ideas for how I'd like it to work as I don't really see having a large harem as all that fun."

"Standard stamp is free, other control methods cost points," Lisa said. "There are a number of options possible, what do you want changed?"

"Make the stamp into a signet ring, have the tattoo alter its shape and placement at the will of the person stamped, and finally remove the sexual component," he listed off.

"I'll see what I can do, but that's probably going to take some time," Lisa said as she went through what files she could find on the subject.

"Military Grade, Defensive Systems, and Armory," he listed off. "It's twenty five points, but that means we can call in the Terminators if we get in a tight spot."

"Upgrading the Maidroids already covers Military Grade," Lisa told him, "so that's only fifteen points. Twenty three points left."

"Add Holding Cells to the Island, there are going to be at least a few people who we can really only deal with one of two ways, well three if I want to strand them somewhere on the Comet World, but if they are that dangerous, I'd rather know where they are," he said. "In fact, spend five points on it, that gives us thirty cells that not even Superman could break out of."

"Eighteen points left," Lisa said.

"Let's time shift things by five years so the main cast is of legal age and we won't be required to beat up preteens if we do get into a fight," Adam said.

"Seventeen points."

"Inferno engine," he decided. "This way we can do the whole flaming sword thing and we are immune to thermal radiation."

"Seven points."

"Bank em," he ordered. "We don't know how much it costs to alter the stamp and I really need to get that done, also put me down for the Drawback: Save the Day for 20 points. It's really a silly drawback as my purpose for going there is to stop the bad guys."

"Twenty seven points," Lisa replied. "I think that was offered to incentivize you to actually be heroic, since you could just collect a harem and fuck off to Mexico for a decade and still fulfill the contract."

"That is a very good point," he agreed, before finishing off his chips and getting a cigarette from Meg.

"So, what's your story?" Meg asked Lisa. "I mean, how did you go from nuclear wasteland to adjuster?

"It's a long story," Lisa said with a sigh.

"I think we've got time," Meg said.

Lisa nodded. "But do we have alcohol?" she said with a sigh.

"In the cooler," Adam said with a wave.

"Okay, pass me a few beers and I'll tell you. It all started when the sirens began to blare…"

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