Adam woke up in a crowded bed with a slight ache in his head and a full bladder. 'Wasn't Find the Whey supposed to make me resistant to poisons? Bast probably knew making me resistant to getting drunk or using pain killers would be a bummer,' he realized, answering his own question. 'Thank you, Bast.' He channeled golden light to his head and felt his headache fade away. He channeled golden light to his bladder, but it didn't help. 'It was worth a shot.'

He reached out blindly and shared Healing Hands and Find the Whey with his bedmate. "Mwuh?" a female voice muttered as she stirred.

Realizing that was not Meg's voice he reached behind him and shared the two abilities.

"Let me brush my teeth first," another woman muttered.

When he finally opening his eyes, he saw he was sandwiched between the Simpson sisters and Meg was on the other side of Lisa. It took a second for him to remember what had occurred the night before which had involved a large amount of alcohol and dancing, with the two Terminators playing cook, waiter, masseuse and DJ… Terminators made surprisingly good DJs as it turned out. Thanks to Find the Whey he'd found he could actually dance now and that ambidextrous was much more useful than he'd thought it would be, especially when multiple women were involved.

Reaching over Lisa he tapped Meg, giving her Healing Hands and Find the Whey, before turning and picking up Maggie, putting her next to Lisa so he could slip out of bed. Maggie snuggled up to Lisa and didn't wake. He paused to look at the three beautiful naked young women curled up in his bed. 'Three women isn't a harem,' he told himself, thinking that he'd just have to be sure to spend time with each of them, as long as it was just the three it was fine.

He took a quick shower and changed into some clean clothes. "l need to fill The Wardrobe with a larger selection of clothes and some weapons and armor," he noted. Stepping out of the bathroom he saw the girls had fallen back asleep and decided to let them sleep in. He quietly slipped into the hall and found a Cameron and Sarah unit standing guard outside their room.

Sarah turned towards him. "Residential units are being prepped for long term vacancy in the surrounding area at this time," she reported. "What are your orders for commercial properties?"

"We'll have more than enough power to keep the lights on, but the food will need to be cleared out in grocery stores and restaurants as they expire and make sure everything is unlocked," he decided. "Industrial sections will need to be secured, as I don't imagine we'll be doing much welding or building construction in the near future. Cars will need to be prepped for long term storage as well, but that's not an immediate concern, just find someplace off the street to park them for now."

"Understood," Sarah replied pulling a handheld CB unit off her belt and making a high pitch squealing noise into it that reminded him of the early 80's modems.

"Cameron you're with me," he said, gesturing to the other Terminator before continuing down the hall with her in tow.

"What is our mission?" she asked.

"We are going to collect clothes, armor, and weapons," he replied. "I need business casual and formal clothes, since those styles don't change much. After I have a couple dozen outfits, we'll move onto armor and weapons. I am mainly looking for medieval weapons, since I can channel my power through them to do more damage than conventional weaponry allows to the types of enemies I am likely to run into."

"There are numerous clothes shops nearby, however medieval weapons of sufficient quality to be used in battle are no longer commonly produced. Museums and personal collections of medieval weapons are available, however modern metallurgy has rendered them obsolete. I would suggest repurposing modern construction equipment until new weapons can be forged," Cameron said.

"I'll be aiming for magical weapons when I have the chance, for now I just need basic ones to practice with," he explained.

"Understood," she replied, as they entered the elevator and he hit the button for the bottom floor. "What type of armor do you require?"

"Multiple types," he said. "Considering the time and world, I am going to go with police body armor and biker leathers for now."

"There is a motorcycle dealership a few blocks north of Santa Monica Blvd, three blocks west of the Hollywood Division Police Station," Cameron reported. "The Las Angeles County Museum of Art on Wiltshire Blvd was currently hosting a collection of Samurai weapons and armor. I would also suggest The Home Depot for common tools that can be repurposed for blunt or edged weapons on the same street."

The elevator doors opened and they stepped out into the lobby.

"Sounds good," Adam said with a nod. "We'll hit the museum followed by the police station and see how much the Wardrobe will hold before hitting a couple of clothing stores on the way back. Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours and I doubt the girls will be up before then."

Cameron nodded and used her hand unit to send a modem bleep to the other Terminators, updating them on his plans. As they stepped outside there was a black SUV with another Cameron unit in it waiting for them.

"I love being an agent," Adam said with a grin.


Lisa woke up with a groan. "My head hurts," she complained, before scraping her tongue against her teeth to try and remove the fuzz she felt on it.

Meg blinked and sat up. "Where did Adam go?"

"Probably something to do with the Terminators," Maggie offered as she got up and rubbed her head. "Man, we really had a good time last night. If I'd known sex was this much fun, I probably would have stayed in the vault. I feel great!"

Lisa groaned. "I really should have gotten you out of there sooner."

"I need water and aspirin," Meg decided.

"Or you can use Healing Hands and get rid of the hangover," Maggie suggested, as she stretched and looked around for her clothes.

"Did he give me Healing Hands?" Meg asked. "I can't remember."

"Easiest way to find out is to raise your hand and feel for the power…" Maggie's voice trailed off as her raised right hand took on a golden glow.

"How?" Lisa asked in confusion. "Even if he had a stamp, it would take three days for it to kick in."

Maggie slowly sorted over her memories of the night before and blushed. "Ahem. Well, you know that saying I love you to an agent and meaning it skips the adjustment period and it doesn't care if you just said it in the heat of the moment as long as you meant it at that moment."

Meg burst out laughing as she healed her own hangover with her glowing hands. "Yeah, a lot of things were said, moaned, and even screamed last night. See if you can heal," she told Lisa.

Lisa examined her hands and they exploded with a golden glow. "Are you okay with this?" she asked Meg concerned.

Meg reached over and placed a glowing hand on Lisa's cheek, curing her hangover. "I wouldn't have worked so hard getting you into bed if I wasn't. Stop worrying and overthinking things, it's fine."

"Okay," Lisa said with a small smile.

"Now that the drama is out of the way, I say we grab a couple of showers, eat some breakfast, and then see what our man is up to," Maggie suggested.

"Does this mean we can fly now?" Meg asked excitedly.

"I don't think he's given us the whole range of abilities yet," Maggie said, "we'll have to remind him later."

"Glad he started with healing," Lisa said, "I'm not too fond of hangovers."

"I'll scrub your back," Meg offered as she got up, grabbing Lisa's hand to drag her off to the bathroom.


Adam entered the lobby followed by half a dozen Terminators with racks of clothes or carrying crates. "Just set them down over there," he said, gesturing towards the waiting area for check ins. Spotting his reflection in a large ornate mirror he turned and posed, switching to a tuxedo with a thought. "Bond, James Bond," he said with a smirk.

"Someone's in a good mood," Meg noted as the three stepped out of the elevator.

Adam switched to samurai armor and drew his katana, calling up his wings and channeling golden energy to the blade. "Ancient armor is in no way bullet proof and should not be used in battle!" he announced. "But it does look awesome!"

The girls giggled.

"It probably works quite well against undead and such, but yes, it is in no way bulletproof," Maggie agreed as they looked him over.

"Wardrobe is awesome," Meg said with a grin. "Remember to share that with everyone."

"They have to be official companions, which requires me stamping them, and I have no stamp at the moment," he replied, switching to a police officer's uniform and dismissing his wings.

"Funny thing that," Lisa said with a nervous smile, "if we say certain things… in the heat of passion… it counts."

"I thought you knew that, considering you gave us all Healing Hands and Find the Whey," Maggie pointed out. "Suddenly gaining abs was a nice surprise." She patted her stomach with a grin.

"Huh," Adam said thoughtfully, "I was fumbling around and trying to grant Healing Hands and Find the Whey to Meg, but Meg turned out to be on the other side of Lisa, so I tagged you both first. Well, no time like the present." He placed his hand on Maggie's head and willed her the full spread of abilities he'd been granted.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Maggie moaned, grasping her head.

Adam quickly placed his hands on her temples and pushed his healing energies into them. "Sorry, just remembered that you said that would hurt."

Maggie sighed and opened her eyes as Lisa and Meg checked to make sure she was okay. "Actually, I think most of that was modifications to the brain enhancements I received from Riley, which you would have no way of knowing about."

"I can't believe you let her work on you," Lisa said, fussing over her sister.

"It was a basic enhancement," Maggie told her, "something everyone in R and D goes through."

"Really?" Adam asked curiously. "What does it do?"

"Enhanced memory, comprehension, and a sense enhancement package," Maggie replied. "It's really useful in our line of work."

"Okay, do me now," Meg told him.

Adam reached over, paused and filled his hands with a golden glow, before giving her the full package while pouring healing abilities into her.

Meg winced for a second before smiling. "Nearly painless," she announced. "Your turn," she told Lisa.

"Be gentle," Lisa requested as she stepped forward and closed her eyes.

"That's not what you told him last night," Maggie pointed out with a smirk.

Adam quickly empowered her before the two could get into an argument, the slight trace of discomfort on her face quickly fading as the healing energy did its work. "Done," he announced.

Lisa's clothes vanished and then reappeared. She wiggled around for a second. "That makes things fit like they were tailored for me… and I can cook now! Mom should be happy with that, she always complained that I didn't take it seriously enough."

"Mom believes in traditional roles," Maggie reminded her, "and since we have both Chef and Lover, we are all set there."

"And married," Meg reminded them with a grin, holding up her left hand.

"We are going to have to introduce you to our family," Lisa realized.

"Mom is easy to please, not sure about Bart," Maggie said thoughtfully. "Homer of course is a non-issue."

"I'd introduce you to mine… but they kinda suck," Meg said. "Chris isn't bad and Brian's alright, but the rest suck, except for Stewie who is a little angel."

Everyone turned to stare at her.

"What?" Meg asked.

"We should probably have you watch Family Guy," Maggie said. "It's not fully inline with your reality but the broad strokes are correct."

"Family Guy?" Meg asked.

"It's a cartoon based on your world," Maggie explained. "Every reality you can think of has some media based on it in another."

"I'll show you a couple seasons of The Simpsons so you can brace yourself," Lisa said.

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