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Remus drove along until he got just past Hogsmede where he stopped in a small clearing with a crystal clear pond. He unstrapped his bag from the back seat of the bike and sat down by the pond. Inside were personal possessions of both himself and Sirius, a lunch Molly had packed for him, and the portrait of Phineas Dumbledore had given him just before he made his speech. It was small enough for him to easily carry around on his travels. Right now he was going to his house, hoping it would hold fewer memories.

Remus carefully propped Phineas's portrait up against his bag as he ate.

"Phineas," he said between mouthfuls. Moments later Phineas walked into the picture. "How can there be hope for Sirius?"

"Well," Phineas pulled a chair out from somewhere beyond the picture frame, "Generally when a person leaves this world, they do so without their body. Only their spirits pass beyond the Veil. Those spirits that fear the Veil remain on this side, living as ghosts. Those who don't, go on."

"Sirius was never afraid." Remus stated.

"A very good thing too. Otherwise his body and spirit would be separate, making a full return impossible. He could then only exist as a ghost. As it is, his body and spirit are still connected, so all that is needed is for you to open a door into the land of the dead and bring him back."

"Some how I doubt that's as simple as it sounds." Remus frowned and took a sip of his pumpkin juice.

"It's not," Phineas responded, "but your friend ship will give the spell a bond to travel upon. Without that, any attempt would be merely a shot in the dark."

"What spell is it?" Remus asked quickly, hoping he may have heard of it, or maybe even learned it sometime in his past.

"You'll have to build it."

Building a spell was by no means a simple task. Remus's eyes went wide.


Dumbledore leaned back in his armchair. School may be out, but there was still a lot left to do, especially since Voldemort's return. Yet despite all the larger problems in the wizarding world, his thoughts were still fixed on Remus and his quest.

"Headmaster?" Professor McGonagall was standing in the doorway. "Do you really think he can do it?" she asked, obviously seeing what was on his mind.

Dumbledore smiled. "I have every confidence in his ability. And if anyone wants it enough, it's Remus. He has the ability and the desire, giving him the best chance out of anyone. If it is possible, he will succeed. We need him to, not only for Harry, but for the Order as well."

"I had no idea he was so…vital to the Order." McGonagall stated.

"His presence will ease Harry's burden. He has a very vital part yet to play."


When Sirius awoke he had no idea here he was. One minute he was battling his cousin, and the ext thing he knew, he was here. Everything was dim, colors were muted if any.

"Where am I?" he said out loud. "Where's the battle?"

A cold feeling began to creep over him and he almost wished he hadn't said anything.


That night when Remus got home he hung Phineas's portrait on the wall over his bed. He'd fixed himself a small dinner from the food remaining in his pantry. He quickly decided a visit to the store would be needed the next morning. Afterwards he went and found a sheet of parchment, ink, and a quill and sat down at the desk beside his bed.

"Okay Phineas, what does this spell need to do?" Remus raised his quill, prepared to take notes, just as he had so many times in his days at Hogwarts.

"Well, it has to create and unlock a door into the land of the dead while preserving life." Phineas stated in a stiff manner.

"Has it ever been done before?" Remus asked, looking up from his notes.

"It's been…attempted."

"What happened?"

"The gap behind the Veil was created. The part of the spell to preserve life failed, and thus a return from the land of the dead through that 'door' was made impossible. No one else has tried, but the theory is sound." Phineas's face was cold and entirely scholarly now.

Remus spent a few more minutes writing, and then looked up, a puzzled look on his face. "Is there any record of the spell? It could be useful in..."

"Yes," Phineas interjected, "me."

"You? You mean…YOU tried?" Remus was almost at a loss for words. "I...I..." he stuttered, embarrassed at asking such a question.

Phineas, to his amazement, smiled and nodded. "Don't be embarrassed young pup!" He chuckled for a few minutes before continuing. "I was a curious man when I was alive. Curious, but reckless. I resent the fact that my own carelessness was my downfall. I never imagined my own kin would fall victim to my error. I am most eager, as a scholar, to see my spell and theories put into effective use. As a great-great grandfather, I am eager to see the last of my line return to the world of the living. For you, I wish the patience and care I lacked so that you can not only enter the land of the dead, but also safely return with my great-great grandson, whom I can see you care deeply for. I wish you happiness, and therefore, I wish you success. I will do my best to aid you, giving you every bit of knowledge I possess, I just hope it is enough to grant the last wishes of a man who has seen the long lasting effects his mistakes in life have caused." Phineas said all this rather quickly, with more sincerity, conviction, and true compassion than anyone knew he possessed or ever had possessed.

Remus stared at him in shock.


Harry sat down on his bed and opened the Daily Prophet that had just been delivered. He expected to once again see the headings proclaiming Voldemort's return as he had for the past week. Instead, his eyes widened in shock as he read:


"Escaped Convict Sirius Black Now Proven Innocent!"

The late Sirius Orion Black has been officially cleared of all charges after a speech made by Remus Lupin last night, followed by the near capture of Peter Pettigrew who has been assumed dead for the past 14 years. Black was accused of the murder of 12 muggles and the aforementioned Pettigrew just after the first fall of well…you know… Recent discoveries haven proven this misconception to be drastically incorrect. It has been proven that Black was framed by Pettigrew and according to anonymous sources; Black has been tracking him since his escape from Azkaban two years ago to avenge the death of two of his best friends, Lily and James Potter who met their doom as a result of Pettigrew's betrayal. Also against Pettigrew is his role in the recent resurrection of Lord…thingy. Black passed away just a week ago during a battle against a band of Death Eaters. His presence in the Wizarding Society will be missed. As part of the Ministry of Magic, I regret that this pardon could not come into effect until after his untimely demise.

-Kingsly Shaklebolt


The article was brief, but for once, accurate. Silent tears streamed down Harry's face before he flung the paper at the opposite wall.

"They're always so LATE!!" He yelled. "They're so clueless." Harry flopped back on his bed and sunk back into his misery, staring at the glass shards that had once been Sirius's mirror.

"Why'd he have to go? WHY?!?"

A voice came into his head, just as it had when he'd first tried the mirror.

"Fix it…you'll need it."

Harry's eyes widened. Could there possibly be hope somewhere? He shook his head, but gently wiped the pieces of the mirror into a pouch. He'd get Tonks to fix it tomorrow, despite how much he doubted it would be of any use.


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