Chapter 66

The Beginning at the End

"You don't look any different." Iris commented once he was done narrating what happened in the Eternal Chamber of Seven and how he became God.

"What did you expect would happen?" Daphne asked.

His sister shrugged in response. "I thought something would change in his appearance. Like he'd start glowing or something, you know."

Harry flopped back on the bed, ignoring their conversation, and stared at the ceiling, already missing that unique view of outer space from earlier.

Iris was right. Nothing had changed externally for him.

His skin didn't glow. Neither did he grow as tall as giants. Nor did he sprout white angelic wings.

But internally, everything was different.

His Mind, his Soul, his Body, and even his Magic were now deeply infused with divinity.

He wasn't human anymore, in spite of his normal appearance.

He was an Elder God.

Unlike others, he now had the power to destroy a planet with a mere thought. He had the freedom to travel and access the multiverse without any restrictions. And if he wished, he could even know everything about anything, thanks to the doll acting as a medium between him and the ever-expanding essence of Chaos.

He had become one of the strongest beings in existence.

And while he was yet to reach Lord Time's or Lady Death's level, he believed he was already among the top 5 Elder Gods. That meant it was safe for him to visit any world and obliterate anything in his path. No one would be able to hinder him. Eventually, he would even take Creator's place and gain the title of 'strongest'.

But that road would be long. And he had to start gathering worshippers first.

It wouldn't be too difficult, he guessed. He could simply go to an underdeveloped world and start a religion. The people there would happily worship him if he offered them protection and knowledge to improve their lives.

Character Sheet

Name: Harry Potter

Race: Elder God

Title: Chaos' Heir

Lvl: 1%

HP: Infinity

MP: Infinity

'I'll become powerful enough to free you, Isis.'

I know. I'll eagerly wait for that day when I can hug you and thank you.

He heard his friend's voice inside his head, and there was no hint of doubt in her tone.

That just made him more determined.

"Can you use your godly power to create ice cream?" His twin's request pulled him out of his head as she slid on top of him and took his face in her hands.

Her green eyes were filled with glee and anticipation, as if she were waiting for the magician to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

He could create life now. He could create a human soul. Such was his power.

And yet the first time he used his divinity after his ascension was to create ice cream for his lazy sister, who couldn't be arsed to go down all the way to the kitchen.

She grinned and gave it a lick before shooting him a thumbs up. "It's delicious."

He then looked at Daphne, who stared at him expectantly.

Smiling fondly, he sat up and propped his back against the headboard. And with the snap of his fingers, she too had a large bowl filled with chocolate and vanilla scoops. He was supposed to be the one above all, the all-powerful God. But what he became was a glorified ice cream maker.

"I take payment in sexual favours. Don't forget to pay up after you're done with your treats."

Iris giggled and smooched him eagerly with ice cream-covered lips, deciding to share the treat with him.

Daphne, on the other hand, shook her head in exasperation and said, "I thought you lost your Lustful trait."

Harry was too busy snogging his twin to defend himself.


The next day, Harry decided it was time to talk to Fleur. She had waited enough. And now it was time for revelations.

He teleported to her room in the late morning and found her lying on her stomach with her eyes fixed on a book. She literally looked like a goddess with the way sunlight spilled over her through the window pane.

It made her pale skin, her beautiful silver hair, and her sparkling blue eyes gleam mesmerisingly. Her white outfit only added to her lustre. She wouldn't have looked out of place in the Chamber of Seven yesterday and would have blended right in with the other deities.

"'Arry," she said, getting up and sitting on the bed. "Good morning."

"You weren't in the Great Hall at breakfast." He stated, plopping down beside her.

She shrugged, closing the book and shifting to face him. "Found a book and couldn't put it down. Did something 'appen? You look very 'appy."

He grinned at that and spread his arms grandiously. "I became a god yesterday. Since then, I've been quite chirpy, if I do say so myself."

Fleur froze mid-eyeroll, thinking he was joking. But she couldn't sense any lies. So she couldn't take it lightly. And so, she didn't know how to react to that.

Maybe he went mad? She hoped not.

Snickering at her bamboozled look, he cupped her face and pressed his lips against hers.

She sighed blissfully, snaking her arms around his neck as he gently pushed her down on her back and deepened the kiss. She was surprised when, instead of taking off her shorts and sliding in, he pulled back.

That was highly unusual.

They both had big sexual appetites, so once they began tumbling, they did not stop until they were temporarily satisfied.

Leaning over her, with his waist caged between her legs, he pecked at her swollen lips. "It is time. There won't be any secrets between us after today."

Her eyes widened with unbridled hope, and she quickly forgot about sex.

While they had both come to love each other over the past months, there still remained a small distance separating them, which couldn't be closed until he reciprocated her trust. And here he was, finally offering to do just that and bare his heart to her.

She knew Harry would have already told her if not for some unexplainable restrictions. But she felt it was just an excuse to keep their relationship from taking root. After all, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that she was just an exotic foreign girlfriend whom he'd forget once she went back to France. A small part of her always felt that this thing between them was simply an exciting dalliance for him, that it was just skin deep and held no importance.

Still, she was smart enough to keep her fears from affecting her rationality. She was older than him and was supposed to be more mature. That was why she had been patient and understanding, even when all she wanted to do was scream at him for answers.


"Really." He assured her, leaning down and tenderly touching her forehead with his.

She closed her eyes, but she couldn't close the wide, relieved grin that broke over her face.

Even the warm sunlight felt faded and weak compared to the brimming warmth in her chest. Though when she tried to open her eyes, she found herself in a totally different place.

"Where are we?" she asked, not panicking but rather intrigued by her surroundings.

They were standing on the surface of a black ocean. And the violet sky was vast, with silver stars sprinkled over it.

She tried to push down her leg, but the water refused to budge under her.

Good. She wasn't here to get wet.

"You're inside my head," he replied, smiling at the sky like some infatuated lover.

"It's rather clean for your mind. I thought it would be dirty with a throng of naked women sprawled everywhere." She quipped.

"I cleaned it before I invited you."

"More like kidnapped me."

"Same difference."

She shook her head with a wry grin. "So why am I 'ere?"

"Instead of telling you my secrets, I'd rather show you directly."

Before she could inquire more, the water beneath them gave way, and they were unceremoniously dumped into the chilly water.

She screamed and cursed as she fell through the dark water.

Harry cackled beside her and wrapped his arms around her body, giving her something to cling to.

Suddenly, they were standing in his bedroom at Potter Manor. The only way they could tell that they were in a memory was because of their ethereal selves.

They had become blue-grey spectres.

"That fall was not necessary," she grumbled, shooting him a stinky eye as she disentangled herself from him.

Instead of accepting that he did that just to get her tightly coiled around him, he pointed to his past self. "This is the moment everything changed."

"You were so small and cute." Fleur smiled broadly, climbing up on the bed and staring at the little boy with awe and wonder.

Before Harry could proclaim his manliness, even at the age of ten, his past self woke up and rubbed his eyes.

"What is that blue screen hovering before 'im?" Fleur questioned, scooting back as the boy sat up and looked at the screen.

"Congratulations! You are selected to be the first gamer in your world. Please select your race." A monotonous voice announced, the voice ringing ominously in the room.


When Fleur returned to her body, she was thoroughly tired. "Is it already night?"

Harry chuckled and pulled away, allowing her to sit up. "Not a second had passed while we were inside my mind."

She groaned in response, slumping back on the bed and throwing her legs into his lap. "I feel like it 'as been days since we began going through your memories."

He massaged her calves, smiling at her throaty moan. "Yes, it took days to show you every important bit."

"I still can't believe you were going to kill Madam Blanc. Or that she is created from the soul of the dark lord," she mumbled.

He remained silent; they had already discussed it in detail. There was no need to expand on that. She was just using the moment to arrange her thoughts.

Fleur closed her eyes, thinking about all the secrets he had shared. The scope of those secrets was beyond her imagination. It was so bizarre that she would need a full day of sleep before she could appropriately react to it.

For example, take this one, where Eos Blanc was made from Voldemort's soul and Harry almost killed her under the pressure to complete his quest.

What should her reaction be here? Should she be disappointed in Madam Blanc for not sharing her origins with her? Or should she be angry at Harry for thinking of murdering her mentor? Maybe both? Maybe none?

And it was a tamer secret compared to the whole ascension thing where Harry became God.

Yes, she would need a lot of time to swallow this.

"So, what are you going to do?" Harry broke her away from her reverie, his hand having crept up to her knee.

She smirked at his nervous tone. "Aren't you all-knowing?"

He chuckled and shook his head. "Not yet. And even when I get that power, I'm turning it off instantly. Life would become quite boring with it."

She nodded, realising what torture it would be. She decided to focus on the future for the moment and ignore the convoluted past. "So you're going to another world once the school closes. To meet the alternate versions of Daphne and Tracey. Right?"

He had mentioned that briefly while showing the memories of their time together.

"Yes. After that, I'll jump into another world where I'll try to find a way to turn you all into a species that can survive immortality. And once that is done, I'll choose some backward world in need of divine intervention. That should begin my foray into gathering devotees for my religion."

She couldn't help the giggle that escaped her. It was weird to think Harry would have billions and trillions of worshippers in the near future. Then again, unlike her, they wouldn't know his true self. They wouldn't know him as Harry Potter, but as Creator. The divine being who made the sea that contained all the worlds.

"What's so funny?" he asked, pushing her legs from his lap and crawling over her, his knees on either side of her hips while his hands grabbed on her shoulders.

Her lips quirked up as she caught the glint in his eyes. That look always led to them sweating and screaming for hours. "I was just thinking you might dare to create some sisterhood of priestesses in your lustful arrogance. After all, mortal women would throw themselves at you for a fraction of your attention. And they might succeed since you're so easily tempted."

She grinned sharply at his drooling look. But before he could get taken with that alluring idea, she grabbed his jaw and sent him a furious glare. "Then I realised you wouldn't do that. Not when you already 'ave some of the best-looking girls dedicated to you. You won't break their trust, would you?"

That sobered him up. "That idea is tempting; I'm not going to lie. But what fool would jeopardise all this love for mere lust?"

Before she could praise him, he leaned down, and his mouth found hers in a passionate reunion, stealing the air from her lungs and leaving her breathless.

The way his lips mashed over hers. The way his tongue wrestled her down. The way she was left panting was just too hot.

Staring at him with glowing eyes, she panted some more and let her large chest inflate and deflate seductively, knowing they wouldn't be leaving this room for a while.

"You will have to put in tremendous effort to stop me from straying. Are you up for that? Can you do that for all eternity?" He whispered, perched on her stomach and hovering over her.

Fleur had only one thing to say. "Gladly."

And that was a promise.

It was followed by tearing of clothes and frenzy of limbs before they were eagerly joined.

And then Harry grunted and Fleur moaned, starting the wild, passionate dance that would last for hours.


The remaining days of his third year were calm and relaxing.

He also refrained from revealing his status to the public, having decided that he wanted to leave this world untouched. It would be his haven, where he'd be a mere genius wizard instead of God.

Harry thought there might come a time when he'd wish to just sit back and have a normal life. And so he was keeping this option open, where this world would act as a vacation spot when the burden of Godhood became too heavy and tiring.

Of course, he'd tell his aunties and uncles about his ascension soon. Though he would wait until he got the solution to immortality in his hands. Only then would he reveal his Godhood and offer them the chance to live with him for all eternity.

The fear that they might start treating him differently also contributed to this decision.

Presently, he teleported to Elitsa's room in the Durmstrang Ship.

Just like always, her small room was spartan, with just a bed and a wardrobe as furniture.

"How many times do I have to tell you to use the door?" She sighed exasperatedly, quickly pulling up her black trousers and buttoning it.

Apparently, she just got out of the shower and was changing.


"Sorry." He grinned unapologetically, gawping at her perky breasts.

"Sometimes I think you do it intentionally," she muttered, putting on her bra, uncaring how he drooled as she pushed her tits into the underwear.

It wasn't the first time he had caught her half naked, and she wasn't prude enough to blush every single time they got into this type of situation.

In other words, she had gotten used to it and didn't see the need to feel embarrassed.

He shook his head and walked past her, dropping to the bed. "Believe it or not, it's always unintentional. I just have great luck that gives me opportunities to see beautiful girls in various states of undress."

"Of course you do." She rolled her eyes, picking up the white blouse from the bed and pulling it over. "Any reason for the visit? Or are you here to annoy me?"

He laughed and sprawled over her bed, staring at her as she waved her wand and packed her belongings—not that she had much to pack in the first place. "Don't be like that. You know you're going to miss me."

Elitsa gave a shallow nod. "I'll miss you, correct. But I'll forget you in a month. Don't worry too much."

"Ouch, never thought I was that forgettable. But to answer your question, I just came to say goodbye."

"You could have done that in half an hour with everyone else."

"I wanted it to be more personal." He smiled softly from the bed.

She scrunched her eyebrows. "I hope that doesn't mean sex in your language."

"Hmm, I'm game if you are." Harry rose from the bed and slid onto his feet, standing before her as she pocketed her luggage and crossed her arms behind her.

"In your dreams, Potter." She shot him down but stepped into his offered arms.

"I never understood why you were so immune to my charms." He wondered curiously, wrapping his arms around her and embracing her.

Elitsa looped her own arms around his waist and gave him a squeeze. "You are just too young and immature for me. It's that simple."

"How about a goodbye kiss?" He joked, ignoring the barb, as they pulled back. His gaze darted to her lips while his arms dropped to her rear, his finger spreading and lightly sinking over her round butt.

That just verified his immaturity in her eyes.

She chopped him on the head but pressed a quick peck on his cheek before shoving him away, deciding not to kill him for coping a feel. "That's all you will get. Now go disappear; I need to talk to Fleur too."

"Aye, aye, captain. See you later." After saying that, he teleported away.

Elitsa smiled at the place where he had been and stepped onto the deck, where all the Durmstrang students were gathering.


His next destination was Beauxbatons Carriage.

But instead of Fleur's room, he appeared in Eos' personal quarters.

He found her seated in her favourite armchair beside the window, bathing in the warmth of the sunlight.

She turned towards him and shot him a lusty smile. "A farewell quickie? Please say yes."

He snorted in amusement, noticing the irony. He had just jokingly proposed that to Elitsa. And here he was, getting the same offer minutes later.

Harry should jump at the chance to get in bed with her. Eos was the most beautiful woman around here, after all. Only a fool would say no to that. And he wasn't going to lie; after those three sex marathons, he often missed going full-on out with someone.

Eos had been the only one, possessing almost a godly body, who could survive his unrestrained carnal attention. With his girls, he had to be extremely careful since they were still humans. Even Fleur, who was the rowdiest among his harem, couldn't keep up with him. None of his loved ones were able to wrench out every single drop from him and make him feel finished.

Only Eos had been able to do that.

Hopefully, that would change once he turned them immortal.

"Not unless you accept my proposal."

She pouted. "You know I can't do that. I'm going on a great adventure."

"Then there goes our farewell sex."

Eos exhaled in disappointment and nodded reluctantly. "Fine. Why are you here if not for good ole sex?"

"Just to say goodbye, I guess." He created a chair and sat in it.

"Aw, I knew you loved me. You will miss me, won't you?" She preened, throwing her leg over her knee and crossing her arms under her bountiful chest, almost making them spill out of her bold dress.

Was she trying to tempt him? Yes, she was.

"Don't be delusional. Here, this is an enchanted silver necklace. It will bring you to me if your life is ever in danger." He got up and approached her, dangling the chain in front of her face.

At once, she lost all her humour and got off the chair, staring at the necklace with mixed emotions.

Taking it in her grasp, she examined it and checked if it was safe to wear. When she found nothing amiss, she gave him a complicated smile, not knowing how to react to this sweet gesture. "Thank you, Harry. Would you do the honours?"

She turned around, gathering her silky black hair and holding it up to her neck.

"Alright." Leaning forward, he gently put it on her and squeezed her shoulders.

Before he could move away, Eos deflated and pressed her back against him, resting her head over his shoulder. "I hope you're not already in love with me. I'd feel bad for breaking your heart."

She gave words to her troubling thoughts. While she never cared if her sex buddies got attached to her and ended up getting hurt, Harry remained special. She didn't want him to go through that.

Harry scoffed and wound his arms around her slim waist, roughly pulling her arse against his crotch, making her release an indecent sound.

She immediately forgot about her worries and ground her plump rear against his growing erection. Just one more time, she would sleep with him before going away.

It wasn't just Harry who had experienced unmatched sexual pleasure with her. It was the same for her too. No one had been able to match his virility. She couldn't dare go away without taking one more bite of this forbidden fruit.

With her bent forward and her arse flushed against him, he let out a derisive chuckle. "Don't be a fool. Love? I'm not pathetic enough to waste my feelings on you. You're a shameless slut. And in all honesty, you will react the same way if any other boy does what I'm doing. You'd still grin and wiggle your behind like you're doing now. You'd still open your legs to some stranger. It doesn't matter to you if the boy is Harry Potter or not. Why would I love such a cruel woman?"

Gently shoving her forward, he stepped back, not wilting under her glare as she stumbled before regaining her balance.

Turning around, she stood straight with her head held high, as if she weren't just preparing to lift up her skirt and take him inside. "That was incredibly rude."

"But was I wrong in my assessment?"

She grinned and shrugged, trying to hide her pain. "No, that's exactly how I am. Now if you're done being rude, you can get out."

Instead of doing that, he rubbed his forehead, regretting letting his anger take over him. Then again, he was deeply revolted by the thought of getting his heart broken by someone like Eos.

As if he was a moron who couldn't distinguish between love and lust.

"I like you, Eos. I'll even shed a couple of tears if you die in a ditch. That's why I'm giving you that necklace. Nothing more and nothing less."

"Understood." She sighed, thinking they were going to part on bad terms. At the very least, he confessed caring for her, which gave her an unexpected dose of serotonin.

Her surprise only grew when he closed the distance between them and hugged her tenderly. "And one last thing, thank you."

"For what?" she asked, hiding her smile against his chest.

Why was she feeling so happy about this? It was so stupid of her.

"Let's just say you unintentionally helped me through Fleur."

"I see you're still trying to be mysterious," she said, hugging him greedily.

Why did this single hug feel more intimate than all three sex sessions combined?

Pulling back, he kissed her lightly on the lips and stepped back.

"See you, Harry," she mumbled, unable to meet his eyes, trying to understand her inner turmoil.

"See you, Eos." With that, Harry walked away.

But just before he opened the door, he looked at her over his shoulder. "Just so you know, Chaos is dead. And if you ever get tired of running from your past, seek me; I'll be waiting."

"How long will you wait?" Eos asked in a whisper, still not ready to trust anyone.

"Until eternity, of course. Goodbye, Eos. I hope to see you soon."

"Goodbye, Harry. I hope not to see you ever."


It was the second day of the summer vacation. And Harry's excitement knew no bounds. Today was the day he would meet his old friends again, the day he'd reunite with them.

Currently, he was sitting in the living room, waiting for his mum to get ready.

Thankfully, Tracey, Daphne, and Iris were already present, looking lively in colourful variations of shorts and t-shirts, taking advantage of the summer heat to show off their growing curves. Or in his twin's case, flaunting those curves.

Not that he minded; he was always up for some eye candy.

He would have liked to include Fleur in this group too, but she hadn't been overly interested in meeting his friends from another world.

Not surprising, considering she hadn't even made much effort to know Iris or his other close friends. Of course, it wasn't due to some malicious feeling, but rather because Fleur was just too introverted to bother socialising.

Again, not something he minded. He didn't expect all his girls to become best friends in an instant. And unless they became antagonistic towards one another, he was fine if they kept their distance and did their own thing.

His mum came into the living room and gave him a smile. "Sorry for making you wait; I was talking with Proserpina, who was asking about Daphne's whereabouts. I told her she'd stay with us for the entire day."

"Thanks, Mrs. Potter. Is Tori making a fuss about getting excluded?"

"Yep. She has locked herself in a room and declared war against all of you. I'd be careful if I were you."

Harry chuckled, imagining her cute, angry face. "It's fine. I'll tell her my secrets once I return. And don't worry; no time will pass once we leave this world. So we won't be leaving Tori to her grudge for long."

Daphne nodded, not looking forward to her sister's tantrums.

"Shall we, then?"

When they all gave him resolute nods, he returned those with reassuring smiles. "Alright. We'll pass through a wormhole. Our bodies and minds will turn into matter. So please press as close as you can, so I can protect you from disintegrating."

Obviously, that was a lie. He wasn't restricted to any wormholes. Going into other worlds was as simple as opening an invisible door for him.

He hid his grin as he got sandwiched between them. His mum and Iris were flushed against his chest, while Daphne and Tracey were clutching his shoulders.

Hehe. He really was a god. How else could he have reached this heaven?

Sometimes, I worry about the multiverse with you as Creator.

'Shush you, let me enjoy the small pleasures of life.'

"Open," Harry said dramatically, and a rift tore beneath them.

He smiled smugly as the girls shrieked and clung to him. Though his smile turned into a groan when they were deposited on solid ground only after half a minute.

The weight of their bodies made him fall on his back, causing him to lose his breath.

Still, he didn't complain. Why would he when his face was squashed underneath big pillowy boobs and his hands were gripping meaty thighs? And he was experienced enough to know these divine breasts and lovely hips were his mum's.

Did she just give his pecker a squeeze? Yes, she did.

His mum was getting naughtier, not that he disliked the change.

"Who are you? Stay where you are!"

Panicked voices made them jump to their feet.

Harry spread his arms protectively and pushed his friends and family behind him.

"Who the fuck are you?" The blonde asked him with narrowed eyes, the point of her wand gleaming angrily.

Instead of punching her to oblivion, Harry smiled broadly. He recognised these three girls. He even recognised the hotel they were staying in. It was the same one he used for rest while completing his necromantic quests in America.

His smile quickly vanished.

Wait a minute. Did he really leave Daphne, Tracey, and the newly resurrected Astoria stranded in America?


Don't judge him. He was too busy that particular day.

"It might be difficult to believe. But I am Henry. The same Henry who saved you from the werewolves. The same one who resurrected Astoria. I know it—"

He was cut short when Daphne—the other Daphne—glomped on him and started bawling her eyes out. "Henry! You came back! I still love you even when you're not a cutie any more. But why, why did you change? I don't like this hottie look a single bit. In fact, I hate your new look! I still love you, though!"

It was an embarrassed Tracey—the other Tracey—who pulled her girlfriend away from him, giving them a wary look.

"You were just a small boy fifteen minutes ago. And here you are, looking as old and as tall as us. Are you really Henry? Also, where is Aura if you're really Henry, hmm?"

"I'm really Henry. For you, time hasn't passed. But for me, it has been more than two years. As for Aura, she's busy doing who knows what teenage rebellious cats do. She's going through a phase. I promise I'll bring her next time," he said desperately, wanting them to believe him.

"I think we will first hear your story before deciding to believe you or not," Tracey muttered, looking at them suspiciously, trying her best to keep her girlfriend from rushing back to the stranger who claimed to be her adopted brother.

"You both are nincompoops, aren't you? I'm Daphne of his world. This is Tracey of his world. This is Lily Potter of his world. And this is Iris Potter of his world. Who else do you know who can travel between different worlds? Use your fucking brain for a second, will you?" His Daphne threw up her arms in exasperation, unable to understand how these two buffoons could be seventeen-year-old adults.

A moment of silence ensued, and everyone looked at Daphne.

The other Tracey blushed at being proven a paranoid idiot and tried not to run away in shame.

"This girl does look like me. Though her breasts are not that impressive, if I'm being honest. Although her arse looks bubbly and nice." The other Daphne nodded sagely, stepping forward and closely examining her younger counterpart, particularly her assets.


"Stop ogling children. She is younger than you. And she is you, for the fuck's sake." Tracey groaned, pulling her back and giving his Daphne an apologetic look.

"Don't be so jealous, Trace. It's not cheating if I'm fucking myself. That's just recreational masturbation."

That got her another smack. This time from Astoria, who was beet red, getting second-hand embarrassment from her stupid sister. "Be silent for a minute so we can sort this out."

"Please tell me this clown is not me." His Daphne almost looked on the verge of tears as she fell on her knees in despair, not comprehending how a Daphne could be such a dullard.

His Tracey, on the other hand, was hunched over and heaving, looking pale and green after hearing that this Tracey and Daphne were a couple.

Not in a thousand years would she think of having sex with her best friend.

Why? Why were they so gay?

She had never felt so uncomfortable before.

Harry sighed as he looked at the chaos around him.

His mum was rubbing Tracey's back sympathetically while Iris was rolling on the floor and clutching her stomach, laughing so hard that no sounds left her mouth.

"Enough!" he yelled.

Instantly, the bed in the room disappeared, and many cushioned chairs popped into existence. With a wave of his hand, everyone dropped into their seats.

On one side were his friends and family, while on the other side were Daphne, Tracey, and Astoria.

"Alright. I'll start now and tell you what happened to me after I left this world. Don't interrupt until I'm finished. Got it?"

His eyes twitched when the other Daphne slowly raised her hand like a sheepish student wanting a bathroom break. "Yes?"

"Can I make a request?"

Merlin, was she really going to ask him for a bathroom break!

"Go ahead," he said, his every cell filled with trepidation.

She grinned happily, unaware of his fears, and patted her thighs. "Become a pussy and sit on my pussy like you used to."

Then she quickly lost control and began giggling like the loon she was.

"Ouch! Stop this domestic abuse."

"Then stop being so vulgar!"

"But that was so funny!"

"It was not!"

Harry rubbed his face as his Daphne angrily jumped out of her chair and marched towards her older counterpart. If the upcoming fistfight between Daphnes wasn't enough, then his Tracey was puking again at the mention of two pussies near each other.

And yes, Iris was wheezing again. At least she wasn't rolling on—


Yes, she was rolling on the floor again while clutching her stomach.

He looked at his mum, she was the only one who remained calm and collected. Though her amused smile told him that she was enjoying herself as the children made a fool of themselves.

This was going to be a long meeting. Wasn't it?

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