One night, Miles Edgeworth was working on paperwork for a recently solved case. He was hard at work, never once looking up from the stack of papers that rested atop his desk. The only sound that could be heard was the scratching of a pen, and the occasional flip of a piece of paper.


Edgeworth was startled by the sudden noise. His head whipped up suddenly, and as he stood up, his elbow knocked a cup of pens over. Cursing under his breath, he began picking up the scattered pens, some of which had fallen on the floor. As he was doing so, he looked up at the analog clock on the wall.

2:00? Who on Earth is- His train of thought was interrupted by the knocking which had now turned into loud, rapid banging. Edgeworth grumbled under his breath as he walked over to the door. He was prepared to reprimand whoever took him from his important work but once he saw who was on the other side, this was quickly quashed.

Franziska Von Karma, his mentor's daughter, was standing outside. She had an impatient frown on her face, and was wielding her signature whip in left hand. Little had changed about his adopted sister in appearance since he last saw her: her hair was a bit longer, now reaching her upper back but she mostly looked the same.

"Miles Edgeworth." She addressed in a curt manner. Edgeworth nodded politely.

"Franziska." He said. Franziska wasted no time in inviting herself into his office. She sat herself down on the sofa and leaned her elbow against the armrest. An uncharacteristically pensive expression presented itself on her face, her blue eyes staring down at the floor. After a brief period of silence, Edgeworth cleared his throat.

"It's been a while, Franziska. Mind telling me what you came here for?" He asked, impatient to return to his work. Franziska looked up at him, her eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten, you fool!" She spat. He folded his arms, tapping his pointer finger on the opposite forearm as he pondered his sister's behavior. Communication between the two had been limited since Franziska started working for Interpol and what little they did have was over the phone. Even so, most of their discussions were about work-related matters. Perhaps something had come up?

"Is there something going on at Interpol?" Edgeworth asked. Franziska shook her head, a smug smile on her face.

"Far from it, my job at Interpol has been going perfectly, as always !" She spoke with pride, "I'm here for a more personal matter so to speak." Edgeworth's eyebrow raised in curiosity. Before he could respond though, Franziska continued, "As you know, I have been courting Adrian Andrews for about a few years now."

Edgeworth scrunched his nose in thought. He did vaguely remember hearing about Franziska dating someone during one of their phone calls. He didn't want to pry at the time, never caring about romance, even those that had to do with him. It'd been something his mentor instilled in him; one of the only teachings that he still followed to this day.

"Now that I think about it…I do remember hearing something about that. Is that all you wish to tell me?" He inquired. Franziska's left hand tensed, though she made no attempt to strike him with her whip.

"Don't rush me you fool!" She barked, "Anyway, I came here to announce that I'm getting married!" Edgeworth's eyes widened to the point that they felt like they were going to pop out of his sockets. His mind swirled around as he processed this new information. Franziska Von Karma? Getting married?!

"Y-You're getting married?! To whom?" Edgeworth stammered in a befuddled manner. Franziska chuckled wrly at Edgeworth's reaction.

"Adrian Andrews, who else?" Franziska deadpanned. Once he recovered, Edgeworth's gaze shifted towards her hand, and upon closer inspection, he could see a ring with a cyan gem wrapped around her finger. He hadn't noticed it before. His cheeks grew hot with embarrassment and he coughed awkwardly.

"R-right, of course! So, uh, when is it?" He asked. Franziska smirked.

"Whenever our schedules don't conflict! It has to be perfect after all!" She revealed. "I also came here to tell you that I want you to be my man of honor!"

"What about your sister?" He asked, cocking his head. Franziska's cocky expression quickly turned into a frown filled with disdain and she glowered at the bookcase across the room.

"You mean that shameful fool ?! She refused to go, saying she couldn't bear to witness an 'imperfect union'!" Franziska spat, her words dripping with venom. Edgeworth was caught off guard by this news. While it was true that the Von Karma clan had expressed their disappointment in the two for failing to uphold their family legacy, they never actually disowned either of them. In fact, Edgeworth was still on speaking terms with Franziska's elder sister, though only barely.

"Really? Your family's never acted this way before." He noted. Franziska shook her head, her teeth gritted in anger and her body shaking in fury. She unfurled her whip, as if preparing to strike; Edgeworth braced himself for the impact.

"That fool never came to terms with what happened with Papa and after she heard about my first defeat, she cut off all contact with me!" Franziska fumed as she reminisced, "Adrian eventually managed to persuade me into calling her again. But when my sister found out who I was marrying…" She trailed off, her voice quaking.

Edgeworth stood there, frozen in stunned silence. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. It was like this for a while: the atmosphere feeling much more tense to an almost suffocating extent. Edgeworth wracked around in his brain, looking for what to say.

"Franziska…I…my sincerest condolences," was all he could manage to muster. Edgeworth cursed himself internally for not being able to say anything more, or for having misspoken even. However, Franziska didn't react to what he had said: either she didn't hear him or she had been too focused on her own brooding to care.

Suddenly, Franziska took her whip and lashed it at the floor below as if striking an invisible foe. She did this multiple times: each lash getting progressively more ferocious than the last. It was as if the floor itself had personally offended her. This display stunned Edgeworth as in the past, her targets were more sentient in nature. Her assault on the floor ended as suddenly as it began, with Franziska inhaling heavily through her nose and releasing it.

" Aside from that, Miles Edgeworth, I want you to be aware that my request is not one of choice, but one of demand! You will be my man of honor, understand?" She ordered, her voice still somewhat cracked. Edgeworth nodded, a small smile gracing his lips.

"Of course." He said. Franziska smirked in satisfaction.

"Good! I expect nothing short of perfection from you!" Franziska got up from the couch but before she left, she turned towards Edgeworth, "I can't wait to see the look on your face as I walk down the aisle, Miles Edgeworth. It'll be priceless !"

Typical Franziska… Edgeworth rolled his eyes in mock annoyance. He watched Franziska leave, before returning to tend to his paperwork once more.