Upon the ringing of the 10 o'clock bell, all became quiet at Hazakura Temple and the areas surrounding. It was so quiet that one could hear the gentle fall of snowflakes upon the vast expanse of snow.

That night, Maya Fey, an acolyte as well as the future Master of Kurain, was preparing for training. The young spirit medium hummed cheerfully to herself as she changed into the white robes meant for the occasion. Maya was to spend the night reciting an ancient Kurainese chant while standing under a freezing waterfall. Bikini, the head nun, was supposed to oversee Maya's training; but she'd left earlier, complaining of her bad back. As a result, Sister Iris would be overseeing her training that night. Maya hadn't spoken much to the younger nun, but she seemed nice enough.

Then, just as Maya finished putting on the robes, she felt something hit the back of her head. Something hard.

"Ouch!" Maya screeched. She rubbed the back of her head gently as she looked behind her. Her eyes widened as she saw Iris standing there, wearing a bloodthirsty grin and her eyes filled with malice. Maya's eyes slowly shifted down to see that she was also wielding a wooden cane in her right hand. She gulped nervously as she slowly backed away from the nun, her hands held out in front of her.

"I-Iris, w-what is this about?!" Maya stuttered, her voice shaky.

Iris stood there in silence for a few moments. Suddenly, she rushed towards Maya and attempted to strike her with the back of the cane. Maya swerved to the right, barely dodging the attack. The nun growled in frustration, and with her free hand, began to rummage around in her robe. Maya wanted badly to run, but she couldn't move, no matter how hard she tried.


The noise startled Maya. From what she could tell, it had come from outside. She didn't hesitate to escape, fleeing into the cold and snowy night. For a split second, Maya considered hiding from the nun in the garden nearby. But in the event that Iris found her, she knew she'd be trapped.

Instead, she decided to start trudging through the snow heading towards Dusky Bridge. A combination of snow and ice slushed against her legs as she moved, causing her to wish she'd brought boots along. To make matters worse, it was hard to see where exactly she was going due to the snowfall. Beads of sweat dripped down her forehead as she ran, her heart racing. Maya had no idea of how close Iris was, and she didn't dare look back to check.

Once Maya came across the bridge, her face grew pale. Dusky Bridge was engulfed in flames: a mixture of red, orange, and yellow blazed brightly around the bridge.

Maya felt her heart in her throat as she took in the sight. She knew she didn't have any other options though, so she took a deep breath as she began crossing the bridge.

Maya stepped on each plank with caution. She was so fixated on making her way across that she never once noticed her robes were getting singed. As she advanced, she silently prayed that the murderous nun wasn't following her.

Around this time, Phoenix Wright was lying on his futon, unable to get any sleep. The restless lawyer's head was filled with questions regarding Iris, the mysterious nun who bore a striking resemblance to his ex-girlfriend. Not only that, but he was also worried about Pearls. The little girl was supposed to go up to Elise Deauxnim's room to read books, but the author had earlier informed him that she never showed up. The uncertainty of knowing what exactly happened to Pearls caused an unsettling feeling to swell in Phoenix's gut.

Resigned to the fact that he wasn't getting any sleep, Phoenix decided to go searching for her. He hung his head and sighed heavily before getting up.

Once he was outside, Phoenix began surveying the area around the Main Gate. He examined every nook and cranny, but there wasn't a single trace of her familiar pretzel loops. Phoenix let out a shuddered breath, partly due to the cold, but also out of fear. He chose to move further out into the snowy landscape, looking for any sign of her.

"Pearls! Pearls!" He cried repeatedly.

Suddenly, he heard a loud booming noise. Phoenix turned and noticed it came from Dusky Bridge. Fearing the worst, he dashed through the snow. Once Phoenix arrived at the foot of the bridge, his mouth fell agape at what he was seeing.

Dusky Bridge was in flames. Pieces of wood were falling off the bridge, with only a crackling noise to accompany them. Phoenix approached the bridge: his expression a mixture of awe and horror. He then heard a scream and felt something shove him aside.

"Oof!" Phoenix looked up and saw Larry, his childhood friend, standing in front of the bridge. His arms were spread out and he had a concerned look on his face.

"Nick! What are you doing, man?!" Larry asked. Phoenix got up and brushed the snow off his pants before answering.

"I was looking for Pearls! Do you have any idea where she is?" Phoenix questioned. Larry shook his head.

"Lil' Pearl's missing?! Sorry Nick, I haven't seen her since dinner," Larry revealed. Phoenix nodded and was about to search elsewhere when they heard terrified screams. Both men looked towards the bridge and watched in horror as they saw Maya crossing it. Her face was illuminated to the point that Phoenix could see her fearful expression. It was at that moment that Phoenix's brain shut off.

"I'm sorry, Larry!" He quickly apologized before shoving his old friend aside and starting to cross the bridge. Larry screamed something at him, but he wasn't paying any attention. The only thing on his mind was getting to Maya through the burning wood in front of him.

Phoenix navigated through the planks of wood with extreme caution, each step feeling like it could potentially be his last. At one point, the flames suddenly whipped around him with a large crackle. Phoenix ducked in order to not get burned. His thoughts then turned to Maya.

What on Earth is she so afraid of? He questioned. The young woman hadn't noticed him, her attention instead being directed towards the bridge or so it seemed. Phoenix attempted to call out to her, but he breathed in smoke and coughed.

Disaster struck when Maya stepped on a plank that was almost burnt off. It was too weak to support her weight, and broke off, causing her to fall through. Phoenix quickly leapt to where she'd fallen. He crouched, reaching his hand through the gap in an effort to grab her hand.




Phoenix watched the bridge become more distant as he fell. He let out a loud, bloodcurdling scream into the night sky as he plunged into the river below.