Ok this is a little authors note from me to you! (seeing as I'm the author that would make sense.) But anyways! I'd like to first apologize for having not updated in sooooo long. My computer's AOL connection got extremely screwed up. Someone sent mass email over my fathers name and we couldn't get on for at least a week. But now I'm back. Unfortunately my Lawful Misconduct fic doesn't have the second chapter written. It has the last chapters right in there but, nope I can't seem to get past this selective writers block. Anyways as soon as I can get that out to you I will.

My other fics are works in progress right now and well I've got ideas for more so it's getting really screwed up in my head. Oh and also I have at least one new fic almost finished that you'll enjoy (I HOPE!) but first I have to get with my partner Miss Chibi-Washuu and  polish it up a bit. Just let me tell you it's really extremely horribly cute!!!!

Ok sorry too many exclamation marks. ::looks sheepish:: I'm just too happy to be back. Also things may be a little slow going for a while because I'm trying to work out how to make a couple (ok a lot!) of AMV's once again in concert with Chibi-Washuu. So just to let you know, I apologize again!! ::bows at the waist:: PLEASE FORGIVE ME!  T.T

See ya! ::huggles:: bye!