He knows that he died. That is true. Dying in a old age doesn't seems unreasonable. He lived a good life. While he never had a child to called his own, he still happy. Happier than most. He worked so hard that he felt alive knowing he gave archer a one up!

But that change. If he didn't follow fate, fate will use him in another way. Shirou woke up what it seems to be a cell of some kind. He knows he was sleeping on the porch if his house as death came in. He could think of many ways that his situation could happen.

Zeltrech, despite all of his pranking and playful nature, was still an adult... sorta. He knows that by death even he could not do anything on him. It wasn't any enemies he knows. Well, he thinks. All of this and more as thought only to look at his hand. It was small. As in child like small .

It couldn't be the Blue. She wasn't Zeltrech. Hell! The woman despise the Ancestors for a reason or two!

No. He look around and saw other children and few adults with in the cell.

"Oi! Time for work, you useless meat bags!"

Shirou turn around and look at who was shouting. For Shirou seeing he was in a child body, he could not tell how tall the man was. What he does know is that he wore mediaeval armor. He tried to scan the armor but nothing happen.

He tried again and the same result...

"Oi, red hair! Get moving or else!!" said the guard as he pulled Shirou's hair. With a squirm and the pain of being pulled by the hair, clearly he hate the guard.

He was drag to the mine and was force to work.

He then curse his E rank luck.

It wasn't until he realized and got used to his predicament. First of all, he wasn't on earth. Or at the very least, his earth. Right now, he's on earthland. A really quote unquote different world, sorta. The difference between his and earthland is that magecraft wasn't a secret. It wasn't call magecraft at all. The mysteries surround this world was stronger and alive supposed to say. As if the age of Gods hadn't end. Gaia influence seems deeming but Alaya's seems more powerful.

Not even the past was something like this on his world.

The current location of the hellhole he was stuck at, it's called Tower of Heaven. The purpose of the tower wasn't known to him and frankly, he was glad over this because seeing his fellow inmates and the others were beaten and starve to death, he would rather not know why did this happen.

But that isn't him. Nope, half of the time he helped everybody who unable to work or too tired to move or anything at all. And all the while searching away out. He even tried to regain is circuits.

But now...

After four months, he finally able to use his circuits again. And now all he have to do is wait..

Erza woke up as always in the cell she was brought to after all those years. She couldn't remember anything about her past. She always an orphan but now she was a prisoner.

Erza found Shirou in the corner of the cell digging something up. As everyone wake up, she turn to Rob for a question.

"Hey, Rob? Do you know magic?"

"Of course child, why do you ask?" ask Rob.

She look around to make sure no one heard her, "I saw Shirou perform some form of magic. Do you know the kind of magic that allow swords appearing out of nowhere?"

"It must be requip magic. A magic ability to pull out an item in a pocket space. And you say you saw the boy perform it and pull out a sword."

Erza nodded vigorously. She doesn't know much about magic and surely she don't know if she could use magic.

"This is too good to be true. If he could perform than why... The supply ship. Ah ha ha, he must be waiting for the supply ship to came by."

"Erza! Old man Rob! Hurry! Or else you going to miss meal time!" called Millianna.

Meal time...

She hated and grateful for it. While it always bland and hard, really hard, it was that meal that she was able to alive for so long... Despite being served once a day. She moved out while helping Old man Rob up.

As they took their meal from the guards, hard bread and bland soup... again, and made their way back into the cell. It was either the food they had or starvation. And clearly they beat you up either way.

It was then Shirou came back with his and brought it to the corner only to head down.

Many were intrigued on where did he go. There wasn't anything at the corner only he to come out of it and gestured them to follow him.

And so, only half of them did. Children are by far curious at a young age, so it was natural for them to know what he was doing.

What they found was food. Actual flavourful food! Ah... The children were happy that there were food. Unlike the meal they were given this was different.

"W-where did you get this?!" ask one of the kid. Shirou place a finger on his lip with a smile. Clearly throwing them off. He could say he made it but that wouldn't do. There was nothing in the cell that have a cooking function anywhere.

Instead, he stole them. While the guards are asleep at night. While patrol wasn't tight. He would sneak out using the corner that he found in the cell and ran to the kitchen, taking every food he thought were possible to keep under ground in a sack.

And now... the residents were glad to have actual food. This is what Shirou wanted for them. He took one of the hard bread that was on the floor and eats it. He could tell. The children were smiling and the adults, albeit only a few, were talking. This is the atmosphere he will give them.

And within the land of hills fill with swords he search for that sword. Not Calladbolg. Not Hrunting. Not even the hundreds of swords that have a power to level a mountain . No.

What he seek was a blade. A blade that was once a sword of promise victory now tainted with disparity. A sword that will show the people of the tower how cruel the world actually is.

As soon he found it. He told it to be on standby. The sword was happy and now he have to wait. Three days. Just three days and the supply ship will came.

You know what they said, 'Imitation is the best form of flattery.' and yes it was inspired by the person (sorry to them for I have no idea their gender), Parcasious.I like their stories that I have copied them at some point.To Parcasious, if you're reading this, please don't hate! Ill try to stay clear from yours as much as possible! I love stories and hope you upload more soon~!Sailor Root, Away! *crash a window*