He was hurt. So much so that it would kill him if he did nothing. As of right now, his circuits was burn. Summoning a divine relic was too much for him, even if that said divine relic had been corrupted and twisted to be use by a tyrant, much more so that he had overload it to make a broken phantasm.

However, it was for the greater good. He could have used Calladbolg, the drill sword of Fergus but he digress. Even if he did projected and make it into a broken phantasm, there would be a chance that some survivor appear. All he could know was that there were someone else who was pulling the string but first...


He could used Archer method if healing, turning his body to sword but if anything he learn from it, it would cause swords coming out of his body...

No. There is another way. And that was Avalon.

However, with his circuit over heat it self due to his carelessness, he doubt he could projected Avalon. But that doesn't mean the Fae Relic wasn't out of his grasp. All he have to do was...

Shirou closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He wasn't going to activate his circuit but to cultivate with the world mana. If he learn anything in his journey in the past life, is that Dead Apostle Ancestors able to channel mana into prana via the world.

While he wasn't an Ancestor, he still learn about it. As this world didn't reject his projections, he clearly know that the world wouldn't reject him.

Slowly but indefinitely, he cast his magecraft.

projecting visual...It was scabbard like no other.

Cultivating history and timeline...

During the age of an Arthurian legend. A scabbard belonging to the king, stolen by his enemy to died on a hill of bodies.

It was then used to save a boy who was broken by a cursed fire. Being with him knowing that the boy was worthy as well.

Projecting material and work craft...

Create by an ore unknown to man and created by the fae. It was say to be the key to the ever distant utopia. Where she was waiting... where he needed to go.

Confirming structural analysis...


Ah. Now he's hearing voices. But it wasn't bad. He knows that voice. A woman he loved and searched. Set by the an unknown man in white. He knows where she is.

" I'm sorry Shirou. It isn't your time yet.."

I know... Will you wait for me?

"I've always have been, Shirou. But can you care for another?"

I could tried..

With a smile, she blessed him. With a dream, she hoped he'll came. Maybe not alone but forever more, she gave him the sheath.With a kiss, she cried in solemn woes. She loved him so and asked the fae to bless him with Avalon. After all, she was the sword and he was the sheath, the two are separated by eras and time but... If God and the world promise by their word, they shall be together even in the endless paradise."I, Artoria Pendargon, grant you Avalon. Be safe Shirou."

I know... If I could, I would hugged you.

"And if I could, I would hold you too... I love you Shirou."

I love you too...Artoria.

With a golden light appear and shine hope, Shirou grasp upon the sheath and pulled it next to him. Despite in another world, the ever distance utopia was ever so close.

With a heart of gold and a light of hope, the world call upon it's will and set the boy under it.

"I am the bone of my sword..."

With that his body heal as he sleep, with the world helping him to keep him warm and safe as he heals..

Three weeks later

Erza felt something. It wasn't a bad feeling, no. It was something similar to hope. As if the one who saved them was alive. In her hand was Bakuya a white sword given to her by him.

Erza knows that. And yet why is it with her when she knows that it supposed to be his.

But that doesn't matter, right now... she was training. Training to be stronger. He saved her because she was weak. He sacrifice himself because she was useless. But now, she only focus on training.

After being safe and immediately escape, the nation's guards and the magic council were inform of a the cult of Zeref were active and now seek to see many of the refugees aid for any detail.

All they could hope for was a location and what they were building. What they were plenty of evidence to arrest them even more. Much more when children were involved. What kind of sick... Oh wait! They are!

Old man Rob however told the council that some of the children were orphans. Seeing that they couldn't have any hope to be place in a orphanages or foster home, he told them that there are one place they can go.

It was there the children of the Tower were introduce to Fairy Tail.

And unlike the Tower, Fairy Tail clearly treated their guild mates like family. Rob soon introduced them to Makarov, the guild master of Fairy Tail. After seeing his old friend after so long, he gave the children a choice.

They can join Fairy Tail now or... later.

He next told them that they never force their children or adults alike to join. They can come and join all they want, as long it wasn't to cause trouble.

While everyone thinks and thought things through, Erza without hesitation, ask if she could.

Makarov look into her eyes and saw her resolved. She must have a reason. Soon after he accept her, Jellal was next and ask if he could as well.

And soon merely half of the children join. The other were thinking, Makarov promised that they can tell anytime and leave as it be anytime and told them he would give them some food and a roof to sleep in. After a medical check up, of course.

And prosthetic eye for Erza.

And that was three weeks ago.

Right now as she became a member of Fairy Tail, it was all bright with colors. Each of the members treat the them as what they are, children. While some doesn't like it, some do. It was fine. They're still growing.

As they became members of the guild, it wasn't like they could stay here for free. The guild also need it's income from some of the member. While the kingdom supplied them with money as a service, they're still limited and so, they searched for work.

Only simple and easy ones. They're still young and inexperienced. So cleaning gutters, search and catch lost cats, helping with public service and sometimes even helping handling stalls was a simple job. Hell even clearing a field filled with rat-gopher was a simple job.

She wanted to buy some swords and armour for her magic. Apparently, she is adapted for requip magic, the same as his.

Was it irony or was it fate? Either way... she look into the prices and wince. How expensive they were, she knows she had to work, long and hard. But she too want to search for Shirou as she place a job hunting as missing person poster on the guild bulletin board. Oh how she separate her money and her friends just for this one job.

How can she know... And as of now, she could heard fighting. She knows who started it. The literal definition of ' they didn't go well like fire and ice'. She sigh.

How could she not.

"Oi Ice Queen! How dare you steal my meat!"

"No I didn't flames for brain!"

"Why I atta?! Say your prayers Snowflakes!"

"What did you say, Fire breathes!!"

And commence fighting. Even at the training field, she was able to hear everything. And it annoys her so. Why can they just get along...

Even after everything that face together, they still fight. With a scowl on her face and Bakuya in her hand, she walked to the hall of Fairy Tail.

And passing through the crowd, heading to the two fighting.

Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster.

A fire mage and an ice mage.

To opposite and always against each other. As soon reach to where their fighting, she began to debate herself either to join and stop them or... to shoot a sword to their direction with killing intent.

She thought for a while and choose...

"You two... why don't you stop fighting!!" shout Erza.

"Aahh!!" exclaim Natsu.

"Ack!" painfully bashed from Gray.

She chose option three. Punched so hard that the two fly into the air, Team Rocket style, and stop fighting.

Clearly they know who done it. The only other person except Makarov to hit and punished them was...

"Listen here you two! I have you know that both of you completely throw my focus off in my private training! So you two will be my dummies for a whole while...!"

Ah yes... Erza. She scared the two shitless ever since she join. She work the hardest and the longest. She was stronger than two could combine even in their age group. The only people can stand up to her were three.

Jellal, her friend and a survivor of the Tower, Mirajane because they never get along like the two of them and a boy name Shirou. Though the last one was debatable but who cares.

As Erza grab both Gray and Natsu by the neck and drag them to the training ground, they passed Mirajane.

"Going to torture them, hmm. So unlike a lady."

"What do you want Mirajane? I'm in a bad mood."

Mirajane is a pretty girl. White hair, blue eyes, flawless skin and have a strong magic to boot. Not only that she had her own family to take care of. Clearly she was Erza rival in terms of looks.

Even Erza was pretty. But seeing she always working and/or fighting, she never took her time taking care of herself.

"I'm saying what kind of boy would want you? Maybe a weirdo but who knows?" said Mirajane with a mocking tone.

Clearly, she didn't take that well. How could she not! She was still a girl after all. With her hand tightening around the neck of the two boys, chocking them, she turn to face her.

"What did you mean, bitch?!"

"Well... maybe that was why that boy you seek sacrifice himself. Maybe he doesn't-" and before she even finish, Erza tossed Gray at her and then used Natsu as a sword.

Oh she was pissed.

There were rules. Even if they didn't want to admit it. And one of them were never, ever, EVER, mock her about Shirou, even a little. For example, Laxus said that he was weak if he couldn't survive the attack. And was only to be found beat up with a bloody nose with a broken arm.

If she could do that to Laxus, than you could not imagine what she will do to you.

But for Mirajane, she was better. She could fight Erza on hand to hand combat, even if the two used magic.

And right of now... Makarov had given up. The hall will be a wrecked and he knows it but why he didn't do anything?


Don't ever involved one self into a cat fight. If it was with the two future strongest women in their guild.

Because of that, everyone join in their own brawl. Natsu and Gray fighting as if it was normal. Jellal and several adults making sure the younger kids ( Lisanna, Elfman and the like) away from the danger using magic.

And so the normal day have turn into a brawl but that okay as you can see that Erza was smiling. Maybe he could be smiling too.

It have passed several years, in a middle of town somewhere unknown lies a temporary forge, who create swords and weapons unlike any other.

And it was then, that the fairy queen will meet her Puck soon.