( the hospital wing )


Ron woke up groaning his vision slowly coming back where I am I? Slowly his vision become cleared and he observed he was currently resting in one of the bed of hospital wing

Ron could hear a few mumbled voices coming from the hallways but he couldn't see anyone due the curtains of his bed ,ron then heard footsteps getting louder and louder until the curtains were open rather harshly revealing professor Snape, professor quirrell and headmaster Dumbledore

"Mr Weasley , headmaster here wants to ask you few questions about the troll incident" Snape said in a cold indifference

"Questions professor?" Ron asked with a straight face while his insides were squirming from fear

"Ah ,Nothing serious ,we just wanted to know the source from where you learned the reductor curse " Dumbledore replied with a twinkle in his eyes that somewhat made ron feel better

"My brother bill taught me the spell professor "Ron replied and immediately something flashed behind quirrell eyes

"Yes, a brilliant Student williams was" the headmaster chuckled "well then 10 points to Slytherin for your remarkable display of strength, let's go Severus, let ronald rest"

"Thank you professor " Ron replied feeling rather arrogant headmaster Dumbledore thanked me "Mr Weasley" quirrell voice interrupted ron

"That was brilliant work of magic from what you have told us, it's very rare to see a first year performing such a high level curse and to add enough powerful to blow a troll head" Quirell spoke smoothly with such a charm that ron thought he was impersonating quirrell ,he was speaking fluently a far cry from a nervous stuttering quirrell

"A talent like yours must be nurtured mr Weasley " quirrell then handed ron a note and left

"Tomorrow ,My office ,8pm, before dinner " Ron rode is he offering me private coaching although this was a joyous moment, something about quirrell was off and that scared ron ,quirrell was very different from his usual self he spoke without stammering with an air of confidence around him.

"Hello Ron" a foreign voice snapped ron out of it and ron saw Harry Potter and Neville longbottom looking at him

"Hello"Ron gretted Harry and Neville

"We just want to thank you for helping us and effectively saving our life , I don't even want to think what would have happened if you weren't there" Harry shivered at the last part

"Thank you Ron " Neville added

"No worries, you would had done same thing " ron replied shaking Neville hand my motive was to kill the troll and earn some status in my house


Ron muttered a thanks to madam pomfrey and jogged down for the great hall ,he was pretty excited for the breakfast ,by now everybody would have known that he killed a troll and he wanted to be there to witness their reactions

He went past the door and saw nott and zabini sitting together that made ron immediately frown , nott saw and waved his hand that ron acknowledged and went to join them

"Hello" ron greeted while arranging his plate eggs and bacon ,my lucky day

"Is it true that you killed a fully grown troll all while saving the boy who lived life" zabini asked in awe while nott was watching ron with calculated look what's that with the look dude

"Yes" ron replied with a smirking face image after all was an important aspect in Slytherin

Breakfast then concluded ron describing his experience with troll which seem to capture the attention of whole Slytherin table while malfoy was glaring daggers at him

Ron and his friends or more like allies were about to depart for classes when 2 red haired twins stopped ron

"Hello brother of mine "

"Heard you defeated a troll yesterday"

"Our little snake"

Ron whose ears had gone red by the embarrassment suddenly snapped but before he could retort a nasty remark the twins dragged him away to a private place

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU TWO ARE DOING?" Ron finally snapped his anger at being called a snake returning with a vengeance

"We wanted to talk about your sorting ron" Fred said coldly

Ron flinched from the venom dripping from Fred voice but was able to from a sentence

"What about my sorting?" Ron asked

"What about!!? How could you spit on our family traditions like that ron , all the things mum and dad taught us that was for nothing!!? Fred spat malice dancing behind his eyes

"WHAT FAMILY FRED!!!" Ron exploded his pent up anger making his face a darker shade of red The same family who forgets everyday except my birthday that I even exist,the same family that gave me a second hand wand so that PERCY CAN GET A FUCKING OWL!!, The same family that haven't sent a fucking letter since I started Hogwarts!!

"You owe us a explanation ron,we are your brothers" George said quietly he was always the rational twin

"So you remember the little fact now eh?,where was the brother part when you Fred transfigured my toy into a spider or when you two burned a hole in my tongue??,you know what I don't owe you two anything just leave me alone

George was about to reply but Fred cut him off "alright ron,you can go" he said too calmly


Ron was currently at the library fidgeting with the ring he wore deep in thought when a sound of someone clearing the throat broke his concentration and he saw a lily standing with a soft smile

"Hello, you know I never thanked you for saving my life" she said softly

"There is no need for that actually" ron replied

Lily smiled and sat across ron" so what are you doing alone in the library?, it took me half a day to find you"

"I am currently doing my herbology homework, as for the library here Malfoy and his cronies won't disturb me" ron replied

Lily's face twisted in a grimace on hearing Malfoy's name that made Ron eyebrows rise with interest.

"Well if you don't mind I would like to study together, you know with a prodigy like you"Lily said laughing

Ron snorted at the prodigy comment but couldn't deny her claim, till now to his surprise he found all the subjects rather easy to him ,he could understand Magical concepts better than his peers at least in Slytherin and was shaping to be quite a favorite of professor flitwick and McGonagall

"Nah, I don't mind, I rather like a company with someone that doesn't talk in pureblood manner "

"Also the other girl that you saved Hermione is her name , wanted to talk to you "

Ron thought about this for a moment and realized that she was the same girl that was glaring at him at charms class

"Well that's a pleasant surprise ,last time I saw her in class she was glaring daggers at me " ron replied amused by the turn of events

Lily's smile faltered for a moment before she spoke " Hermione is highly competitive ,she had memorized all the first year materials she got before even coming to Hogwarts ,so when you outplayed her she thought you were cheating actually" that made ron frown in annoyance seeing his frown she added hurriedly"she is pretty ashamed of it now "

Alright I'll talk to her ron said with a fake smile if lily noticed it she did not mention it

For another hour ron and lily worked diligently on their homeworks and ron found that lily was fairly more talented than him in Transfiguration and potions she seemed to have a gift for potions ability

"That's enough I can't do more for a day" lily whined messaging her wrist

Ron chuckled at the sight but when lily glared at him he raised his surrender a smile playing on his lips

"Are you the first Weasley to be sorted into Slytherin?, It's just that Daphne and pansy always talk about your family notorious at being sorted into gryffindor " lily asked tentatively

"Yes" ron replied after a short pause "and before you ask why well I just wanted to be different from my brothers step aside from their shadows"

"Tell me about yourself if I am being honest I don't really know you aside from your name and house " ron said changing the subject

Lily smile faltered and she took a somber look " I was raised in orphanage they said my parents were killed in a accident , I always knew I was different, I could

Make this happen that I couldn't explain

"Professor McGonagall came to the orphanage when I turned eleven ,she explained about magic and Hogwarts and to my surprise my parents were magical too but she didn't knew much about them , not even their name except that they had left a trust vault full of galleons for me" lily finished and ron felt a swell of pity for the girl sitting across her

For a few moments they just started into each other eyes emerald eyes meeting icy blues when ron coughed slightly breaking the eye contact

"So um it was fun doing homework with you Ron I hope we would continue this" lily asked hopefully

"Of course! That's what friends do" ron said enthusiastically extending his hand for a handshake

Lily beamed at the word friend and delightfully shaked Ron's hand



Ron was about to knock on quirrell door when his quirrell voice interrupted him " no need to knock ,come In mr Weasley" and the door opened ,ron entered inside and saw that quirrell office was rather simple ,there were no photographs around the room , a stack full of old tomes , a polished table and 2 comfy chairs

"Can you tell me how did I know you were about to knock" quirrell asked slightly leaning against the wall

"No professor " Ron replied ,he had never read anything about it.

Quirrell hummed "well it's called magical sensing ,you see we wizards have magical core ,it is like a form of energy that emits from a wizard's body , everyone ,mr Weasley ,have different form of magic ,someone magic may be wild while someone's maybe calm

"But That's too advanced for you right now, for now we would work on increasing your arsenal and basic understanding of magic

"So ,Mr Weasley, I ask you what is magic?"

Um... magic… energy ? ron replied thinking of professor quirrell earlier statement

"Yes…..Yes ,magic in simpler terms is a force or energy that allows us to do things that muggles can never think of " quirrell waved his hand and the desk vanished "things like this"

"So Ronald what according to you is the most important aspect of performing magic?"

When ron didn't reply " it's your mind ,your desire to do a task with help is most important aspect, magic is more than simple wand moving and saying incantation"

"This little fact is what separates from a average wizard to a great one "

Ron frowned thinking hard about it "so it's like intent?" Ron asked

"Intent and desire combined" quirrell corrected him "magic is present everywhere you just need to feel it ,fuel your desires, your intent in performing even simpler tasks and you would achieve great results"

"Now" professor quirrell signed a note and gave it ron, ron looked over saw jinxes and curses signed by prof quirrell written there

"In your free time you would learn the spells from the book and practice it, am I clear?"

On Ron's nod professor Quirrell asked him to list all the spells he knew ,after 10 min of Ron explaining all the jinxes he learned Quirrell gave him a nod.

"Hmmm, impressive for a first year" quirrell said with a smirk "now could you perform the knockback jinx for me"

Professor quirrell then summoned a dummy with a wave of his wand and guestered ron to perform the jinx

Ron steadied his breath pointing his wand at the dummy and yelled " flipendo"

The dummy was knocked back but professor quirrell was not impressed

"Desire and intent ronald, focus on your magic and desire it to knock the dummy back while performing the spell" quirrell explained

"Flipendo" ron yelled focusing on his magic and desiring it to knock the dummy and to his relief and surprise the dummy was knocked back with much greater force than before

"Excellent , 3 points to Slytherin, you have a knack for charms I see mr Weasley"

"Thank you sir " ron replied respectively

"That's enough for today though I hope we would keep meeting on every Tuesday ronald " quirrell said in smooth voice "as a detention for going after the troll "

Ron's blood froze upon hearing this. How did he know " I went to save my classmates ... professor"

"Do not make fun of my intelligence ronald" quirrell whispered dangerously that made ron gulp from fear

But then quirrell demeanor changed again "you are dismissed mr Weasley"

Ron hurriedly packed his back and left not even glancing upon quirrell therefore he missed quirrell eyes flashing red for a second

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