AN: So, this is a story I have been working on for a bit. There will be violence (it's Worm and Doom, duh), there will be swearing, disgust, all the good stuff. This is only the prologue, obviously, chapters will have around 5k to 6k words. I am not sure about the upload schedule, but it should be pretty regular. You do not need to know the original Works (but they are worth it), just be warned that you will spoiler yourself if you read this.

If you do not care about that, ignore that warning!

English is not my first language, so there will be mistakes, but they should be manageable. This work was inspired by the story "Taylor is Doomed"; you can find it on this site as well. I really liked the idea, so I put my own spin on it. (This is NOT a copy paste in any way, shape or form). I am also not a Doom-Lore Genius or anything, so this is AU.

Lets see if those goes better than me first story ever, which was a burning clusterfuck...

Now off to the good stuff!


The sound of gunfire could be heard, thundering through the ancient streets. Buildings made out of red and orange stone were splattered with a new coat of red paint as the figure mowed down anything in its path.

Hordes of ugly abominations, corrupted creatures build for battle, countless demonic fighters stood against the singular advance of just one warrior.

They did not fear their own death, using their own bodies as a meat wall, flinging themselves with determination at their adversary. All in a desperate attempt to slow down their attacker.

The rhythmic blasts of a shotgun were replaced with the roar of heavy cannon fire.

After brief moments of silence, when those weapons fell silent, the angry screech of a revved up chainsaw heralded the following close ranged carnage.

Then an explosion, a brief moment of respite, to be broken once again by heavy, still smoking shells hitting the ground.

Far at the end of the street was a pompous temple, dominating the city no matter where one stood. Waiting at the very top, hands crossed behind his muscular back, a man looked down at the massacre moving towards him.

"So this is how it ends?", he scoffed. "Countless years of dominion and dominance, just to be stopped by a single person?"

He would go down fighting of course, just as others had done before him. Just as his loyal underlings were doing right now.

But he feared it would not be enough.

"Where did you come from, Slayer? How did you appear out of thin air?"

A short pause.

"And why were all legends wrong about your gender?!"

Truly, that last part vexed him the most. If everybody had agreed on said legends, and they were obviously false, what else had they missed?

"I may get slain, by a child.", he complained, sounding a bit like a petulant one himself, if only for a short moment.

No, that was unfair. No child could do what she was doing to his soldiers. Her age did not matter. It was his own fault, he had realized the true danger to late.

"Like a classic villain, it would be a defeat like in the old stories.", a sardonic chuckle broke out of him.

Truly, it would be funny if it wasn't him in this very situation.

"What will you do, should you succeed, I wonder? Will you tear down the very Hell itself? Will you simply take my place? Will you imprison my kind once again?"

Truly, the future would be an interesting sight.

Sadly not one he would be able to see.

No, he had not lost yet. He would give it his all.

"Well then, Taylor..." he spread his arms, let his power rise up to the surface.


And far, far down, on the street where the heated battle still raged on, the battle-cry of a furious woman answered the challenge, the demand for a duel.

A duel that would decide the future of the very Hell itself.