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Chapter 2: Chitose, the Curious Villain

I new mini-map appeared to the bottom left of Midoriya's vision as he was teleported to another region of Tartarus prison. Like the previous area, this part of the facility was in complete chaos, with just under a dozen villains free from their cells…not counting Toga. Where was that creepy girl?

"I've got your back." Midoriya heard Toga promise from behind.

"You're protecting me?" Midoriya asked, feeling that was very out-of-character for her.

"Nobody else gets to bloody your sweet, juicy, stabbable back but me." Toga giggled to herself, prodding Midoriya between the shoulder blades with her knife. "I'll share your front, though. I'm not completely selfish. Plus, I can't wait to see the other villains smash in your face…"

She shuddered with arousal, causing Midoriya to hastily move forward, out of range of her knife. Unfortunately, this also counted as a move on the map. Hopefully that wouldn't come back to bite him.


Taking another look at the map, Midoriya noticed Toga's chibi figure slide forward right behind him, just before he felt the pinprick of her knife on his back once again.

"Do I get penalized in this game if I subdue Toga?" Midoriya asked to nobody in particular.

Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: You could certainly try it out and see what happens. Don't worry. As you might have noticed, death isn't permanent in this game…barring THE BAD ENDING, of course…

Midoriya grimaced at the reply. True, he could apparently die as often as he wished in this warped reality, but doing so was far from pleasant. Best to play the Nomu's twisted game until he could find a way to escape. The good news was, as far as Midoriya could tell, he effectively had infinite time to do so…assuming the Nomu didn't get impatient and interfere in some way.

He decided to go back to studying the level map again, hoping to successfully plan out his route to the objective, now the chibi figure of a purple-skinned girl wearing a red coat and black dress. A few seconds into his planning session, he felt Toga wrap her arms around his neck, knife pressed against his throat while she leaned over his shoulder so that their cheeks were touching.

"BORED NOW!" Toga complained. "Can we get to the stabby-stabby part already?"

"We're not stabbing anyone." Midoriya firmly replied, carefully removing Toga's knife from his throat. "Our objective is to reach the person at the end of the hallway."

"Ugh, Chitose?" Toga complained. "I thought I killed her already."

"Wait, what!?" Midoriya exclaimed. "You can see my map too? What do you mean by 'killed?'"

"I guess I'll have to be more thorough this time." Toga considered, ignoring both of Midoriya's questions. "Perhaps a chainsaw? No, I broke the chain dismembering that one security guard. Deku-kun, how would you make sure your enemy stayed dead?"

"We're not killing anyone." Midoriya repeated, once again considering whether or not he should subdue Toga.

"Killjoy." Toga huffed.

"Hopefully this will be helpful." Midoriya mused to himself, pressing the "Life Advice" button.

Toga, the Bloodlustful Villain: How about you fight all the villains on this map at once? That would probably work.

"Of course it wasn't." Midoriya sighed. Well, time to go puzzle solving again, I guess."

He moved forward, slightly more confident this time as he had taken the time to come up with a plan, which theoretically, would help him solve the level on his first try. Dodging two spaces to the left and three spaces down, he avoided a pair of spine-covered villains, and one spear-wielding villain, wanting to conserve as many moves as possible…only to have Toga immediately stab him in the back, causing him to lose an extra move.

"What are you doing!?" Midoriya yelped, dodging another stab from Toga.

"Why did you avoid those guys?" Toga whined. "Any one of them could have skewered you like a shish kebob!"

"Exactly!" Midoriya replied. "I don't want ANY of those villains to get me!"

There was a pause from Toga's end as she seemed to consider.

"Are you saying you want me, and only me, to do all the stabbing in this relationship?" Toga asked, blushing slightly.

"No, wait, Toga, I didn't mean-…!" Midoriya stammered before time froze as a list of options appeared before him.

[What I meant to say was, we should start with a bit of stabby foreplay before we get into the REALLY bloody stuff.]

[*Calm and rationale explanation in which you clarify your true meaning*]

Midoriya quickly pressed the second option, determined to NOT encourage Toga's bloodlust, choosing instead to try reason.

"Listen Toga," Midoriya calmly began, taking a deep breath, "what I really meant to say was-…"

"Too late, already sticking with my initial misinterpretation!" Toga interrupted, before raising her knife towards Midoriya, an exceedingly eager expression on her face, and knifing him in the shoulder before he could get another word in.

"That's it!" Midoriya roared before charging at Toga, attempting to lay his hands on her so he could disarm her. Unfortunately, the slippery villain proved a little too agile for Midoriya to get ahold of, and as their battle continued, Midoriya's move counter quickly ticked down until, before the both of them knew it-


Midoriya and Toga awoke surrounded by a void. In front of them, the Nomu loomed, as usual, a creepy grin on its face as it stared with bulging eyes.

Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: Whelp, on the bright side, you now know what happens if you fight with the girls in your harem.

"For the record, she stabbed me." Midoriya grumbled. "I was only defending myself."

"Wait, what happened!?" Toga exclaimed. "Did we just die!? Am I…in HELL!? Because I'm telling you right now if I end up in boring Heaven, I'll be VERY disappointed."

Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: Hmmmm, interesting. It would seem that Toga has evolved from being a simple NPC ever since you freed her from her level. I wonder how this will affect the rest of your gameplay as your harem grows…

"So wait, this is a game?" Toga asked.

"Yes." Midoriya replied. "I don't know how it happened, but somehow this Nomu has a reality-warping quirk, which has trapped up both in some kind of weird, puzzle-solving harem game. I've been trying to beat the game, since that seems to be the only way out, but it's been difficult. I've already lost several times, and every time I do, I die and then resurrect here."

"So wait, let me get this straight, every time you die you come back to life?" Toga clarified.

"Exactly." Midoriya replied. "I'm stuck here no matter what unless I beat the game."

"And it doesn't matter how badly you get mangled when you die, right?" Toga prodded.

"…no?" Midoriya hesitantly replied.

Toga gasped with excitement, smile becoming a rictus as she turned towards Nomu.

"So, Nomu, how do we…restart?" She asked, steam coming out of her mouth as she panted heavily.

"Toga…if you're planning on doing what I think you're planning on doing…" Midoriya began.

Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: Oh, that's easy, just choose from the option menu.

[Restart like Normal]

[Restart with Extra Blood and Agony]

Toga began reaching for the second option.

"Toga, no!" Midoriya growled, attempting to reach the menu before her, but this time, it seemed like he was the one frozen in time.

"Toga, YES!" Toga replied, ignoring Midoriya's protestations before stabbing the second option with her knife.

Rather than respawning in the original starting location, Midoriya found himself landing, painfully, on top of a bloody spike trap, the metal spears piercing his legs, arms, and back. Air rushing out of his lungs from the puncture wound, he wasn't even able to scream as Toga appeared in the air right above him, cackling with glee as she brought her knife down on his heart.


"Again! Again!" Toga squealed, clapping her hands in delight as the two of them reappeared in the void. Again, Midoriya found himself frozen in place as the option menu appeared for Toga's benefit.

[Normal Restart]

[Hmmm, I'm thinking we try Chain Bondage this time…]

"Toga stop!" Midoriya managed to scream before the maniac stabbed the second option again, causing Midoriya to find himself respawning in the level, hanging gagged and upside-down from the ceiling by chains like a pinata while Toga stood underneath blindfolded and with a baseball bat in her hands.

"MMMMRRGH!" Midoriya managed to get out before getting clubbed in the head.


The option menu appeared.

[Vanilla Restart]

[Rated M for Blood, Violence, and Unspeakable Acts involving Razor Blades, Chainsaws, and a Rubber Duckie]

"AH HAW HAW!" Toga cackled, choosing option 2 again.

Midoriya had to admit, Toga was able to find very creative ways to use that rubber duck.


[Maybe this is getting a little excessive…]

[I'm just getting warmed up!]















Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: So many more "BOOMS" and BOOM-related puns that the Narrator got tired and eventually decided to get on with the plot as much for Midoriya's sake as for her own.

"ENOUGH!" Midoriya cried out, somehow managing to get Toga's attention.

"Oh what now?" Toga grumbled. "Are you saying you're already done? And just when it was getting good?"

Midoriya bit back his retort before taking a moment to think about his response.

"As hard as it is to say, I'm basically powerless in this situation. The Nomu isn't letting me access the menu for some reason, and every time I reappear on the map, it's in a way that puts me completely in Toga's mercy…which is something she doesn't have much of. Then again, I also have to remember that Toga doesn't see things that way. To her, as sick and twisted as it is, hurting and killing me is an expression of affection. If I tell her to stop stabbing me, she'll take that as a sign of rejection…and then who knows what she'll do. She might choose to end the game and get 'The Bad Ending' out of sheer spite! Somehow, I have to persuade her to let me continue the game, rather than keep up this killing loop."

As if in reply to his thoughts, the outer world froze and Midoriya saw dialogue appear.

Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: Agreed, kid. As funny as your torment was at first, I admit I got bored with it after around the 20th restart. Still, I can't just not give her an option now that she's a co-player. It's not…in my programing. But tell you what, for the sake of moving this game along, I'll also give you some options. Choose wisely, or else we'll BOTH be stuck in Toga's ridiculous loop.

The dialogue box disappeared, replaced with a pair of options for Midoriya to choose from.

[Use your quirk to Virginia Smash her into submission]

[Or…you know…be boring and try and talk with her]

It was true, he could easily use One-For-All Full Cowling to close the gap between himself and Toga and beat her unconscious. But aside from feeling slightly uncomfortable over the idea of beating up a girl (even a girl as bloody and sadistic as Toga), it also seemed like a temporary solution at best. Toga had proven incredibly agile before, and besides that, the way this game world worked, even if he went so far as to kill her (something he would never do as a hero), she would just come back for revenge and mess up the gameplay again. True, he had not managed to communicate with her before, but maybe this time…

He took a deep breath before pressing the second option and continuing his conversation.

"Aren't you getting bored just killing me all the time?" Midoriya asked.

Toga paused to consider, tapping her knife to her chin in thought.

"Well, I could never truly get bored if it's you, Deku-kun." She hummed. "Although I do admit that there's been a bit of a…spark…missing in our relationship. Don't get me wrong, the torture is still amazing, but sometimes I feel as if we're just not as into it as we used to be, as if we've been drifting apart."

Midoriya held back calling her a complete freak and lunatic, instead saying, "I've been feeling similar…but I don't think it's because this relationship isn't working!" he hastily added as Toga's face seemed to grow angry. "I think we just need to adjust how we go about playing this game."

"And what do you propose we do instead?" Toga asked, tossing her knife back and forth from hand to hand as she spoke.

"Well," Midoriya gulped, "first off, I think we should consult each other when we're presented with options. No more of us just doing things on our own…that counts on the game map as well. We should work together as a team to solve the puzzles. That way, we can keep progressing and eventually escape."

"That all sounds well and good for you, but what about me?" Toga asked, flipping her knife so that the edge was pointed towards Midoriya. "What do I get out of all of this?"

"Well, first off," Midoriya replied, considering quickly, "there's a lot of villains in that level we're on. Instead of me taking care of them, maybe I could…let you instead?"

"Hmmmm, that could be fun." Toga considered, a wicked grinning spreading over her face.

"No killing though…unless they respawn." Midoriya quickly added. "Do they respawn?" he asked the void.

Nomu, the Amalgamated Villain: Uh…sure…they respawn.

"I guess you technically can't kill them then." Midoriya replied to Toga. "So you don't have to hold back. Just…don't take it too far."

"Fair enough." Toga shrugged. "And when I get bored stabbing those other villains and want my special time with Deku-kun?"

"I'll let you stab me to death and drink my blood once per level." Deku reluctantly promised., "But just ONCE per level! Got it?"

*Toga will remember that*

"I like it!" Toga giggled in agreement. "So…shall we…have some fun?"

Her hand hovered over the second option on the restart menu. Taking her hand, Midoriya gently guided it to the first option, before they both pressed "Normal Restart".

Once back at the level, Midoriya turned to Toga.

"Okay, so remember the plan, you take out the villains and I will, AHHHHHH!"

He screamed as Toga reflexively shoved her knife into his shoulder.

"Sorry! Sorry. Force of habit." Toga apologized before yanking the knife back out.

"Whatever." Midoriya growled through gritted teeth as he clutched his bleeding shoulder. "Let's just finish this already."

With Toga's violent help, Midoriya found himself making it through the level in record time and moves. While Toga removed all the other villains from his path, he managed to easily get to the end of the level, having only had to intervene a couple of times when Toga went especially crazy against one of her victims. With a simple shoot-style kick to the final door, Midoriya found himself greeted by a tall, blue-skinned lady with lavender hair, black sclera, green eyes, and a red coat with black fur.

Chitose, the Curious Villain: My, oh my! Now what would a young hero like yourself be doing in Tartarus prison now of all times? Most unusual.

[Looking for Heroes]

[Looking for Villains]

"I don't see the stabbing option anywhere!" Toga griped in frustration. "Oh well, I guess I'll just have to kill her later."

Midoriya rolled his eyes before considering the options. Were there other heroes here? He admitted, the prospect of finding some help, ACTUAL help, would be wonderful.

"I hope you're not planning on being dishonest with yourself, especially after all of the special bonding we've shared for the past few hours." Toga growled, noticing what Midoriya was staring at. Gulping nervously, Midoriya chose the second option.


Chitose, the Curious Villain: Oh, you too? Let me guess, compiling all the secret histories of the various villains within this facility? Interrogating them? Ooh, do you need someone to do the interviewing for you? We should join forces!

Midoriya's chibi figure on the map collected the chibi figure of Chitose into his, now what could officially be called a, harem, a new option appearing before Midoriya.

[Villaintaker: Chapter III (Now with more pain and suffering!)]

[Peace at last]

"I think we both know what we're going to press." Toga crooned, taking Midoriya's hand in her hers, while her other hand held the knife to his throat.

Nodding in agreement, Midoriya tapped the first option, guaranteeing more adventure and more misery.

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