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"She is not only the woman I love, she is the mother of my children."

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‼️Bellward/Esmee Cullen/The Cullens/Original Characters‼️

Prologue: (1.3K)

Esmee's PoV

When Esmee woke up, she quickly checked under her mattress to see if her treasure was still there and victoriously snickered when she saw it was. Jason and Julian hadn't outsmarted her yet! Delicately, she took her precious package in her hand before she rushed to the kitchen, where she found her uncle and her cousins having their breakfast.

Smugly, she held the book over her head and announced, "You didn't find it! You have to read it to me tonight."

She did a little victory dance before hoisting herself up so she could sit next to her uncle. Emmett snickered, praising her hideout whilst Julian made a face. He usually didn't mind reading her stories, but they were always short, which was why she had asked for Arabian Nights. It was a big book from her uncle's library and it sounded interesting.

She was supposed to stay two more nights at her uncle's since her mummy had gone away with her Uncle Jamie. She had promised to take Grace with her the next time they would go, but this time, Esmee had to stay with her family. She had to leave her pets behind, but it was only for three days.

And she liked spending time with her family anyway. Her mummy always told her that family was important and as usual, she was right. She absolutely loved going to her grandparents' because they always let her do things that Mama usually said no to, like snacking between meals or running around in the house. But she also liked going to her uncle's because her cousins would always play with her. Julian was the best at hide-and-seek, which was why it was such a success for her to have managed to hide the book. The deal had been, if he found the book before morning, he would keep it and therefore not read it to her.

Esmee happily ate her pancakes, feeling a slight touch of nostalgia as she remembered when her mummy used to make breakfast for her every morning. It had been a while since she made anything, but she was hoping that her mummy would make something special for her birthday coming in just a few days.

She had made all the plans with Vicky and she couldn't wait to celebrate it. It would be her first birthday with friends her age. She had invited everyone Vicky had invited, plus a few boys she was friends with. She even delayed the party so Jin would be able to come as well. This was what she was most excited about, Jin's arrival.

Her mummy had already promised that they would show Jin a good time; he was coming with only his grandmother and Esmee couldn't wait to introduce her grandmother to her friend. Though Grandma Cho didn't look much like a grandmother. She didn't have silver hair like Nana.

"Your father tried to call you yesterday," Uncle Emmett told her, tearing her away from her birthday planning and the fun she would have with Jin. Esmee made a face, sighing as she rested her cheek on her fist and said lightly,

"I know. I was talking to Jin."

"He was sad he couldn't talk to you. He said it's been a while," Uncle Emmett insisted and Esmee simply shrugged.

She wasn't sure about her father anymore. He left for London and he stayed much longer than usual. And though he called her every night the first week, he stopped. She tried to call him one night, but he never called back. He tried a couple of nights later, but Esmee didn't want to speak to him anymore. She had seen her mother try to call him and cry when he didn't pick up.

Of course, she didn't tell her mummy about this because she was supposed to have been in bed, but it was the first time she had ever seen her mother cry and it was all because of her father. He might have asked her to look after her mother, but that was just because he was terrible at doing so himself.

She spent the day playing with her cousins. Julian helped Jason and her make a pillow fort before he disappeared in his room with his phone whilst the two young ones played spies.

It was only shortly after lunch that her Uncle Emmett said that someone was calling her. She was expecting a call from her mother and Uncle Jamie so she rushed to Uncle Emmett's phone, but she was disappointed when she heard the voice of her father.

"Hi, sweetie. How are you?" He asked jovially and she shrugged, not eager to speak to him. She had nothing to say because she knew he didn't care. He just made belief, just like people in the movies. Otherwise why would he have gone for so long? It had been such a long time. At least…four weekends. Five with this one.

"I haven't been able to talk to you in a while. I miss you, sweetie."

"Okay," she said, recalling that her mummy had always told her that it was rude to not respond to people. Her father hesitated a little before he went on with a happy voice,

"I saw this huge teddy bear the other day. Much bigger than the one you already have. I was thinking of getting it for you."

"No, thank you." She had gotten rid of most of her teddy bears now and put them all in her father's office back home. She didn't need them to sleep anymore, she was a big girl now.

There was a small silence again and she decided to be polite to make her mother proud. "What do you want for your birthday?"

She knew her mummy had made a special box for him, and that she even cut herself doing so, but she also saw that none of the presents her mummy made for her father seemed to be appreciated. She had asked her pops and uncle and they both assured her that whatever she would give him, he would treasure it, but even the frames she had made for him were always hidden by his work papers.

"Sweetie…grownups don't always want birthday presents. But what about you? What do you want me to bring you?"

"Nothing. Actually…you can stay in London. You don't have to come."

"Of course, I do. I'm looking forward to seeing you ag—"

"I don't want you to come to my birthday party. I don't like you anymore," she admitted, feeling much better now that it was said. Which was why she continued on her tirade.

"Well, you've never been gone so long. And when we call, you never pick up. And you made Mama cry! Mama never cries, and she cried because of you. So, you don't have to come back."

"Esmee…" Her father started, his voice echoing with reason in the same way that happened when other adults would try to explain something important to her. But she didn't care. So she just shrugged and said before hanging up,

"It's okay, don't worry about us. I'll take care of Mama, just like I promised. We'll be happy without you, just like before."

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