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Author's Note: Have you ever wondered what would have happened between Rory and Tristan if there had been no Dean? Of course you have!! And there are probably a bunch of stories about it here, although in my defense I am going to say that since my discovery of ff.net I haven't read any of them. . . but the again maybe I wasn't paying enough attention.  So here is my take on what might have happened if there had been no Dean.  I am going to follow the same plot-line for the first two episodes, but not the whole dialog.  And after that, I'll just be on my own.  Hope you enjoy it!

Minus Dean

 "I still cannot believe that you didn't finish doing my toe-nails last night" Rory stated from her room as she was pulling the socks of her uniform on.

"XTC. . . the new CD, come on Rory, that was excuse enough.  Besides you enjoyed the cacophony as much as we did."

"True, true. . . but still, what if I slip and both my shoes and socks came out of my feet. . . they would see my feet then, don't you think?"

"So you would fall, and both your shoes, and both socks will slip out of you feet?"

"Yeah, it was a big fall.  I mean, acrobatics where involved in it."

"I see, because that would explain that both shoes and both socks fell of your feet"

"Glad you see my point."

"Hurry, so we can get coffee at Luke's"

"I'm ready" Rory said as she exited her bedroom.

"Wow! You look so. . . plaid" Lorelai stated the obvious as she saw Rory coming out of her room.

"That was flattering!"

"Well, honey. . . at least the uniform is blue.  It matches your eyes"

"Yes, because the reason we picked Chilton was color-coordination"

"Of course! Screw the level of education. . . although, apparently we lucked out with this one"

"Yeah, I match the uniform and get a great education"

"Two birds with one stone"


"Well, we should go"

"Yeah, I'll get that coffee to go"

"To go? Why?"

"Well, I don't know where my classes will be, and I don't now how long exactly is going to take me to get there on a bus.  There is no room here for unpredictability.  I'm not exactly a fan of hers"

"Yeah, I know. . . but hey, you have a map, you can see where your classes are on it"

"Yeah, but the scale can be screwed up, to get students confused or trusting on a wicked device"

"The map is wicked?"

"Some are."

"So, coffee to go." Lorelai stated.

"Yeah, to go"

And as they finished their conversation they finally reached Luke's.

"Luke, two coffee's to go, and don't argue, we don't have the time" Lorelai said as she walked in to the diner.

"How convenient"

"Yeah! We are starting a new school. . . can't you recognize plaid when you see it? Or is it that you are so used to it by now, that anything non-plaid is just weird for you?"

"I thought you didn't have time to waste. . ."

"Oh, um, I don't. . . we don't"

"So Chilton?" Luke directed himself to Rory.

"Yeah, first day"

"Well good luck. . . here you go" he said and handed a large to-go cup  filled with coffee.

"Thanks, Luke"

"Yeah, thanks, Luke" Lorelai said as she got her own cup.

And they started walking out.

"Oh, mom! How could I forget this? You have to come with me"

"What? Why?"

"To meet the Headmaster. It's my first day.  It's mandatory"

"How come you didn't think of this before we walked here"

"I'm sorry! I forgot!"

"Well, lets hurry.  You don't want to be late on your first day" And they both started running towards their house, very ungracefully by the way, trying not to spill coffee and drinking from time to time.


When they got to Chilton they where impressed by the magnitude of the building.  It was very imposing, to the point of intimidation.

"I remember it being smaller." She says, looking a little worried as she stares at the building in front of her.

"Yeah. And less.." Lorelai states, a little intimidation sounding in her voice.

"Off with their heads." Rory finishes for her.

"Ah." Lorelai says as she tilts her head, peering up.

Rory, glancing at her mom, does the same. "What are you looking at?"

"I'm just trying to see if there's a hunchback up in that bell tower."

"So, where do we go from here?"

"To the Ambroise Building"

"Which one is that?"

"The big, scary one"

"Great, do you by any chance know if it's the one that is made our of concrete and has windows and doors also?"

"Well, I don't know which one it is"

"Don't you have a map there?"

"Well I am looking at the map and. . ."

"Wicked, right!"

They start walking towards the entrance when they run into a very handsome man that shows them the right way after a little flirting with Lorelai.  The headmaster is expecting them, as is Emily, who had been notified of her granddaughters presence on that day.  The meeting goes as good as a meeting with the headmaster of school can go.  They make it sound big and important.  And completely overwhelming.  And the man does not lie.  He speaks with Rory alone, and in the mean time Lorelai and Emily get into an argument.  So pretty much, you can say it was not your normal first-day-of-school morning.  For anyone.

Rory then was directed to her classes.  She stood out immediately.  The awkward uncomfortable look was obvious.  If you saw her sitting on her desk, and it was your first time teaching that class, you would know that Rory was the new girl.

And she didn't go unnoticed either.  Not by her teachers, and not by her classmates either.  Especially one of them.

Tristan DuGrey.  The epitome of everything a high-school boy should be.  Tall, chiseled features, beautiful blue eyes, tousled blond hair, looked amazing even in his uniform. . . an also arrogant as hell, popular and had every girl wanting to be with him and every guy wanting to be him.  That first day of school for her, had been, in a way, a first day of school for him also.  He had been out of school for a week because his grandfather had been ill, and came back that same day.  When he came into the classroom, he presented Mr. Remmy with a note, exchanged pleasantries with him and walked towards his sit.  That's when he noticed her.  She was very into taking notes, but he somehow could not avoid looking at her.  And in all honesty, she couldn't help but notice him also, as he was standing in front of the class.  And he was the kind of guy that was kind of hard not to look at.

The curiosity got the best of him, and he leaned into the guy that was in front of him on the row, and asked him.

"Who's that?"

The guy leaned back and answered "New girl", of course that was obvious.  But the again no one had a lot of information about her.  Except a very special trio.

As class was let go, after the bell rang, they both walked by her and Tristan said "Look's like we got ourselves a Mary"

She didn't notice this at the moment since she was being called upfront with the teacher, who gave her a amazingly heavy and packed binder with notes for his class "but you might find helpful borrowing one of your classmates' notes.  They tend to be more detailed".  Talk about overwhelming!

As Rory is coming out of the room, this blond girl comes up to her with a very intense look on her face.

"I'm Paris."

"I didn't see you there. Where'd you come from?"  Rory asked a little confused.  She didn't notice where this girl had popped out from.

"I know who you are, too. Lorelai Gilmore from Stars Hollow."

"You can call me Rory." She said in an attempt of being friendly.

"Are you going out for the 'Franklin'?"

"The what?"

"Nice innocent act. At least I know you're not going out for drama club. The Franklin, the school paper, are you going out for it?"

"I have to find my locker first."

"I'm gonna be editor next year."

"Well, good for you." Rory says as she tries to move away, but Paris steps in front of her.

"I'm also the top of the class, and I intend to be valedictorian when I graduate."

"Okay. I'm going now."

"You'll never catch up. You'll never beat me. This school is my domain and the Franklin is my domain. And don't you ever forget that." Paris finishes and walks off.

Rory looks after her strangely, "I guess you're not going to let me borrow your notes, huh?" and continues down hallway.

Rory's day continues on the same manner.  Going to class.  Getting lost.  Collecting huge binders with a week's worth of notes.  Getting evil stares from Paris and her group.  The day was almost over, and then. . . the guy that came in late to class, approached her.

"Hey, Mary."


"Yeah, you."

"My name is Rory." She stated, he took it as an invitation.

"I'm Tristan."


"So you new?"

"Yeah, first day."

"Remmy's class is rough."

"Yeah, it seemed very intense."

"I could loan you my notes, if that would help."

"Really? That's be great."

"Yeah? How great?" he says as he walks forward, pushing her up against the wall.

"I don't know. Mr. Remmy said that getting someone's notes would be.."

"I could even help you study. If you want." He said and pushed her a little more into the wall.

"Uh, I kind of view studying as a solitary activity. But thanks." She said, very uncomfortable.

"Bye Mary." And with this, he walks off.

"It's Rory." Somehow, though, things like that just stick in your head. 

Rory finished her first day at Chilton, with a bunch of work she had to catch up with, a bunch of homework that was due the next day, tests that where to take place a couple of days later, on the stuff she had to catch up with and the homework she had to do.  She had wrecked Paris' history project, out of everyone it had been Paris', and had been paired up with her to re-do it.  It was making her a little exhausted just thinking about it.  And to top everything off, this guy kept calling her Mary, what was that all about?  So when she saw Lorelai parked outside of school, and with a bit cup of coffee in her hand, she thought she could put up with just about anything.  They got into the car a few minutes later.

"Oh, they expect a lot of things." Rory started.

"So tell me."

"I don't know. It was just one big, long, scary, tweedy, bad eight hours."

"Add some hair spray, and you got my day."

"One of the girls already hates me. The guys are weird."

"Weirder than other guys?"

"Yeah, they kept calling me Mary."

"You're kidding me. Wow, I can't believe they still say that."

"Why? What does it mean?"

"It means like, Virgin Mary. It means they think you look like a goody-goody."

"You're kidding."


"Well what would they have called me if they thought I looked like a slut?"

"Well, they might have added a Magdalene to it."

"Wow. Biblical insults. This is an advanced school." And apparently this made Rory smile.

They drove back to Stars Hollow, and they went on to take their regular Stars-Hollow-Lives, which everyone knows are a little less than normal.  Rory spoke with Lane of everything that happened at Chilton, Lane told her everything that happened in SHH, and they went on their way. . . Lane was late for dinner.

That week had been hell for Rory, hence Hell when they where referring to Chilton, as much as Rory worked on her Chilton stuff, it didn't seem she could catch up to all the load of work she was behind with.  It seemed to be a sick cycle.  Because she would finish something, up to the point where the binders finished, but she was already behind with the new stuff.  It seemed that as hard as she worked she wasn't able to catch up.  Lorelai was starting to get worried.

"Hey, kiddo, why don't you take a breather?"

"Because I am way behind mom, I have no time to take a breather"

"Judging by your color, you are forgetting how to breathe also"

"Well, you learn some things and forget others"

"And she still has time to crack jokes, how does she do it?"

"Mom, you are not being helpful"

"At preserving my daughter for years to come. . . yeah, I am"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Isn't there anyone at that school that can give you a hand. . ."

"Mom. ."

"Not for, you know, forever. . . just while you catch up"

"I hardly know anyone in that school, and the ones I do know. . . it is safe to say that I'm not on their good sides"

"Except for that boy. . ."

"Which boy?"

"You know. . . The guy?"

"Oh, yeah! The one and only guy at Chilton!" Rory quipped.

"You know which guy. . . that guy that keeps calling you Mary. . . Let's call him Bible-boy, since you have been avoiding telling me his name"


"Is that his name?"

"Are you kidding me? He is insufferable, he's cocky, he would do nothing but make lewd remarks that would make me uncomfortable, and it would make it hard to work with. . . he's not an option"

"Then you are out of options. . . because you, obviously, cannot ask history-project girl, she definitely doesn't like you. . . I mean, who can build a model on the phone just so they can actually avoid you, and even then keep all 2 phone calls in 5 minutes or less. . . if the girl had a pizza place, imagine the possibilities."

"Well, I rather be out of options that to ask him for help"

"So you rather make your grades suffer than to ask someone for help"

"It's not the asking for help that I don't want to do, it's who I have to ask for help that bothers me"

"Well I just planted the seed. . . do a pro/con list and evaluate the possibility"

"I don't always do pro/con list, when I already know the outcome of it: NO!" she said.

But the she remembered that, even though the guy would hit on a broom if it had a skirt on, he did do well in school.  She actually saw how he took notes and all.  "No, he is not an option!!!" she said to no one in particular, pretty much to convince herself. "And besides, I don't know how to reach him" she finished.

"Phone Book"

"Mom. . ."

And Lorelai came back into the kitchen "Well, it is an option. . . you can look him up on the phone book."

"And what would I say, when I call him 'Hi, is Tristan there'"

"Well, that's a start. . . although I would expect a little more politeness from you.  You are a Chilton student now, they have a class on how to be a hypocrite there, don't they?"

"Yeah, but I am the only student in it"

"That's because they have a head start, many of them have been going there since they where in diapers.  You can put it to good use here"

"I don't know, mom"

"I was mistaken. . . you do have another option"

"Really?" Rory asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah, you can fail miserably and make all this Friday night dinners be worth nothing. . . and you can add to that the sacrifice that we are putting into this"

"Mom. . ."

"OK, just consider it, please."

But Rory was a very stubborn girl, like her mother, but she did leave calling Tristan as a final option, just to make her mom happy.

The hours passed, and Rory was starting to get exasperated.  The Hartford phone book made fun of her, she thought, because it held information that she knew she needed, and it just laughed in her face.  Until she couldn't take it anymore.  She took the phone book, looked up the D's and then Du's and then DuG' and she found only one listing.

"OK, I am dialing. . . but if it's not his house, I am not trying again. . ." she said to no one, since she was all alone in the kitchen "I'm talking to myself. . . I should start getting worried about this", and then she dialed the phone.

Lorelai was in the living-room, grinning to herself as she heard Rory dialing.

"DuGrey residence, how may I help you?" a man answered on the other end of the line.

"Hello, I was wondering if Tristan DuGrey lives there?"

"Yes, miss, he does. . . I'll transfer you. . . may I ask who is calling?"

"Rory Gilmore, please"

And Rory heard that annoying little music that you listen to when you are being transferred to a different extension.

The phone in his bedroom rang.  And he answered quickly.

"Yes Will" he answered the butler.

"Master Tristan, you have a phone call"

"Will, I asked you to hold my calls for me. . . is it a girl?"

"Yes sir, it's a girl"

"Well, specially if it's a girl. . . I'm studying." He said, politely.

"Master Tristan, if you don't mind me telling you this. . . she doesn't sound like the girls that usually call you"

"Really, and how does she sound?" he asked, his curiosity piqued.

"Sweet, actually. . . smart"

"Did she say her name? Is it Paris?"

"No, I'd recognize Miss Paris' voice. . . Her name is Rory Gilmore"

"Transfer it immediately"

"Yes, sir" William said and chuckled.  And then pressed the release button on the phone.

- Rory/Tristan Intercut -

T: Hello?

R: Tristan?

T: Yep.

R: Hi, this is Rory. . . Rory Gilmore. . . we go to. . .

T: I know who you are Mary.

R: So, you just choose to not say my name.

T: I just think that this one suits you better.

R: And all the hard work my mom went thru to pick my name means nothing, huh?

T: Unless I find a more suitable name. . .  then no, it doesn't.

R: This call was a mistake. . . forget I called.

T: The sound of your voice is forever imprinted in my auditory sense.  So it would be a little hard to arrange.

R: Well, try… I knew I shouldn't have called you.  I told my mom. . .

T: So your mom knows about me already?

R: It's not in any way flattering.

T: Did she suggest to make this call?

R: Yeah.

T: Then it is flattering.  I just might love her more than I love you.

R: My former comment still stands, forget I called.

T: Seriously Rory, did you have a reason to call me?

R: I cannot believe I'm doing this. . .

T: It's like that band-aid thing. . . one quick move. . .

R: Does that offer to help me study still stands?

T: Um, yeah. . . sure. . . but I thought you viewed studying as, and I quote, "a solitary activity"

R: I am really behind, and there are a couple of things I need help with. . . but you know what, forget it! I'll figure it out on my own!

T: I never said I wouldn't help you.

R: Yeah, but. . .

T: How behind are you?

R: You know what? I'm sorry, I really shouldn't do this. . . I mean you have your own studying to do, and. . .

T: Well, I can study while I help you study.

R: I shouldn't. . .

T: It's Ok, Mary, really. . . tell me, where do you want to meet, here or at your house?

R: Um, well. . .

T: Great, your house it is. . . where do you live?

R: Um, Stars Hollow. . .

T: I'll see you there in 45 minutes.

R: Don't you need my address to get here?

T: Prepare to be amazed. . . I am going to prove to you why us men don't need directions.

R: Oh, um. .

T: See you in 44 minutes. . . Mary

- End Intercut –

And with this he hung up, not giving her a chance to say anything.  And that was his intention, not to let her doubt the fact that he was coming over.

Author's Note Number Two: So how did you like this? Should I continue? Should I just leave it as an attempt and never touch it again? I would really like your input on the matter.