By The Light of the Moon

Dedicated to: my Cousin- Benuyasha, and my sister Becca.
Thanks to all my reviewers and my aunt who told me to got for it.

Disclaimer: If you never heard of a character that means it is made up,
this is strictly an Inuyasha fic, meaning no other characters from any
other anime. I don't own Inuyasha, but it doesn't take a genius to figure
it out.
Prologue: Kikyo, one of the most feared and most powerful Vampire Queens.
Hunting by night by the light of the moon. Inuyasha, a half demon, half
vampire, thought to be Kikyo's mysterious lover and hitman. He is powerful
and dangerous, searching for the Shikon Jewel, to gain power. Suddenly the
tables are turned, Kikyo and Inuyasha are up against eachother, Inuyasha is
placed under a spell that can only be broken with the kiss of a true
Vampire Queen, and Kikyo died in battle, tortured and burned, now all that
is left is her little sister, a sleeping Inuyasha, and the Shikon Jewel.
Many years later the Shikon Jewel is found by a young girl, Kagome, she
finds it and gets shot into the past. Who is this new young girl, could she
be the one to save them all? Can she awaken Inuyasha? Can she retrieve the
Shikon Jewel before it falls into the wrong hands. The hands of ancient
Vampirels, the last of Kikyo's people, or the greedy hands of demons, or
could it fall into the hands of one corrupt human?
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