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He'll never say....

He's angry again. Dont know why, he just is. Ranting and raving and screaming and yelling. And calling me things he knows hurtr me, saying things he knows cut me deeply.

But he's angry and so he takes it out on me. He points out all my flaws and weaknesses during his angry outburst. All my stupid moments and stupid moves. He'll remind me of things I forgot.

He'll break stuff and throws things around. Doesn't matter I'll clean it up later with him.

He's screaming at me about my horrible ironing of our clothing, its not horrible he knows it but he says it anyway. And it goes on, he starts my cooking skills

He calls me terrible things and leaves the appartment.

And I sigh and look around before going to the balcony and wait for his return.

He always returns withing a hour.

He always returns with a gift.

He enters the appartment shows me the flowers he got me, red roses he bought since he knows I love them.

He'll put them in a vase and slip his arms around my waist and hold me tightly, his face burried in my hair. It's his way of asking forgiveness, his way fo saying sorry.

And I always forgive him.

But I wish he'd say the words outloud

I wish he would say sorry to my face.

He'll never say them

He'll never say sorry

But I forgive him anyway

"Let's clean this mess up, Tyson" He says after a while, before going inside. I watch him enter our appartment and I glance back at the roses. "You coming Tyson?" He calls from the living room.

"I'm coming, Kai! " 

I would always forgive him.

~ Owari ~