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Romans 5:8

Hello. Like many a Takari fan, I am OUTRAGED that they don't get together at the end. (It's a conspiracy, I swear!) How is it that Matt and Sora, for whom there are next to no hints, can get together, but TK and Kari, who are so obviously made for each other, can't?! I'm going to complain! Or just write fanfiction.

Author's Note: In Japan, the last dance is saved for the one you love, or at least the one you have a crush on. (I think!) And even if it isn't, well too bad, in this fic it is!

And by the way, this fic has NOTHING to do with the movie with the same title.


A Takari Fic

by Yukiko Tenshi.

An eight-year-old TK stood in front of the local high school, watching all the students rush around, excitedly making preparations for their graduation dance. "TK!" He turned and smiled at Kari, who ran up to him. "What are you looking at?" she asked.

TK turned back to the high school students. "They're getting ready for their graduation," he told her. "I have nothing to do, so I'm watching."

Kari thought for a moment, then smiled. "I'll watch with you!"

They stood together and watched as a girl and a boy walked past them, carrying boxes of assorted decorations. "So who are you dancing the last dance with?" The girl asked her companion.

"Well," he answered. "I think I'll ask Ayame. I've liked her secretly ever since we started school here." The girl fell silent and stopped walking. "Is something the matter?" the boy asked.

"Oh no," the girl replied, a little too quickly. "I've just remembered, there's something I've left behind." She forced a smile. "Why don't you go on ahead, and I'll go back and get it."

The boy nodded and gave her a quick smile before walking on. She watched him leave before sinking to the ground. Her eyes filled with tears. "But if you dance with Ayame, who am I going to dance with?" she asked softly.

TK took Kari's hand, and they snuck off quietly. "Gee," Kari said, when they were out of hearing range. "That poor girl. Couldn't he see that she liked him?" TK nodded in agreement and they walked in silence for a while. "Say Kari," TK began. "We're best friends, right?" Kari nodded. "Well, why don't we make a promise that if we don't have anybody to dance the last dance with at graduation, we save the last dance for each other?"

Kari looked at him questioningly. "Save the last dance?"

TK blushed. "Well, only if we don't have anybody else, so we won't be lonely or sad."

Kari's face broke into a smile. "That's a great idea!" she exclaimed.

TK smiled in relief. "So you promise then?"

"I promise."

"Good. So do I."

And the pact was sealed.


TK put the heavy box down onto the floor and wiped his forehead. Ten years had passed since he and Kari had promised that they'd save the last dance for each other if neither had anyone else to dance with, and now it was time for their graduation. "Hey TK!" Davis came up, carrying a similar box. "You tired already?"

TK grinned. "Not a chance," he said.

"Well what are you standing around for?" Davis asked. "I'll race you back!" he yelled, already running off. "Hey!" TK yelled in protest. "You got a head start!" But he ran after Davis anyway.

"Watch where you're going!" Kari exclaimed, as she was bumped first by Davis, and then TK. "Sorry!" they yelled together, still running. Kari turned, exasperated, and watched TK over take Davis and beat him to the far wall.

"Beat you!" TK crowed, punching Davis playfully on the arm before jogging over to Kari.

"Eh, whatever," Davis conceded, smiling ruefully. "I'm going to get some more boxes. Catch ya later!"

"See ya!" TK answered, waving. "So, Kari, need a little help there?" he asked, motioning towards her large load of decorations.

"I'm sooo glad you noticed," she drawled sarcastically.

TK grinned and took what he estimated to be half her load. "You all ready for the big night?" he asked her as they walked.

"I think so," she replied. "I've picked out my dress." They both put their loads on the ground, with all the other decorations. "What are you wearing, TK? Not your fishing hat, I hope. I think I've forgotten what the top of your head looks like."

TK grinned. "Are you sure that's not because you're so short?" he teased, ruffling her hair. "Go away!" Kari swatted at him playfully. TK dodged easily, laughing. His hat slipped, and sunlight coming from the window glinted off his golden blonde hair.

Kari frowned slightly, as her perception of her best friend changed.

His eyes were the same cornflower blue they'd always been, but now she recognised them as eyes a girl could lose herself in, staring forever into their depths. His hair flopped into his eyes in the same old way, but now her hands itched to brush it off his face. He had filled out, but was far from being bulky, and he moved with an easy, loose-limbed grace. His face...such a nice face, almost always adorned with a smile. She understood now, why all the girls were so taken with TK. She had always been puzzled over the fact that even though TK wasn't a famous singer like his brother Matt, he had almost as many admirers. And though she had always known that TK was good-looking, the fact had never -really- sunk in. Until now.

And there was just something about him. He was always so nice, so modest, always willing to help, and always so sincere. He was perfect. Kari jerked out of her reverie. TK was looking at her with a concerned look on his face. "Kari? Are you alright?"

Kari shook her head to clear it. "I'm fine," she said quickly. "All the others seem to be stopping. Why don't we take a break as well?" T

K smiled. "Great idea," he said. "Let's go."

As she followed TK outside, Kari thought, "Uh oh. I'm falling for my best friend. This can't be good."

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