Chapter 24

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"Albus!" Sirius Black came tumbling through the Headmaster's office door with blood stained robes and a scorched side. With his free right hand he held onto his left arm which was obviously broken. His face was covered in sweat and dirt; an obvious sign that he had been in battle recently. "They're here," said Sirius before collapsing onto the ground. Dumbledore and McGonagall instantly sprung up from their chairs. They were in the middle of a meeting when the intrusion occurred.

"Minerva, please take Mr. Black to the hospital wing," said Dumbledore rushing out of his office.

"Be careful Albus," said McGonagall as he left.


"Nice guys finish last Potter," sneered Draco. "You thought you had won but look where you are now. In the end I win Potter. I will always win and do you know why? Because I am Draco Malfoy!" Harry still sat on the throne that he had been set upon by Amanda. Draco came in with his black robes and Death Eater mask obviously ready for what they had planned that night. "Well don't you have anything to say?"

"Not really," replied Harry in a tone that said he didn't really care. This made Draco angry and Harry knew it. Smiling inside he watched, as Draco turned red with anger. Cho, Valerie, and Jennifer watched from the side to see what he would do next. Suddenly Harry felt pain on the left side of his face from a blow Draco had thrown at him. The punch had hurt quite a bit and had caused him to temporarily black out. Being in a prison cell for weeks wasn't exactly the healthiest thing for him. Just before he blacked out he heard Cho scream. Suddenly he was being shaken by somebody and he forced his eyes open to see Draco shaking him and yelling at him.

"What the hell was that Potter? You black out from one blow? Are you that pathetic now?"

"Stop it," screamed a terrorized Cho. "Leave him alone you bastard!"

"What do you want Chang?"

"Leave Harry alone!" Draco instantly dropped Harry and a smile crept across his face as he walked over to where Cho was. She now became scared for herself rather than Harry as Draco crossed the room towards her.

"Tell me Cho," grinned Malfoy. "How does a pretty girl like you get involved with a loser like Potter?"

"Harry isn't a loser! Your just jealous of him!" She suddenly felt brave but was quite taken back by her audacity to say those things.

"Jealous?" Draco had a surprised look on his face. "Me? Jealous of Potter? What does he have that I want." Draco stood up and walked around. "Look around me woman! I have money, power, and fame!"

"Your jealous because no matter what, Harry always wins. Even your wife is in love with him."

"She is not in love with him!" Roared Draco. "The daughter of Voldemort does not fall in love!"

"You never loved her?"

"There is no such thing as love," grinned Draco. "Only pleasure," he said smoothly. The way he said the last two words caused her to feel a chill down her spine. "Before I kill you," smiled Draco. "I'm going to have my way with you."

"No!" Yelled Cho. She struggled to move but was in no way able to.

"You sick bastard," said Valerie.

"Leave her alone!" Yelled Harry from across the room. Draco instantly turned around.

"Ah Potter, just in time for you to watch me take your girlfriend here," smirked Draco. Draco then advanced towards Cho and started kissing her neck while she struggled underneath him.

"Get off of me," screamed Cho. She was fighting back the tears in her eyes.

"You take pleasure in this kind of crap," asked Jennifer. "I always knew you were an ass hole.

"Get the hell off of her!" Exclaimed Harry. "Leave her alone you fucking bastard!" Harry panicked and tried to force himself off the chair. He was not about to allow his enemy to violate Cho like that. The bind however was very strong and all he could do was try to struggle against it.

"Hold still Chang," hissed Draco. One hand holding her down and the other hand he unzipped his pants. He ignored all her pleas to stop, as he was about to have his way with her.

"Enough!" Came a voice from the door. Everyone's head turned towards the door to find Amanda in her black robes. "That will be enough Draco. It is time."

"They can wait a while longer," snarled Draco. "I was about to have my way with Chang here. Hey, how about we make this fun and you can have your way with Potter too."

"The offer is tempting," said Amanda in a monotone voice. "But it is time."

"Damn it," growled Draco. "That's too bad Chang. Now you'll never experience that which is Draco."

"Oh what ever will I do," sniffed Cho in a sarcastic voice. Draco only sneered at her. He stood up and zipped up.

"Crabbe! Goyle! Take the prisoners along with us." The two henchmen quickly obeyed.


It was a chilly night and the skies were clear. The star's shone brightly as an old stealthy wizard made his way through the forbidden forest. Albus Dumbledore arrived at a clearing in the Forbidden Forest to find that it was swarmed with Death Eaters. They were all masked so it was quite difficult to figure out who was who but he had hunch on who was in the circle. It had long been thought that the Death Eaters had disappeared since the second fall of Voldemort. The sight before him proved that even though their lord and master was gone, his loyal followers lay dormant waiting for their next opportunity.

The site was supposed to be guarded by Order members since the disappearance of Harry and the four Hogwarts pendants. At the center of the clearing was a round stone table. Surrounding the clearing were four stone pillars each identical to the other. Looking around he saw several members of the Order magically bound and being held prisoner at wand point while the other Death Eaters seemed to be getting ready for a ritual of some sort. From his position he knew he would not be discovered but he had to wait for just the right moment before revealing himself. He could see everything that was going on and therefore he noticed several people emerging from the forest.


They had all been forced to grab onto a Portkey and within a few seconds they appeared at a place Harry remembered very well. He along Ron and Hermione had ventured into the Forbidden Forest many times. Strange that it was called the Forbidden Forest since he and his friends were in there all the time. Being held at wand point he was forced to carry Ron's unconscious form while Cho carried Hermione. As he looked around his surroundings, was familiar but he had no idea what part of the forest he was in. As they emerged from the forest into a clearing he was surprised by the number of Death Eaters waiting for them. He thought their numbers were limited but he was obviously very wrong. It seemed as though they had been recruiting but laying low at the same time. At the very center of the clearing was a round stone table that Amanda quickly walked over to. Looking around he saw several members of the Order being held prisoner as well. Among them were Remus and Tonks who had a body-binding spell placed on them and most likely a silencing charm as well since they had not said a word.

"Bring the prisoners over here," Amanda commanded. The Death Eaters quickly pushed Harry and the others forward. Draco had a wicked grin on his face as he took his place next to her.

"I'll give you a chance to join us Potter," spoke Draco. "All you have to do is killed Weasel, Weasel's wife, Mudblood, Chang, and Chang's bitch friend here."

"Are you mad?" Replied Harry. "What the hell makes you think I would agree to something like that?"

"Very well Potter," grinned Draco. "You shall die like the rest."

"Draco," said Amanda. "I have said this before; Potter lives." Draco snarled under his breath. "We will execute the prisoners after the ceremony. Now let us begin." She quietly went to each pillar and placed a pendent into the empty groove that had been made to fit them perfectly. Quickly all the Death Eaters scattered in different directions as if something bad were about to happen. Amanda stood alone as she slowly stepped up to round stone table at the center. Slowly she climbed on top carrying a big book with her as well as a leather bag. No doubt it was the spell needed to perform the ceremony.

Harry watched as she slowly took out the contents from the bag. First a cauldron to make the potion that was necessary. One by one she brought out the ingredients and looked around. He saw her take out a mortar and pestle, then taking the nightshade she started to grind it.

"Does she plan to drink that?" Whispered Cho.

"I think so," replied Harry.

"Nightshade is poisonous," responded Cho.

"I know," said Harry. "I think she knows what she is doing though."

"Maybe she's going to poison us," shuddered Cho. Harry didn't say anything as he considered it as a possibility. His eyes watched as she then ground some eyes of newt then diced up some batwings. Suddenly she stopped and looked around at the faces watching her. Her gaze landed upon Harry as she gave him a smile. Harry thought he was her target for something but her eyes quickly left him to continue searching. He followed her gaze to see that it landed on Remus.

"I need the blood of a werewolf," she quickly announced.

"Get her the blood," roared Draco.

"I'll get it myself," she snapped quickly. She drew a dagger from her sleeve and carried a vial in the other hand.

"No!" Yelled Harry. "Don't hurt him." Remus being under the silencing charm was unable to respond.

"It wont hurt as much if you don't struggle," stated Amanda clearly. Remus knowing there was no way out of this right now just sat still while she poked him and took his blood. Returning to her cauldron she quickly poured the blood into the cauldron and continued brewing. Everyone watched patiently as she finally dropped in the last ingredient, sulfurous ash. "I am going to proceed Draco. See to it that nothing goes wrong during the next half an hour that is required to perform the spell." Draco nodded however he had other plans.

"For the last time Amanda," said Harry. "Don't do this." This caused all the Death Eater's including Draco to roar with laughter.'

"Did you hear that?" Mocked Draco. "Potter said don't do it!" Amanda smirked at him and waited for everyone to settle. Harry feeling as if he had failed could only look at the floor and accept his fate. Quickly looking at Cho, she gave him a sympathetic look.

"Don't worry Harry," said Amanda. "It will all be over soon." Slowly she stood up on the center of the table. Looking around one last time she quickly gulped down the contents of the potion. The effects of the poison from the nightshade were almost immediate. The house founders had created the process of summoning the guardians so painful that it would only be used in desperate times. Amanda immediately sunk to her knees clutching a wand in her hand. She needed to do the spell quickly on herself. "Kal Vas Xen Corp!" She aimed the wand at herself and the spell immediately started to slow down the poison however the pain was still there. Slowly a light beamed around her form as she slowly floated in mid air. There she would remain for the next half hour while the spell was completed.

"What's happening now?" Asked Harry.

"The spell takes half an hour," smirked Draco. "Plenty of time for me to kill you."

"If you kill me," replied Harry. "She will be furious and in turn kill you."

"Nonsense," replied Draco. She may not want me to kill you but she will get over it. Now let the fun began. Crucio!" Harry immediately felt a surge of pain shoot through his body. Amanda even from her position was aware of the pain Harry was in and what Draco was doing.

"Look ass hole," interrupted Valerie. "Cant you let us live the last half hour of our lives in peace. I mean shit you don't have to be a complete ass hole about it!" This greatly annoyed Draco.

"You know bitch, as much as I hate Potter, I think I'm going to kill you first."

"Sure you will," smirked Valerie. "Because I'm tied up and your going to use the killing curse on me. Or do you want to do it the manly way and duel?" There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She had called him out and she was scared shitless but she saw this as maybe there only chance of getting out alive. She also knew that Draco Malfoy never backed down from a challenge. Harry watched curiously when it suddenly hit him what she was trying to do.

"No!" Said Harry loudly. "I want the pleasure of challengeing Malfoy to a duel first or are you scared Malfoy?" Draco looked on with a smug on his face then turned to Valerie.

"Sorry bitch, as much as I want to kill you now I will never turn down a challenge from Potter."

"Let's go Malfoy," said Harry. "Right here, right now!"

"With pleasure" replied Draco giving Harry his wand and unbinding him. Harry prayed that he would still be as good of a dueler as he was before. It had been years since he had dueled with anyone. Slowly everyone backed away clearing an area for the two duelers.

"And for my first trick," smirked Draco. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"