Title: Intruder Alert: Take Two

Author: Haze

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Summary: Popular guy, Dilandau Albatou, had finally met his match in this green-eyed, short-tempered girl from America. Sparks flew between them from the start and intensified when they found out that they were actually engaged to each other. But when it seemed that they had settled the negative sparks between them, more embers glow from the outside and soon it ignites some things from the inside.

Chapter 1: The start of the NEW life's backflow

A silver-haired youth walked down the corridor towards a certain classroom. Students smiled and waved at him while others simply greeted him and moved out of his way.

Upon reaching the specific classroom, his eyes scanned for a certain honey brown-haired girl.

"Looking for someone, Dilandau?" A familiar voice asked.

He spun around and smiled. "If late people are hanged, you would've been long gone, Hitomi."

She laughed at his statement. "But it's not yet time. I'm not yet late, at least in the school's standards."

"But in mine, you are."

"I'm not going to let you boss me around, you know. Well anyway, here's the English book you asked me about. Before I forget, the answers to your assignment could be found in pages 102-108."

"This is one of the up quirks of having you lived in America," he grinned.

"Yeah, whatever. Now scurry away and do your assignment." She pushed him away and smiled before entering her classroom and ignoring every girl who was as usual, out to ruin her day.

Two months of the truce with Dilandau was actually quite enjoyable. Of course there were still a few insults every now and then, but at least they weren't really out to kill each other. She stopped having him have bulimia and he pretty much stopped in annoying the hell out of her and increasing her blood pressure. But there had been one heck of insults and arguments when she had made clear to him his *bulimia* scenario. She did clear up the incident of *bulimia* on the night of the concert they all got in trouble a week after the start of the truce but that didn't stop the insults and glares when she cleared up the whole mess to him.

"Hey, careful," Dilandau reprimanded. "You know, it's not easy having you as a student."

"It's not easy having you as a driving instructor either so don't get your spirits too high," Hitomi retorted as she struggled to back Dilandau's car in the driveway and in the process, running over a couple of things beside the driveway.

"Hitomi, stop the car. You're going to wreck this."

"Shut up and give me a chance!" She snapped as she struggled to get her task accomplished.

"Well, I think Hitomi's improving somehow," he said tiredly as he let himself fall wearily into Celena's bed.

Celena giggled as she looked at her twin from her dresser's mirror. She placed down her hair brush and spun around in her chair to look at her twin who had his eyes tightly shut with a frown etched into his Adonis face. "Perhaps she'd be better off riding a motorcycle."

Dilandau groaned. "Whatever. But I'm definitely not going to be her teacher the next time. Damn it I never knew that a month of teaching her how to drive a car is actually going to kill me."

"Well at least she's learning, right?"

"Yeah, sure. Learning and wrecking at the same time."

"Just be patient. Who knows, she'd be an expert driver in the future."

"That is something I don't think will be possible," he said as he shifted in the bed. "Hey, let's swap room for tonight. I'm dead beat."

She was about to argue when she noticed that her twin had already lapsed into sleep. He was THAT tired.

~*A couple of days later*~

He unconsciously grinned at the sound of the lunch bell and without second thoughts, headed immediately for the cafeteria. By the time he reached the place, his friends were already there, noisy as always.

"You are SO hard to understand," Guimel commented, looking at Viole tiredly.

"More like IMPOSSIBLE to understand," was Dalet's interruption.

Dilandau raised a brow as he pulled a chair and sat down. "And why is that?"

"He's not coming to the party of one of Dalet's girls tonight," Gatti volunteered the information. "A date with Merle, as usual, is the reason."

Viole shot Gatti a glare. "Is that supposed to be bad?"

"I don't think it is," said Chesta. "At least he's with his girlfriend and not with some other girl."

Dilandau turned his attention on Viole. "Why don't you just bring Merle along?"

"Merle hates the girl throwing the party." Miguel explained, frowning at the same time. "And so do I."

"Who's the girl?"

Before anyone could answer Dilandau's query, the cafeteria's noise switched from full blast to whispers and low voice talking. It was an obvious sign of Hitomi's arrival.

'At times, I wonder where Hitomi gets her patience with these kinds of stuff,' Dilandau thought as Hitomi sat beside him. "Hey, you finally decided to grace us with your high and mighty presence."

Hitomi rolled her eyes. "We got dismissed late. So, what's up now? Why is Viole looking so glum?"

As the rest conversed and consulted Hitomi about the issue, Dilandau just sat there silently, pondering about this girl he was affianced to.

The girl was way different than anyone he had been in company with. She was so contradictory that he found it funny. One example of her being contradictory was her patience. She was both patient and not. Patient because she could take all the treatment she's been having with most of the school body; and not patient because he could provoke her so easily.

He didn't know whether he was beginning to like her more than he should. Sure they were engaged to each other, but the only thing they have truly agreed upon between the two of them was friendship and nothing more. Besides, he was just fond of her company. He couldn't possibly be falling for her. No way. It's just two months of truce and he's the type of person not easily tamed down.

Then again, there had always been this thing about the more you hate, the more you love. Not that it could apply to them but still, there were possibilities of it being applicable on them. Perhaps he was just being too advanced-minded or thinking the impossible. But he just couldn't shake the feeling of being a bit more ecstatic at the prospects of spending more time with Hitomi.

Sure she was fun to spend time with especially now that they were friends. But being a bit more ecstatic is definitely not a good sign for him. After all, they did agree that after marrying each other, they'd get divorced or something along that line.

Things get complicated most of the time, but he was hoping that this wasn't one of the things in his life that would get more complicated.

"Do NOT tell me you've just decided to hang out," Hitomi remarked as she noticed Dilandau getting off his motorcycle.

"What's so bad about that?"

She frowned and looked at him sternly. "Well in case you haven't forgotten, Mr. I Have a Good Memory, you have to haul your butt home to prepare for the party tonight."

Dilandau shrugged uncaringly as he walked ahead of Hitomi inside the house. "I'm not going anyway."

"What do you mean you're not going? I'm not going to tell anything about you going on your flirting sessions in the party to our parents so chill out and get your ass moving."

"You're not going."

"So what? I doubt our parents would force us to go together or not go at all if the other is not coming. I mean, we've already been spending more than enough time together, they'd have to be pleased enough not to tie us permanently together."

"What's there anyway? The usual and it'd be boring already. Why should I go?"

"Because I seem to recall you telling the celebrant that you're going."

"And when was that?"

"Before we rode off from school, stupid. She walked towards you and asked you about it then you agreed. Sometimes, you just make it too obvious that you're memory is so dull."

"Gee, thanks for the compliment," he responded sarcastically as he plopped himself down on the couch.

Hitomi stood in front of him, hands on her hips. "Do NOT get me in trouble with them, Dilandau."

He raised a brow. "Since you just told me that my memory is dull, would you care to remind me what I did recently to make you order me about not getting you in trouble? I didn't spread news about you cheating on an exam."

"Of course you didn't! I wouldn't cheat in an exam to begin with."

"So, what's the thing with this, your most bright Lady Hitomi?"

She glared at him. Sometimes, he was still too cocky and annoying to tolerate. "Well, your most arrogant smart ass, I was last seen with you in school. If you don't go, they'll think that it's my doing that you're not showing up in a party. And then, the more that people there would hate me."

"Don't be too pessimistic."

Hitomi frowned and sat beside him, looking at him with half-irritated and half-pleading eyes. "Come on. I thought we're already friends. Would you get me in more trouble than I am already submerged in at the moment?"

"Hitomi, you're just concluding way too much on the outcome. It's not like I'd be missed anyway. I'm just one of the people invited. It wouldn't really hurt to have one less person in a big party."

"Stop being so bull-headed! Of course you'll be missed. You just happen to be Dilandau Albatou, stupid."


"What do you mean 'so'?!" She asked with exasperation. "You're one of the 'in' people in school. Come on. I thought we're already friends. Please---"

Dilandau looked at her closely before interrupting her whining. "Yes, we're friends. That's why I'm not going."

She looked at him questioningly. "We're friends so you're going to get me in trouble?"

"No. We're friends. That's why I'm not going to the party. I was with you when she invited me and yet she didn't even invite you. I don't like that, Hitomi. Not one bit."

As much as he was still cocky and annoying, he was being nicer and well… caring. She couldn't think of anything to say at what he just said.

Minutes of silence passed between them and he could sense that for Hitomi's part, the silence was awkward unlike on his part where he took the silence as a sign that he was victorious over this little party issue. "Tell you what, why don't we just troop off to the mall and get a couple of things so we can forget all about this stupid party?"

Hitomi looked at him skeptically before nodding. "Alright."

"This smells nice," Hitomi commented as she smelled the sample cologne on her wrist.

Dilandau merely raised a brow at her. Without thinking she shoved her wrist near his nose for him to smell the cologne. True, it smelled nice. But the usual cologne Hitomi used smelled nicer.

"Nice," he commented as she pulled her wrist away. "But I think your old cologne smells better."

"But I'm tired of that smell," she complained and turned to the other samplers. "Do you think this would smell better? Or maybe this? No maybe this one?"

He rolled his eyes at Hitomi's actions and scanned the place, noticing the admiring gazes directed to him by many, many girls.

"You may go."

Hitomi's voice broke through him and he glanced at her questioningly. "Huh?"

"You can go flirt with them. I wouldn't tell," said his green-eyed fiancée as she placed back another cologne sampler. "Just be ready when I say I'm through with my shopping here."

He watched her walk away towards the swim wear section. Again, he took note of one of her contradictory traits. She was usually stressful at times, with all her demands and orders. But at times, she could be relaxing, letting people breathe and go back with flow of their original lives.

She did say he could flirt, but as he alternately looked at a couple of pretty girls and Hitomi's far figure, he has this feeling that he'd be better off around Hitomi. It took him a while of deciding before he finally strode to his choice…

"Where is Dilandau?"

Dalet heard the seductive voice of his current flavor of the month. He turned around and scanned her; strapped sandals, nice legs, short skirt, slim waist, fitted top, loose hair, and pretty face.

"Hey," he said as he planted a kiss on her lips.

She giggled and smiled before repeating her previous question. "Where is Dilandau?"

"Actually, I don't know. He's probably off doing something but I know he'll come. He wouldn't miss this for anything."

"I hope so. He was with this green-eyed girl a couple of hours ago."

'Hitomi,' Dalet thought immediately. 'No wonder he doesn't even answer my calls or anyone's calls for that matter. Hitomi must've thrown his cellphone somewhere during one of their usual *friendly* arguments.'

"Dalet, are you okay? You're quiet all of a sudden."

"Yeah, just fine."

"So, are we going to stand here, or are we going to enjoy the party?"

"Ever considered wearing these?" He interrupted.

Hitomi was startled by Dilandau's interruption that she jumped slightly. She had thought that he went on to flirt. After all, there were pretty girls around who were staring at him. At his slight laugh, she turned to him and glared. "What the hell is so funny?!"

"You," he smirked. "I never knew you jump when you're startled. You could almost pass for a mice scared by the sight of a cat."

"And YOU can pass for a monster scaring a defenseless girl," she retorted crossly.

He laughed at her. He had followed her around for some time and was surprised that she was completely oblivious of his presence. Deciding to make his presence known, he interrupted her as she pulled out another bathing suit in the rack. And he never even expected her to jump.

"Either you stop laughing or I shove this bathing suit in your mouth!"

He restrained his laugh for a bit and looked at her angry face. "Alright, but I think you should try wearing these instead."

She looked at the two-piece bikini he was holding by the hanger and frowned. She never thought of wearing bikinis. How could she even wear them if the thought makes her feel too exposed?

"No. It wouldn't be nice on me," she said, shaking her head as she abruptly changed mood from angry to neutral.

"Oh? How do you know? I doubt you even tried wearing a bikini."

"I just know it wouldn't look nice on me."

"I don't think so," he said as he stepped closer and peered down at her. "Trust me."

She would've raised a brow or rolled her eyes at his persistence on the bikini, but she suddenly noticed the very close position they were in. She could practically feel his warm breath fanning her face.

He on the other hand dropped all thought about the bikini or anything for that matter. The main thing holding his attention now was Hitomi; her startled expression, her smell, her breath, her everything. He would've kissed her then, but he was jolted out of the trance when she abruptly stepped away, awkwardly putting of the bathing suit back in the rack.

She was frightened, he could tell perfectly. He couldn't understand why such a thing would scare her. So what if they were in a public place? They are engaged anyway. But then, they were just friends. Yes, just friends. But does that mean he couldn't flirt with her?

Flirt? That didn't sound too right for him suddenly. Flirting with Hitomi is almost as insulting as taking a girlfriend to bed and paying her afterwards for her services. But then, so what? They were just girls. No big deal.

"Well, look at the time. I think we need to go," Hitomi said lamely, eyes avoiding him.

She walked off abruptly with him following her. When they reached the parking lot, he didn't know whether to be thankful or pissed by the fact that he was going to take her home by car.

When they had agreed on the shopping, he had drove off home to change his clothes and change means of transportation so that they'd have a place to put their shopped things in. And now, he couldn't comprehend this mixed moods he was having.

What happened minutes ago was no big deal. But now, he was pinning over it like it was something else. What's with him today anyway?

"See, I told you," Mr. Albatou told his wife as they sat comfortably in the living room. "They're getting along well. And just a couple of hours ago, Dilandau took his car to take Hitomi shopping."

"I suppose you are right. And somehow, I'm glad that you are."

"Well, we finally found someone who could turn him straight. At least now he doesn't go on breaking too many hearts."

"I know. And I'm glad."

"It seems he found his match in Ryu's daughter. She's being a good influence and he's not getting in too much trouble. Well except during the concert."

"But I think the fight during that time did him well. He and Hitomi had been friendlier with each other like they really are in good terms. And they spend more time together."

"Finally, I can rest my tired mind. Dilandau is in good hands and I wouldn't have to worry about him getting in a mess."

"I hope you're right."

"What do you mean?"

"He could still get in trouble. We'll never know."

"I really hope not. I'm so tired of dealing with him."

"Dear, he's our son."

He just sighed. "I really hope that Ryu's girl would make me live longer by keeping Dilandau out of trouble."

Mrs. Albatou smiled.

No big deal. Hitomi is his friend and his fiancée but still, it's no big deal. He was just playing, nothing serious.

"Look what we have here," a familiar male voice interrupted his musings while he was unlocking the car. "It's been a long time, Albatou."

His jaw tightened together but he ignored the voice. "Hitomi, get in."

"The new flavor of the week?" Another familiar voice interrupted.

"Hey girl, better be careful. You're with the devil. Pretty soon, you'll get laid down on his bed."

Laughter flowed from the new arrived foes and it was really getting on his nerves. He'd pummel them to death but maybe some other time, when Hitomi wasn't around to see it. Ignoring them, he ducked and entered the car.

He was just about to shut the car door, when he was pulled out of the driver's seat and slammed on another car.

"What are you doing?!" Hitomi demanded at the attackers as she made her way towards his side. "Are you alright?"

"Get inside the car," Dilandau ordered. "Drive home."


"I taught you how to drive, right?"

She nodded and looked back at the men standing near them. "Alright. Come on, let's go."

"You go."


"Do you think they'd let us off easily? Drive home, Hitomi. I'll see you tomorrow."


Dilandau glared at her. "Hitomi," he said in a threatening tone.

"Having a quarrel?" One teased. "Oh, how convenient."

Another wave of laughter ensued. At Dilandau's glare and commanding tone, she was forced to follow his orders. But of course one of the guys wouldn't let her off.

"Your latest girl is kind of beautiful. Want to share?"

Dilandau could feel his temper rising rapidly. He moved to escort Hitomi in his car. He had just shut the car close when he was kicked in the leg.

"S***!" Van cursed as he searched the crowd for any of the Dragon Slayers. Realizing he wouldn't able to find him in the party by eyes alone, he reached for his cellphone and dialed Gatti's number. It took some time before his call was answered. "Where are you?! Find a couple more people. We're off to the mall. Dilandau's in trouble."

"Oh damn!" Gatti mumbled as he pushed through the crowd in search for some teammates.

Hitomi couldn't very well leave Dilandau to fight off at least eleven people. After she had called Van for help through cellphone, she searched the car for anything she could use as an alternative for kendo sword. What she found was a baseball bat at the back seat. Grabbing it, she rushed out.

It was almost amazing to see that Dilandau still hadn't had his face receiving any injury. But she could tell that he was pretty hurt.

"S***!" Gatti murmured angrily as he slammed his bedroom door close.

He walked towards his bed and plopped down on it, staring hard into the ceiling and pretty much ignoring the stings and pains of his patched up injuries.

By the time they had arrived on the scene, Dilandau was already being kicked to death as he lay on the cold cement of the parking lot. They engaged in the fight unsure of Dilandau's condition. Chesta on the other hand, had checked on Dilandau.

He was face down on the cement and as Chesta came nearer, he discovered that Dilandau was actually covering someone who happened to be Hitomi. Dilandau was near unconsciousness but Hitomi was alright. During the trip from the parking lot to the hospital, Hitomi had been cradling Dilandau who had been badly hurt.

And tomorrow, they might all get suspension once again. Not that it was the first time. Please. As if it would be even if he wished so. But that was the bad part. It's an additional bad record to their stacks of old ones. And as patient as his parents could be, this might be the breaking point, not only for him but for the rest of his friends especially Dilandau.


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