Surprises By: Anime-Alee

Chapter#2 eating for two


" Kagome what the heck do you expect us feed you"!? Inuyasha shouted,

" I don't know but I so hungry"! Kagome cried, " Yes, me to I'm starving"! Yelled Sango with tears in he eyes,

" What are we gonna do"? Inuyasha asked Miroku, " How about we go to Kagome's time". Suggested the monk,

" That's a great idea"! Grinned the half demon, " What's great"? Asked the two hungry girls,

" We're going to your time". Smiled Inuyasha, " Oh no what will my mom think"? Kagome frowned,

" She'll think I'm a tramp"! Kagome started to wail again but even louder,

" Yeah, I get to see Kagome's house"! Shipppo gleamed, " Oh no, my brother's gonna call me Kagome the slut"! Kagome started to panic,

" Calm down, if he does I'll kill him". Inuyasha laughed a bit, Kagome smiled up at him.

The group soon arrived at the well, Inuyasha jumped in with Kagome in his arms & Miroku with Sango.

The group walked up to Kagome's house *knocking* " Hello". Greeted Kagome's mother, then she realized it was her daughter, Inuyasha, a guy, a little child, kitten and a girl.

"Hi mom". Smiled Kagome, " Hi sweetie, hello Inuyasha". Kagome's mom greeted,

" Mom these are my other friends Miroku, Sango her pet Kilala and Shippo". Kagome introduced her friends to her mother,

" Nice to meet you all". Her mom smiled pleasantly, " Oh and mom I have one more thing to tell you". Kagome said feeling nervous,

" What is it dear"? Her mom asked while petting Kilala, " I'm, I'm pregnant". Kagome looked down at her feet,

Kagome's mother's face had no expression at all. " Kagome". Her mother said quietly,

" Mom I". Kagome was interrupted when her mom started hugging her!

" Kagome that's wonderful"! Her mother smiled, she released her daughter,

She walked up to Inuyasha, " So you're gonna be my grandchild's daddy"! Kagome's mom grinned, Inuyasha looked at Kagome.

She was begging him to say yes, with a sigh he said " Yes". " Come inside everyone, make yourselves comfortable". Mrs. Higurashi insisted,

" Sango's pregnant too". Kagome smiled pointing to her friend, " Who's the father"? Her mom asked,

Miroku raised his hand, " What"? Sango snarled, " Oh honey the mood swings of your". Miroku chuckled,

" Mom me and Sango are starving, can you get us some food". Kagome asked politely,

" Oh, of course". Mrs. Higurashi said entering the kitchen, " Thank you so much Inuyasha, if I told my mom I don't know who the father was yet she would've freaked". Kagome said gratefully, * ding dong*

" I'll get it mom"! Kagome hollered, She open the door to see Hojo.

" Hi Hojo". She said nervously, " Hi Kagome, how are you feeling"? Hojo asked concerned,

" Oh, fine". Kagome laughed nervously, " So then, would you like to go see a movie"! The black haired teen asked,

" I can't I have a boyfriend, would you like to meet him"? Kagome asked,

" Sure". Hojo said trying not to reveal that he was hurt, she rushed into the living room and hauled Miroku off towards the door.

" Miroku play along, pretend you're my boyfriend so this guy will leave me alone". Kagome whispered in his ear,

" This is my boyfriend Miroku". Kagome smiled crookedly, " Hello". Miroku said smoothly,

The perverted monk pinched Kagome's butt! She gave him a sharp glare, " Why is he dressed like that"? Hojo asked,

" Um, because he's in a parade down town". Kagome lied, " Okay, I have to go now". Hojo said leaving,

Kagome shut the door. * slap* " Ow"! Miroku yelped hitting the ground,

Sango & Inuyasha saw Kagome slug Miroku. " What did the perv do now"? Inuyasha asked,

" Miroku pinched my butt"! Kagome growled, " Okay kids lunch is ready"! Kagome's mom called from the kitchen,

Everyone sat down; Shippo sat on Kagome's lap. The two girls were shoving food in their mouth,

" Jeez they can really eat"! Inuyasha said with amazement, " That's because they're eating for two". Mrs. Higurashi smiled,