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All right so this note is up so I can give you a summery of the sequel to Surprises. And here it is!

 * Summery of Cherry blossoms & white plums *

Young love is always an adorable site, or puppy love as some would call it. Anyway Yukina and Alitha, twin sisters' yet two very different beings. Fight for the love of Miroku & Sango's son Kenji.

Who does he love?


Not even he knows,

To ad more stress the Shikon no Tama has accidentally been shattered again!

The gang: Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Shippo, and Miroku along with their children venture once more to reclaim the shards.

Along the way are favorite wolf demon a.k.a. Kouga makes an appearance with his son Shinsen. And Sesshomaru has a mate!? Who could it be? And to add to the drama he & his mate are expecting a bundle of joy! Sesshomaru + baby = Craziness

And that all I'm gonna say! :: snickers evilly ::

~ Free sample of my fic Cherry blossoms & white plums~

Yukina's felt a cold breeze blow against her back. She shuddered as goose bumps appeared on her creamy colored skin, the hanyou slid silently into the hot spring's relaxing water. She gazed at her complexion in the water, and her doggy ears drooped as she remembered the fact that she was part demon.

" How could he love a vile creature like me"? Yukina whispered sadly,

her caramel colored hair swayed to the side due to the breeze. " Yuki, can we talk"? Kenji asked as he put a hand on her shoulder, " Eeeeek"! Yukina shrieked,

he jumped back in fear as she screamed at him, " Kenji! I'm bathing"! She cried with a faint blush, he then immediately blushed too. Yukina wrapped her arms around her chest and dunked her upper body down into the water only leaving her head above the surface.

" Sorry". He grinned weakly while rubbing his head.

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