Title: Two Cats, and the Merlin, Causing Problems

Rating: K

Summary: The Merlin isn't done messing with Beverly's life and Spot and Mister decide to have fun. Beverly will have to sort out not only a new hurdle but also two cats. Sequel to Light in the Dark

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Star Trek characters or Jim Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Data finally got a cat! Yes, you heard it right. He got himself a four legged, orange, puff of fur that ended up being the bane of everyone's life. How could something that cute, that small, have so much ability to draw blood? Beverly thought it was cute. She loved cats, had one herself.

Its name was Mister and it lived on a whole level of oddness. Most could say, the thing could really understand you. Mister was good to take with you when you had a couple of vampires, demons, or teens that though they could unleash the seventh level of hell on anyone. Cats, had purpose, cats had a huge following, cats were cute.

"Going out to have fun?" Sally asked Beverly as she got ready for her next holodeck adventure.

"Of course," she said. "It's not like I can do anything else."

"Things will look up."

Beverly hoped that she was right.

In the month that she had been back the only big thing that had happened was the plant monster and telling Jean-Luc why she had kept her children. She figured that he had the right to know her reason and she felt that she owed him that much. Weasley arrived three times a week and mostly watched Beverly working on some potion or even ensure that the bracelet that she was wearing continued to work.

Thomas made several calls, all about the bracelet, and telling her about the Jade Court. The Jade Court was a court of vampires that were mainly of Asian origin. They kept to themselves and didn't bother anyone. Beverly hoped that they stayed on Earth for the rest of time. She didn't need the Enterprise to be visited by them.

"I'll be back around noon," Beverly told her.

"Have fun," Sally said and Beverly left her alone with cat, dog, and children.

She took the turbolift to the holodeck, looking forward to whatever program that she decided to play. She really did miss work, though taking care of children was work as well. The doors opened and three officers came in.

"Bridge," one of them said.

"Great," Beverly muttered.

The turbolift went up and Beverly knew that she would have to wait until they had left before going back down. The doors opened and suddenly one of them grabbed her by the neck.

"The Merlin sends his regards," the woman snarled. "Get going. It's time for us to have a little chat with your mentor."

Beverly felt fear flood her. This wasn't good.

She could tell that the crew wasn't use to their former Chief Medical Officer having a sword at her neck. Deanna gave a look of pure horror and then nodded. Beverly had mentally begged her not to do anything.

"Don't worry, we're not here to take over your stupid ship," she said. "I'm Blackstaff Bloodbane and it seems that we have a problem."

"Not you again," Will said.

"Oh, yes, again," she said. "Do we need to make a point as to the only reason that your warlock isn't headless?"

"She was cleared."

"It was a suspended sentence," she countered.

"Mom," Weasley cried out.

"Don't do anything, son," Beverly begged.

"Maybe Beverly, here, should explain a couple of things," she said. "So that we're on the same page."

"You haven't given me hardly anything to do," Beverly said.

"And you haven't reported if Dresden, here, has been breaking, or thinking about, breaking any of the laws of magic. If she has been disobedient at all," she said. "I told the Merlin that allowing Ancient Mai to have the ability to set who would be her mentor was a bad idea. However, she has more power than the Merlin and there was nothing that could be done. However, as a Blackstaff I've found the perfect way for you to tell us everything that Beverly is planning."

"And what kind of plan is that?"

"It's one of the unknown rituals," she said. "We don't even have a name for it. It's ancient, old, and dates back three thousand years. It will allow you to have access to her thoughts, to her emotions, and to whatever pain that she's in. And there's no chance to reverse it. I'm going to bring her down and you, my dear Captain, is going to allow me to do that. Dresden's head will be on a spike so help me god."

"You're sick!" Will said.

"Will, I've got a damn sword to my neck," Beverly said. "I don't think it's the right time to call someone sick."

"I would take her advice," she said. "Drew."

Another one came around and pulled a sword across Jean-Luc's neck.

"Now I'm sick."

"You want them to agree to do this," Deanna said. "This thing that you want."

"Oh very good," she said. "You can sense emotions. Yes, I do want the little warlock and her pet to agree to do just that. A little insurance to assure that they both do exactly what we want."

"And if they don't agree?"

"Well then you'll be Captain Riker," she said, giving him a toothy grin. "Personally I don't care as long as I get what I want."

"It's sad that the fool isn't acting like a victim," Drew told her.

"Yes, I've been wondering about that," she said, "Still I don't care what people do in private. Yet, it leaves much to wonder. How came a Captain of this wonderful ship isn't upset about being Enthralled? I watched your reaction during her small trail and there was no anger and no hate. These are usual reactions from actual victims of magical abuse. There was worry, hope, and confusion.

"Of course our dear Merlin was more concerned about putting your little bitches head on a spike. Yet, that leaves me to wonder and I think I might have the answer to that. Now, I personally do believe that there was a virus. We put Riker's report through several spells to detect falsehood and we found none. That tells me, and us, that McCoy was right about the fact that Dresden didn't enthrall him. However, you're under the Doom and we all know that it's only a matter of time before, like your grandfather, you do actually break a law of magic.

"His was murder!"

"It was self-defense."

"That's what they all say," she said, grinning at her. "How you want to hear my reasoning as to why you both don't act as though any law was broken? And I'm going to just leave it up in the air for you all to decide how much of the truth is really the truth. I believe that you both have feelings for each other. Deep feelings! And when this virus happened it caused, and I've read the report, for those things that which are hidden to come out.

"Now I think that it's time for the ritual to start. The swords will give you a wonderful incentive to actually take part. And no funny business, or both are dead."

"I'm going to make you fucking burn, Wolfbane," Beverly vowed. "I'm going to take what's left of your soul and burn it."

"My soul belongs to the Merlin."

"Then you have one sad life."

Beverly hissed in pain as her palm was cut and the third started to chant the words. Beverly felt their will forming and knew that there was nothing that she could do to stop this. This unknown ritual was dark and she felt the claws coming up, scratching at her skin, making it bleed. She wanted to fight it, but the blade was sharp against her skin. And then she felt another hand, warm, large, and familiar.

And Beverly let out a horrible scream as her vision turned black, a dark laughter filling her ears and then silence. Beverly had no idea where she was, there was nothing but darkness all around her. And then a pin prick of light formed and then it got wider and brighter. Suddenly the whole place was filled with light and standing there was someone that she never thought she would see: Mab. Mab was wearing a baby blue full length gown and her crown glittered in the light.

But the look on her face was a mix of sadness and anger.

"Mab, am I-."

"You're not dead, goddaughter," Mab said. "However, I feared that the Merlin would stop at nothing to get back at you for not dying."

"So how are you here?"

"When you were born I placed a spell on you, a charm that would warn you if very dark magic was being used on you. Harry was worried that the White Council, who couldn't get to Maggie, would come for you. The Council isn't the same as it was three hundred years ago. People are doing things that would normally get them killed. But the Merlin has grown more irrational and determined to bring down any member of the Dresden clan and bring down their friends."

"This ritual."

"We do not speak its name," Mab said, fear in her voice. "Not even Bob will tell you the name of it, though he knows what it's called and what it does. The ritual won't turn you dark but it's one of the reason that the dark is so enticing. The spell can be used to entice the victim to do what the wizards wants, by creating a link both mentally and physically. The Blackstaff's are taught this ritual as a last resort for those that they suspect are being protected by their mentor. Most likely because the mentor is doing the same thing the apprentice is doing."

"But he's not protecting me," Beverly said.

"I know that, child," Mab said, "But the Merlin knows that your Captain hasn't been making you do anything other than lie around and drink and eat. Even though he will admit that taking care of a child is a form of work. He's also doing this to get back at Ancient Mai and of course your friends as well."

"What Bloodbane said, about the reason that it didn't look like enthrallment."

Mab sighed and said, "The Blackstaff's of today aren't the same as the ones three hundred years ago. She used what she got from both of your minds to make that statement. She knows, and admitted, that she believed what was written down by your commander was the truth. But she also suspected that was the reason that the virus made him more inclined to do what you wanted him to do."

"I don't need spells to get someone into bed," Beverly snarled.

Mab held up a hand and said, placing her hands on either side of Beverly's face, "I know that. You're so beautiful, like your mother and grandmother. It was your grace, your beauty, your intelligence that caused Jean-Luc to fall in-love with you. And your heart, Beverly, your wonderful, beautiful heart. He would do anything to make sure that you were safe and that's what Bloodbane preyed upon. Now it's time for you to wake up and remember, child, I will always watch over you."

The light faded and then Beverly woke up.

"Welcome back," Deanna said.

"Thanks," Beverly said. "Gods, I feel like someone ran me over with a wagon."

"I'm sorry about what happened," she said. "God, I didn't think that they would do this."

"How is the-."

"He's still out," Deanna said. "Beverly what she said."

"I've known," Beverly answered. "I've known how he felt for a long time. I just never said anything as it was not my place to force him to admit it. And even after-I just couldn't force him to admit it. I wanted it to be willingly, not forced."

"Because you don't believe in forcing people to do things they don't want to do."

"Correct, Deanna, I'm not that kind of person," Beverly said. "It's wrong to force someone to do something that they don't want to do. Well except for Weasley, I'm his mother and I get leniency."

Deanna grinned at her and then she heard a groan and suddenly his thoughts flooded her mind. She gasped, grabbing Deanna's hand.

"We're linked," Beverly told her.

"I'll let the Doctor know that he's awake," she said and Deanna left.

"Rest, both of you," Dr. Pulaski ordered.

"I don't have time for this."

"Captain, it's almost over."

That didn't come from her. She looked to see Deanna looking at Jean-Luc with a look on her face that she had only seen a couple of times. It seems the link could be detected by Deanna. He shot a look at Deanna, who nodded.

"Well you both can go," she said and Beverly was very grateful to get out of there.

"Come, I believe there's someone that you both need to meet," Beverley told them. "I also need to check on Sally."

Sally, however, wasn't in her quarters when they arrived. Weasley was and he looked up when they entered.

"Mom," he said, relief in his voice. "I thought-."

"It's alright, Weasley," she said. "Where's Sally at?"

"She went back to her quarters," Weasley said. "I've been watching them after she left."

"Thanks," Beverly said and she gave him a hug and asked, "So what do you think about them?"

"They drool in their sleep and demand things."

Beverly had to laugh. Despite everything, small things reminded her that life was wide and full of everything.

"Just like you did."

"I wasn't that bad," Weasley said, making Beverly laugh.

"Go, I need to have a talk with Bob."

Weasley nodded and left.

"Who's Bob?" Deanna asked.

"You'll find out," Beverly told her and she went across the room and pressed the button.

Beverly's quarters were like family quarters, but the second room was dedicated to her 'Arte.' When they entered a long work table was lined up with all sorts of ingredients that she had gotten from her grandfather. The bed had been removed and in its place was a table that had novels that Beverly had been forced to replicate to make the owner of a large, old, skull happy. On the other side of the room was a large summoning circle that she used to summon creatures that she could use what information that they had to help her. Harry had used them for information on cases that he use to do before he had become the Winter Knight.

All around her were shelves that had feathers, bones, herbs, finished talismans and charms that were labeled and what their use was. Boxes after boxes of bottles for finished potions and a label box that she used for just that, labeling anything and boxes after boxes of candles in all shapes, sizes, functions, and uses.

"Bob, wake up," Beverly ordered. "And don't take ten years. I'm not in the mood and I don't have the time."

Two tiny pricks of light appeared and the spirit said, "I heard what happened."

"What the-."

"Deanna, Jean-Luc, meet Bob," Beverly said. "Bob is a spirit of intellect."

"How did you hear?" Beverly asked.

"Mab told me," Bob answered. "This isn't good, Beverly, this isn't good at all."

"Mab told me that you knew the name but won't tell me its name."

"Because we don't give names for rituals that are so dark that not even Hades will touch them," Bob said. "Rituals that were created in caves filled with horrors that would make you go insane."

"And you've seen them being used."

"Unfortunately," Bob answered. "The ritual that was used on you both links your minds as well as forces either mentor or apprentice to experience whatever pain that the other is going through, minus biological ones. It also has a side-effect that doesn't happen if the mentor happens to be a wizard. Which is why the Merlin was insane to use it."

"What kind of side-effect?" Beverly asked.

"It allows your dear Captain to have access to your magic, your strength, and your experiences. The Blackstaff's knew this, that's why he's wearing a bracelet as well. Which we can be thankful for. Beverly, you're the most powerful wizard since the Merlin, the first one, was walking this earth. You have the experience to harness and channel that ability. If he wanted to use some of your ability all he had to do was tap into it. No need to train him to learn to focus. But you have another thing that the original Merlin had: the heart to use what you have for the force of good."

"That means a lot coming from you," Beverly said.

"She also had me tell you something else," Bob said, his voice grave. "Mab considers this an attack on the Winter Court. If the Merlin does anything like this again she will declare war on the White Council. She says that she's tired of the Council making choices that end up affecting her people."

"Because of me."

"Because, in her words, the Merlin has attacked the future of the Winter Court. She won't tell me what that means but she did say that she saw something in your future when you were born, thus why she placed the charm on you. It was more than what happened to your grandfather, why she made herself your godmother, but she saw it. And when Mab sees something it's set in stone. And she won't try and stop it from happening."

"Because she can't," Beverly said.


Bob's lights faded and the skull was silent.

Beverly leaned on the worktable, anger going through her. She was going to make the Merlin pay for this, so help the gods she was.

"Beverly, you need to calm down."


She stopped when she saw Mouse enter. Something wasn't right. Mouse never came in alone. He was always with Mister. She went over and looked at her old friend.

"Where's Mister at?" Beverly asked him.

She joined their minds, something that only a rare few wizards could do. She pulled back and looking at them, said, "Mister is gone. Gods, this is going to be a nightmare getting him back."

Even though Mister was a cat he was like a walking mental nightmare for any creature that happen to come across him. There was just something about him that even vampires hated. He, like Mouse, was intelligent and she figured that Mab, or even Harry, had something to do with how smart her cat was.

"The link will tell you what I'm doing," Beverly told them. "And the only thing that I'm doing is getting my hands on a fur ball that's way too smart."

"Be careful," Deanna said. "No telling if those monsters are still on the ship."

Beverly nodded and ran down the corridor.

Thankfully the link hadn't damaged her ability to do a simple tracking spell. There were two kinds: one that she could use to find people and the second, that she had put on Mister. That told her where he was at all times. She focused her will, and her magic went looking for Mister. Of course the longer that it took the further away from her quarters that he was. Finally, it took hold and a ball of light formed on the palm of her hand. It still amazed her that she was able to do this.

The ball floated away from her and she followed it, right into a whole world of trouble.

It seemed that her cat had been 'everywhere.' The ball of light took her to a room full of children and the teacher told her that a large cat had been playing with her students.

"He was really nice," she said.

"I'm sure he was," Beverly said. "I'm going to skin myself a fur ball."

"I don't think that Data would like that. His cat is missing as well."

"Just because I thought it, doesn't mean I'm going to do it," she said to the corridor.

When she entered the cargo bay she found several officers that were busy moving things. The ball of light went up and Beverly mentally cursed. She found a lift and pressed the button, much to the anger of those around her.

"Sorry boys, going up."

She found a large enough hole and went through.

"I-hate-this-ship-with-a-passion," she said through gritted teeth. "Ball, don't you dare move faster than I am."

The ball stopped and waited.

"Thanks," she added.

When she came on the other side she found Chief O'Brian doing some work. He was started to say the least.


"Hay, O'Brian."

"What are you doing here?"

"Finding my cat," she answered. "And it looks like you had this open and he went through."

He opened it and she said, "Tell Geordi that I said hello."

"No problem, Doctor," O'Brian said and she went past him.


"What the heck is Beverly doing?" Will asked Jean-Luc.

"Finding her cat," Deanna said.

"She's been in Cargo bay three and now she's in the access tunnels."

"Let's hope that she doesn't get hurt," Jean-Luc said. "I'm not about to experience the pain that-."

He hissed and looking down he saw that a cut had formed on his arm, the blood coming through his sleeve.

"Great, she cut herself," Deanna said.

"She says that she's sorry," Jean-Luc said.

"This has got to be the strangest month that I've been through," Will said. "And I'm looking forward for it to end."

"I don't think it's far from over."

The moment she said that a covering was forced open and the largest cat that anyone had seen came flying out. It landed on the floor and looked up at them as though they were nothing but mice to him. A few moments later an orange cat came out.

"I'm going to guess that's Spot," Deanna said. "Which means-."

"Beverly is coming through that hatch," Will said. "Data, could you stand under this until her head pops out."

"Spot," Data said and they could tell that he was happy, in a weird way, that his cat arrived.

An hour later Beverly landed right in Data's arms.

"Thanks," she said. "I'm guessing that this is where they ended."

"Correct, Doctor."

He put her down and she dusted herself off.

"The access tunnels need to be dusted," Beverly told them and then they saw her lock eyes with Mister. "Oh so help me, Mister, I'm going to punish you. Do you know how many places on this ship that I've been?"

They saw Mister rolling his eyes.

"Don't you roll your eyes in-front of me," she snapped. "That's it, no more Foo Foo cat treats for you, young man."

Mister hung his head and left, a really mad owner with him.

"Another day with Beverly Crusher," Will said, grinning as the turbolift closed.

"I'm going to agree with that," Geordi said.


A/N: This story was to show two things: One Beverly will go to great lengths to get Mister and two: that the Merlin is beyond the idea of showing how twisted and sick that he's become. He's not the same Merlin that advised the White Council three hundred years ago. He's become polluted with power and his desire to see the end of the Dresden line.