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Harry Potter was far from normal, thank you very much! It had taken him fourteen years to figure out that he was ok with that. His life was never going to be normal. Not when he was being called a freak by his relatives. Not when the wizarding world calls him the Chosen One, the boy who lived. No he was never going to have a normal life. No, the fates didn't seem to favor him one bit. Whenever he seems to think things could get better, it blew up in his face. The recent disaster was the escape of his godfather. He had hoped the man would have been able to take him in, like he had offered. But of course fate wouldn't allow that. No things had to get chaotic, Timeturners, a hippogriff and dementors were involved. It just wasn't fair. But at this point, Harry was learning that it was just better to go with the flow. Sit back. Observe the things around him, and allow things to run its course. He would take control of his life when the time was right. For now it was just playing a waiting game.

Well that was what he thought. Until the day before he was to go to the Burrow for the Quidditch World Cup. The day that Duddly had punched him hard in the gut. Hard enough to cause him to double over in pain. Long enough to burn the bacon he had been making for the Dursley's breakfast. Just in time for Aunt Petunia to come down for her morning cup of tea. Just in time for her anger to bubble over and see red. Never realizing she had grabbed the frying pan until she dropped it to the floor. Next to the body of her nephew laying on the floor, blood trickling from the back of his head where the pan had connected. Just in time for Duddly to scream that she had killed the freak. His screams loud enough to wake up Vernon. Vernon telling Petunia to take Dudley out of the house for the rest of the day. And that's how Harry found himself being locked up in his cupboard once more, with his wand in his hand and a demand of him to fix it. Make the evidence disappear. When reminded that he couldn't, he wasn't allowed to even do medical magic, Uncle Vernon let his frustrations out on the boy. He was tired of having the brat in his home. Tired of having to feed the child. Tired of all his freakish ways, threatening to expose the rest of the family as anything but normal. No, the child was going to stay stuck in the cupboard till his people came to get him the next day. The boy's magic had fixed him in the past. There was no reason that the magic wouldn't do the same this time.

To Vernon's horror, the boy was still black and blue when the freaks came to get the boy the next day. He did his best to scoff the injuries off as rough housing with Duddly. The boy told them that it was his own fault. That he had taunted Duddly too much.

What else could he have said? He could tell that the older two Weasleys didn't believe the story. But they would soon learn. It didn't matter if they knew. There was nothing that could be done. He was stuck in the house under the protection of blood wards. He wasn't allowed to live anywhere else.

As expected, when the Weasley parents and eldest two boys thought the younger ones were asleep, the arguments started. The boys seemed more upset at the fact that their parents had obviously known about the ill treatment Harry was going through. The way Molly had easily brought the boy into a hug and ran her wand over his body. Covering the healing magic under the guise of a motherly hug. Or Arthur slipping a nutrition potion into the boy's drink as the twins entertained the other Weasley kids. The fact that they hadn't done more was grating on them. Or the fact that their excuses seemed weak. Dumbledore. He wasn't allowed to leave because the old goat demanded he was safer in the hand of his abusers.

What surprised Harry the most, was that the two had come into Ron's room later in the night. Not realizing that Harry was awake, the older boys ran their wands over his body. One seemed to be casting a diagnostic spell, As the other was casting whatever healing spells they could do. One left a potion in his hand and then they were gone. Leaving Harry even more confused than before. Especially when one of the boys ran a hand through his thick locks of raven hair, and demanded he would never go back to that place. He didn't put much stock into it. Not once had those promises ever panned out. He looked down at the potion in his hand and sighed. A pain potion. He took the potion and let his mind clear so sleep was finally able to take over.

The next morning, things seemed a bit awkward. Molly and Arther seemed to avoid any contact with Harry. Acting as if any sort of contact with him would cause them both discomfort. It didn't help that the two eldest were glaring daggers at them. It also didn't help that Hermione had noticed the odd behavior. Or the fact that Ginny seemed to try her hardest to grab his attention. Ron, on the other hand, seemed oblivious to the happening around him. Percy seemed one hundred percent comfortable with ignoring the whole situation. Fred and George, on the other hand, seemed to be taking the side of their eldest brothers. Sending glares at their parents.

Yes, breakfast was an awkward affair. But not as awkward as the tent situation. Before Harry could be dragged to the sleeping area, Bill and Charlie picked up Harry's bed and drug him off to an area that the three of them would share. Leaving Percy and Ron to share. Of course, that had caused an instant grudge out of the youngest Weasley boy. Harry was his best friend. Why did his family always seem to care more about Harry's wellbeing? They wouldn't even know Harry if it wasn't for his friendship. But even with his grumbles, his eldest brothers refused to allow Harry to bunk with him.

Even as they all headed to their seats, the two oldest Weasleys stuck him between them. Only the twin's seemed to be allowed to get close to him. That didn't help the growing tension between the youngest members of the family. Harry was even more confused. Why would they even care? The twins had never seemed so protective before. They had known what he had to live with. They had broken him out of Private Drive before. And never once had they tried to hold him before. That didn't even come close to the confusion he felt with the eldest Weasleys. He had never even met him before.

He didn't even seem to notice the thoughts of the Malfoys, till Lucius slammed his cane down on the hand railing next to Harry's hand. Harry almost jumped out of his skin at the unexpected sound it had made. Bill instantly placed a hand on his shoulder, sensing the boy was on the verge of panic. The other Weasley's growled at the Malfoy Lord. For some reason Harry could feel eyes on him and looked up into the eyes of Malfoy's mother. The woman seemed to pale when their eyes met. She reached out a shaking hand and placed it on her husband's arm. Harry then took time to glance at the two Malfoy men. Draco seemed wide eyed and a bit confused by his reaction. Lucius though, he seemed almost apologetic.

"After the match." Charlie growled down at Lucius in such a low voice that Harry was sure no one had heard, other than himself and Lucius. The man glanced up into the icy blue eyes of the dragon tamer and nodded slightly. He glanced back at his wife and was shocked by her pale face. At once he went to her side, seeming to get her to bring up her pureblood mask. He quickly rushed his family to their sets. Harry, of course, noticed the glances the three seemed to throw over their shoulders at him.


Narcissa sat down in her chair with little grace, making her husband and son worry more than necessary. She took a couple deep breaths to calm her racing heart, then turned an accusing eye on her husband. He seemed a bit surprised by the look in her eyes and she quickly raised the strongest privacy charm she knew between her and her husband. She felt bad about leaving her son out, but honestly, he didn't need to be involved in this.

"If you tell me that boy is Harry Potter, I will skin you alive for laying a hand on the boy." Narcissa scowled. Lucius shuddered. He was still confused on what she would be so upset about. Her anger seemed to rise at the lack of response. "You of all people should have been able to recognize the child."

"Who does not recognize the Potter brat?" Lucius growled back.

Narcissa felt like cursing him right then and there. "If you think I can't recognize a fellow Black, I should curse you here and now Lucius!"

Lucius paled. "You can't honestly believe…"

"Think about the obsession our son has with the boy. How protective Sirius was of the boy. He protected that boy more than his own parents had! That boy is a Black!" Narcissa growled. "And if you look at the boy, you can clearly see his parentage. Who ever thought that giving the Potter's the baby has a sick twisted mind."

Lucius flinched as if he had been slapped. He had been praying that his wife was not hinting at who the boy was. There were only three children born from the Black line of that age. Draco, a child born of Bellatrix, had not made it shortly after birth and the one he was praying to was not the Potter boy. Lucius felt like he was going to be sick.

"That Weasley asked me to meet after the match." Lucius said with a gulp. "I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I think it had to do with the boy's reaction to my cane almost striking him. There seemed to be an odd dynamic happening in the family. Mostly surrounding the oldest two, the twins and Harry."

Narcissa extended the privacy charm to include a very brooding Draco. But he seemed to know better than to complain at that moment. "Draco, did you notice something off with the Potter boy?"

Draco fought back the urge to spout off the first thing that came to mind. He clenched his jaw until he calmed himself then gave them a slight nod. When he realized his parents were expecting more, he sighed. "He seemed confused and possibly a bit annoyed. Weasely and the Mudblood didn't seem too pleased to be separated and kept glaring at the oldest two. The Weaselette also seemed annoyed that she wasn't able to cling to him. I don't think I have ever seen the twins so close to him. They talked at school, but not enough for them to be practically glued to him."

His parents nodded as they took in the information. Then Narcissa's eyes narrowed. "Does he always wear clothes so worn and baggy?"

Draco shrugged. "He has dressed like that since the day I met him. Now that I think about it… I think that was the same shirt we were wearing in Madam Malkins."

Narcissa's eyes narrowed even more. "Has he ever been jumpy like that before?"

"Honestly. You can't expect me to believe that the light would allow such a thing to happen to the boy?" Lucius said in horror.

Narcissa ignored him. "What do you feel when the boy is around? Mostly, when you first see him over summer holiday."

Draco scrunched his nose and tried to think back. Then he shrugged. "Like he needs to be protected."

Lucius groaned and ran a hand over his face. This was the last thing he needed. There were already plans underway that the boy had a vital part in. This whole situation had just become complicated.XOXO

"How do we know we can trust them?" Bill almost growled at his brother, as they looked around for the all too recognizable Malfoy hair. Charlie groaned and glared at his brother. He had already explained why the Malfoy's had been their only choice. Despite them being on the opposite side of the upcoming war, they were purebloods. Purebloods that believed in the Pureblood morals. One of those being that abuse of a magical child was not tolerated. It didn't matter about blood status.

"I am not saying that they don't believe in the pureblood ideals. I am just mentioning that they may ignore it because of who Harry is." Bill replied with a huff.

"Who else can we go to? Another light family? One under orders to leave the boy where he is?" Charlie said with a shake of his head. "No. I'd rather take a chance that their Pureblood ideals will be stronger than where their loyalties lie."

Bill sighed heavily. He knew his younger brother had a point. He was about to reply when he saw the young Malfoy boy. He looked up at them and nodded slightly. He then walked into a tent, but not before beconning them to follow. The Weasleys took a calming breath and followed the boy in. They weren't surprised to see the tent had been set up with all the latest wizarding comforts. Or the fact that the tent looked like a miniature manor. The Weasleys sent each other a knowing look and tried their hardest to hold back laughter. They owed the twins a bit of money.

"What can we do for you boys?" Lucius's drawl broke them out of their humor and took the Malfoy's back a bit by the instant seriousness in their facial features.

"Before we even say. We would like to make sure we are not wasting our time." Bill said as he eyed each Malfoy. "We need to know that despite your loyalties, you would help a magical child. No matter who that child might be."

Charlie seemed to growl at his brother but kept his mouth shut.

"No matter the purity of a child's blood. All Magical children are a blessing." Narcissa said calmly. "We would do everything in our power to assist."

Charlie ran a hand down his face. Trying to calm his nerves before he started. "We went with our dad to pick Harry Potter from his house with his muggle relatives. We have never met the boy before last night. I am not sure where the boy had come from and I am hoping that I am mistaken. It sounded like he had been drug out from a small space in the hallway. When he came into the room….."

""The boy was black and blue. There was dried blood in his hair. The uncle's excuse was he got into a rough housing match with his cousin Duddly. The boy was three time's Harry's size and Harry backed up his claims." Bill said, then put his face in his hands. "But the worst part was when we got the boy home, the instant mom saw him…. She gave him a hug to cover up the fact that she was trying to quickly heal him. Later… we saw Dad spike Harry's drinks with nutrients potions… while the twin's distracted everyone else."

"We confronted them when everyone else was asleep. Their explanation was that Dumbledore refused to take him from the house. That there were blood wards protecting him there. That they did what they could when he finally got to their care, but Dumbledore insisted that he had to stay put." Charlie said as he paled, looking as though he was about to be sick. "We confronted the twin's after that. They informed us that in Harry's second year, they stole dad's flying car and went to go rescue him, because he hadn't been answering Ron's letters. They had to pull bars off his windows. His door was locked, with multiple locks, and there was a cat flap in the door that they fed him through. His trunk, school supplies and wand were all locked up in the cupboard under the stairs, and when they went to grab his things there was an old mattress. There were also child drawings hung on the wall. The matrix had spots of old blood on it."

"They also told us that they had informed our parents and they were told to just ignore what they saw. I believe they actually obliviated Ron, not wanting him to make Harry feel worse about the situation. Saying he needed one normal thing in his life, Ron's friendship. They also informed us that they had been sneaking nutriance potions in his drinks at Hogwarts. I guess they were taking them from Snape. He seemed to know they were taking them because he would brew more, but they aren't sure if he knew who they were giving them too. " Bill growled as he pulled out a parchment from his pocket and handed it to Lucius. "After we talked to the twins we went to Harry and as you can see, we also healed him to the best of our abilities, but the damage was severe. All reversible if caught quickly enough, but not worth a damn if he returns there every year. I am also a curse breaker. I know I don't have to explain what that means to you. I did not feel a single ward around that house. Not to mention three complete strangers were able to walk in without any prior knowledge of Charlie or I showing up. I should have at least felt the wards testing my intentions. There was nothing there."

Charlie's face paled. "You didn't tell me that."

"I am sadly not finished. I didn't want to say anything before I was sure of what was going on." Bill clenched his jaw. "I have recently come back to the London branch of Gringotts. I overheard one of them mention, the Potter's wills had never been read… till recently. They never mentioned a child. In fact, they left everything to Dumbledore. Mentioning that if they died due to the war, they apologized for their failure in their duties."

"Potter isn't really a Potter… is he?" Draco said in a soft voice. He looked up at Bill and almost felt sick at the shake of his head.

"Now I know goblins do not normally gossip so openly about things like that. Not in an area that could be overheard. So my guess is that they wanted me to hear this information. So I asked them if Potter had nothing to his name. How he had a vault. They didn't say it out right, but they hinted that it was left by the child's parents and that he had nothing to worry about as long as the correct people were aware." Bill sat back in his chair with a defeated sigh. "My guess is that his parents are pureblood. That they have a family tree and that they know that the child is still alive they just can't get to him. Or they don't know who he is."

"Narcissa glanced over at her husband. "How loyal are you to the light side?"

Charlie raised his eyebrow. "At this point… I'm questioning everything."


Narcisa nodded. "In that case, there is a bit of a story I would like to inform the both of you. Draco… if you are feeling uncomfortable about this, you may go elsewhere. I am not sure how you are going to take this but you are welcome to stay if you would prefer."

Draco didn't leave. Narcissa nodded her head. "First of all, let me just say that the Black family is a very old family. Probably older than the Malfoys. Just not as pure. But the one thing Black's had always prided themselves on was family. Back before the Blacks put more of their beliefs in purity, they strengthened the lines. A Black will always recognize a Black. Some have given up the gift or the knowledge was just not passed down. Some of us can still feel it. Myself and Draco being one of them. Sirius as well, but I am sure he does not recognize it for what it is. That being said, there were three babies born fourteen years ago to the Black line. Draco, who is clearly here. Bella's baby, who died from birth complications a few months after birth… and another. Born to Regulus."