Severus looked down at the man in the bed. He was just a shadow of the man he had remembered. And his resemblance to Harry was uncanny. It also hadn't gone unnoticed by the man, that he had seen Harry in this position to many times in the past. Before he thought nothing of it. Being controlled by the spells and potions to hate the poor boy, he hadn't cared about the state he had been in. But seeing James this way was a dejavu he did not want to relive. James's pale gray skin, his small skeletal structure, scars and bruises all looked way too familiar.

"Are you going to sit there and stare at him all day?" Narcissa asked with a knowing smirk on her face. It soon fell away when she saw that Severus looked so troubled. She quickly stepped forwards, hoping nothing bad had happened to James. She didn't believe Severus could take losing him again.

"He is fine Cissy." Severus said with a heavy sigh. "His uncanny resemblance to our resident green eyed demon child is unsettling. Do you know how many times I have seen the child in the same state? How many times have I turned away and scoffed? Swearing the boy was faking it for sympathy points with his peers? Knowing those thoughts had been forced on me is not making this any easier."

Narcissa patted Severus on the shoulder. "We all have failed that boy in one way or another. All we can do now is know he doesn't blame us. And take down the bastard who forced this upon us."

Severus sighed heavily but nodded. "How are the others doing? Are any of them still saine?"

Narcissa snorted. "The brothers are already asking to leave their beds. I had to put a sticking charm on them. Their main issue is malnourishment. Sirius may be impulsive with many things, but he saved those boys. The others are hit and miss… Bella… she might as well have been left behind. She keeps demanding to see Tom. Something about having his children and taking over her rightful spot from Regulus."

Severus couldn't help it… he snorted. "Please allow me to be there when you inform Regulus. Just make sure Harry has his wand. I believe he is the only one Regulus won't attack to get it back."

Narcissa smirked back at him. She then turned her attention back to James. "You two would have been good together, you know. If things had been allowed to run its course. You had always balanced each other out at school. And the children would have been adorable."

Severus scowled at the woman as his cheeks flamed. "Don't be ridiculous."

Narcissa giggled. "You will let us know when he wakes up before you whisk him away won't you?"

"Don't you have others to look after Cissy? There isn't much time before you will be needed back at the Manor." Severus growled. "I have already sent my patronus to the old goat. I am sure he will be planning a raid of your Manor very soon."

Narcissa rolled her eyes. "Spoilsport. One of these days, Severus, you will learn to be happy. And when that man opens his eyes, I will be the one to say I told you so."

"Goodbye Narcissa." Severus said with an exasperated sigh. The woman gracefully turned on her heels and headed out the bedroom door. He turned his attention back to James and sighed again. He knew the woman was going to give him a hard time when he had brought James into the room across the hall from his own. The others had all been placed in a secured ward that none of them could escape from. But Severus wouldn't allow James to be placed in the same area as his fellow death eaters. They would most likely slit his throat and ask questions after.

"I can hear you over thinking." A gravelly voice said in amusement. Severus looked up to meet the hazel eyes of James Potter. They twinkled in amusement when they saw the shock on Severus's face. "You were the last person I expected to get me out of that place."

Severus huffed and leaned back in his chair. "Tom saw a memory in Aries Flint's mind. That brought up some questions."

James snorted. "Oh I'm sure I'll be questioned."

There was an awkward silence before Severus leaned closer to James. "Did you know?"

"That Harry was Ophiuchus?" James asked. "Of course I did. I was the one who had taken him. Lilly didn't know… if that makes you feel better. She never was able to slip the spells. I did shortly after I had taken Ophiuchus."

Severus sucked in a breath and narrowed his eyes at James. "You had better be very careful how you word that to Tom and Regulus."

James looked up in surprise. "Regulus is alive. Oh thank Merin. I wasn't sure what the potion was that I had given him. And after Tom started his manhunt, I was worried I had killed him. Sirius would have been furious with me. Tom would have gutted me. And I'm pretty sure Narcissa is still tempted to poison me."

Severus smirked. "We are all very protective of our little Dark Prince. But you are forgetting a couple things."

James tilted his head in curiosity and Severus smiled wickedly back. "Narcissa is a Black. You would have been tortured very creatively. She would have left the poisoning to the child's Godfather."

James paled a bit. "Oh Merlin. If you lot don't kill the old bastard, I'm going to. He basically signed my death warrant. You would have made it slow and painful."

Severus's smile widened. "Very much so."


Remus took ahold of Sirius's hand as he looked over at the man sitting across from him. He was nothing like he had expected. His looks were pretty much what had always been described. But the large smile on the man's face was a bit unsettling. Narcissa, who was sitting next to Fenrir, smirked over at him. Knowing that the younger werewolf was in a bit of shock.

"Can… Can you explain why you bit me? That memory is a bit fuzzy… but I remember playing with you before it happened. I had always thought you had tricked me…" Remus said nervously. "But you hadn't…had you?"

Fenrir's smile faded a bit and shook his head. "I was in the area when I smelled a sick child. I knew who you were. Your father had been very active in the werewolf hunts. That was actually why I was there. To try and prove that werewolves weren't as dangerous as most believed. So I went to your house. Asked for him to hear me out. That I could prove that I wasn't a danger. And that I could save you. Your mother had begged me to save you… so when your father was out on a hunt during the full moon… I came to you. I took you outside and let you play under the moon. I bit you. Right here."

Fenrir pointed to his left wrist. Remus unconsciously rubbed at the scar on his wrist. "Normally the bite would fade. So I didn't think much of it… till the next full moon when I went to check on you. I could feel your unease the moment I got into town. But there were wards keeping me off the property. Your mother went to town a few days later and I asked why I had been warded from the property. She explained to me that her husband had gone to Dumbledore. That he was telling them horrible things about werewolves. That you needed to be locked up during full moons."

Remus shuddered at the memories and Serius wrapped his arms around him. "My father was a very cruel man. Even before I got bit. But he got worse after. Calling me an abomination. Keeping my mother away from me. He told me I owed my life to Dumbledore. That if it hadn't been for that man, he would have put me out of my suffering."

Fenrir growled. "I tried to get you out. But your father always seemed to know when your mother tried to interfere. I hadn't even known you were my heir yet. But no child deserved that. I didn't know till your fifth year. Severus actually noticed the bite mark. We have actually met before. Sirius, you brought him to a pureblood gathering."

Sirius snorted and nodded. "It was one of my last attempts at rebellion. My mother was trying to use those gatherings to try and force me on Andromeda."

Fenrir nodded. "Did you ever question why that contract never went through."

Sirius's eyes widened. "I was told that it had gone through. That is why I ran. They were trying to have me married off before I graduated."

Fenrir scowled. "That had better not have been the case. But it could explain your fathers untimely death. I saw Remus's bite mark that night. I knew then you were my heir and that Sirius was your chosen mate. Messing with a werewolf bond mate is punishable by magic itself. Abraxas had learned that the hard way as well. He came down with dragon pox shortly after the marriage contract between Narcissa and Lucius was completed. If the contract had been submitted… it would explain why Orian died so suddenly. Your mother refused to believe you had been chosen as a werewolf mate. I had warned him not to mess with nature. That Sirius would be the mate of my heir. I thought I had made my point very clear."

"Not if my mother was involved." Sirius scowled. "Father may have been Lord, but mother ran everything. That was why Narcissa and Lucius were stuck in that contract. And of course she didn't get the backlash on anything because she never signed her name to anything. The death of Regulus was what finally got her. Guess there was one good thing that came from him faking his death."

Narcissa shook her head and took Fenrir's hand in hers. She had always wondered why the contract had been forced between herself and Lucius. It also explained why it had been so lenient. They weren't allowed to have sexual relations outside the marriage. But it also wasn't required to have a sexual relationship between them. As long as they shared a bed and had one heir conceived through a potion. At least Orian had tried to make it easy on them.

"So what does it mean for me being your heir?" Remus asked when the silence started to getting to him.

Fenrir smiled over at him. "Nothing more than getting your own vault and inheriting my estate once I'm gone. Right now it's being used as a refuge for the werewolves that had no other place to go. It's getting a bit crowded. Due to an increase of bites after the last decade of laws that had been passed. Hopefully we can get the laws changed so that they can get their own place and you can inherit without all the drama."

Remus looked over at Sirius. Sirius simply nodded in reply. "Sirius has enough properties for us to choose from… I would probably keep it as it is. A safe place for werewolves."

"And if there is an overflow, I have enough Black properties to donate to the cause." Sirius said with a wicked grin on his face. "I am sure that would make the parents proud."

Narcissa giggled and leaned into Fenrir. "One last act of rebellion. I volunteer my family home. Or that lovely summer home Aunt Walburga had been so fond of."

Sirius gave Narcissa a wicked smile. "Why not both."

Before any one can change the subject, Arthur's patronus shows up in front of them.

"Dumbledore calls you for a meeting, we are raiding the Malfoy Manor."

"Shit" Sirius growls. "You two go warn the others. Narcissa, warn the elves to get ready to erase our magical signatures once we have all fled. Remus, Charlie, Bill and I will try to get the meeting to last a bit longer. I'll send a reply to Arthur."

They all went separated and Sirius pinched the bridge of his nose. He just wished they could have a moment of Pease. He was just glad they had all moved thing to Riddle Manor earlier that day.


Lucius sat back in his chair as he, Regulus, Tom and Severus watched the younger ones playing in the small pond they had in the backyard. His eyes glued to the second oldest Weasley as he was shirtless and wearing a pair of pleasantly tight swim trunks. The man seemed to know the Malfoy Lord was watching as he would glance over his shoulder every so often and smirk.

"Of course you would." Regulus teased as he leaned back into his husband's chest. He noticed Lucius blush slightly and attempt to take his attention off Charlie… but that didn't last long. Charlie easily picked up Draco and threw him farther into the lake, showing off some impressive back muscles. Lucius nearly groaned. Or he thought he had suppressed the noise. By the three chuckles coming from his friends… he had failed.

"You may have to fight off your son." Tom said with a smirk. "He seems to gravitate towards your eye candy."

Lucius glared over at Tom. He had also noticed that Draco seemed to be clinging to Charlie a little too much. But he wasn't that worried about it. He knew his son had an eye for someone at Hogwarts. He had the feeling his mischievous son was just trying to get a rise out of him. And sadly it was working.

"Maybe you should go down there and stake your claim." Severus said with a smirk. "Draco is basically a miniature you, Lucius. What isn't to say that Charlie wouldn't mind something a bit more…. Younger."

Lucius rolled his eyes at his three teasing friends. "I am very aware of my placement in the man's mind. My son is not an issue. If anything, the little brat is trying to force me to act. He has his eye set on someone at Hogwarts. As long as it isn't that Zabini child, I won't get involved."

Regulus raised an eyebrow. "Zabini? As in the black widow's child?"

Lucius nodded. "The boy seems to have his mother's fondness for well placed men. Between him and the Parkinson girl, I'm afraid Draco doesn't get much peace."

"Well, now he has four protective boys on his side." Regulus said fondly as he watched Marcus guard Harry from getting splashed by the twins. Bill and Charlie seemed to be ganging up on Draco. "Is it horrible of me to hope that we find a decent partner for them all? Lucius had Charlie, Narcissa had Fenrir, Sirius has Remus, Harry has Marcus, I have Tom. But what about Bill, the twins, Draco and Severus?"

"Severus is completely fine alone." Severus growled and Lucius chuckled. "You my dear friend will shut your mouth… or your young Weasley will hear all of your embarrassing stories."

Lucius chuckled along with the other two. "Oh come on, Severus. We all saw the look on your face when you saw James again. Hoping for a chance at that one sided boyhood crush?"

Severus gulped. "It wasn't as one sided as I had believed."

His three friends turned to him in shock. Severus sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "The Mutt and his wolf came to talk to me while I was in my lab the other night… we figured out that we had all been compelled shortly after we had come to Hogwarts. They told me that James was never tailing Lilly because he liked her. He was asking about me. They believed his heir ring was keeping him safe from whatever spells or potions the old fool was feeding every one. That was till fifth year."

Lucius choked on the tea he had been sipping. "I thought he was just talking nonsense that night… he was trying to warn us."

Severus nodded. "I think he was going to confess. Sirius said he had come out as gay to his Quidditch team. The shrieking shack incident happened shortly after that… It was a warning. He started to date Lilly soon after that."

Tom shook his head. "I have heard about this incident, but not of what happened that night."

Severus shook his head. "Because we don't speak of it. The only ones who know what happened are the four of us. Well… and Lilly. I think James had told her so she would check on me. Instead she threw herself at him."

The three other men shared a look then turned back to Severus. The man sighed and flopped back in his chair in defeat. "Sirius sent me to the shrieking shack during a full moon. That was where Remus stayed on those nights. James and Sirius got there just in time before Remus attacked. Sirius put himself between us in his animagus form. Remus instantly took interest in him. James got me out of the room, but we couldn't leave the shack. There was a spell… that didn't drop till after Remus changed back. So Remus's wolf seemed to be very fond of Sirius in dog form.… which apparently was a normal thing because James didn't seem bothered by it. James took me to a room that seemed well kept. He just held me for a while… then he… he started to kiss me. And things escalated. In the morning I panicked and ran."

"That was when you slept with Sirius and Remus. You were trying to get back at James for ending up with Lilly right after." Regulus said sadly. "Oh Severus… he got with her to protect you didn't he?"

Severus sighed heavily. "I can only guess at this point. He did get worse with his bullying after that. And he did end up doing the same thing I did and slept with one of my closest friends."

Regulus growled angrily. "What reason does that old bastard have for messing with everyone's lives like this? I realize he was trying to force an obscurial. But why go to this extent?"

"For the same reason he turned so many people against me. It was punishment for not becoming an obscurial." Tom said with a heavy sigh. "Severus had made friends and what better way of making someone suffer than turning them against him. With Harry… I believe he hoped I would break. That I would turn into the monster he claims I am."

The four men sat back and let that sink in.

"We can't allow him to keep controlling the school." Regulus growled as he watched his son and his friends. "He has too much power over the children."

Fenrir and Remus came running in at that moment. "Arthur Weasley will be coming with a group of order members. He sent Sirius and me a patronus. Once Sirius and I leave, we won't have much time before they show up to check the house."

Regulus quickly got to his feet and rushed down to the pond to grab the kids. The house erupted into chaos. Soon they were all standing in the floo room sending everyone through as quickly as possible. Harry froze when he realized Draco and the adult Malfoys were not joining them.

"We can't just leave them here." Harry protested.

"We have to stay. If we aren't here when they show up, they will think we had been informed and that's dangerous for Sirius and Remus." Draco said as he pushed Harry towards the floo. "We will come as soon as things have calmed down. Now please, brother, go."

Marcus stepped into the fireplace, wrapped his arms around the distressed boy and threw down the floo powder. They tumbled onto the floor in Riddle Manor and Harry instantly started to fight against Marcus. But Marcus just tightened his grip and carried him away from the fire as Regulus and Tom came through. Tom quickly shut off the floo network and Harry could feel his heart stop.

"Deep breaths Philly." Marcus said calmly into Harry's ear. "Draco will be safe. You will see him again soon. But right now, you need to calm. The both of you are feeding into each other's anxiety and will make it harder for him. You need to be his calm right now."

Harry wiped away his tears as he took a deep breath. He knew Marcus was right. He could feel Draco's fear and anxiety pulsing through their soul bond. He tried his hardest to let Draco know he was safe. And soon he felt Draco calm down.

"Your bonds is still fragile." Regulus said sadly as he ran a comforting hand through his son's hair. "I'm sorry to inform you, but you may need to strengthen them again when the Malfoys can come to us."

Harry groaned. "I don't mind the cuddles with Draco and Narcissa… but Lucius is just awkward."

The group all chuckled remembering watching Lucius trying to read a book as he awkwardly had his arm around Harry's shoulders and the boy's face being a deep shade of red the whole time.

"Maybe he just needs a bit of practice." Regulus said as he winked over at Charlie. "It has been a few years since the man has cuddled anyone. Draco demanded he was too old for parent cuddles at age eight. And he and Narcissa have never been affectionate like that towards each other. Maybe we can convince a certain red head to lighten him up a bit."

The Weasleys all chuckled as they looked up at their brother. Bill nudged him playfully and Charlie's face turned a deep shade of red.

"He knows where I stand with that." Charlie said uncomfortably.

Harry's eyes got wide as he looked up at Charlie. "Does this mean I'm going to have to call you Uncle Charlie now. Are you going to be Draco's new Daddy?"

The room was silent for only a second before every one burst into laughter at Charlie's expense. The man could only stand there and blush. He hadn't thought that far ahead. But he wasn't opposed to the idea either.

"Masters, the rooms be ready sirs." A tiny house elf said as she popped into the room and bowed at Regulus and Tom.

"Thank you Opal." Regulus said then turned to his guests. "Our home doesn't have as much space as Malfoy Manor, so you will have to double up I'm afraid. The only ones I'm really worried about right now are Marcus and Severus. You two don't mind sharing, I hope."

"Not at all. I have a feeling the Professor has been wanting to give me a tongue lashing." Marcus said with a slight smirk at Harry. "I think someone may have let it slip that I may be smarter than I let on."

Severus huffed. "It is a good thing that someone let it slip. I wouldn't want to keep you behind a second time."

Harry stuck his tongue out at Marcus. Marcus just rolled his eyes and smiled down at the boy.

"It will also give us time to figure out what Aries has done to you." Severus said as he eyed the boy as if he was an interesting experiment. "I do have a feeling one of those potions had troll blood in it. We may have to do a blood adoption to counteract the effects. I'd be more than happy to use my own blood if that would be the case."

Marcus looked up at the man in shock. "Um thank you Sir. I'd be honored."

"Better hold off on that till James is on his feet." Tom whispered to the potions master, causing him to blush slightly. "He may want to be a part of that adoption."

Bill patted Charlie's shoulder as two patronus came bounding up to them. One belonging to their father. The other their mother. Arthur's was informing Charlie of the meeting. But Molly's was more demanding.

"I expect to see you two at this meeting! And don't you dare forget to bring the twins! They should be here instead of off doing who knows what!"

Bill rolled his eyes. "You two are not coming." He glared at the twins as he dared them to protest. They smartly moved over to Harry. "Smart move. We'll tell the Order the two of you are interns at the bank. Can't leave without rising suspicions. That will keep you two out of things for a bit longer. Dumbledore won't dare grab the attention of the goblins."

The twins just nod as they wrap their arms around Harry, knowing he was still anxious about Draco.

"Behave, we'll be back soon." Charlie said as he and Bill left. Severus watched them go and folded his arms.

"I am guessing I will not be summoned for this one. My friendship with the Malfoys is well known. They would be worried I would warn them."

Harry sighed. "Can we just accidently poison Dumblenuts lemon drops and get rid of him already?"

Severus smirked down at his Godson. "Not yet I'm afraid. But if he get the go ahead, I'll allow you the honors."


Sirius, Remus, Charlie and Bill sat around the room and looked around them. Dumbledore sat in a chair in the back of the room. The only spot that could be seen by everyone. He was watching each and every member of the Order. His blue eyes twinkling as he seemed to enjoy the bit of panic that was over taking the room.

"I am sorry to inform everyone that along with Harry running away, Azkaban has also been broken into." Dumbledore said with a heavy sigh. "So far we believe that the ones to escape were Death Eaters. It does not look like anyone else had escaped. This leads to why I have brought you all here. I have received information that a certain Malfoy boy had been seen at both scenes."

"You can't honestly believe that the boy has the power to be behind all of this." Charlie asked with a scoff.

Albus looked up at him and sighed heavily. "He may not. But his father surely does. Ron and Hermione have already informed me that Mr and Mrs Malfoy were at the World Cup."

"We didn't see them in the fight." Arthur said with a scowl. "I found that a bit odd. He had already antagonized Harry earlier that night."

"I saw them. they had gotten separated from their son and were frantically trying to find him." Bill said as he wrapped a hand around Charlie's wrist under the table. The last thing they needed was for Charlie to open his mouth. He could already feel his brother shaking in anger. And by the clenched jaw of Sirius. He was also having trouble calming Remus.

"Are you sure that is what they were doing?" Molly scoffed. "Could have been their way of covering their tracks after the boy took off with Harry."

"Except we saw them being reunited." Charlie said as he fought to keep his voice calm. "He didn't have time to take Harry then return between the time we got separated from the twins and when they came to us saying Harry had gotten separated from them."

"Why are you sticking up for them?" Molly asked with a huff.

"Because we don't see a reason to accuse someone if they could be innocent." Bill replied with a shrug. "But you all seem to believe they are behind this."

"They are Malfoys. Of course they are behind this." Ron said with a scoff.

"That is why we will be searching for Malfoy Manor. Arthur already has a search warrant for dark artifacts. We will use that as an excuse to search for Harry." Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye as he looked around at his order members. Not noticing how four of them seemed tense about the situation.

"Where are the twins?" Ron asked as if he just noticed that two of his brothers were missing.

Molly huffed and glared over at her eldest two. "Bill and Charlie have them enrolled in some sort of internship program. We can't get them out with out bringing suspicion to the order."

"They don't need to be involved in order business." Bill nearly hissed. "It's bad enough we have Hermione and Ron here. They are children. Why don't we bring Ginny in while we are at it."

Molly huffed and pointed a finger at her eldest. "Do not talk to me in such a manner! I am still your mother. And I still have a say in what my children are allowed to be involved in!"

"Molly dear, I don't think he was trying to undermind your parenting," Arthur said, patting his wife's hand. "Bill has always taken his eldest role very seriously. He is just looking out for them."

Before anyone else could speak, Dumbledore brought the attention back to himself. "The Aurors office will be sending Aurors to a few other properties. Just to make it look like we aren't targeting the Malfoys. I expect you all to do a thorough check of the place. Remus, check for Harry's scent if you can."

Remus bit the inside of his cheek and nodded. Moony was not liking his pack being threatened. He was having a bit more trouble controlling his wolf since he allowed memories to surface. Meeting Grayback seemed to have Moony coming forward more as well. The wolf feeling free and wanted for the first time since he presented in the back of Remus's mind.

"Let's go shall we." Dumbledore said pleasantly.


Draco, Narcissa and Lucius were all in the sitting room. When the wards notified them of the Order invasion. They were just glad that everyone had made it safe to Riddle Manor a good thirty minutes prior. Most of them would have been enraged with how the Order had barged into the house. They hardly had the time to even stand when they were surrounded by wand point. Remus sent them a quick apologetic look as he pointed his wand in Lucius's face.

"What is the meaning of this!" Lucius demanded. Arthur Weasley stepped forwards and handed him a piece of paper. Lucius took it from his hand and quickly looked over it. He had to fight the urge to laugh. "Really Mr. Weasley, have you not learned from this two years ago? What do you possibly believe you will find that you had not before?"

"Dad?" Draco asked as his voice shook a bit. He could feel Harry's concern through their bond and for some reason it was making him a bit nervous.

"It will be alright son." Lucius said as he thrusted the paper back at Arthur. "They are just looking for cursed objects."

"Honestly, haven't you harassed my family enough." Narcissa huffed as she made an attempt to move towards Draco. Tonks moved in her way and stopped her from moving.

"Sorry cousin." Tonks sneered. "It is best to have you separated."

"He is only a child." Narcissa protested but Tonks just sneered back at her and held her ground.

Lucius took a step forward, causing Moody and Kingsley to train their wands on him. He at once held his hands up to block Remus's eyes from the Aurors. They had started to glow amber as soon as Tonks had stepped between Draco and Narcissa. His inner wolf becoming angry at how members of his pack were being treated.

"Let everyone just calm down." Lucius said in his calm silky voice. "There is no reason for hostility. We have done nothing but be cooperative."

He could hear Remus taking deep breaths behind him as he fought control of his wolf.

Tonks only laughed at that. "Cooperative for now."

"Nymphadora." Moody growled out a warning as he then turned his attention back towards Lucius. "Right now we have the entity of the Auror and a few qualified volunteers going through every inch of your property. We will find something… or some one."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Narcissa asked with a huff.

"We got a anonymous tip that along with cursed objects in your possession." Moody said with a wicked smirk. "Along with aiding and embedding escaped Death Eaters."

"What on earth are you on about?" Lucius said in complete shock.

"Azkaban had a mass break out a few hours ago." Moody said as he hobbled over to the youngest Malfoy. "Witnesses say that a young man with the distinctive Malfoy blonde hair was seen leaving the scene."

Lucius took a step forward, but Remus cut him off. He sent him a warning look and Lucius took a deep breath. "You can not honestly be suggesting that my fourteen year old son had something to do with an Azkaban breakout? Something that has only been done by one person prior?"

Moody didn't take his good eye from Draco as his magical eye swung around to look at Lucius. "I would think it impossible, if not for the multiple eyewitnesses saying that the last person to have contact with Harry Potter was also your son. It seems a little too convenient that the Chosen One goes missing and Death Eaters escape shortly after… where the boy was witnessed at."

Narcissa felt her knees go weak. "I asked Draco to talk to the boy."

"Mother." Draco warned. He looked at her with wide worried eyes. Knowing she was going to attempt to take any suspension onto herself.

"It is ok, Dragon." Narcissa said with a sad smile. She turned her attention to Moody and sighed. "I have never met the boy. I have only seen glimpses of him. As a healer, I had concerns. Even with seeing him from afar I could see the boy was in pain. That there was something off about the boy. I had asked Draco to check if my suspicions were correct."

The Malfoys could see the Aurors turn towards Arthur suspiciously. The man gulped bet held his wand steadily at Malfoy.

"What are you saying Mrs. Malfoy?" Moody asked with a growl. He maybe a member of the Order. Along with the other two Aurors in the room, but he questioned a few things on the boy's wellbeing.

"I could clearly see the boy was bruised. And his small skinny statcher should not be normal. I remember Lilly and James. Neither of them were as scrawny as that boy. I had been worried something was not right." Narcissa said sadly.

Tonks snorted at her. "You want us to believe that you care of what the boy goes through? You of all people."

Narcissa narrowed her eyes at her niece. "Have you even met the boy, Nymphadora?"

Tonks scowled at her. "Don't call me that! You don't get to address me so casually!"

Narcissa declined her head. "You are right Miss Tonks. I apologize for speaking so casually."

"He was bruised." Draco said quietly. He looked down at his feet and clamped his hands together. He could feel Harry was still nervous and scared for him. He just hoped Harry didn't do something stupid. He looked up towards the gruff looking Auror and prayed the old man was a better man than the rest. "He was jumpy and cringed away from touch. When I asked he got angry. When I asked if it happened at the Weasleys he got aggressive. And let it slip that the reason he did not take my hand our first year… was because I reminded him of his cousin. I tried to remind him that we may throw hexes from time to time… but I never bruised him. He just got flustered and told me to leave him alone. I tried to follow but he disappeared."

Moody turned to look at Arthur. "Did the boy come to you bruised?"

Arthur nodded. "He and his Uncle told us that he and his cousin had gotten a bit rough while playing around. We healed what we could when we got him home."

"And you believed him." Draco said as his face paled. "Even I could see the bruise around his neck was in the shape of handprints. And he kept rubbing the back of his head and wincing. And once when he took his hand away there was blood."

"We are not here to question how we take care of Harry in our care." Arthur growled.

"But you are questioning my son's wearabouts and why he had been seen with the boy." Lucius growled back. "You have busted into my home and held me and my family by wand point. I believe there is every reason to question the boy's appearance after being in your care."

"Why don't we ask where you have been during this?" Arthur growled. He stepped towards Lucius and drew his wand up to point in the man's face. "Would you like to explain why every one else in your family has an alibi but yourself?"

Lucius snarled at the man and was about to open his mouth when some one stepped between him and Arthur. There standing between him and a glowing wand was Charlie Weasley. Lucius felt himself panic.

"He was with me." Charlie said quietly to his father. "Bill and I both told you. We saw Lucius and his wife looking for their son during the raid. I helped them search."

Arthur was taken aback for only a second. "That does not explain where he was during the Death Eater raid or during the escape."

"I was keeping your son safe during that raid." Lucius growled lowly as if he was trying to keep the others from hearing. "I knew anyone with red hair would be a target. As he helped search for Draco in the chaos."

Arthur looked at the man in horror then looked up at his second eldest. "And a few hours ago?"

"He was with me." Charlie said loud enough for the room to hear. There were gasps heard around the room. Lucius tried to protest, but Charlie glared over his shoulder at him. Tonks looked at Charlie as if she had never seen him before. At once Charlie cringed. He knew he had flirted with the girl a bit more than others. But he thought she had realized he didn't see her that way. He had obviously been wrong.

"How… how long…" Tonks asked as her hair turned a brilliant shade of red.

"We have done nothing more than talk." Lucius said with a heavy sigh. "I am still a married man. And my vows to my wife are still very much intact."

Arthur's face turned red with anger. "So you have been using my son."

"No… dad… no." Charlie said as he stepped further between Lucius and Arthur to block his fathers view.

"Don't tell me you are actually in love with him!" Arthur demanded. He saw Charlie's face grow red as he looked away from him.

"I wouldn't say love." Charlie said quietly and tried very hard to avoid looking at the other two Malfoys in the room. He could just scence Draco smirking at him. "But if allowed… it could very well lead to that."

Arthur looked at his son in disgust. "How long have you been this way?"

"I knew I was gay since my fourth year at hogwarts." Charlie said calmly. "And there is nothing wrong with my preferences. If neither of us are carriers… we could always adopt. And he already has Draco…I am a grown man, and have made my choice to see where this goes."

"How long!" Tonks demanded as she stomped her foot and glared at Charlie.

Charlie gulped. "The World Cup… But our connection was instant."

"You have no issue with this!" Tonks asked of her aunt. "Your husband has basically admitted to an affair."

Narcissa smiled sadly over at her niece. "I have known of Lucius's preferences since Hogwarts. Our marriage was arranged in a very strict contract written between my Uncle Orion and Lucius's father. I care for him as I would a good friend and nothing more. I did not have the choice of running like your mother did. I envy her of that."

"But you two have a son!" Tonks declared.

"Born of a potion. We have never been entimate that way." Lucius said quietly. He reached out and pulled on Charlie's wrist. Hoping the younger man would get out of the way of Arthur's wand.

That action seemed to set Arthur off. He pulled his son away from Lucius and snarled. "I will not allow you to corrupt my son!"

"Dad!" Charlie protested as Arthur sent a hex at Lucius. Charlie once again stepped between his father and Lucius and the hex hit Charlie. Arthur at once dropped the spell and looked at his son in horror.

"Step aside Charlie." Arthur growled.

"No!" Charlie growled back over his shoulder. He had covered Lucius with his body. Mostly to take the elder man's wand. He did not want this to escalate and knew it would if Lucius was allowed to throw around his own hexes.

"Arthur Weasley… did you just attack a man in front of three Aurors?" Kingsley asked with a dangerous tone to his voice. That seemed to break Arthur out of what ever anger induced trance he had been in. He at once dropped his wand.

"Oh Merlin…" Arthur started but Charlie wouldn't look up at him.

"Just go." Charlie said quietly. "You have done enough."

"What on earth is going on here!" Molly demanded as she walked into the sitting room. She flicked her eyes over towards her husband then turned to glare at Charlie, who was still holding Lucius back from cursing Arthur.

"Our second oldest…. Seems to have been lost dear." Arthur growled. "I should disown you for such a thing!"

"Arthur!" Molly said on shock. She was usually the hot headed one while Arthur was the calm one.

"Not only has our son informed me that he is gay…but he is Lucius's alibi for the Azkaban break out." Arthur growled.

Molly's face turned a an angry shad of red as she turned on her second eldest son. "Is that where you were when you got our patronus? Is that how they got rid of the evidence of Harry being here?"

Bill rolled his eye and sighed heavily. He had entered the room just behind his mother, along with Ron and Hermione. Both younger pointing their wands at Draco with smug looks on their faces.

"Charlie was with me at my apartment when the patronus came for us. I already told you that." Bill said with an annoyed tone. "Why can't you all just believe the Malfoys are innocent. There are other homes we could be helping search."

"I saw Draco grab Harry in the forest!" Ron demanded. "By the time Hermione and I got to them, they were both gone! I know Malfoy took Harry!"

"I had asked him about his injuries per my mother's request, Weasel. Then went back to find my parents after Harry ran from me." Draco hissed back. "Something you would have known if you had asked Charlie. Since he helped my parents find me."

"I don't believe you!" Ron bellowed. "What have you done with him!"

"Ronald." Hermione quickly lowered his wand arm when she noticed the Aurors turn their wands on Ron. "You can't attack him with Aurors around."

Ron glared at Draco as he lowered his wand. "This isn't over Malfoy."

Bill rolled his eyes and tried to wrangle up his family with the help of Remus. Charlie still held on to Lucius. As the Aurors, Weasleys and Remus left Lucius quickly wrapped his arms around Charlie.

"You fool!" Lucius growled as he started to run a diagnostic to figure out what muscle locking spell Arthur had used. "What if the spell had been worse! You could be seriously injured. You could have just put your whole career on the line!"

Narcissa smiled as she walked over and lightly ran a hand through Charlie's hair affectionately. "That is his way of showing he is worried about you. But I must admit. That was very dangerous."

Charlie started to relax as Lucius uttered the counter hex. "My father doesn't have many harmful spells in his arsenal. This is about the worst he has."

"I can hold my own against Arthur." Lucius growled as he eased Charlie into the nearest chair.

Charlie gave him a wining smile. "I know you can."

Lucius huffed and ran his fingers through Charlie's hair. "You are going to be the death of me."

Charlie's smile widened. "And what a way to go."

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