AUTHOR'S NOTES: Okay, this is my second Gekitou! Crush Gear fiction, and it's a poem featuring one of my favorite SLASH pairings in there since they really seemed so sincere and sweet. Harry x Yuuya! Major mush and slash warning up ahead, so read on only if you are really interested.

Disclaimer:  I don't own Crush Gear but I own the toy!


A Slash and angst poem by: FiendisHSerapH

I was shocked

I was surprised

Haven't assumed, didn't surmise

That you will leave our side

Each drop of rain

Sends me in vain

As I near your ashen slate

I regret that I was late

Eyes full of tears

Hate over years

Feelings pile and hover

On one delicate flower


This rose I give

While I bereave

Over your sudden loss

Your presence never sought

This rose I leave

Beside your grave

With this victory pin

Of a battle you didn't win

This is a symbol

Of life so nimble

Talent underdeveloped

A boy never blossomed

This rose I place

Beneath the Haze

But it really means more

Than what I've said before


For this rose

Is love that grows

It's beyond isolation

And eon separation

It surpasses

It compasses

It will linger forever

In each of my endeavor

This only means

To the extremes

My love for you will stay

Up to that very day

But I will hide

This one inside

I will just wait for the day

When I will go there and stay

It'll be painful

And sorrowful;

But this love for you should hide

But deep in me you'll abide…

Okay, that's it. I was just surprised that I made one lengthy poem like this. I expect your reviews on the separate page~!