After I Let You Go
Chapter 1: Leaving You

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Sakura is a 17-year-old girl who went to New York to stay with her father there unwillingly. She was forced to leave her friends behind and she was so determined that once she was in New York, her life would be all crap. But when she met Syaoran, she was wrong. But she realized it after letting him go.


"WHAT!" Sakura yelled at her father. She cared less who she was talking to when she was angry. "I'm not going anywhere after graduation! I'm staying here!"

"No you're not," Fujitaka insisted. "Sakura, we've talked about this. I already told you that if I would be assigned to other countries, you and your brother should come with me. But since your brother is on his honeymoon, you're coming with me to New York yourself after your graduation."

"But dad--," she protested. "I can't leave my friends behind. What will they say to me?"

"I'm sure they'll understand."

"But what if they don't? What will you do about it?"

"I'll think of something when they don't, ok?" said Fujitaka. "Besides, you surely can make friends there in New York. There are many Japanese folks there and also, I've heard that there are many teenagers of your age who are diplomats like you."

"I don't care! I'm not going anywhere!"

"Yes you are!" there was finality in his voice that made Sakura jump. "Your flight would be on May 26. Fine, I'm going now. You can travel by yourself now, don't you? You're already 17 and I'm expecting you to be a good girl. Bye, dear."

Fujitaka went to his daughter and kissed her goodbye. Sakura just pouted at him as he went out of the house and she cursed fate under her breath.


Sakura's Point of View

That's just great. I'm leaving the country right after graduation because of my dad's bloody job! He works in the Department of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo, Japan and this is his first time to be assigned to another country. I never thought he would be accepted in New York that's why I didn't bother about it too much. But damn it! He was accepted and he was bringing me with him!

Fine, Touya is so lucky. He is on his honeymoon with Kaho until now and I'm sure they'll be glad to go to New York. Good for them. Well, I always wanted to go to New York but only for vacation or holidays-- not to stay there for good.

Hell! I don't want to leave! I don't wanna leave my friends behind! What about Joseph?

He's my cutie boyfriend and I don't want to lose him. He surely will break up with me now but I don't want to. Fine whatever! So I guess I won't be worrying about my college applications then. I'm tired of this bloody fucking shit of this life!


Fujitaka sat on the plane, looking at the window, wondering if what he did was right. He was bringing Sakura along with him to New York and he thought she would be happy about it since she wanted to go to New York when she was young. But she wasn't young anymore. She was well aware of what was happening to her surroundings now.

After a moment, he fell asleep and in his dream, he was calling his wife to ask her if what he was doing was the right thing. Luckily, he found Nadesico shining below the moonlight starlight. (Whatever!)

"Nadesico," he called out, going near her.

"Yes?" she looked up and saw her husband. She brightened up her smile and kissed him. "Hey, why are you feeling so troubled?"

"I don't know what to do about Sakura. It's like... I'm feeling guilty to bring her to New York with me."

"Don't worry about her. She'll get over it. As soon as she's there, she'll thank you for bringing her there, I'm telling you."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positively sure, honey. I have to go now. Your flight is over," she said and kissed him again then disappeared.

"We're about to land in New York International Airport," announced the flight attendant, waking Fujitaka up. "Please fasten your seat belts."

'Thank you, Nadesico.' Fujitaka said looking over the heaven. He was sure Nadesico was there listening to him.


"YOU WILL WHAT!" exclaimed Sakura's gang altogether. She had just said that she would leave Japan after graduation.

"But Sakura, you can't leave," said Rika.

"Things will surely be different without you," said Joseph hugging her.

"There's nothing I can do," said Sakura, tears in her eyes. "My dad told me that I'll leave and join him in New York."

"So are you staying there for good?" asked Audrey.

"I don't know," Sakura replied. "But I think we'll just stay there for four years. I'm not staying there forever, No way!"

"We'll miss you," her gang said and they group-hugged.

They were having their farewell party at their school. They all passed and everybody was so excited to apply for college except Sakura. Her dad brought her results with him to find her a good university when she gets there.

It was Sakura's day to be with her friends, not to mention their graduation day, which would be tomorrow. The whole batch was so sad when she announced she would leave since she was the sunshine. Sakura brought smiles to their faces whenever they were down and she always rocked the place with her cute laughter.

Now she was leaving, everybody was dedicating 'surprise numbers' for her in this party. Sakura was so in tears when she got to know how her batch mates feel about her. She thought they didn't care about her but they did. Who wouldn't with her charm?

Her gang sang their favorite song of all: "Losing You" by Busted and Sakura hugged them as soon as they finished the song. The day was almost at end but she didn't want it to. Her batch mates kissed her as they left the place and later on, her gang was the only one left in the room and it was already 10 in the evening.

"Hey Saku, can you come with me for a walk?" asked Joseph.

"Sure," she said and followed him to the playground. 'He'll break up with me, fine,' she told her mind.

Sakura sat on the swing while Joseph sat under a tree that was beside the swing. Sakura waited for him to start but he wasn't saying anything.

"Uuh, Seph?" Sakura said. "Since I'm leaving, the two of us is best to break up." Joseph looked up at her, shocked. "Because it's not going to work out."

"But Saku," Joseph said. "That's the thing I wanted to talk about. We can still work out our relationship even you're in New York that is if you want to. We can always keep in touch, you know."

"You're right about that," Sakura said smiling. "Yeah sure, let's just keep in touch. While I'm away, would you promise not to be naughty?"

"Trust me," he said, walked over to Sakura and kissed her.

'That's why I love this guy,' she thought.


Graduation Day

The ceremony was over and Sakura was surprised because the faculty staff prepared something for her. Her teachers gave her chokers and bracelets so that she wouldn't forget them. When everybody was leaving from the auditorium where their graduation was held, her gang called her back.

"Sakura, I have something for you," Chiharu said. She handed Sakura an anklet. There was something engraved on it: Love yah 4eva -chi-. Sakura was touched and hugged her friend.

"This is for you, gurl," Rika said and handed her an anklet too. It was almost the same as Chiharu's but hers was a red one instead of pink with small teddy bears hanging on it like Chiharu's: frends 4eva -rika-.

Naoko also gave her a lavender anklet with also teddy bears hanging on it: 4get me not -naoko-.

Audrey gave her a bracelet with her name -Audrey- on it and a message: if it's 4u, it's 4u; if it's not, it's not. Sakura didn't get what she was trying to say but still hugged her.

It was Takashi's turn and he gave her a book made by himself with Sakura's favorite quotes. It had lavender and pink cover with cherry blossoms in it and also, it had fresh blossoms scent.

Last but not the least; Joseph gave her a choker with -I ("v") ΓΌ-. It was colored pale green and had small pink cherry blossom leaves hanging on it. Sakura kissed him and they all went home altogether. Tomorrow would be her flight and honestly, she hadn't packed up her things yet.

When she reached home, her gang stayed for a while then left after dinner. Sakura went to her room and stared around it before packing. She didn't want to leave but there was nothing she could do when there was finality in his father's voice.

Sakura walked over to her closet and packed her clothes in her suitcases. She had filled up 3 suitcases and she had one hand-carry for tomorrow. She brought all her remembrance from her friends and had a treasure box for it. Her friends volunteered to go with her at the airport.

She didn't sleep at all that night and had waked up by 5 in the morning. She quickly took a bath and dressed up to go to the airport. She cursed under her breath when she left her house with her suitcases. She gripped her cellphone tight. On her way to the airport, she read all the messages in her inbox and started to cry.

She didn't want to think that she wouldn't be able to receive any messages from her friends anymore. But maybe she would if her dad would be so kind to buy her a card. She reached the airport and was so happy when she found her gang there.

They all hugged and the boys helped him with her suitcases and after she checked in, she hugged them one last time.

"Hey Sakura," said Joseph. "There's one more thing. We made this for you so you won't totally forget us." He handed a photo album with all their pictures since their first year high school----- all the good times when they together and also the bad times.

Sakura thanked them all and burst into tears----- unable to hold it back any longer. She kissed Joseph one last time and they didn't stop kissing until she heard that her flight would be boarding. "Goodbye all of you! I love you!" she said with tears in her eyes.

Sakura was on the plane looking at the window, tears still on her eyes as she watched Japan be left behind her. As Sakura cried, someone back in Japan was so happy now that she was gone.

'Thank goodness you finally left bitch!' Audrey thought. 'Now I can be with my Joseph forever!'


Author's Notes:

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