After I Let You Go
Chapter 5: Spasm of Jealousy

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Sakura is a 17-year-old girl who went to New York to stay with her father there unwillingly. She was forced to leave her friends behind and she was so determined that once she was in New York, her life would be all crap. But when she met Syaoran, she was wrong. But she realized it after letting him go.


Joseph's family quickly packed up their things to go to New York. Unusual to Joseph's parents, he was excited to go out of the country. Then they remembered that Sakura had gone there because of her father.

"I know what you're thinking son," Joseph's father said. "I'm sure she'll be happy to see you there. Is there any way you can know where they live?"

"We can just go to the embassy, dad," Joseph said, hoping he had assured his father. He didn't want his father to know that he had been cheating on Sakura. And he knew for sure hat Chiharu and the others wouldn't tell him where Sakura is in New York. "Her father works there."

"Ok son," his dad said and left him in his room, packing.


Chiharu and the others got to know that Joseph was leaving on the day after they had gone to New York because Takashi's mother told them that his mother had won tickets. They were thinking the same thing. He's going for Sakura. Realizing this, they quickly sent a message to Sakura to warn her that Joseph would be coming there.

"I don't care, Rika," Sakura said. "I can't stop him from going here in the embassy right? I mean, let him come! I'm ready for him."

"Are you sure?" Rika asked then Chiharu took the phone from her.

"Sakura, can you just punch him for me?" Chiharu said making Sakura laugh. "Yamazaki!" she screamed on the receiver and Yamazaki's voice was heard 'let me talk to her'.

"You can beat him up there and I'll beat him more down here ok?" Yamazaki said and gave Rika back her phone.

"Whatever you guys!" Sakura said. "Hey I got to go. Do you know that it's just nine in the morning here and I just wake up?"

"Oh sorry Sakura," Rika apologized. "We didn't mean to ruin your morning."

"That's ok guys," Sakura assured her. "Anyways, bye. I have to take a bath. The other Japanese teens asked me to come with them. You know, they're going to tour me around the place."

"Cool," Rika said and hung up after Chiharu and Takashi said goodbye.

Sakura stretched her arms and got up from her bed. As far as she could remember from last night—Eriol's party, Tomoyo had brought her home together with the Li cousins. Oh Syaoran is so kind. She shrugged off the thought and took a bath. After she had dressed up and all, she went downstairs to meet up Tomoyo and the gang.

"Ready to go?" Meilin asked excitedly.

"Sure but I haven't eaten breakfast yet," Sakura said. "Can we stop by a snack bar or something?"

"Ok," Tomoyo said. Sakura took her bag from upstairs again and shouted that she's leaving to the maid that her father hired to guard her. The maid smiled at her and her new friends and told them to take care.


Tomoyo grabbed Sakura's hand and pushed her in to the limo. Eriol, Syaoran and Meilin followed inside. "Why are you all excited about this?" Sakura asked.

"Nothing," Tomoyo said. "It's just that we feel so great. You know, first gimmick with a new person."

"Oh," Sakura said. "Hey is there a new guy that will come here in New York?"

"I don't know," Eriol replied. "Why? Are you expecting someone?"

"Not really, forget it," Sakura sighed and looked over the window. She glanced towards Syaoran on the other side of the limo and saw him looking at the window too. She knew she had blacked out last night and then he caught her but she hadn't said thank you to him yet.

Or maybe he understands that if he's serious with the ninja thing? Well I'm not serious about it. All I know is I'm satisfied and contented that he's there.

Minutes later, they came to a snack bar and Sakura ordered some cookies and hot chocolate. The others ordered different flavored smoothies. Their orders came quickly and they ate. "So where are we going first?" Sakura asked.

"Amusement park," Eriol said. "Or do you want to go rollerblading first? Or go to the mall then have picnic at the park?"

"Are we all going in those places today?" Sakura asked and they all nodded. "Can we go to the mall then to the park for lunch then roller blades and lastly the amusement park? I wish we're going to the amusement park by nighttime. Do they have fireworks at nighttime there?"

"Yeah, why you like them?" Syaoran asked.

"Love them," Sakura added. "In Japan, Joseph and… never mind," she became quiet then and just munched her cookies. She knew Syaoran told the gang what had happened to her last night—why she passed out.

The ride to the mall from the snack bar they had been from was quite far. Tomoyo and Meilin opened the windows for fresh air to come in and Sakura enjoyed it but she just stayed quiet gazing at the surrounding. She was thinking about Joseph, he would really come here for me. I bet he's going to say sorry and explain and all. Damn him!

Syaoran and the gang noticed that Sakura was in deep thought so they decided to bring her back to earth. "Earth to Sakura!" they shouted all together.

Sakura jumped and smiled shyly at them. "Sorry," she apologized. "You were saying something?"

"Actually we're not," Meilin said. "We're like just near the mall so get your ass ready."

"Whatever," Sakura said and smiled again. Few minutes later, the driver parked the limo to the mall's parking lot and they all got off.

Sakura walked with Tomoyo and Meilin while the boys were just behind them. "Are you guys shopping?" Eriol asked.

"Yeah we are, aren't you?" Tomoyo asked back.

"No way," Syaoran protested. "We'll be in the arcade, just call us when you're done."

"No Syaoran," Eriol complained. "They'll be done with shopping by night stupid. We'll call you if we're hungry for lunch ok?"

The girls nodded then they all went to the direction where the boutiques are. "Those guys get really annoyed when shopping with us, you know," Meilin said to Sakura. "You know, they rather be playing those stupid games than to be with us, having fun."

"Exactly, you know back in Japan, my guy friends don't come with us when shopping," Sakura greed. "What's wrong with shopping?"

"And sometimes, they won't go shopping with us girls but they'll ask us to buy something for them," Tomoyo added.

The girls just laughed on their comments on boys 'not wanting to go shopping with girls'. They went to many boutiques and Sakura bought few blouses and new jeans. Her father gave her money that morning before he left for the embassy so that she could buy something new in New York. Meilin and Tomoyo bought some blouses and jeans too.

"Hey why don't we buy a same blouse and skirt or pants?" Sakura suggested. "You know, remembrance…"

"Sure, I like that idea," Meilin and Tomoyo agreed and they searched a perfect match for the three of them. Soon they chose something: a baby blue tank top with a "Wanna die?" on the back and a denim mini skirt. The saleslady told them that they could put their names on the skirt so they did. They asked the lady to sew all their names on both sides of the skirt.

That was the only thing that made them take so long. After that, they went to an accessory shop and bought the same bracelets. Before they noticed it would be about lunchtime. Eriol then called Tomoyo telling her to meet them up NOW.


The girls quickly went to where the boys were with all heir shopping bags. "What took you so long?" Syaoran demanded. "We've been here like since forever."

"Oh shut up!" Meilin said. "Why don't you just help with these bags?"

"As usual, you guys will buy so many stuff but then let the gentlemen carry your bags," Eriol said then walked over to Tomoyo and took her bags from her hands.

"Thanks Eriol," Tomoyo said then smiled.

"Xiao?" Meilin said loudly then gave her bags to him.

Syaoran took them against his will then looked at Sakura. "I'll bring it for you," he said but Sakura refused.

"I'll be ok," Sakura assured him but still Syaoran took them. "You don't have to do this. I can manage."

"Oh Sakura," Tomoyo said. "You are so kind but he's a gentleman, bear with that."

Sakura just sighed and let Syaoran carry her bags. "So where are we going now?" Sakura asked excitedly.

"Picnic, remember?" Meilin said.

"But wait, where's our food?" Eriol asked.

"Guys, picnic won't work," Syaoran said. "Why don't we just go to the embassy for lunch?"

"Fine, so that we can drop these things here too," Tomoyo said. "And we'll have picnic sometime! I'll cook!"

"Sure Tomoyo," Sakura said smiling. "I'll be looking forward to that."

They all head off to the limo and went to the embassy. Again it was a long ride but Sakura didn't stay quiet this time. She talked with the gang about stuff and about school. How would it be like? Are there any cute guys and all that?


Joseph's family arrived in New York and Joseph was so excited. "So dad?" he said facing his father. "Where are we going first?"

"Japanese embassy," his father said. "I just want to ask to our folks there about the best places we can visit while we're here."

"Count me in," Joseph almost exclaimed. "Are we staying in a hotel?"

"Yes dear," his mother answered. "If you want, you can rest there first."

"No, I'm going with you guys there," Joseph insisted. They hopped on the car that his father rented to bring them to the Japanese embassy. They arrived in the embassy in no time and Joseph hurriedly got off the car.

His father told the driver to just wait for them because they would be right back. "Sakura's father works here right?" her mother asked him then he nodded. "Oh that's why you're excited. So you're hoping she's here."

"I wish," he muttered then they went inside.


The gang arrived in the embassy and they all hopped off. "Hey look, there's a new car here," Meilin said pointing at the car that Joseph's family rented.

"It's a rented car," Eriol said looking over. "Maybe there are new comers in here. This will be fun."

"Yeah if there's a teenager, he or she or they can go with us after lunch," Tomoyo said.

"This is my best vacation ever!" Meilin exclaimed happily. "More and more Japanese folks!"

"Like as if you are Japanese," Syaoran said making Meilin glare at him.

"And are you?" Meilin shot back at him. Tomoyo and Eriol laughed at the two cousins when they started shouting at each other without any sense. Sakura just remained quiet there and was watching them out of the blue.

Tomoyo noticed her and asked, "Are you okay?"

Sakura looked at her then smiled. "Yeah, maybe I'm just hungry."

"Let's go in then," Syaoran said then opened the door to the embassy for the girls. Eriol and Syaoran went back to he car to get the girls' shopping bags and followed them inside.


Joseph's family went to Fujitaka's office after asking where it is from the receptionist. The receptionist called Fujitaka to confirm if he knows then and he knew them so she let them go in his office.

Fujitaka wondered why the Nakata's family is there in New York then he thought Sakura. Joseph had come all the way here just to see her? He's sweet—maybe he really deserves my daughter. "Hey there!" he greeted the family delighting. "What brought you here?"

"My wife won tickets for the whole family from her office that's why," Max Joseph's father replied. "We just dropped by to ask what the best places we can go to around here."

"There are so many nice places around here that you have to stay here for a long time to see them all," Fujitaka said still smiling. "Most of all for the teenagers like Joseph. There are so many hangout places—is that what you guys call it—here. In fact, Sakura is being toured with her fellow teens now."

"Where is she?" Joseph asked. "Is she coming here?"

"I'm not sure if they're going to pass by," Fujitaka replied. "You can go to our house later if you have time. We can have dinner there."

"That's very kind of you," Natasha Joseph's mother said. "We'll try."

"I'll invite other Japanese folks too," Fujitaka added.


Meilin happily greeted Cathy—the receptionist and Cathy smiled at them. "You seem to be having so much fun," she said.

"Of course," Meilin replied. "We're just touring Sakura around and we're here to eat lunch."

"Is my mom here?" Tomoyo asked.

"She's in the kitchen, I think," Cathy said. "You know, cooking for everyone else."

"Great!" Meilin exclaimed. "Hey is there a new comer? We saw a different car outside."

"They're here for a vacation only," Cathy said then she smiled at Meilin's frown. "There's a young guy—he's probably of your age."

"Is he hot?"

"Is he cute?"

"Is he tall?"

"I don't really know how you define those words but he seems sweet," Cathy said.

"Where are they?" Tomoyo asked.

"They went to Mr. Kinomoto's office. He knows them."

"Maybe he's one of Sakura's friends!" Meilin said happily. "Where's Sakura by the way?" They looked around for her and saw her opening the door for the guys who were bringing all their shopping bags.

"She's so kind," Cathy said looking at her.

Tomoyo and Meilin called her over and dragged her to her father's office. "What are you guys doing?" Sakura asked. "Why are you hurrying up there?"

"There's a new guy according to Cathy—and he's of our age," Meilin said. "We should all meet him!"

"But what about the guys?" Sakura asked. "Aren't we supposed to help them? Or even at least wait for them?"

"Fine Sakura," Meilin sighed then they waited for the guys.


"Dad?" Sakura said knocking on her father's office. "Can we come in?"

"Sure dear, it's open," Fujitaka said. (Ok guys, he is still talking to Joseph's family about places.)

Meilin and Tomoyo came in first while Sakura opened the door for Eriol and Syaoran. She didn't notice that her father has visitors in his office.

"You've gone to the mall?" her father asked.

"Yeah Mr. Kinomoto," Tomoyo replied. "That's where Sakura wanted to go first and we bought some stuff."

"We're supposed to have a picnic for lunch but we have no food," Meilin added. "We're going to the amusement park tonight. Want to come along?"

Fujitaka smiled at Meilin at her invitation. "No thanks Meilin," he said. "You're not going to have fun with me coming along. Why don't you take Joseph with you?"

"Who?" Meilin and Tomoyo asked. Fujitaka's office has a corner where the door is that when you're there in that corner you can't see his office table. The two girls peeked inside his office more and saw Joseph and his family. Sakura didn't hear the whole conversation because she was still outside. The door should be pulled out for you to come in. And the sound of the shopping bags being put down disabled her to hear them properly so yeah that's why she didn't hear Joseph's name.

Fujitaka went to Joseph's family and introduced the two girls to them. After their introductions, Sakura went inside and hugged her father. She still didn't notice Joseph was there. Yeah, she is that dense. "Afternoon dad," she said. "You had lunch already?"

"Yeah, Sonomi brought in food here an hour ago," Fujitaka, said. Syaoran and Eriol then came in sight. "Hey there fellows! The blue haired boy is Eriol and Syaoran is the other one, Max."

"Max?" Sakura repeated. She then looked behind her and saw the Nakata family sitting in the couch.

"Oh my gosh, Sakura? You didn't even notice them there?" Meilin asked then let out a chuckle.

"Hey there Sakura," Max and Natasha greeted her.

"Hey," Sakura greeted them then kissed them. "Sorry... I really don't know you're here. What brings you here?" Sakura saw Joseph staring at her but she completely ignored him.

"I won tickets," Natasha replied. "We remembered that you moved here so we decided to ask about the nice places around here."

"I don't really know that's why I have them as tour guides," she pointed at Meilin and the gang.

"I've heard you guys are going to the amusement park tonight," Fujitaka said. "Why don't you bring your boyfriend along?"

Sakura remained silent. "We won't mind," Meilin quickly answered.

"Excuse us," Sakura said. "We haven't eaten lunch yet. We'll just go to the kitchen. Want to come along?" She meant to invite Joseph's parents.

"Can I, mom?" Joseph asked and his mother nodded.

Sakura glared t him then kissed her father goodbye. "Can you take our bags when you come home?" Sakura asked. "Meilin and Tomoyo can get their bags tomorrow. I think we'll be late later."

"Sure dear, have fun," Fujitaka said.


The teenagers left with Joseph. Sakura, instead of going to the kitchen, headed off to the exit. "Where are you going?" Tomoyo asked.

"Home," she answered.

"What? Why?" Meilin asked.

"Ask him," Sakura nodded towards Joseph.

"Let me explain, Saku," Joseph said holding her hand but she shrugged it off. "Can we talk?"

"Hey, Cathy can see you from here," Syaoran whispered at Sakura. Sakura looked at where Cathy was and he was right- she could see them. Now where can I shout at this git?

Eriol seemed to have heard her thought and said, "Computer room."

Syaoran and Eriol led the way to the computer room and the girls with Joseph followed. There were always no people in there. Meilin, Tomoyo, Syaoran and Eriol sat down on the couch at far end of the room leaving Sakura and Joseph deal with each other.

"Now what!" Sakura shouted at Joseph. "You lying asshole! I was breaking up with but you said, "'No, we can still work it out'. Or did you mean 'no because I want to stay a two timing asshole while you're gone'?"

"Audrey blackmailed me," Joseph began. "I don't really like her. I love you ok? She told me that if I don't go out with her, she'll hurt you. I don't want that to happen."

"You're just an asshole! You're so stupid! I can't believe myself that I actually went out with a stupid lying git! She can't hurt me, dammit! She can't even win!"

"That's why she's angry and decided to take revenge on you by me! Do you understand that? And yeah, you can beat her in volleyball, taekwondo and a marathon even in an easy math test—"

"Joseph! She can't hurt me! Why do you think that way? Do you think I'm weak? That I can't handle her?"

"Sakura, she's good in daggers and in one swing of her hand with a dagger it can strike you right through your heart. Believe me… And you've known me for so long. You know I'll do anything for you to be safe."

"Yeah we've known each other since 5 years old but do you know what I'm thinking now? That I don't know you and it doesn't matter how long you know the person because he or she can still stab you in the back. I don't want to hear anymore with this stuff, I'm hungry. Guys!" she called. "Let's go."

The gang then came in of sight. "Sure," Meilin said.

"Bye Joseph, it's over," Sakura said then went along with the gang.

"But Saku…" Joseph said then held her back. The gang left before them.


"I won't give up. We can start again from friends," Joseph held out a hand to her and she stared at his eyes instead of his held-out hand.

I still had loved him so much. "Fine, friends," Sakura said then shook his hand. They went out of the room and found the gang waiting for them.

"You guys ok now?" Meilin whispered at her. Joseph was behind hem with the two boys.

"We're friends again, that's all," Sakura said shortly. "He's not going to be staying here for so long."


"So man, you just came?" Eriol asked him.

"Yeah, like I think an hour ago," Joseph replied.

"Are you going to school here?" Syaoran asked.

"No, we're just here for the rest of the summer but I wish I can stay here."

"Summer won't end that fast though," Tomoyo said. "Unless you spend time so quickly like us!"

"Well there's nothing to do here so we just always hang out," Meilin added. "You're going to be all so crazy when you stay here."

"Exactly," Eriol agreed. "Like Tomoyo. She was quiet when she first got in here. But she's under Meilin's influence now—all loud and crazy."

"But you still like her Eriol," Syaoran teased.

Eriol glared at him though he was blushing with Tomoyo. "Well just don't wish there will be a new comer because you're going to be so doomed."

"And why is that?"

"I'm gonna hook you up with her perhaps?"

"Hey I am a new comer," Sakura said.

"Yeah but he's just your ninja for like a month right?" Eriol said.

Meilin noticed that Joseph was being lost in the conversation. "Yeah, Syaoran is Sakura's ninja," Meilin said to Joseph. "When she first got here, they sparred and she beat him. The deal was if she wins, he's gonna keep her from harm and if he wins, she's going to do his assignments."

"Oh," Joseph just said. "Good thing someone will take her of her here." When everyone else is not looking, he glared at Syaoran but he didn't notice it.

The topic changed then they set off to the rollerblading site after they said goodbye to their parents in he embassy. Fujitaka told Sakura to bring Joseph along so she had no choice. Their parents didn't know that they broke up.


Rollerblading site

It was not just a rollerblading site. It was an all-through out sport site. There were many different courts here and there and Sakura liked the place.

"This is wonderful!" Sakura said looking around. "This is the best place I've ever seen. Our field in school is not even one-fourth of this place, right Joseph?"

"Yeah, this place is so huge," Joseph said.

"We'll rent roller blades on that booth," Syaoran and Eriol said then walked away.


"So Mr. Ninja, what are you going to do now?" Eriol asked. "Her boyfriend's here."

"They just broke up, didn't you hear their argument?" Syaoran said.

"So that means you really like her!"

"No man…"

"Admit it Syaoran."

"Shut up!" They rented roller blades for the six of them and while they were going to the gang. Syaoran saw logs from the obstacle site falling to the gang's direction. Eriol saw it too and they quickly ran toward them, shouting.

The gang heard Eriol and Syaoran shouting at them then they looked up to see bunch of logs falling. Eriol and Syaoran reached them on time. Eriol ducked with Tomoyo and protected their heads. Sakura then felt two people trying to shield her from the falling logs. The last thing she saw was blood.

Sakura gained consciousness and everything flashed back to her. There were falling logs then there's blood.

Whose blood was it?

She then found out that Joseph's hands and Syaoran's hand were around her. Beside her was Meilin and around her was Syaoran's another hand. Meilin was still unconscious and she couldn't find Eriol and Tomoyo anywhere.

Syaoran saved his cousin and me. Why didn't he just save his cousin and let Joseph save me?


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