Author's Notes: Eh. I don't really like this story and I haven't written anything on it in about a month. I probably won't be continuing this fic unless there's outrageous demand for it. I don't own any of these characters except Tsuki, who is my original character.

Kagome's Gone
by Maia Serrelinda
Chapter 1

The residents of the forest were happy. The day was warm and sunny. The birds were singing cheerfully, butterflies flitted here and there, and all was right with the world.

For a few minutes, anyway.


"Keh!" The enraged hanyou screeched as the magic of the rosary hauled him down facefirst into the still-damp grass. "What the hell was that for?"

"Inuyasha!" The frustrated schoolgirl stomped her small foot in annoyance. "I've got a major test in three days! They're going to be testing us on everything we've learned this year!" Or, everything I haven't learned this year...she thought to herself.

The spell wore off as Kagome was pulling herself out of her self-induced reverie. Inuyasha leapt to his feet, his eyes crackling with anger. "Why are these 'test' things so important? You should be here protecting the Jewel!"

Kagome sighed and patiently began to explain it to the grumbling hanyou again. "Inuyasha, if I don't do well on these tests, I'll fail school. That means I won't be allowed to continue my education, and without an education I can't get a good job."

"Keh! You don't need a job! That's your mate's job-to take care of you!" He flushed suddenly and looked away. "Besides, your job is here. We need you. You're the one who's supposed to be purifying the jewel, anyway."

Kagome had had to lean forward slightly to catch the last part of his statement, since apparently he was trying to talk through the thick curtain of silvery hair. Hair that shone with a light of its own, and glimmered in the moonlight. It framed his triangular ears and made her want to-

Inuyasha waved his hands in front of the glassy blue-grey eyes. She'd looked like she was about to say something and then just started staring off into space. "Hello?" He reached across the small space that separated the two and rapped lightly on her forehead with his knuckles. "Are you in there?"

Kagome blinked and brought herself back to reality. Damn, she'd been daydreaming again. She realized she was staring at his ears and blushed lightly. "Inuyasha, I have to be able to pick up my life again when this is all over. I don't belong in this time, and you know that as well as I do."

Inuyasha gazed at the girl in front of him as they neared the well. He sighed and shook his slightly. "Fine, Kagome. Three days. Don't forget."

She grinned. "As if I could forget." She resisted the urge to reach out and ruffle the bangs that threatened to hide his golden eyes. "I'll be back after school on the third day. Don't go off without me, okay?"

"Keh," he snorted. "We'll be fine without you." Months ago, this would have hurt Kagome. The longer they had hunted the shards together, the more Kagome knew it was largely an empty threat. Sango had told her how, when she'd gone home after the huge fight about Kouga, Inuyasha had moped around the well for days before she had given in and come back. Her gaze softened and she smiled at him as they reached the well.

Kagome sat carefully on the edge of the well, dangling her feet over the damp darkness. It seemed strange that such an ordinary-looking well had brought about so much change in her life. One would never guess it could transport someone in time.

Inuyasha watched the young miko silently. He didn't want her to go, he never did, but he'd never come out and tell her that.

She sighed and hauled her battered yellow backpack up to rest on her shoulder. Inuyasha had been nice enough to carry it for her to the well but from now on she was on her own. "Ja ne!" She turned to smile at him once more before she pushed herself off the edge of the well. He saw the faint traces of the blue light and knew she was safely on her way home.

He bounded off into the forest, restless after the day or so the group had spent with Kaede in her village. He'd run for a while and then head back to Kaede's hut for a hot meal that evening.


Kagome climbed out of the well house with a sigh. She had so much studying to do! She hauled the much-abused pack to the house and into the kitchen. "Mama?" The house seemed quiet. I guess no one's home, she thought to herself. Oh well, I can get more done this way! She hurried up the stairs. Flinging the door to her bedroom open, she plopped down on the bed with a deep sigh of relief. She loved Inuyasha and wanted to spend time with him, but sometimes she deeply missed the comforts of home.

She stood and dragger her pack to the desk. She set it down with a thud and began to fish her schoolbooks out of the giant pack.

Grammar, history.....math? Where was her math book? Kagome's face scrunched up slightly as she tried to remember what she could have done with the book. It came to her suddenly that she'd been trying to study last night after the group had arrived in Kaede's village. She'd finally given it up as futile after the fourth time Shippou had gotten Inuyasha annoyed enough to chase him. Apparently, she'd left it in Kaede's hut.

I'll just run back for a moment and grab it. She ran down the stairs and slipped her shoes on before running out the door and across the shrine's courtyard. She dashed into the well house and hopped quickly onto the well's edge. She barely paused before flinging herself back into the well she'd just emerged from.

Kagome stopped for a moment after she climbed out of the well. It never failed to lift her mood when she arrived back in the feudal era - the air was so much cleaner. She'd never noticed the pollution in her own time until she breathed the fresh air in this time, without the customary smells and haze she had grown accustomed to. She turned her face towards the sun, enjoying its warmth and resolving to walk slowly to the hut to retrieve the missing book. She completely failed to notice the dark figure emerging from the wooded area behind her.


Tsuki paced the paths of her garden restlessly. She kicked her long skirts out of her way impatiently as she stomped her way angrily across the garden. This time she would have her revenge, she knew it! That stupid inuyoukai would pay for his crimes, even if she had to exact her revenge upon his sons!

Her plan was perfect. There was no way it would fail. She spun around and darted off to her bedroom. Today. Today she would put her plan into action. She would avenge her sister's death.

Once in her bedroom, she quickly chose a close fitting pair of hakama and a kimono. She'd already chosen which of the two brothers would experience her wrath first: the hanyou. He was the younger, not to mention the obvious - that he was a hanyou. She'd also heard that he'd been sealed to a tree by some human miko for fifty years. He was bound to be an easy fight. Thinking back over what she had heard in the way of rumor lately, she recalled that he was said to be traveling with another human miko. Some youkai never learn, I guess, she thought. She bounded off in the direction of the village he used as his home base, remembering that it was supposedly the samne village where he'd come in contact with the first human miko.

Tsuki concealed her own scent with the help of the magic her sister had taught her before her death at the hands of the hanyou's father. I will avenge you, Hana. That family will pay for the pain they have caused me!

She glided effortlessly over the treetops. She knew she was getting close; she could detect the hated hanyou's scent as well as that of his woman. Interesting, she thought. He's not very close, but his woman....she is here. He would leave his mate unprotected, even with all the fuss over that jewel?

She slowed her flight as she began to watch the ground beneath the trees. She caught a glimpse of white and paused. Yes, it was the hanyou's woman. With an evil grin she swooped down and quickly caught the girl from behind, ensuring her silence and immobilizing her with another spell learned from Hana. She picked up the now motionless, but fully conscious miko. Hoisting the slight form up to lie over her shoulder, she resumed her flight, only this time, back in the direction she had come.


Kagome was walking through the woods. She knew Inuyasha often went for a run when she'd gone through the well. He didn't handle the confinement of the hut very well, and sometimes he just had to get it all out. She didn't expect him to be around, which disappointed her a bit, but in the long run would turn out to be easier, as he wouldn't be giving her a hard time about going back. She had just rounded the slight curve of the path but had not yet spied the small hut when she felt a presence behind her only a split second before a small but strong hand clamped over her mouth. She felt her body go limp and unresponsive and tried to scream, but whatever had subdued her had evidently worked on her vocal cords as well. She felt herself being lifted and slung over a shoulder and thought that it wasn't as wide as Inuyasha's shoulder. She tried to look at her captor as she felt the rise of their flight. She could see the trees slowly receding below her and tried to struggle, to move, to shout - anything! But she was well and truly caught. I hope Inuyasha discovers this could be three days before he notices!

Tsuki laughed to herself. This is almost as good as defeating him outright! Surely he will come to retrieve his mate! If I do this right I won't even need to take my revenge on the Lord of the Western Lands!

"I do not mean you harm."

Kagome gasped at the statement. It hadn't even occurred to her that her captor might be a woman! Sure, long, flowing hair trailed behind them, but that didn't necessarily mean anything, especially considering her hanyou companion and his brother.

She felt an odd sort of sudden relaxation and tried to speak again. This time, the words came out. "Who are you and where are you taking me?"

Tsuki responded, "My name does not concern you. I am taking you to my home, where your mate will surely come after you. I was careful to allow your scent to trail us, though I concealed my own."

Kagome laughed bitterly. "He's not my mate. You're just wasting your time. We're just friends. He's in love with someone else." She could feel the slow rise of tears as often happened when she allowed herself to dwell on the hanyou's feelings. She resolutely choked them back. "Why do you want to see Inuyasha?"

"I plan to kill him."

Kagome's eyes widened in shock. "Why? What has he done to you?"

"My sister, my only sister - she's dead."

"Inuyasha killed her?"

Tsuki let out an unladylike snort. "That weak hanyou? Of course not. His father is responsible for her death. He is now dead, thus, my vengeance carries to the next generation."

Kagome silently digested the new information. Her captor had already assured her that she wouldn't be hurt. She resigned herself to cooperation, at least until she could form some sort of plan.