Author's Note: This originally started as the beginning to a longer story during a boring department meeting. I intended for it to be longer and I probably would have put in...oh, I don't know....probably a plot or something. Anyway, I've revised it thanks to input from one of my all time favorite authors. Thanks, Aisuru, for taking the time to review and to give actual constructive criticism!

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One Moment in Time
by Maia Serrelinda

"Kagome!" The furious cry rang through the forest. Small animals skittered frantically out of the enraged hanyou's path as he sped through the dense growth, leaping from tree, to ground, to tree again.

She was late. Again. But that wasn't the reason for his anger. No, his anger was because she'd been sucking up to that wimpy Kouga again. Dammit, she was his, and he thought surely that she would have figured it out by now!

He was miserable over the argument but he would have gladly died before admitting that to anyone, especially to her. She'd told him a thousand times that he had no right to get jealous, and she was right. So, he kept up the facade he'd built, that of oblivious, thick-headed, hanyou. This time he had somehow convinced himself that she really was in the wrong, which was why he was currently frightening small wildlife on his way to the well.

Inuyasha knew she had returned. Her scent was as familiar to him as his own. He was always excruciatingly, almost painfully, aware of her scent. He knew when she was tired, ill, or upset. Even, and especially, if he was the cause of her upset as was so often the case. He caught the slight tang of tears, though he could tell the girl had pushed them away for the moment. She had looked like she was about to cry, but then the scent of acute frustration hung thick in the air around her. The frustration seemed to be long gone, and she seemed a little sad.

He entered the clearing to find her perched on the edge of the well that connected her world to his. She was dressed in the familiar sailor fuku. He'd often wondered why she didn't choose to wear the more practical pants had seen other women in her time wearing. He wasn't really about to complain, though. He loved the way the short skirt bared her legs to his gaze, even with those ridiculous socks she always wore. His breath caught in his chest as her head turned, the silky blue-black hair lifting in the slight breeze.

A brilliant smile lit her face as she turned to look at him. No matter how many times he'd upset her the scene at her return was almost always the same. Even when he'd decided that he couldn't see her any more after she had seen him with Kikyou...even then, she'd smiled at him. His anger melted as he gazed at the girl in front of him. He could see the strain in her delicate features that the constant arguing had caused and resolved that he would try to show his feelings a bit more. Maybe if she felt secure about her place in his world they wouldn't fight so much. He walked over to stand in front of her. She smiled up at him and he reached towards her. He bent down, so close that her hair was brushing his face, and whispered, "I'm sorry," close to her ear. He heard her small gasp as he grasped her small hands in his.

"I'm sorry, too," she whispered in response as he pulled her gently to her feet. They stood gazing at each other for a moment.

He smiled a sort of half-smile and released one of her hands. Bending down, he picked up her huge yellow pack that was leaning against the side of the well and slung it over his shoulder. "Come on, Kagome, Kaede-baba's almost got the evening meal ready."

He tucked the small hand he was still holding into the crook of his elbow and pulled her closer as they began the walk towards the village.