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Oh believe me, when I say that we share this trauma, this mind numbing pain that merely lingers inside us still.

"It's haunting Rubedo," I used to say.

I remember when my hands always clutched onto you for comfort, always unwillingly wanting to enter the U-DO simulator.

Akin to a newborn fawn, stumbling on it's legs beginning to learn how to walk- it's how I was back then.

Always relying on you, depending on you, adoring your sense of independence and that pride that constantly shined in your eyes.

Back then, I wanted to be like you Rubedo. But in the end it was that very admiration that had killed me.

It was apparent that you had turned on not only to me, but the rest of your now dead comrades.

Being the so-called "Link Master" had taken it's toll, so the next best thing was for the two of you to merely run away.

During it all I had only felt disgust, utter anguish and betrayal.

It all seemed unbelievable at first, but when I began summing up all the reasons why it was all clear to me.

The burden was too great to handle alone, the death of your fellow comrades and ironically- yourself.

As an result to it all you brokedown and mentally screamed for release.

Screaming to be liberated from what you've done, screaming for the very world to be reset and to start anew.

Oh how selfish it all seemed, the newly grown arrogance that you'd to adapted afterwards.

But one day you realized, fourteen years into the future you stopped and realized that running away from it all, it wasn't helping anyone.

You took it upon yourself, you decided to somehow save me despite what you had done.

Indeed you did during the events of the space-time anomaly, even though it wasn't deemed possible to do so.

Saving the likes of me, was impossible at best.

In your eyes I saw the "old" you, the Rubedo that I had grown so attached to, the Rubedo that I had loved and looked up to during our war torn days.

That pride and resolve had made itself known again, after such a long time.

This salvation of mine, it was worth the pain that we'd endured.

For you to come back, to see your face once again.

Salvation, we have learnt that it truly hurts us all, in the end.