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"You think you're better than us!" One kid growled.

"Tell him yes,"

"I...no I don't!" Naruto, a blonde boy said. He was currently surrounded by five other kids.

"My dad yelled at me because I don't have a nice quirk like yours!" The kid in the middle yelled, a stick in his hands. "He beat my mom cause he's job is very stressful, she in turn beats me and I wanna beat you up because of that!"

"T-that kinda sounds like a you problem," Naruto said before he was hit with a stick on the head. The stick shattered upon impact.

"Fight back…"

Naruto ignored the voice at the back of his head.

"You're such a freak!" One kid screamed.

"Says the guy with a quirk that made him look like a hammerhead shark." Naruto said only to quickly cover his mouth.

"Did one of you guys do that?"

"I did,"


Naruto ignored the voices in favor of the crying kid in front of him.

"L-look I'm sorry b-but I have to go!" Naruto gave a bow before he took to the sky. Leaving the ground beneath him cracked.

"I can't believe you ran away!"

"Not only that but he bowed, he bowed!"

Naruto ignored the voices as he landed on the roof of a nearby building. Flying with them arguing would just lead to him crushing...again. The ten year old boy sat on the roof and stared at the city.

"Boy, why didn't you fight back?"

"Cause it's not the Heroic thing to do." Naruto said as the voice hummed in thought.

"That thought process won't get you that many friends here."

"I get that most of you were conquers and did great things-

"-except for Homelander."

-except for Homelander. But all I want is to save people. To see hope in their eyes whenever they see me. To give hope to the world!"

"We don't I approve,"

"Actually I appro-

"Shut up Homelander"

"I don't care what you guys think," Naruto answered easily. "I will become a hero!"

"Why don't you come say that to our faces, boy."

Naruto suddenly blacked out and found himself in a large white room.

"Boy," Before Naruto stood three beings. All three are tall imposing figures. "What the Hell was that?"

The one that spoke was a tall male figure, with dark hair, blue eyes and a beard. He was dressed in slightly bulky Black armor with splashes of red in the forearm and shoulders. To finish off his look he wore black combat boots and the same colored cape.

"You showed weakness," The man was Dru-Zod.

"I-i didn't want to hurt them!" Naruto said as he stared up at Zod.

"You need to strategize, plan your fights. If you had beaten those boys there and then, they would think twice about bothering you again. Do you understand, boy!" Zod said in a booming voice that made Naruto flinch.

"I-I don't care what you say! I-I didn't want to hurt them!"

"But you would let them hurt you?" The other figure spoke. He was tall with blue hair styled in a mohawk and blue eyes. The man also had purple skin and pointy ears. This was Gladiator.

"It's better me than them!" Naruto yelled as the purple skinned man shook his head.

"Then you are a fool and are not worthy of this power," a voice spoke from the side. Making Naruto turn to its owner. It was a tall man with long black hair (about shoulder length), blue eyes and grayish pale skin. His upper body was exposed and littered with a few scars. The only clothing he wore were tight blue pants and red boots. "Your body is mine for the taking!"

Naruto actually took a step back at how intensely H'el was looking at him.

"I still stand on what I say!" Naruto said as he glared up at the figures. "I don't want to hurt people."

The figures all looked at each other before turning to Naruto. Dru-Zod spoke up first.

"It is not our place to choose which path you must take but to offer wisdom." The old general said. "We are your Ancestors, we have lived our own lives and wish only to teach."

"I want to take over his body,"

"Except H'el he wants to take over your body."

"S-so you guys will teach me to be a hero?" Naruto asked as his Ancestors looked at each other.

"Young Naruto you must understand," Gladiator spoke up. "Most of us were conquerors and Generals. This new age of Superheroes isn't one most of us are familiar with. You will have to learn on your own what type of hero you want to be."

"We will teach you how to fight but that saving people business will be up to you," Zod muttered as Naruto nodded.

"So you guys will teach me how to use my powers and beat bad guys?"

"In a sense, yes."

"Awesome!" the boy cheered.

"Yes and once your body is well trained and the time is right. I will take over your body!"

"Oh my Rao give it a rest man!"

"I don't want anyone to be surprised when I take over, okay." H'el said with a shrug.

Zod rolled his eyes before turning back to the blonde. "Before your training begins, you must first know and understand what your quirk is. It is a power that has been there since the beginning of time. The first of us was a man with the power of a thousand exploding suns. When he died, his power, experience and wisdom was passed on to another. And so it began, with-


"-with each of us connected by our bloodline. This power not only passes on the abilities of the one before but can also evoc the ones that came before. Like you have done. Most of us were not able to-


"-but for you to actually do this at such a young age shows promise."



"I think you broke him," An amused Gladiator said as he pointed at the wide eyed Naruto.

Zod looked down to see the boy staring at him. He waved his hand over the kid's face and got no response.

"I'll probably explain when he's older,"

"Good call,"

Zod then cleared his throat. "Fine but we'll start with his physical training, regardless of his brain frying." Zod said before he looked to the side. "Thragg you're up!"

From the shadows stepped forth a man. Tall muscular man with short black and dark eyes. He had a very manly and cool mustache. He was dressed in a white tight ouft and was wearing what appeared to be the hide of the beast as a cape. Damn this guy was a badass.

Thragg cracked his neck and knuckles as he approached. "I have one word for you boy, dodge."

"Wha-Before Naruto could finish his sentence he was bitch slapped so hard his head came off.




Naruto awoke with a gasp, his hands instantly going for his head. Upon seeing that his head was still there the boy let out a sigh of relief. Cracking his neck the boy looked around, he was in his room. Up until now the voices were just...voices. This was the first time he had actually seen them.

Plus wasn't he on the roof.

" That was me, I took possession of your body and brought it back here," A voice spoke, this time it was a woman. That was a first…

"W-who are you," Naruto said as he looked down, his entire body trembling. He did just die so…

"My name is Alexandria, and I'm one of your ancestors."

"N-nice to meet you Alexandria,"

"Clench your teeth, it will help with the shock."

Naruto did as he was told.

"Now listen, I too was a hero in my time and it is not as glamorous as it seems. Most of the time you have to make split second decisions and the wrong one usually ends in countless lives lost. Even the villains, some were far stronger than they should be. "

"What do I do now,"

"You learn, learn from your Ancestors and become stronger. Most of them were rulers with tactical minds unmatched and fighting skills that allowed them to conquer. Use these skills and learn them as your own."

"I...I'm going to learn from and become the best hero ever!" Naruto yelled, a fire behind his eyes as he raised a fist. "Believe that!"

"Good, now get some sleep. You'll need it."

Naruto nodded as a yawn escaped his mouth. "Good night Alexandria." He said before laying down.

"Good night,'

A few days later

"Hey freak!"

Naruto didn't bother looking back. He was too tired to deal with a bunch of brats, as the others called them.

"He was talking to you brat," a large teen stepped in front of Naruto, blocking the blonde's way.

"Yeah That's him, he's the freak that-

"Assert your dominance!"

Naruto took a deep breath, lifted his leg and stomped the ground. The result was the ground beneath cracking and the earth shaking.

The older teen fell on his butt, a look of fear on his face. The young boy before him gave him a look of disgust before walking away.


…. line break


"Our bodies are made in such a way that we can push off anything, giving us the ability to fly. Also it's a fuck you to physics."

Naruto calmly floated off the ground. Truth be told he never really thought about his powers, he was just able to do them. He was currently at the playground of his local school. He was currently shadow boxing

"So it's better if you punch with your shoulders, hips and legs.

Naruto nodded to himself as he began putting more into his punches. At first it felt awkward and rough. But he was getting there.

"Look at him out there working so hard," one teacher whispered to another. "life isn't fair."

"Yeah, I mean how does someone so average like that woman give birth to someone so... powerful."

"I know right?!" One teacher groaned out. He's not just some brute with a powerful quirk either, he's smart to!"

"And cute,"

Naruto tried his best to ignore the nosey teachers in favor of punching the air. He needed to learn, for him to become the strongest.

A few hours of punching the air, Naruto didn't even notice School was over. He stopped, however, when he smelled a familiar scent.

"Hey sweetie," Naruto turned to the sound of his mother's voice. "It's time to go home."

"Hey ma!" Naruto gently flew over to his mother and hugged her.

"My little superboy," The woman smiled as she ruffled his hair. "I-I have to go have a talk with your principal so please wait for me right here, okay?"

Naruto nodded as he watched his mother leave.

Is it just me or was something off?

Shut up Homelander!

I think something is off with the mother.

I agree with Zod on this.

Hey I said the-

Shut up!

Naruto ignored the voices and focused on the building his mother just entered. His secondary powers activated. His senses were heightened to the point he could see the tiny fly on his mother's shoulder and he could also hear the sound of wings slowly flapping. But what worried him was the sound of how fast her heart was beating.

She's afraid

Naruto heard Alexandra say.

The blonde clenched his fist as watched his mother enter the principal's office.

"Ms. Uzumaki please seat down," the principal, an ugly ass fat man who looked like a cross between a walrus and a warthog. The young mother sat down nervously. "Did you go over what we discussed?"

"...yes," she answered nervously.


"I can't," the woman looked down as she said. "It's not who I am."

The principal took in a deep breath and sighed in annoyance. "Listen bitch! Your freak son has a powerful quirk, one that requires him to go to an expensive school. With you only able to pay for cheap schools you'll waste his potential." The man growled out. "I have some friends in high places who are willing to help out but at a cost."

Naruto's mother slowly wiped the tears that had begun to fall out of her eyes. She stood up and began to undress as the ugly bastard of a principal smiled.

"Yes just like that you dirty dirty whor-

Naruto didn't know when it happened but all he remembered was bursting into the room like the fucking cool aid man, grabbing the ugly bastard and flying off into fucking space.


Six years later

"I'm off to school ma!" Naruto called as he opened the front door.

"Stay safe sweetie!"

"Will do," Naruto muttered as he closed the door behind him.

"Hey you," waiting for Naruto was his best friend/girlfriend, Momo yaoyorozu. Momo is a tall teenage girl with a mature physique. She has long black hair that's tied into a spiky ponytail with a large strand hanging on the right side of her face. Her eyesHer eyes are thin and sharp, dark in color and paired with short eyebrows set in a determined expression. She was dressed in a light green dress that fell to her knees and some heels. "Ready for our date?"

"I was born ready," Naruto grinned as his girlfriend blushed. Naruto, now sixteen, was slightly tall for his age. His body was now lean and muscular. Built mainly for speed. He was now dressed in a black leather jacket over a white shirt that had a shield with an S inside it spray painted on it. Some blue Jeans and white sneakers.

"Come on then," Momo gestured to the car parked just outside the gate. "We might miss the movie."

"Oh fuck," Momo groaned as her boyfriend kissed her. They were currently at the backseat of the car with her on top of him. "Naruto the dress don't-

The blonde ripped the top part easily, exposing her giant breasts. It was a thing with him, Momo had observed. He could be so loving at times and other times he'd be a bit forceful. One moment he's staring at her with all the love in the world, the next those blue eyes have so much lust behind them. Which of course she was fine with.

It was just a bit strange.

She groaned as he grabbed a breast and shoved a nipple in his mouth. Looks like today was going to be one of those days.


"Oh fuck that's it baby~"

Naruto didn't know where she came from, she just popped up one day. For some reason she had the ability to come out into the real world. Well most people couldn't see or hear her. Not only that, she had this unique ability only she could do. She'd overlay her image over people. Like right now,Naruto knew for a fact it was Momo who was on top of him. But here she was, Momo's image, voice, scent and feel replaced with...Superwoman.

"I've taught you well, my sweet." She smirked down at him, that damned sexy smirk of hers. Superwoman was a tall woman with tanned skin. Superwoman's attire is a black one piece leotard with a yellow trim. She wears her hair in a ponytail, wears long black fingerless gloves, red round earrings, and a black choker from where her breasts are seen with the symbol S bracelet dangling below it. "Now put what I taught you to good use!"

Naruto grabbed her outfit and tore the top part off, exposing her gorgeous big breast. to him. "Mary you're so beautiful," he groaned as he grabbed handfuls of her big ass.

"Oh you're just so cute," She laughed before grabbing the sides of his head, leaning down and kissing him. The kiss soon turned into a battle of tongues. Mary then began grinding herself against him. "Why don't I lube you up and then you can fuck me in the ass." Mary said as she pulled back.

"Let me just pull out your cock and su-


The car shook, but Naruto and Mary didn't even flinch. Naruto narrowed his eyes, activated his X-ray vision and looked through the tinted window. The outside world was in chaos! People were running around while a Pro-hero and a villain fought, by the looks of it the villain was winning.

Naruto turned back to Mary to see a knowing Smirk. "Oh whatcha gonna do now big boy?"

Naruto took a deep breath before sighing. "The right thing," he said as Mary rolled her eyes. "Now go away."

"Party popper," she winked at him and the cool smirking visage of Mary was replaced by a disheveled, panting red face Momo. Her beautiful expensive dress was torn to shreds.

"What's going on out there!" Momo asked as she held on to him.

"Pro hero is fighting a villain and she's losing. I need to go help out with the civilians to make things easy on her." Naruto said as he took off his jacket and wrapped it around his girlfriend's naked form. "Wait here."

Momo nodded as she slowly got off him. Making sure to keep his jacket wrapped around her safely.

In a second he vanished.


Mirko did a double back flip before landing a few feet away from her opponent. Truth be told she was enjoying the fight, but the bastard was a sore loser and decided to involve civilians.

"Just give up already you creep!" She yelled as she pointed her gloved finger at him. As a fully grown woman, Rumi Usagiyama stood at five feet and two inches tall. Her red eyes were tilted slightly inwards and her long white hair flowed freely down her back to her waistline. She has an athletic body with muscular arms and legs and a shapely figure. Her white eyelashes were particularly long and her skin was tanned. Her quirk was a mutant type, it affected her physical appearance by bestowing her with a pair of long white rabbit-like ears pointing upwards with a slight crook and a short white fluffy tail similar to a rabbit's. Her white hair, ears, and tail coupled with her red eyes gave her a resemblance to an albino rabbit.

Her hero costume consisted of a slim-fitting sleeveless white leotard with dark-purple trimmings around the shoulders and waist, a pair of thick metal plates on her midriff, and a yellow crescent moon-like symbol over her chest. Additionally, Mirko wears dark-purple thigh-high boots with metal plating around the heel and toe areas that make her feet look like those of a rabbit and that reinforce her kicks. Lastly, she adorns a pair of thick white gloves on her hands with long cuffs which sported small triangular protrusions around their edges.

"Come on baby, why don't you come over here and suck my dick!" The villain yelled with a large grin on his face. The villain's name was Muscular. A large bulky and extremely muscular man with short spiky blonde hair and small black eyes. His left eye is a prosthetic and he has a small scar on the right side of his forehead.

He wore a red tank top that was slightly torn, a dark jacket that hangs around his waist, dark green pants, and black knee-high boots.

"You're not my type," Mirko glared.

"Too bad, but it's for the best really." Muscular shrugged. "Someone like you isn't my type either."

"Someone like me?"

"Someone so weak and pathetic," Muscular said with a smirk. "Now go on and call the Heroes, maybe they can bring in Almight or Endeavour. People who are worth my time."

"Oh you're dead!" Mirko growled as before leaping off the ground and into the air at great speed. Ready to drop kick the villain.This asshole just called her weak! Her! As her armored feet neared his head. The villain smirked before he easily caught her by the legs. "Well shit…"

He then slammed her on the ground. The back of Mirko's head hit the ground so hard she almost blacked out.

'I'm definitely gonna feel that in the morning.'

"Geez you're so weak!" Muscular said with a laugh. His quirk went into overdrive as muscles began forming on the outside of his body until he was huge! He then proceeded to punch Mirko right in the stomach, making her scream and puke out saliva. "Now hold still while I rape you in front of the whole world." Muscular grinned savagely as he went to take off his pants.

Only to be sucker punched so hard he was sent flying.

"You okay ma'am," A voice said as Mirko slowly got up. While the hits she took were painful it would take a lot more to keep her down. She turned to the owner and saw a tall blonde teen looking at her with concern.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked as she blinked. Was he a new hero?

"I'm Superman," He said with a smile that seemed a little smug. Was that name some sort of joke or something?

"Thanks for the hand Superman," She said as she cracked her neck. "But I think I can handle this on my own."

"I think we should team up for this one," Superman said as he looked at her. "It'll make things much easier and faster."

"No thanks chief, teaming up is for wimps." Mirko said before her sensitive and powerful nose picked up something. She sniffed the air and looked down at Superman's Jean's. His clothes smelt like ladies perfume and pussy.

"Then stand back while I finish this," Superman said before winking at her and disappearing in a burst of speed.


"I like how you waited for the right moment to be the hero."

"I was...I was rescuing the civilians and clearing the nearby park. It took me a while." Naruto answered back as he flew.

"You did that in five seconds."

"The best part was when he waited while the hero got her ass kicked. Swooping down and saving the day."

"I was waiting for an opening, who knows what would have happened if I just blitzed in." Naruti said as he reached the empty pack, except for the giant crater Muscular was in. The large villain was slowly getting up as he looked around in confusion.

"So what's the plan now boy?"

"Utter Dominance, make sure he goes down in the next five minutes." Naruto replied.

"Make sure to give a good show for the public,"

"Get back in the corner Homelander! You're still on the hook for that shit you pulled!"

"Plus nobody likes him!

"Yeah we hate you whorelander!"

"Whorelander? That's a good one!"

"Thanks It just came to me-

Naruto turned them out in favor of Muscular.

"Naruto dear, be sure to put on a show."

"Will do Alexandria!" Naruto nodded before he flew at the villain with great speed.

"W-wait wasn't that my idea?!

"Oh my God Homelander did you just talk? Who told you you could talk?!

"Guys come on-

"Shut the fuck up you puppy killing son of a whore!"

"Hey!" Naruto called as Muscular looked up at him and the villain looked surprised before Naruto Superman punched him. Sending the Muscular villain stumbling back.

"Who the fuck are you," Muscular growled out as his wiped blood from his mouth.

" My name is Superman," the blonde said as he floated, arms folded on his chest and his eyes glowing red. "Stand down or else…"

"You're a cocky one aren't you?" Muscular grinned.

"I take that as a no then," Naruto said with a frown.

"Come at me bro-ark!

Twin beams of red energy slammed into Muscular. Sending him into the ground once more.

"ROARRRR!" the blonde villain roared as he burst out of the ground. "You're dead punk!" He ran at the hero muscles upon muscles bursting out of his skin and covering his form. He swung his giant fist but the blonde easley flew away. Making the giant villain stumble. Muscular looked back only to be punched into the ground. Muscular rubbed his head as he slowly got to his feet. Dazed as his vision was blurry.

"Hey asshole! Hope you didn't forget about me!" Mirko called out as she glared at him with hatred. As he stumbled her way, Muscular was treated to a high kick with a metal heel. Mirko had used all her strength in that kick. And if it wasn't for his quirk his head would have been sent flying. But the kick still had the effect of sending him flying.

While mid air, Muscular's body turned and he came face to face with a smiling Naruto who was flying at him. The Hero then gave him a powerful uppercut that sent him flying into a nearby building.

Muscular should have died twice over but his quirk saved him. It did not however save him from the untold pain he was feeling now. Embedded in the side of a building.

Naruto shot up into the air past the building before he flew down. Just as gravity brought Muscular down, Naruto punched the falling villain into the ground.

Muscular slammed into the ground, forming a crater. He tried to get up only to see Superman glaring at him with red glowing eyes.

At this moment Goto knew...he was fucked.

Naruto fired red hot lasers that began to eat out at the muscle over the villain's body. Making him scream.

Goto/ Muscular screamed in agony but Superman didn't seem to care. The smirk on his face made it look like he was the villain.

"H-hey that's enough!" Mirko called out. "He's had enough!"

Naruto's glare instantly went to her.

Making the sexy hero take a step back.

Taking a breath Naruto slowly floated away from the burnt and beaten hero. The blonde slowly floated over to Mirko, the bunny eared hero gulping at the look he was giving her

Rumi Usagiyama felt something in her body react to the...man that was floating above her. It was like an animalistic drive to...fu-fight! Definitely fight!

"You alright," he asked, the hard gaze he had from before replaced with a look of concern.

"Just ah...just a few scratches is all." She said as he nodded. Both turned to the sound of something flying towards them.


Almight had arrived.


Mirko turned to look at Superman and it almost looked like he had stars in his eyes. The number one hero landed next to them, the ground beneath cracking.

"Mirko are you alright?" Almight asked as he looked her over.

"I'm fine thanks to him," Mirko muttered as she jabbed a thumb in Superman's direction, feeling slightly bitter about being helped.

"Young man," Almight said as he slowly approached his fellow blonde. "Thank you for helping Mirko."

"It was my pleasure," Superman nodded. Around them,some heroes and police were already arriving on the scene.

"I better go help bring in that villain," Almight nodded before walking off.

"Excuse me," Naruto turned to an officer who was approaching and looking at him sternly.

"Can I help you, officer?"

"You're under arrest for using your quirk without a permit and the destruction of public property."

Naruto blinked and a heavy pair of cuffs were put on him. He tried his best to ignore the laughter coming from the assholes in his head.


"Name Naruto Uzumak, age sixteen, quirk something called Super. Apparently he has super everything. Super Strength, Super speed the list goes on woof."


Just gonna stop this right here. The concept seems a bit rather not sure if people will like it or not so I'm just gonna put it out before I continue and see the reaction.

The concept it's self.

Is basically bootleg Kryptonians or actual Kryptonians are in Naruto's head as his Ancestors teaching him stuff. Now most of these are evil or Anti-hero so it'll be a bit tricky for poor Naruto. I want Naruto to be this powerful figure on the outside but on the inside is struggling with temptation everyday.

The pairing for this is a harem if I continue it.

I also don't know what to name this quirk….

So far the only people to show up are…

General Zod, from DC comics.

Homelander, from the Boys.

Gladiator, from Marvel

Thragg, from Invincible

Superwoman, DC comics Crime Syndicate

Alexandria, Worm.

More might make an appearance soon I don't fucking know.

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