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Aizawa wanted nothing more than to close his eyes and sleep. They had been here the whole damn day, reviewing footage of the exams and choosing who would be getting into UAI and who wouldn't. If he wanted he would have slept through the whole thing, but this was important. He was here for the little guy, the people who didn't have flashy good looking quirks but had very useful ones. No one looked out for him and his friends back in the day. Just because they didn't have flashy quirks.

Things were different now, he and his friends would make sure everyone was evaluated fairly.

"And finally, we have him." Nezu the principal of UAI said as the large screen showed a blonde teen with a smile on his face. "So what do we say, is he fit for UAI?"

"Yes, I think he would make a great addition to UAI high!" All might said with a raised hand.

"Of course you would think that," Aizawa scoffed, making everyone in the room turn to him. "He's a show off, just like you."

"I take it you oppose the decision to enroll him?" Nezu asked.

"Yes, no doubt he has a powerful quirk. But I think he just comes off as emotionless? No not the word I was looking for, but it seemed to me he was marking off stuff on his checklist. Heck that last stand he literally sat back and watched. He knew he had enough points and just sat back." Aizawa said as Sekijiro Kan, aka Blood Hero: Vlad King frowned.

"What exactly are you getting at Aizawa," Vlad King asked.

"Everything about him seems robotic, no not robotic but fake. He's smile seems practised and that little speech he gave to his friends? It seemed fake and practised." Aizawa said as everyone looked at him. "He kinda seems like a phony."

"I kind of like the sound of Justice League," Nezu said with a chuckle. "I did notice that myself, that's why I saved it for later. What exactly did you have in mind?"

"I propose a test," Aizawa suggested as Nezu hummed.

"Go on…"

Naruto sat up from his bed with a frown. It has been two weeks since the exams. Katsuki had already received his 'acceptance letter' which came in the form of a video from Almight.

"Maybe you failed?"

Came the voice of Zod.

"How? I'm pretty sure I did most of the work." Naruto said as floated off his bed. "If Katsuki of all people got in…"

"Honestly who cares, you could do whatever you want. If they don't let you in their school then just become a vigilante."

Naruto ignored Homelander's suggestion.

"Oh better yet, build your own school. Huh, huh?"

"I'll take that into consideration, Homelander." Naruto said he opened his window and flew to the roof of the house. "Maybe it was something I did?"

Doubt, it was like horrible food he had eaten and was giving him a bad stomach ache. Like a knife that was stabbed into his gut and twisted around.

"What, you dominated the show, it's probably some weak ass punk that's jealous of how awesome you are."

"...as hard as it is to admit Homelander does have a point."

The Gladiator said with a hum. "Back in my day, I was held back for a promotion due to a politician hating me. It turns out his wife had made an offhand remake about how she liked my appearance and he didn't like that."

"So someone on the school board is holding Naruto back?"

Zod asked.

"Considering Naruto's appearance and quirk, it is possible that someone would be Jealous. Good observation Gladiator, I am glad you suggested this theory."

"Hey wait wasn't I-

"So according to Gladiator, someone is jealous of me?" Naruto asked with a frown as he floated back inside.

"Well you do have a good looking quirk," Alexandra chipped in. "Most people have quirks that give them deformities and other unique characteristics."

"When you say characteristics-

"That one boy's head is a four sided square!"

"Fair enough," Naruto sighed. "Might as well go see what Katsuki is up to."

"Don't you mean Katsuki's mom?"

"Shut up Homelander,"

Naruto put on some clothes, a blue shirt and some black pants before flying off to his friends house. Just as he was about to knock on the front door, Katsuki's father stepped out.

"Oh, hey you're Katsuki's friend right? His inside!" The man said as he adjusted his glasses. "It's nice to see you but I gotta go!"

The man then rushed past Naruto, making the blonde blink.

"Get back here you-oh hey Naruto!" The Bakugo MILF poked her head out the door. "Come in, Katsuki went out for his morning jog so you're gonna have to wait for him."

"No problem," Naruto said with a smile as the woman stepped back and let him in.

"You got your acceptance letter video thing yet?" Mitsuki asked only to frown at Naruto shaking his head no. "Seriously? From what I've seen and heard from Katsuki, you're pretty amazing. I'm sure it's just a glitch in their system."

"No, I don't think it is." Naruto said as he took a sit on the couch with Mitsuki sitting next to him. "I think someone is sabotaging me."

"Really?" The woman asked with a raised eyebrow. "What makes you think that?"

"Well not to brag but I did an amazing job," Naruto said with a chuckle. "Someone is deliberately doing this to me, actively trying to bring me down."

"Naruto I think you're just reading into things a bit too much." Mitsuki said as she moved closer to him. "Just be patient, it's probably a glitch in their system."

"Yeah but I can't help but doubt myself," Naruto said with a sigh as he looked down.

"Naruto, never doubt yourself, you're amazing!" The milf said as she put a hand on his thigh and gently caressed it. "You're smart, strong and handsome."

Mitsuki's red eyes met his blues as she slowly began leaning in.

"I'm home!" Katsuki Bakugo yelled as barged in. Pausing to stare at his mother and Naruto who were seated closely to each. "What's going on here?"

"It's about damn time," Naruto said as he quickly got up. "I've been waiting for hours!"

"Yeah well I did a few extra rounds around the block." Katsuki said. "You got your acceptance letter yet?"

"No…" Naruto muttered as his fellow blonde shrugged.

"Let me go shower and then we can go train," The boy said as he went up stairs.

"Guess I'll go look at Bakugo's K/DA posters," Naruto said as he quickly floated after his friend.

Mitsuki couldn't help but sigh in relief. She almost kissed someone who was way younger than her. She almost acted on the little crush she had on Naruto. She's always been attracted to powerful men who were also the bad boy types. They made for great boyfriends. But definitely not good life partners. Back in the day she used to actively look for the strongest guy on the block and date them. But then after a while it was time for some vanilla, she'd had her spicy life and was ready to grow up. Bad boys with strong quirks didn't make the best life partners. Good examples are her two friends Inko and Rei. Rei was in an abusive relationship and Inko's husband ran away to another country.

Even though her man was a bit too vanilla he still came home from an honest job and never beat her. That's why she felt guilty for thinking of Naruto when she was happily married. Even though she was happily married she wanted…more.

Shaking her head, Mitsuki got up from the couch and went to her room.

"I can't believe you like K/DA," Naruto said with a chuckle as he casually floated on his back, hands behind his head.

Katsuki's eye twitched. "Don't laugh at me, you like them too!" He growled as Naruto waved him off.

"Yeah but that's different," Naruto said. "I'd expect you to be into Maximum the Hormone or something. Not wanting Evelynn to step on you."

"Yeah well, sorry to disappoint." The blonde huffed. "The new Heroes United game is set to come out soon."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You mean the game where they pick the top 50 heroes in Japan and put them in a fighter? Also you didn't deny Evelynn stepping on you part."

"I heard the characters in the game are pretty accurate to the ones in real life," Katsuki, who had ignored Naruto's last statement, said with a grin. "I can't wait to kick butt with All Might online!"

"You and everybody else," Naruto said. "I'm pretty sure they're gonna nerf All Might. I'm gonna use Star and Stripe, she might come in as a DLC letter.

"Good pick, from what I've seen she's crazy strong." Katsuki muttered thoughtfully.

"Yeah and-

You look like you could use some more (more)

Know I got it and never runnin' low~

Naruto was cut off by his phone going off. The blonde pulled it out and it was his mom. "Hey mom-what? For real, are you sure it's from the UAI? Okay I'm on my way!"

"Something come up?" Katsuki asked as Naruto smiled.

"Yeah, a package from UAI at my place." Naruto said as he quickly went to the window and opened it. "I gotta go, I'll keep you updated!"

"Whatever," Katsuki grumbled as Naruto flew out the open window. He didn't even flinch at the distant boom he heard. Just shaking his head at how causally Naruto broke the sound barrier.

"Wait, that bastard's ringtone is More by K/DA! Why's he always making fun of me when he likes them just as much as I do?!"

Aizawa looked up just as the boy appeared above them with a resounding boom. Breaking the sound barrier at only sixteen, to think what he would be able to do once he grew up.

Aizawa who stood outside the front door blinked as a blue blur passed him by and opened the door behind me.

"You okay mom?" He heard from inside the house.

"I'm fine dear, there's a nice man outside who would like to talk to you."

"Okay I'll be right back,"

Aizawa blinked and the boy was floating above him. "Damn, you're fast." The Pro hero said as the boy folded his arms.

"For your sake I hope you're the real Eraser head," The boy said with a slight glare.

"I am, and I brought this." Eraser head said as pulled out a sealed envelope. "Now can you please come down, looking up at you hates my eyes."

The boy floated down and Aizawa handed him the envelope. Inside the envelope was a letter from Nezu himself.

"The Principal of UAI wants to see me?" The blonde said as he looked at the sealed envelope.

"Right, his X-ray vision…" Aizawa thought.

"So you really are the real deal," The boy said as he smiled and rubbed the back of his head. "I've been waiting to hear from you guys for so long. And you coming here in person sounded a little too good to be true."

"Yours is a unique case," Aizawa said as the boy frowned. "The Principal wanted to see you in person so he could make his decision. If you're willing, we can go right now."

Aizawa gestured to the black car parked by the street.

A drive later, they were at UAI. And in that drive Aizawa studied Naruto. The boy was perfectly calm, not even a twitch. Normally people his age would be nervous in this situation. Either he had nerves of steel or he didn't care.

Once they reached UAI, Aizawa took the boy to the principal's office. Naruto was staring in awe at the school and it gave Aizawa hope that Naruto wasn't a complete psychopath.

"Just go through there," Aizawa said as Naruto nodded.

"Excuse me, what?" Naruto couldn't help but ask, as he looked at the bear mouse dog hybrid with wide eyes.

"You just don't seem like the UAI type is all," The principal said with a shrug. "While it is true you put up quite an impressive performance, we feel that's all it was. A performance and deep down inside we don't think you have what it takes yet. Maybe next year?"

After all he had done, to make sure he would get in. "So…so what you're saying I'm a fake? That me fighting Endeavor and Mirko was just a performance?"

The principal just shrugged. "It's what we think is best, after all the best heroes in Japan evaluated your results. Aizawa will lead you out."

As soon as the principal said that, the door opened and EraserHead stepped in.

"Come on kid," Aizawa said as Naruto slowly walked out of the office.

"Maybe next time," Naruto heard Mary say.

Even though she said it, Naruto didn't want to believe it. Naruto had gone an entire year just to perfect his quirk. The hard work that went into the grueling year was all for nothing. The sting of doubt he felt in his gut hurt. All his training wasn't-

"Hey, how about I show you the training grounds. The least we can do after rejecting you." Aizawa said, making Naruto inwardly sigh.

"Think it just makes it worse," Naruto remarked.

"Maybe you can take out all that anger you're feeling inside on the highly expensive training equipment." Aizawa said as Naruto thought about it.

It seemed like a good idea. Plus it would give him a chance to let loose. Because honestly right now, Naruto felt robbed. Like something that was clearly in his grasp was suddenly taken away.

"Lead the way,"

Soon the two made it the giant training facility. It was like a Quirk dorm but more futuristic. Everything looked high tech and…expensive. Though it looked like a giant urban city complete with empty buildings and cars.

"This place is usually where All Might and Endeavor used to spar. It can take quite the beating." Aizawa said as Naruto looked around in awe.

"Wow hello there!" Naruto and Aizawa turned to see another blonde teen walking towards them. Behind him was a green haired man with glasses and a gray suit. "Are you here to train?"

"Sir Nighteye, I didn't think you of all people would be here." Aizawa said as the man approached and they shook hands.

"One of my students needed to stretch a bit," Sir Nighteye said as he pulled up his glasses.

"Hey there, I'm Mirio Togata, nice to meet you!" Mirio had a large smile on his face as he held out his hand to Naruto.His fellow blonde quickly shook it. "Oh, strong grip you have there!"

"Likewise," Naruto replied.

"Since you're here why not help out Mirio, he's in desperate need of a sparring partner." Sir Nighteye said as he turned to Aizawa. "That is, if it's fine with you."

"I don't think Naruto here has anywhere important to be." Aizawa turned to the blonde. "Unless you do?"

Naruto seemed to think about it before nodding his head. "I could go for a spar," he said with a nod.

"Okay then, but if things get intense we will step in. You two are free to go all out, after all the two strongest heroes in Japan used to spar here. The place can take a beating." Aizawa said as the two blonde teens took a few steps back. He glanced at both of them, making sure they were ready. Mirio seemed to be excited as stretched a bit while Naruto seemed stone faced.

Aizawa knew what these two teens were capable of, he'd seen both of them in action. Both of them were power houses in their own right.

"Alright begin!" He yelled and as soon as he did that both teens vanished in a blur of speed. The resounding shockwave above him was the only indication that they clashed. "Great, can't even see the damn fight."

Mirio was excited.

While his spars with his friends were helpful he couldn't really go all out. He couldn't really use One for All at its fullest. But now…

As his fist connected against the side of Naruto's face. Mirio couldn't help but smile at the fact that his fellow blonde didn't even flinch.

That was ten percent of his power!

Mirio was suddenly grabbed by the arm and thrown into a nearby building. As his body burst through the concrete and steel the blonde could only smile. Finally, he could push himself beyond! But before he could do all that, Naruto had appeared in a burst of speed in front of him. A punch aimed right at Mirio's face. The blonde instantly turned his Permeation quirk and held his breath. Naruto's fist passed through his head completely before Mirio countered with an uppercut to Naruto's chin that sent the blonde flying upwards.

When Mirio was given One for all and named All Might's successor. He had not only trained with this unbelievable power but had also trained his own quirk as well. Making sure he was able to use the two quirks together at the same time.

Mirio quickly took off after Naruto while the blonde was still in mid air Mirio quickly grabbed him by the neck only for Naruto's eyes to glow red and two lasers to slam right into his torso. Mirio was sent flying into a nearby building…again. As he picked himself up, he looked up at Naruto just as the blonde looked down at him.

At this point, the fight wasn't really a fight. It was like how in video game tournaments the players are told to first try out the buttons to get a feel for them. Both of them had been holding back from what Sir Nighteye had told him. Naruto was just as Strong as he was, and with a variety of sub quirks.

Now the real show begun.

One for All pumped into his body as Mirio flew at Naruto, leaving a sonic boom behind him as he went in for a punch. To his surprise and excitement, Naruto had caught it. The force of his fist hitting Naruto's palm sent a shockwave that destroyed the windows of the nearby buildings.

This guy…

That was forty percent and it took it all. Pause.

Suddenly, Naruto's fist lashed out and punched him in the face so fast he couldn't phase through it in time. The hit was strong and would have sent Mirio flying was it not for the firm grip Naruto had on his hand.

It was so hard it actually hurt! Pause.

Disoriented, Mirio could do nothing but take the next couple of blows. Naruto's arm was like a jackhammer as he punched at Mirio's face. Shockwave after shockwave shook the entire place as Mirio was continuously punched in the face. Grunting, Mirio poured 70% into his arm and threw a hook right at Naruto's temple. The blow sent the other blonde flying into another building.

Before Mirio could capitalize, Naruto stopped mid-flight. Then his eyes glowed red before he fired off his heat vision.

Mirio quickly punched behind himself, the force of the punch sending him rocketing away from the lasers. Naruto didn't let up on his lasers and simply turned his head in the direction Mirio was heading. Mirio bounced off a nearby building just as Naruto's lasers obliterated said building a few seconds later.

With One for All at 70%, Mirio was a blur as he blitzed around. Naruto, seeing his lasers were useless, decided to chase after Mirio. Now this was Mirio's plan all along, Naruto was stronger than him, that much was a fact. While Mirio was going all out Naruto was deliberately holding back. But surely Mirio was faster, right? Right?

As Mirio zoomed through the city, Naruto was right behind him. Now Mirio hadn't completely mastered One for All and could only use it up too 80%. And when he pushed himself to 75%, and began moving faster. Naruto was still behind him, his face a calm mask like there weren't moving faster than sound at this point. Everything they moved past was blown away, cars were sent flying and windows on buildings were shattered.

Deciding that running wasn't an option, Mirio made a beeline for a large building before activating his quirk and phasing through it.

And as he reached the other end, Mirio turned around and turned on 80% percent. Naruto was younger, Mirio was the experienced of the two. After all, he trained with All Might.

A few seconds later Naruto had burst through the building. Eyes glowing red.

Mirio took his chance and sped forward, with all his might he punched at Naruto. As expected, the blonde brought his arms and blocked the punch aimed for his head.

The force of the punch sent Naruto back and slammed him into the building. Mirio went for a punch to Naruto's unguarded stomach. The blow landed, a shockwave blew away what was left of the crumbling building above them. The hit seemed to stun Naruto and Mirio quickly capitalized with a right hook to the side of the blonde's face. Mirio then uppercutted the blonde so hard he would have sent him flying had Mirio not grabbed his leg and slammed him on the ground. There was a loud crack as Naruto's back hit the ground, said ground cracked and formed a crater. Even as an entire building fell on them, Mirio didn't care.

He wanted to beat Naruto.

Tightening the grip he had on Naruto's leg, he lifted him off the ground. Mirio then began spinning, turning into a human beyblade/ tornado. Making sure Naruto was disoriented, Mirio then took to the skys. Bursting out the top of the concrete building like it was paper, Mirio tossed a disoriented Naruto into the air, then grabbed him by the back of the head and pressed him against the building as they began to fall.

Mirio made sure to put all of his strength into grinding Naruto's face into the building as he fell. Cutting the large structure down the middle. Before they could hit the ground, Mirio grabbed Naruto and threw him face first at the ground. Mirio then sped away just as the crumbling building fell right on top of Naruto.

Surely dropping an entire building was enough to end the fight, right? Right?

"Great, I can barely see what's happening." Aizawa grumbled, he and Sir Nighteye had quickly gone over to the control room where a camera feed of the fight was being shown.

"The next generation truly are something else," Nezu said with a hum. "Don't you think so, Endeavor?"

The number two hero didn't answer, eyes focused on the high speed and destructive fight. He was one of the three people in the room that could actually see what was happening.

"All the more reason to enroll him in UAI I say!" All Might said. The blonde number one then turned to the number two hero. "Don't you think so my friend?"

Endeavor just stared ahead with a frown on his face. He had hoped that Shoto would breeze through on his way to being number one but-

"Oh man looks like the fight is over," Mirko said as she grinned. "Looks like Mr superior is out for the count."

"That's not right, he used some kind of red power against Endeavor during the entrance exam," Sir Nighteye pointed out.

"Oh yeah!" Mirko said as she looked thoughtful. "Now that I think about it, he used it to beat me as well!"

"I wonder why he hasn't used it?" Nezu asked and the answer came in the form of the building Naruto was buried under beginning to rumble. "Oh, it seems something interesting is about to happen."

"Man it's not fair, they kick you out of their precious school but they let this guy in? He's basically a bootleg version of you! Are you gonna take that? Just let them do this to you? They hate you cause you don't make mistakes, you're not like the rest of them, you're stronger, smarter…better! You are better!"

Now Naruto knew better than to listen to Homelander, the man was unreliable and wrong most of the time. But then again, a broken clock was right twice a day. Homelander had been whispering at the back of his head for a while now and he tried to ignore it. He really did, but when it's twelve and the clock says twelve you listen. Even if that cloak was broken.

It really wasn't fair!

"Power of the ancestors… '' Naruto whispered from beneath the rubble and broken building. Honestly he had nothing to lose from doing this. Plus he always wondered what Homelander could bring to the table.

Mirio stared wide eyed as two beams of pure red energy burst out of the large rubble. The beams destroyed a large portion of the rubble, kicking up dust. Mirio looked up as a figure floated out of the dust.

"You know, I never get to let loose like this." The dust cleared and it revealed Naruto, said blonde had a smug smirk on his face. "For the past few days I've been letting self doubt cloud my mind. I don't need that kind of energy in my life, I've decided. UAI isn't good enough for me. They need me more than I need them."

"What?" Mirio couldn't help but ask. Naruto didn't seem to care about his confusion as the blonde blew frost on his hand, forming a chunk of ice. He then fired his heat vision, melting it into water. Naruto then used it to slick his hair back.

"Now, let's show the people of UAI what they are missing out on." Naruto said before vanishing from his spot and appearing in front of Mirio.

Mirio barely dodged the punch aimed at his head. The fist grazing the side of his cheek. This was insane! Naruto just got faster, by a large margin!

"Focus," Naruto said before moving his hand forward and grabbing Mirio by the face. Mirio quickly phased out of the grip before going for a punch to Naruto's face. The hit connected but it was tanked. Naruto just looked at him with a smug smile. In a microsecond Mirio was punched in the gut so hard his feet were lifted off the ground. "I see, that little ghost trick doesn't work if I hit you fast enough."

Mirio quickly phased out the fist buried in his gut and quickly jumped back. He needed to-

"Where are you going?" Naruto appeared in front of Mirio in an instant. Mirio blinked and ate a right hook to the face that sent him flying into one of the few remaining buildings.

As he crashed into the building, Mirio quickly began thinking of phasing into the ground. He needed a plan-

"I see you!"

Naruto's heat vision burst through the walls and slammed into Mirio's chest. The force of the lasers sent him slamming back first into a wall. The heat burning off the top part of his special shirt. (Made out of his hair)

"You dropped a building on me," At that point, Naruto was just teleporting. That speed was just insane! The blonde was calmly standing a few inches away from Mirio.

Mirio pumped one hundred percent into his body. His hand shot forward at blinding speeds as his hand went for Naruto's eyes. His opponent didn't even blink as Mirio's hand phased through his head. Instead the blonde fired his heat vision. Mirio had to use his quirk on his entire body. The lasers passing harmlessly through him. Mirio quickly sped away and Naruto followed, both teens leaving behind sonic booms that destroyed the building they were once in.

Mirio was using both of his quirks at full capacity. Speeding and phasing through buildings while Naruto followed behind. To Naruto, every building he smashed through was like wet tissue. The blonde simply passed through them, destroying them to get to Mirio.

Mirio couldn't hold his breath for too long, plus using 100% was taking its toll on his body. Naruto was right there next to him, no matter where he went Naruto was right next to him, waiting for Permeation to deactivate. Mirio quickly turned, speeding into a building with Naruto following by bursting through them.

Mirio quickly deactivated Permeation in his arms before turning and punching at Naruto. The blonde reacted in time by catching his punch and using his grip to throw Mirio away.

Mirio deactivated his quirk as he flew in the air. Turning, the blonde cocked his fist back as he spotted the form of Naruto flying towards him.

No more running…

"Detroit…" Mirio pumped power into his right fist just as Naruto came into range. "SMASH!!!"

Naruto brought up his arms in an X, blocking the punch but the force blew his shirt away. Gale force winds from the force of Mirio's punch forced Naruto to close his eyes. Mirio quickly vanished and appeared behind Naruto. The blonde wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist before delivering a One for all powered suplex. With them having been in the sky, Mirio used everything he had, turning into a bullet that fired at the ground faster than the speed of sound.

The two slammed into the ground so hard the entire fake city's ground was completely destroyed. Buildings/half buildings were sent tumbling as the ground beneath them was no more and the shockwave that resulted from the suplex crushed against them. It was like a nuke had gone off.


"This has gone on long enough!" All Might yelled as the feed cut out. Everything in the training zone was completely destroyed. The blonde hero quickly took off with a burst of speed.

"Hey wait for me!" Mirko yelles before quickly following.

"Excuse me everyone," Sir Nighteye quickly followed.

"They might need your assistance Aizawa," Nezu said as the black haired man nodded before he followed after Nighteye. "Aren't you going?"

"No," Endeavor grumbled before walking out of the room. If Shoto thought his life was hell, he got another thing coming.

"To think that even someone as powerful as him, we had doubts about letting him into UAI." Nezu said as Endeavor left the room. "It's not always about power, you know."

Naruto coughed and swiped the dust away from his face. Mirio was on the ground a few feet away, the blonde's body looked beaten. Mirio was officially out cold, the attack having knocked him out. Naruto would have laughed had he still been channeling his inner Homelander. The blonde quickly ruffled his hair back to normal.

Speaking of Homelander, Naruto couldn't help but be surprised. Feeling Homelander's power, he couldn't help but wonder how the guy got bullied around. Homelander was more powerful than some of the people in his head. Using Homelander's power, Naruto's power was boosted a hundred times over! Homelander didn't have any flashy moves or total invincibility but the man was strong.

"Of course he's strong, he's even Stronger than Mary, Icarus and Thragg. But they can easily beat him in a fight, because they are highly trained and skilled warriors. The only reason you use Homelander's abilities better than he does is because you can fight. From whatever world Homelander comes from, he was the strongest. So strong he was never challenged and so he didn't bother trying." Zod said as Naruto hummed.

"So what you're saying is that he's too lazy to use his powers to their fullest." Naruto said, getting a mental nod from Zod. "Where is he anyway, I thought he'd be bragging about-

"He was, he got so annoying everyone ganged up on him. They are currently beating him to a bloody pulp."

"Of course they are," Naruto muttered just as he spotted, All Might?

"I AM HERE!!!"

The man was before him in an instant, behind him the dust storm he had kicked up on his run here finally caught up. Naruto simply closed his eyes and used his X-ray vision. Though the dust wouldn't do anything if it got in his eyes it was still uncomfortable.

"Hey you almost blinded me!" Mirko the rabbit Hero appeared a second later. Her own dust storm followed after. "Huh I honestly thought you lost blondie, guess I was wrong."

"Yes, I too am quite impressed! You and young Mirio here showed great skill and power." All Might said as Naruto opened his eyes and smiled at the praise.

"Honestly Mirio would have beaten me if he had full control of his strength." Naruto said as he turned and looked at the downed form of the blonde. "I could tell his quirk was hurting his body."

Honestly the fight would have escalated, Naruto was matching Mirio's power he didn't want the blonde hurt after all. But if Mirio had been able to increase his strength? The destruction would have been biblical.

"Damn you guys did a number on this place," Mirko said as she looked around in awe. What was once an urban city was reduced to rubble, now buildings stood above any of them, everything was but dust and dirt. "And to think, both of you weren't going all out. Hey, you think you can go another round with me!"

"Yeah no, last time I beat you because of my trump card which I already used and have to wait a whole day to recharge." Naruto said with a wave. "Maybe next time."

"Speaking of Trump cards, what was that exactly?" All Might asked his face no longer having his iconic smile but a serious frown.

"Yeah, it was kinda like looking at another person entirely." Mirko said as Naruto winced. It seemed both of them noticed. Power of the Ancestors didn't just give him his ancestor's powers but some of their personality? Not that it completely took over Naruto but just enough that it was slightly noticeable. Sometimes it was good, like when he used Alexandria's power he didn't just get her total invincibility but her tactical mind as well. Every move was perfectly calculated and none was wasted.

But with people like He'l and Homelander.

The world was an ant hill and he was a kid with magnifying glass and a squirt gun. The arrogance that came with all that power was sometimes maddening. That's why he made an effort to end fights quickly when he used someone that arrogant.

"I'm sure you guys would love to know but it is a secret," Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I can't just go around telling people my secret, you know?"

"People? We're pro heroes-

"We understand," All Might firmly stated. His voice cuts off Mirko and leaves no room for augment.

Even injured All Might was still a force of nature.

Yes Naruto had caught a glimpse, All Might's body was rotten on the inside. Destroyed, and his blood smelled…off. His X-ray vision told him all he needed to know.

The number one hero was not long for this world.

And yet it was a warning to Naruto, All Might's injuries had to come from somewhere. Someone did that to him. Strong as he was, Naruto wasn't ready to take on the hero world just yet. There were scary things out there.

"Perhaps you could tell your teachers then?" Eraserhead called out as he and Sir Nighteye rolled in on a golf car of all things.

Naruto stiffened. "I would," he said.

"I look forward to you telling me then," The black haired man said as he stepped out of the vehicle. "You were not accepted into UAI because of me. I had questions, questions that have been answered. I am satisfied and I apologize. I'm sorry for making you doubt yourself." Aizawa then bowed.

"I don't understand…" Naruto said with wide eyes.

"It's not always about power and how amazing a quirk is," Eraserhead said. "Most people forget that, I wanted to see if behind that amazing quirk of yours was an equally amazing character."

"And here I was going to fly off to America," Naruto said with a chuckle. "So I'm in?"

"Yes, you are without a doubt a student at UAI," Aizawa said Naruto smiled. "Now, go to the principal's office and pick your acceptance letter."

"Thank you!" Naruto said excitedly as he bowed. Sting of doubt at the pit of his gut was now gone, replaced with butterflies. He then turned to the snoring Mirio, who All Might had picked up and was now carrying. "Tell him thank you for me."

"Race you to Nezu's office!" Mirko said before she broke into a run, a blur that had already crossed an unbelievable distance.

"Well that's not fair is it," Naruto said before following after, leaving the ground underneath him cracked even more.

"Kids these days, breaking the sound barrier in their sneakers." Sir Nighteye said, his face twitching as he pulled up his glasses.

"Why do you look pissed off?"

"Because I am."