The Queen was dead, both of them.

The White walkers were vanquished.

Westeros was safe…and Arya was aimless. Truthfully she didn't expect to survive her quests for revenge, or the battle with The Others. She didn't much make plans past the next day as it were, and now the youngest Stark girl didn't know what to do with herself.

Sansa wanted her to return North with her to be a part of the newly independent kingdom, with Arya by her side. Arya came to have a newfound appreciation of her sister over the last year, but she had no interest in politics. Besides, returning to Winterfell permanently knowing two of her brothers and father were dead - she couldn't bring herself to do it yet.

She thought of maybe going even further North, past the remnants of the Wall with Jon. But he was seeking out peace, and Arya knew that wasn't for her.

Then there was Gendry…

There was no other way to put it, the boy was head over heels in love with her. They had played their little game of feelings through time together traveling Westeros. Gendry at the time felt he had nothing to offer Arya, and that she'd simply be his lady.

But now he was a lord. The bastard of Robert Baratheon, the LAST Baratheon, was now the head of his house and Warden of the South. There was no social barrier keeping them apart.

Besides, they had already fucked.

Perhaps Arya was a bit too foolhardy in that aspect. It was the night before Walkers arrived. Arya expected to be dead in the morning, and she'd be damned if she died a virgin. She knew Gendy had laid with a woman, but from her understanding, he wasn't very much an active participant in it. So when she went to him on the walls of Winterfell that night it was going to be a new experience for both of them - she didn't trust it with anyone else.

She was sad to say she was left a bit…disappointed. It wasn't as if he didn't have the equipment for the job - he had the very generous Baratheon genes in that capacity. But he treated her so…delicately, as if he was afraid he'd hurt her, break her. She thought he knew better. Maybe it was unfair of her to expect him to perform with the likely outcome of imminent threat on the horizon. Even still, she found a small victory in seeing him near cross eyed as he came undone on her stomach.

With all threat gone and a new lord status, Gendry was headed to Storm's End to make a home the place bearing his name and sigil. Gendry asked her to come with him, until he became accustomed to the place. Arya wasn't dumb; she knew there was more to it than that.

He wanted to marry her.

He got the silly idea in his head that that's what he was supposed to do as a lord now. Boys were so stupid. Did he really think after all that had happened, marriage would be on her mind? Her whole worldview was turned on its head in the matter of months. That only fueled her drive to travel, to see the world, to adventure.

But she couldn't just leave Gendry after all they had been through.

So she went with him to give him a small goodbye, even if he didn't know it yet.

Gendry was near attached to her hip during the first 5 days there. Arya figured this must've been what Gendry thought courting was - it would've been almost cute if it wasn't annoying. It was making her plans to leave him all the harder: The small touches, the kisses, the intimate moments they shared over the last few days - Arya wasn't overly sentimental but she had to admit that after so much death and destruction, it was nice.

But it wasn't for her.

Over the last few days, she secretly inquired about ships leaving the region, ones that could take her to Dorne. From there she intended to travel west of Westeros to parts unknown. She had no idea if she'd come back, but she didn't care. She wanted to see the world.

On the seventh night of her stay in the Stormlands, she decided it was time to make her way. She waited until midnight to make her move; the castle didn't have much in the way of guards after Ramsay decimated their men, and those who were left were hardly the best of the crop. She snuck through the castle with ease, and out to the stables where she packed a horse so she'd be ready to go.

She fought the guilt in the pit of her stomach about leaving Gendry without saying goodbye but she knew he'd try and stop her if she told him. Worse yet, she knew he might convince her otherwise.

She rode off into the night at a hard pace. It was a few hours ride south to clear waters - the unfriendly waters and rocks make it near impossible to set anchor in Shipbreaker bay or close to Storm's End. Just a few hours south, and her new life would begin.

But Storm's End wasn't just a title, it was a warning. Out of nowhere, the sky opened, and set all hells loose on Arya and her stead. Rain and wind blasted her as she tried to ride, and she couldn't see 5 feet in front of her. It was almost as if the Gods disapproved of her leaving in the night like some common sneak. Arya wanted to push through, but she knew the horse would never make it, and if the horse didn't make it, she'd be fucked either way.

So she turned back.

Luckily she had not ridden too far, and was able to make it back into the keep with little effort. She returned to the stables, and formulated a new plan. She'd wait out the Storm. Some of her gear got soaked through, so she'd have to stop nearby in town for some supplies, there she could perhaps stay at an inn while she inquired about new passage, and-


The voice rang out like a crack of thunder, somehow overpowering the actual thunder in her ears. Arya slowly turned around to see a confused looking Gendry staring at her.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked, looking her up and down.

"What are YOU doing in here?" Arya countered on him, trying to deflect.

"Storm's coming down hard." Gendry stated. "Wanted to make sure the forge was properly covered and sealed."

'Blacksmith's apprentice through and through.' Arya thought.

"What were you-" Gendry began. He looked over Arya, her wet appearance, the drenched horse and the saddlebags. Gendry may not have been traditionally educated, hells he was illiterate, but he wasn't stupid. Realization spread across his face, and Arya had the grace about her to look mildly ashamed. "You were leaving."

Arya thought to lie for a moment, but she didn't think he'd believe her. Besides, she didn't want to lie to Gendry.

"We'll talk about it later." She said, trying to change the subject. He wasn't having it though.

"Why were you leaving?" Gendry said, pain bleeding into his gruff voice. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No!" Arya said immediately. "It has nothing to do with you."

"Nothing to do with me?" He repeated in disbelief. "Arya we - when you came here I thought…

"Gendry." She tried gently. None of this was going how it was supposed to. He was supposed to be none the wiser until she was long. She wasn't supposed to SEE what she was doing to him.

"I thought we'd get married." He said softly stepping closer. "I'm a lord now. We can get married."

"But I'm not a lady!" Arya said, throwing her hands up in exasperation. "You know that I never wanted to be a lady. I want to see the world."

"We could see the world together."

"You've responsibilities to your people. To your house."

"So that's it then? You were gonna be gone in the night and leave me to my responsibilities?" Gendry yelled in anger, taking another step closer.

"You would've understood eventually." Arya assured looking away. "You would have found a nice pretty lady to marry and have a bushel of kids."

Even in the dark of the stable, Arya could see Gendry's face redden with fury.

"I don't want anyone else, you dumb bitch! I want you!" he roared. Arya was nearly taken aback by his outburst. Gendry had always been stoic, collected - seems Arya brought out the worst in him. Still she felt her own anger come forward - who was he to call her names. Who was he to try and keep her tied down, try and keep her a lady. She wanted adventure. She wanted freedom.

"Well I don't want to marry you, you dumb bastard!"

At that moment, Arya regretted her tendency to speak without thinking. The look of pure hurt on Gendry's face was immediate - he looked as if he had been stabbed in the chest. She didn't mean it. She didn't want to marry anyone, not just him.

"Gendry, I didn't-" She tried, pleaded, but it was too late for that now. Suddenly Gendry's hand reached out, taking a fistful of her wet hair and pulled hard. Arya gasped, and her reflexes kicked in, hands immediately going to break his wrist. Before she could lay a hand on him though, he kicked her feet out from under her, sending her to the ground.

"A bastard am I?" He growled, voice menacing and ripping with venom. Like a Neanderthal, Gendry pulled Arya by her hair, dragging her on the ground. He kicked the stable doors open and dragged her outside and through the mud. Arya kicked and struggled, clawing at his hands and wrist, trying to break his vice grip on her hair to no avail.

"What are you doing?!" She shrieked. "Let me go!"

Gendry dragged her to the forge that was situated in a large shed, the fire of the furnace burning hot and glowing.. He opened the door, and threw her inside with ease. Sometimes Arya forgot how strong Gendry was working with metal his whole life - and forgot how small she was. Despite being deadly with a weapon, she was still tiny compared to him.

Gendry grabbed her by her arm and yanked her hard to her feet. Arya kicked hard at his shin, and tried to slap him, but he simply took her kick and caught her hand.

"I'll show you a bastard, you heartless cunt." He said more to himself than her. She opened her mouth to say something, but he caught her with a smack hard across the face. The force of the blow spun her around, and sent her flying forward.

Gods he was strong, she thought.

Arya was able to catch herself on the anvil centered in the room. She tried to push herself straight upright, but Gendry quickly closed the gap between them, grabbing her neck and pushing her forward, and face into the cold metal of the anvil. She felt his body press against her back, aiding in pinning her down and near bent over at the waist.

"Gendry stop!" She screamed.

"Shut up, just shut up!" He yelled in return. The hand not pinning her down grabbed at her clothes. She was wearing simple riding pants and a long sleeve roughspun top - she wasn't trying to stand out. Gendry grabbed the wet fabric of her shirt and pulled back hard


He tore a long tear in the shirt, exposing Arya's back. Arya's eyes went wide as saucers as she began to understand what he was planning to do. Her struggles intensified, but the young bull was just too strong. He followed his actions by grabbing the waist of her pants, and pulling them over her hips and down her ass.

"No, no!" Arya screamed as she tried to squirm free. Gendry smacked her ass hard, watching the flesh shake and jiggle.

"You were going to leave me, and deprive me of this glorious fat arse?" Gendry said. He sounded delirious, breathing heavily and ragged. He fumbled at his breeches, working his own pants down his waist. Arya tried to look back, face rubbing against the rough anvil. She didn't need to see what he was doing - she felt it. His cock flopped against the small of her back, hot and heavy as she remembered. Her squirms and struggles only succeeded in rubbing her pale ass against his member, making it fill with blood and harden.

"Gendry wait-" She tried once more, but he didn't even hear her at that point. He swiped his cock head against her entrance, feeling her involuntary wetness.

"Gods, you're getting off on this." He said amazed, looking at her juices glisten his cock. "You're no lady at all. You're barely a Flea Bottom whore!"

"S-shut up." She shot back childishly. Arya didn't understand why her body was betraying her. Why her cunt was getting wetter and wetter at his treatment and horrid words. She didn't have time to think of another retort, before he lined himself up with her entrance, and pushed in hard. Arya had taken him at Winterfell, but she was in control then and the young bull tried his best to be gentle, to enter her as slowly as possible. But now he didn't care. He fucked into her in one hard thrust, stretching Arya's small hole. Arya let out a loud wail that might have been heard if not for the storm raging outside. Her legs shook as her body was trying to make sense of the feeling of Gendry's cock ramming into her. He didn't give her time to adjust before before he began to ride her hard, not caring about her comfort as he pressed her face into the hard metal of the anvil and fucked her.

"Ah! Ah! Ahahah! S-stop! Fucking stop!" Arya wailed childishly. The headstrong girl, the girl trained by the Face-Less men, all her skills and experience flew out of the window as Gendry hate-fucked her over a dirt anvil. Arya gritted her teeth and tried to hold on as he pummeled her cunt. She thought she could swing her arm back and strike him, but Gendry caught her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, inadvertently giving him more leverage with his other hand on the back of her neck to pull her into him. Arya grunted and squealed pathetically as her ass bounced back against each of his powerful strokes.

"Is this how you wanted it?" He barked. "You wanted be to bend you over the castle wall and rape you in front of your men? Your family?"

"Nooooo" Arya moaned, her cunt gushing and slick, swallowing his cock over and over.

"Liar! You've always been nothing but a dirty lying whore!"

Arya felt light headed, drunk almost. She didn't know what was happening to her, but she felt as if she couldn't breathe as something tingled in the pit of her stomach. It didn't help when Gendry pulled her to stand upright, her back pressed to his chest, and his bicep wrapping around her neck. Her throat was settled snugly in the crook of his elbow as he flexed his muscle, squeezing her neck from the sides and cutting off her air supply.

Arya thought he was going to go the full way, and actually snuff her out, but he continued to ram into her, and Arya's body shook, both from lack of air, and pleasure that Gendry was pulling out of her. With a particularly hard snap of the hips, Arya's cunt clenched around Gendry's cock, spasming and squirting around him as she achieved the first orgasm in her short life. Her eyes rolled into her head as Gendry continued to choke her through her orgasm. Only once her spasming stopped did he release her arm, letting her fall forward hard onto the anvil.

Gendry looked down at the love of his life - wet, covered in mud, and coming back to Earth after nearly coming the sense out of her head. She looked absolutely pathetic.

"You make me sick you fucking whore." He stated, pulling her up by her hair. She was barely conscious and could do nothing but look at him with half hooded, unfocused eyes. Her cheek was red from scratching against the anvil, and her nose trickled blood a bit from smacking against it. "Gods I love you."

Gendry pulled her forward and pressed a hard kiss to her mouth. Running on instinct, Arya's mouth opened allowing his tongue in, battling against each other.

The young Baratheon wasn't done with Arya by a long shot.

For the next two hours, he manhandled her all around the room. Pressing her back against the wall so he could fuck her standing, one leg draped over his hip. Face mushed into the dirt as he tried to fuck her into the Earth. Both hands wrapped around her throat as her tongue lolled out and eyes rolled up, while he forced himself between her spread eagle legs.

He wanted to hurt her. He wanted to lord over her. He wanted to love her. He was angry and in love, and he had no way of showing it besides this.

But the message was received. At some point during the night, Arya wouldn't have been able to pinpoint it if asked, her struggles and pleas became moans and begging for more. Arya didn't KNOW she liked it rough, but if this is what sex could be, there was no way she could go back to soft lovemaking. Maybe he was right, maybe this was what she wanted that night in Winterfell. If he took her like this back then, she didn't think she'd even consider leaving him.

Every hard cervix punching thrust was a poem. Every time he slapped her and threw her around the room was a flower.. Everytime he spit in her face and called her disgusting names was a declaration of love.

Maybe she was just sick in the head, she had heard it enough for it to be possible. But as it turned out, so was he - and they were perfect for each other.

"Yesyesyesyes!" Arya moaned. Gendry had her near bent in half, calves pushed to the side of her head as he fucked down into her, cock head kissing her womb each thrust. He spit at her again, but Arya was able to open her mouth and catch it in time. She swirled his saliva around a moment before swallowing and showing him.

"You disgust me." He grunted, continuing to rail into her.

'I love you too.' She thought.

Gendry's had been fucking her for hours, but even his stamina had limits. He sped his hips up, crotches smacking together loud and wetly as he raced towards his finish.

"I'm a bastard? I'm a bastard?" He repeatedly grunted as he rammed into her. Arya was beyond words now, just grunting and mewling as her 5th orgasm of the night built.

"I'll give you a bastard!" He growled, snapping his hips flush to hers. His back straightened and his cock pulsed. Arya let out a silent moan as she felt his cock unload into her, rope after rope of his hot seed spilling into her womb. Her own orgasm took her again, but she could do little more than spasm weekly as her muscles ached. Her cunt milked him, making sure he was completely spent as if it was subconsciously trying to make sure she was bred.

Gendry pressed a hard kiss to her mouth, urgent and loving - a great way to describe him.

Soon unconsciousness was taking her, Gendry's large blue eyes looking into hers.

"Marry me." He whispered to her, voice softer than it had been all night.

The last thing Arya said before her world went black was a quiet-