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When Things Happen
Chapter 1- Discovery

The dawn's light reached through the windows of the Hinata Sou. Motoko flinched as the all too bright light came into contact with her closed eyes. She attempted to turn over away from the source of the light to continue sleeping. She had no such luck. Motoko could not regain sweet unconsciousness. Motoko sat up and rubbed her eyes. She balled her hands in a cute way and raised them high over her head to stretch. She then dropped her hands unceremoniously back to the bed. She then attempted to stand to get dressed. Nausea swept over her. She held back her desire to vomit. She finally managed to stand shakily and took a few deep breaths to steady herself. She had begun to feel that way very often lately. She finally decided it was time to see a doctor. Something was wrong, she rarely was sick, and when she was, if faded quickly. If anything, this has been getting worse.

She got dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt different lately. She was a bit more moody and felt hungrier. It took a good amount of effort to resist eating too much more than what she was taught to be healthy. She turned and went down the stairs to eat the breakfast that Shinobu was undeniably cook from the smell that assaulted her nose.


Motoko arrived downstairs, with the rest of the residents gathered there to consume food. She looked around the table as she was seated, and debated whether or not to tell them of her recent health. She decided she would not yet, until she determined what was wrong with her. She continued to eat in silence as the normal antics progressed at the table.

Kitsune kept teasing the couple, Naru and Keitaro, and Keitaro kept sputtering in response. Naru adamantly denied any relationship to Keitaro but as a study buddy. Motoko sighed and looked up at them. She looked closer at Naru. Her eyes had the vision of fire in them, but it was just that, a vision. She truly had no fire behind her words to a careful observer. She looked over at Keitaro as he was belted across the head by a Su kick. He turned red and sputtered idiotically. Naru would claim not relation to Keitaro, and sometimes Keitaro would claim the same back. It was his defense against the hurt that Naru caused him. She continued observing their behavior quietly eating quite large portions of food as she mused. She was unaware of how much she was seating.

As diner was coming to a close, Motoko cleared her throat to end the antics temporarily to gain everyone's attention. "Su, I will not be able to accompany you home on your walk from school today. I will be home later than usual. I have some personal things to check on."

"Awww, but Motoko....."

"I'm quite sorry Su. I can walk you home from school tommorow."

"Okay..." Su launched herself at Keitaro to latch onto him. Naru turned a blushing red, before a jealous shade of red. Her brows furrowed.

"You pedophile! Get your hands off of Su!"

"Keitaro, you can walk me home today, right?!?"

"I'm not doing anything!" Keitaro yelled back at Naru. He looked back at Su. "I think walking home with you would be hazardous to my health."

"Come on Keitaro, Ya know you wanna!" She belted him a friendly blow to his shoulder that with her unrealistic strength seemed to almost knock Keitaro on the floor and knock his shoulder out of place.

"Stop that you crazy Indian Girl!!!"

Motoko exited quietly and went to the roof.


Motoko swung her sword, doing her standard 1000 strikes that she does every morning. They help strengthen the upper body, and your speed increases with every practice. They also get you more accustomed to your sword as it becomes more of an extension to your body. This time Motoko did it with her eyes closed as she thought about Narusagewa and Keitaro. Just once she wished they did not make such of a fuss and got along. Naru just needed to get over her denial and admit her love for the idiot. Lately she had been hitting Keitaro for less and less. Keitaro's every action was perverted in her eyes, and she punished him for every perceived transgression.

"KYAAAAAA!!!" Motoko opened her eyes to find Shinobu just in front of the blade she had just swung downwards. She blushed a bit. She was so into her thoughts that she was unaware of anyone else presence. She also forgot that Shinobu often comes up during her practice to hang clothes while she watches Motoko practice.

"I'm sorry Shinobu. I didn't realize you were there."

Shinobu eventually stopped shaking long enough to reply. "I-It's alright." Shinobu paused. "You seemed a bit more...fierce this morning. Is something bothering you?"

"No...No Shinobu. I'm just a little sick, don't tell anyone, I don't want them to worry. I cannot walk Su home because I am going to see a doctor."

"Oh. Well, I hope you feel better."

"Thank you, Su."


Right after school Motoko began her walk to the doctors office with trepidation. She was slowly shortening the distance between her and the office. She had been sick for a while now, and that wasn't normal. Hopefully it wasn't some life threatening disease like cancer.

She walked into the clear door, and into the waiting room. She had arrived a little late, but there were no other appointments. The doctor stood behind the receptionist waiting talking to her about something. He then heard the door opening to reveal a young healthy girl in kendo clothing.

"Hello, you must be Aoyama Motoko. I hear you've been feeling sick lately." Motoko nodded in response. "I need for you to step into the examining room and undress for me."

Motoko felt anger building, the doctor was a pervert, why would she have to take off her clothes? The doctor...the _doctor_. Doctors aren't like that. She had forgot that many procedures with them required them to be unclothed. She closed her eyes to regain her senses, and went into the examining room. Before long she found herself sitting on the cold, sterile surface of the examining table. The doctor came in and gave her a reassuring smile. She took a deep breath and killed all thoughts of bashing the "pervert." The doctor looked her over, poking and prodding. Motoko held her calm at the contact. The doctor than asked for a urine sample. He gave her a cup, and pointed to the small bathroom door across the room. Motoko shortly returned with a filled cup. The doctor took it, and then took a blood sample. He stored the samples and turned back to Motoko.

"You can dress now. I will call you with the results of the tests."


The next day, Motoko sat meditating in the living room. It was the weekend and no one else was around. Su and Sarah had dragged Shinobu off to explore the hidden passages and property of the Hinata Sou. Motoko's meditation was broken by a phone call. She tried to ignore it, until she realized no one else was going to answer it. She sighed and stood. She went across the room and picked up the phone. It was the doctor.

"Aoyama san. I have found out what was wrong with you. Your nausea and dizziness is from your pregnancy. You are pregnant."

That was all Motoko heard. She did not hear any of the recommendations of check ups and what to eat while pregnant or any other advice. She just dropped the phone and fell to her knees.

"I'm...I'm pregnant. I, Oh...Oh my god."

-End Chapter 1-

I hope you did NOT read Adrian D. Moten's Kasumi ½ before hand. Otherwise you already have a HUGE idea what is going to happen in this fic.