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Something that I've seen so much I've finally gotta bitch about it.

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I HATE Japlish. I don't mean the accepted "Otaku Japanese," like special attacks, kawaii, ecchi, hentai, kuso, chikuso, or Hai /Iie/Iya (if used in moderation). I know a lot of fanfiction writers think it's cool, but it really isn't. More often than not Japanese is misused. On the other hand it is annoying. To people who actually truly study it beyond looking at dictionary, or using a flawed translation site (Translating Japanese is NOT an exact science but an art as I read somewhere and know personally), it is irritating or at best humorous. I've noticed even in fiction that get the actual wording correct, the English translation is incorrect. In result, writers that thought it was cool spread the misused Japlish with their fics like the plaque. That is part of the reason for my project of making a Japanese learning site that's practically a book(actually a collage of books) rather than a list of words. So for those of you who read this, I hope you take it into consideration and STOP USING JAPLISH. And on the off chance that it's used correctly it's irritating to be reading a fanfic and Japanese breaks out in the middle of it. I'm half tempted to make an Anti-Japlish cult and go around flaming fics off the web. And if you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO USE IT, run it by someone who studies it or knows it. I also fall into the category of "studies it". If you have questions ask me and I'll attempt to explain.

When Things Happen

Chapter 4-Explainations

Dinner seemed to take a long time in coming for one Naru Narusagewa. What was going on between Motoko and Keitaro? Keitaro had said he loved her, and she told him her unsure feelings. Was Keitaro stringing her along? Did Motoko steal him from her? That had to be the explanation, nothing else made sense to her. There was obviously something going on between them she judged from the earlier display of affection.

She sat waiting in the dining room early, the faint sound of Shinobu preparing diner in the background. Slowly but surely every one showed up for diner. Everyone took a second glance at Naru's melancholy demeanor. Silence reigned supreme at the table as Shinobu came in and place the food on the table. Everyone put food in their plate as they waited for something to break the tension Naru was creating with her mood. She sat, apparently deep in her own depressing thoughts.

(This Scene is continued from the end of last chapter)

Motoko dashed up the stairs tears glistening through the air as she fled from where Naru's heart was breaking below. She ended up in her room staring at herself in the mirror. She never meant to cause the pain that she saw in Naru's denial and the pain she would deepen later on tonight. The chance of explaining on their own terms shattered when Naru figured out something more was going on than met the eye. She had known Naru for years, she went from being a flirt going boy to boy, to a recluse that seemed not to find any interest in males. Then Keitaro came along with his sweet kind heart, slowly stealing the young woman's heart. She felt happy for her friend, even though she had slight feelings for Keitaro that she wouldn't even admit to herself. She was too proud to show any caring towards the man she perceived as weakling. In a moment of vulnerability she let herself go to far. After that she did not hit Keitaro as much. How could she call someone that made love to her a pervert? It's not like she's the innocent virgin anymore. She had no right to hit him any more than Kitsune did.

Motoko watched her tears flow freely down her cheeks. She was going to lose a close friend tonight, and hurt the man she secretly loved like everyone did here. Keitaro had that effect on anyone that got the chance to know him. It was his kindness more than anything that attracted them like moths to a flame. He cared for others to his detriment, doing everything they wanted willingly. Keitaro thinks he took advantage of me, but doesn't every single one of us here take advantage of him. He does everything but the cooking and laundry, helping us, while still trying to achieve his difficult dream of getting in to Tokyo U. He takes care of us first. She went to him looking for comfort, she took advantage of him.

Motoko entered the dining room with her head bowed, and approached her seat. That was when Naru seemed to come out of her trance looking up at Motoko. Haruka looked on silently with Kitsune, Shinobu and Su. Recognition flashed through Naru's eyes as she looked questioningly, almost pleadingly, at Motoko. Motoko tore her gaze from Naru's and sat down, waiting for the final person to this table.

Haruka began to feel uncomfortable, having a bad feeling about this. She normally didn't eat with the tenants, but decided to today because she felt didn't feel like cooking and wanted a home cooked meal. She was someone glad she was here now because something serious was obviously going on, and she felt responsible for all of the tenants.

Kitsune regarded her friend sadly. Something was wrong and she had no clue what it was. She knew Naru would speak up when she was ready to.

Keitaro entered the dining room everyone looking up at him. He avoided eye contact with Naru, instead making eye contact with Motoko. He swallowed, his throat feeling dry. He knew he had a lot to say tonight, but his throat felt so dry he thought it would come out as a croak. She gave him a small nod. Keitaro sunk into his seat warily, gathering his food in time with the recently arrived Motoko.

Shinobu felt nervous and awkward at the feeling the three older tenants where emanating and decided to ease it with small talk.

"Today's weather was pretty nice, huh? We got to play softball outside today in PE."

Su decided to pipe up. "Yeah it was pretty fun. I got to try out my new supa-bat 3000. Woo-wee, It made Babe Ruth's homeruns look like strikes."

Haruka's eyes kept glancing between Naru, Motoko and Keitaro warily.

"Yeah," Shinobu continued excitedly, "she broke a window to a third story classroom. Luckily, no was hurt."

Kitsune, Naru, Keitaro, nor Motoko joined in the conversation, choosing to sit in silence. Eventually Naru decided it she was tired of waiting for explanations to be given voluntarily, and decided to get to the real topic.

Naru tried to sound nonchalant and cheery, but it came off as accusing. "So what's up you and Motoko?" She said looking at Keitaro. The previous conversation halted and everyone's attention was on Keitaro. Instead of answering immediately, he looked over at Motoko who meet his stare with a almost imperceptible nod that did not go unnoticed by Haruka or Kitsune.

"Um," Keitaro began, poking at his food suddenly losing his appetite. He was still trying to figure how to ease in to the subject.

"You all know that I'm here for all of you." He said as his eyes scanned over the occupants of the table showing them a sincere serious expression. Everyone but Motoko and Naru nodded.

"If any of you ever needed an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, I was, and still am, always there for you." Everyone nodded hanging on his every word, wondering where this was going.

"Well, I found Motoko in the rain after her ordeal with her sister revoking her rights as a warrior. I walked her back to the Inn where...."

(Flashback: Recreation of v9 p80-p82)

Motoko had just finished walking back with Keitaro, and went with him to his room. He left the room and came back with a towel, handing it to Motoko. He went to his closet and got out a big old shirt that was a little big even for him and sat it down next to Motoko.

"Here ya go. You can dry off and change into that while I go get some water for hot cocoa."

Motoko looked around his room noticing he didn't have much but a few posters on the wall with a table, a futon rolled in the corner with a clock, and a konatsu(or is it kotatsu? I forget) in the middle of the covered with study materials. She carefully removed her clothes and set them on the wooden floor. That would have to be cleaned up later. She then dried the excess water off her body, listening for Keitaro's return so he did not walk in on her naked. She then put on the shirt, buttoning it up in the front. She frowned, it looked a little too cute wearing a oversized shirt. It reminded her that she was in Keitaro's room, almost naked, and wearing his shirt. If anyone saw her now they would think that something had just happened. She sighed and tried her best to dry her hair. Keitaro returned with a large thermos, smiling at her before crossing the room to the small table under the aforementioned posters.

As Keitaro was opening the thermos when he spoke, "Were you walking around in that rain the whole time? That's reckless of you. You don't wanna catch a cold do ya?"

"Will you just shut up and leave me the hell alone!?" Motoko snapped at Keitaro.

Keitaro sat and poured the water into the water heater while Motoko continued drying her hear in silence.

Hmm, Keitaro thought as he glanced over his shoulder at her, Motoko is pretty cute. Though, that temper...

Keitaro walked over to Motoko with a mug in his hand. "Here you go I made you some hot cocoa." He sat next to her and smiled. "It'll warm you right up."

I stuttered at his kind gesture. "Th-Thank you."

He really is rather sweet, Motoko thought. Then she realized that the hot cocoa was a little to hot. She spewed it all over Keitaro.

"Don't spit it out!" He screamed as he attempted to throw himself out of the way of hot liquid. "Ahh! It burns! It burns," he squealed as Motoko chased him.

"You fool, that was way too hot!!"

"I-I didn't know it was that hot!" Keitaro flinched holding his hands up to absorb some of the damage from the inevitable onslaught. "Here it comes!"

Keitaro blinked and looked back at Motoko. "Huh? You didn't hit me."

"No..." She began quietly, "I'm the one who deserves to be hit. All I've ever done is call you names or go off the deal end. In reality...I'm the weak one."

Keitaro didn't like Motoko going all manic-depressive on him. "Motoko, you've gotta think positive."

"Stop saying that!" Motoko snapped. She continued in a much more subdued voice. "I've failed....everyone."

Keitaro ran his hand through her hair as he spoke, "Motoko, no one ...is perfect."

Motoko eyes widened at Keitaro. Suddenly the dam broke. She felt that she was worth nothing. She deserved no compassion, but here was Urashima, sweet Keitaro, her comforting her. She couldn't understand she...

Tears started to flow from her eyes. "D-Don't be nice to me..."

Keitaro's eyes snapped wide at Motoko's open display of tears. "You're...."

Motoko's mug hit the floor as she dropped it in favor of jumping into Keitaro's arms. He intelligently responded with, "Wah!?"

"What am I going to do?!" She screamed, "Please help me Keitaro!"

What am I going to do? Keitaro thought. Motoko.. S-She just....She just called me Keitaro!

(End Flashback)

Keitaro took a deep breath, taking in everyone's expressions. Most of them were someone shocked. Motoko, crying? They thought. She called him by his given name?! They probably thought they entered the twilight zone. Motoko was blushing slightly. It eventually died as she realized what was coming next, and she wondered how they could put it delicately.

"Then," he continued, "she asked me to hold her. So many thoughts ran through my head. 'What about Naru' and 'maybe Motoko's the one who can make me happy.'" Motoko blushed at that. She didn't know that. It made her feel better about the situation they were in.

"All I wanted to do is hold her tight and make all her worries go away. And I eventually worked up the nerve to. Then she looked up into my eyes and leaned up and ---"

"---He comforted me," She interrupted not wanting to go into details about the kiss and everything after.

Keitaro's eyes darted over to hers, and closed his still open mouth. Haruka blinked, and then her eyes widened in an almost comical fashion that didn't fit her. Kitsune's eyes actually opened up for once. She did not think Keitaro had it in him. She looked over at Naru, waiting for her response. She knew Naru had feelings for him.

Naru blinked. She was angry, but didn't see what the big deal was. "So what's so big about that? So you two became an item or something?" She said, aggravated. "You made it seem like it was something so much bigger."

"Um...." Kitsune began tentatively. "Naru...I don't think you get it."

"What do you mean 'I don't get it'?" She snapped back

Keitaro and Motoko lowered their heads in shame. They would be embarrassed, but this was serious.

"He," Kitsune swallowed and said in a deeper tone, trying to convey a deeper meaning, " 'comforted her'."

"Wha....do you....." Her eyes flashed around the table. Apparently only she and Sarah didn't understand.

Motoko was tired of this game and decided to break the real news that would clear everything up.

"I'm pregnant with Keitaro's baby," she said bluntly staring straight into Naru's eyes. Naru's eyes widened and Motoko had the good graces to look away. Naru stiffly stood knocking her chair back with a sound that sounded thunderous in the silence that feel after Motoko spoke. Kitsune winced. She turned to look at Keitaro, to verify what she said to find him looking at the floor. Haruka watched helplessly as the playful atmosphere at the Hinata Sou, was forever shattered.

"WHAT!" Naru screamed. Tears began to flow in her fury and pain. "But Keitaro you said you," Naru choked on her next words, "loved me."

Keitaro felt like utter shit. No one could feel more shame than he did at the moment. "I do Naru. I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry," he mumbled even lower. Shinobu looked from Keitaro to Naru with tears in her eyes. She felt betrayed and felt further hurt by the pain he caused Naru. Kitsune sadly shook her head.

Naru stalked up to Keitaro giving him a slap that echoed through the inn. "You bastard," she spat. "I always knew you were a pervert." She dashed off crying. Kitsune quietly got up and followed. Everyone else silently left the new parents in their misery.

To be continued.

Author's Notes:

That was HARD to write. I feel soooo emotionally drained. The good times at the Sunshine Inn are over. It took me a while to get around to writing this because I wasn't really feeling the story anymore. I kept getting requests to continue it thought, so I did.

On other news, I'm going to start making a Japanese learning site called "Otaku no Nihon-go." All my knowledge of Japanese acquired through the year I took at school and the books I have will be compiled in a format for people to learn Japanese. To those of you already attempting to learn Japanese on your own, let me give a few recommendations. First, listen to lots of anime subtitled. It's one of the best ways to learn pronunciation and usage and pitch of Japanese phrases and sentences. Meanings change depending on pitch, so you want to be able to give the right meaning. In my Japanese class I had the best pronunciation of any other students, and even of some of the higher level students. In fact, their Japanese was quite painful to listen to. Second, use many books as sources. Every book will tell you something that the other didn't to get a deeper understanding. My site will possibly be better than any one book for a beginner seeing as how someone who is not Japanese writes it. Why, you ask? Because I find quite often that it is not explained well because the language is first nature to them. Things that they understand intuitively and are common sense to them will not be to an English speaker. There are also too many disjointed methods for teaching Japanese. More often than not, they teach you phrases, and you have no idea of the actual structure of the words (conjugation, individual word meaning, and grammar). Things I never understood that my teacher taught I now understand far too much later. I look for patterns that can be adhered to so that you can create your own sentences. For example my Japanese teacher gave me lists of verbs and conjugations. She never gave a clear rule or pattern to conjugations. I don't think she could explain them. It was second nature to her. (I've corrected that.). An English-Japanese dictionary it does NOT give you the conjugations for every verb. You have to know how to conjugate them. I believe in teaching phrases when only having the understanding of them. One book I actually recommend that is good about teaching about grammar is "Japanese Phrases for Dummies." It was surprisingly informative.