Code Geass AU

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and come on. Everyone loves a good time travel fix it fic. Especially for this series out of all of them. So! Zero Requiem happens and yet somehow Lelouch, Kallen, C.C. and a few others are right back at the beginning. Now they aim to do things right. AU OOC Some bashing and strange pairings)

Lelouch Vi Britannia's eyes snapped open. He hadn't expected that. Hadn't he died? Had Suzaku's sword shoved right through him? Hadn't he completed Zero Requiem?

Everything should have gone off perfectly though! He should be dead, Nunally the Empress, and the worlds entire hatred would be focused on him so that after he had been killed by Zero the Knight of Justice the world would be in an era of peace. After all they had solved their problems for the most part, the worlds hatred was focused on him and he had died taking that hatred to the grave with him!

So then how was he alive? And, judging by where he was at the moment, back at Ashford Academy?

Glancing around, he noticed the room he was in was empty and that he was in the Student Council meeting room. How did he get back here? Why was he back here?

How the fuck was he alive?

There was a brief sound of stampeding feet before the door to the room was nearly thrown onto the ground with how hard it was slammed open by the two people whose eyes scoured the room before landing on him.

"Lelouch." The two women looked so relieved to see him alive and well although they shouldn't look that relieved. He was evil. He was the Demon Emperor of the world. He…they should hate him!

But…his analytical side kicked in automatically as the two stared at him just as he stared at them. They looked younger than he recalled…in fact…if he didn't know better. He'd say that they looked like they were about thirteen or fourteen.

"I don't know how you did it miracle man but you did. We're…We're in the past." Milly said smiling at him and there were tears in her eyes as she and Kallen rushed forward and the both of them grabbed and held onto Lelouch, burying their faces into his shoulders and he felt their tears begin to soak his uniform.

"The…the past? What? How?" Lelouch asked confused on how this had happened even as his arms came up to try and comfort the two of them somehow even if he knew he didn't have that kind of right. Not anymore. Not after everything he's done.

"We don't know either. All we know is that…that a year after your death…Suzaku gathered all of us and told us of what you had done…told us of the Zero Requiem even if a few of us had already figured it out." Kallen said and she felt how Lelouch tensed a bit.

"God I'll never forget the looks on everyones faces. It was easy to tell who had figured it out and who hadn't. Those of us who had figured it out had tears in our eyes and were trying not to cry before he even started…" Milly said recalling how that had gone down.

"I…I had already figured it out when I saw Zero appear and dodge the bullets…so had Kaguya, Nunally, and surprisingly Tamaki. Ohgi and Tohdoh suspected but…when they asked Nunally and Suzaku unmasked in front of the others including the student council…" Kallen trailed off and the two girls pulled away while wiping the tears from their eyes.

"Wh-What?" Lelouch asked in disbelief as if he never expected that to happen. He honestly hadn't. He had expected for the entire world and everyone in it bar Suzaku, C.C., and Nunally to hate him forever and never question just what exactly had happened. Merely believing it to be another miracle pulled off by Zero.

"It was like a wave of understanding and depression swept into the room. Tohdoh broke down in tears, Rivalz put a hole in the wall and skipped school all that year, Gino would visit your grave every day and talk to it about everything and sometimes just stand or sit there for hours silently. Anya visited your grave a few times but she broke down crying each time. Chiba damn near committed Seppuku and the core members of the Black Knights who hadn't already figured it out were right on her heels. Would have done it too if Suzaku and C.C. hadn't stopped them. Ohgi and Villetta took it the worst out of all of them, Villetta went right to your grave and hugged it sobbing and apologizing for at least an hour before she would even begin to calm down. Ohgi sat Seiza for two hours before we could get him to move." Kallen listed off those reactions as she looked at him seeing the shock on his face and her heart broke. He had thought no one would miss him or feel bad after the truth came out?

"Rakshata had actually punched a picture of the Emperor that hadn't been disposed of yet and you didn't see her Lelouch. She had been making you a new personal Knightmare and when she had learned the truth of Zero Requiem she had screamed as she broke the mirror and I never want to hear that kind of scream ever again." Milly said shivering as she remembered seeing the woman she had barely known break like that and the utterly heart wrenching scream she had let out still rung in Milly's ears now.

"You know what her inventions mean to her, even the ones she hasn't made yet or has only drawn up plans for. Learning about what you had done…what you had planned all along…the rest of the Black Knights had to dogpile her after she ripped up most of her remaining Knightmare schematics. She shredded them and she was so…Lelouch she was broken after she learned the full truth. It took her sister crying and begging her to stop before she finally stopped her rage frenzy and just broke down sobbing." Kallen said wincing since she knew Rakshata better than Milly did and to see the Indian woman do such a thing, break in such a way…it had broken most of them a bit as well.

"You should have seen Kallen too. She had already figured it out like I had but…having it confirmed. She swore on your grave to live for your sake." Milly said looking at Kallen who blushed a bit at that but didn't refute it.

"Milly would stop by the clubhouse at the school every day as if hoping to see you there…" Kallen said and then she looked back at Lelouch and winced a bit at the next part.

"We…we aren't sure what happened to C.C. She vanished after that. She had told us all that even if we hadn't betrayed you that you would have gone through with the plan and that we should understand and respect your final miracle. Then she just vanished. A couple of us tried looking for her, wanting to make sure she'd be okay but…" Kallen shook her head, C.C. had easily evaded them all and hidden away.

"Lelouch…you have no idea how happy we are that no matter how it came about, we get a second chance." Milly said and she hugged him tightly now while Kallen nodded in agreement.

"I know we'll take down Britannia, the corrupt one, again when the time comes. We have to in order to make the world better again. But…" Kallens eyes were hard as steel and Milly was in full agreement.

"This time we're going to do it right." Kallen said and Lelouch didn't say anything for a full moment. Just processing everything. They had…they had all found out. They had felt guilty. Rakshata had broke and destroyed some of her 'unborn children' as she called her schematics, Rivalz had put a hole in the wall of the palace…everyone…

Everyone had been hurt so badly by his final miracle…well…he couldn't have that happen. He was Zero the miracle worker, the 'messiah' of the Japanese people. He was the one who made wishes and dreams come true and tried to make his people happy and safe…and in the end…he had failed at keeping them happy.

Well he'd have to fix that. He was in the past, a few years before everything started it seemed, and he was not going to repeat his sins and mistakes this time.

He could save those he hadn't before. Katase, Senba, Asahina, Urabe, Shirley…Euphemia…

This time he would save all of them. Sure there would still be casualties but he knew what would happen this time…he would be able to save so many of them.

He had made so many mistakes, committed so many sins, and cost so many people their lives. Not this time.

"We're about thirteen now, fourteen for you Milly. That means we have four years give or take a month or two. Four years to train and prepare." Lelouch said and his eyes hardened as his spine straightened. He had another chance. A chance to do things over. To do them the right way.

"So let's get training. This time we'll be better prepared and equipped. This time. We do things Right." Lelouch said and his voice deepened a little as he pulled away from the two women and then offered them his hands.

"So what do you say ladies? Will you join me? Join Zero? Will you once again become the Red Queen? Will you become the Golden Gun?" Lelouch asked and almost immediately Milly and Kallen latched onto his hands.

"You lost your damn mind if you think I wouldn't. Q-1…Red Queen ready to serve Demon Emperor." Kallen said smirking at him.

"Golden Gun? Really Lelouch? I suppose I shall join you but can't I be something with a little more pizzaz to it? Like the Puppet Master or something?" Milly asked grinning as she latched onto his hand like it was a lifeline.

"We can work out the codename later. For now…let's get training. I was weak last time. This time…I refuse to be that weak." Lelouch said smiling at her.

"I can help with that Master." Sayoko's familiar voice made them all jump as they spun around to look at her with wide eyes.

"Will you stop doing that?!" Kallen asked clutching at her chest right over her heart, she had never gotten used to Sayoko's random appearing and disappearing trick.

"Apologies Red Queen." Sayoko said bowing slightly to Kallen as she strode over and then bowed to Lelouch.

"Dark Shadow is ready for any orders master. And I'd be happy to train you in self defense at the least." Sayoko said and she smiled at the look on Lelouch's face.

"Very well. Don't go easy on me Sayoko." Lelouch resigned himself to his fate as he steeled his resolve. He did have to get stronger after all. And Sayoko was a master of different fighting styles.

Lelouch looked at the three women with him. Kallen, the fiery loyal Red Queen. Milly, the playful trickster blond. Sayoko, the lethal and loyal ninja.

He didn't know if anyone else had their memories and just hadn't been able to get to him or alert him yet. He'd have to find out about that as time progressed and adapt as best as he could. But for now…

"Ladies…Let's change the world again."