Code Geass AU

By: FunahoMisaki

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"So what's the plan boss?" Tamaki asked, saying nothing about the water works. Sure he wasn't the smartest or most tactful guy in the ghetto but he knew that Lelouch had needed that cry. He also felt guilty, knowing that Zero had never cried around or in front of them. After all he had been their symbol of hope…if the had seen or heard him crying how would they have reacted?

They had put him on a pedestal and he had paid the price and had been forced to be the perfect symbol for them. No negative emotions like sadness or fear was allowed from him when he was wearing the mask. That was the kind of hell they had forced him to endure for two long years before he arranged his own murder.

Well not this time. This time Lelouch and Zero both were going to be free to show any emotion they wanted or needed to and if someone said a single word about it, Tamaki was going to feed them their teeth.

If Kallen didn't get to them first.

"Right now I'm still a far cry from the blackmail and resources I had when we started last time…but I can start to amass more sooner since I'll have a better idea of what all we need. Using either Kallen or Villetta as a middle woman I'll be able to smuggle everyone plenty of money for things such as supplies without running the risk of either of them being caught or considered to be embezzling or anything. This should be able to help everyone in the Ghettos live a little easier until we can establish the United States of Japan or at least the Special Area Zone. Not to mention that with the extra resources and all we'd be able to get you all better equipment from the start…" Lelouch said wincing as he recalled the Glascow that Kallen had used, sure it was a piece of crap but it had been her first machine and hell even in an outdated run down frame she had given Jeremiah a run for his money!

"The Guren?" Kallen asked perking up and looking hopeful and Lelouch winced again at that.

"I doubt we'd get the Guren so soon unless the Kyoto houses get their memories or Rakshata does and I doubt they would. We might be able to get you a Sutherland though." Lelouch said as he calculated the expense of the Sutherland and then went through all the various ways one could be acquired that wouldn't be traced back to anyone in the room.

"Villetta are there any quartermasters who are due to be investigated soon or any Knightmare stations that are either over worked, underpaid, or lightly guarded?" Lelouch asked looking at the woman who raised an eyebrow and then searched through her memories to remember anything of use from around this time.

"If I recall right then there are a few places that have Knightmares or at least spare Knightmare parts that would qualify. I can take a look through some of my paperwork and the computer at work tomorrow when I'm at the base. I'll send Ohgi a message about those places as soon as I can safely do so and he can get it to you and Kallen." Villetta said trying to recall more details and coming up a bit of a blank on the exact places or names of the officers.

"That would be very useful. Spare parts are always going to be a must. Just don't jeopardize yourself to do it." Lelouch said and then he turned and looked at Kallen.

"I know your step mother is a bitch but didn't she like to play chess or something last time? I recall you mentioned something about her and chess when I mentioned it?" Lelouch asked and Kallen snorted a bit.

"The bitch is sleeping with some big shot who plays chess and tries to act like it's a big secret. Sometimes she acts as his arm candy and thinks no one knows who she is." Kallen said making Lelouch smirk slightly.

"If you can find out the name of that chess player I'd be happy to take him down a notch while also giving her a very good reason to leave you alone. If things go right I can probably get you and your mother out from under her thumb much sooner. Not to mention that we can probably drain her and her boy toys of a good bit of money given how arrogant they are." Lelouch said grinning at her and she gave a savage grin in return.

"Get mom free of the bitch, get me free of her before I break her nose, possibly bring her 'secret' affair out into the open and ruin her reputation, and get plenty of money from them to fuel the rebellion? Fuck yeah." Kallen said and Tamaki laughed, he liked how Zero had gotten the money and the way Lelouch would probably be ramping up the bets.

"How do we explain where the extra money is coming from? A little bit coming from a benefactor or finding a wallet on the street is one thing. But managing to get a Sutherland or enough supplies for everyone to live easier in the Ghettos is going to be a lot more than what we can pass off as finding a wallet or something." Ohgi asked bringing up a good point, how would they explain the new supplies and income to everyone else.

"If I recall correctly you used to be a school teacher. If we want to keep everything a secret until time to start it all over again…you can just claim you were taking a walk when you saw a schoolboy having trouble with his work and helped him out. Said schoolboy then hired you as a tutor so he could keep his grades up to not displease his parents and risk being cut off from the family. That should satisfy most of them correct?" Lelouch asked and Ohgi had to admit that the boy had a point. That would be a pretty believable excuse, especially if the Britannian boy had a family of wealth he wanted to stay in which would override whatever he might think of being tutored by an Eleven.

"That would explain a good bit…" Ohgi admitted with a nod while Lelouch then glanced over at Tamaki.

"And despite his temper, Tamaki was one of the best in the Knights in straight hand to hand combat. So him being hired as a bodyguard wouldn't be of a surprise, especially if he spoke of how he saw some uppity Britannians picking on and trying to rough up a wheelchair bound child no matter their ethnicity and decided to teach the punks a lesson only to be hired as a bodyguard by the childs protective big brother who had arrived just in time to see him beat the snot out of some spoiled brats." Lelouch said and Tamaki blinked for a moment.

"If I recall the timeline right I'll be in the park with Nunally with us doing our homework in a week. I stepped away for a minute to get her some ice cream and some punks started harassing her because of Social Darwinism. Originally they were scared off because I had managed to bluff about us being the children of an Earl and Sayoko had appeared and scared them off after breaking ones arm. However…if you two happened to be there…" Lelouch said smirking slightly at the two and Tamaki grinned as he cracked his knuckles.

Get a chance to help out his boss buddy while beating the crap out of some arrogant snots without getting in trouble?

Sign him the fuck up.

"And what about me? Anything aside from having you fleece that bitch?" Kallen asked looking at Lelouch who smirked at her.

"Want to be there when I humiliate her? If they react violently I'd say nothing if they got a few broken bones or missing teeth." Lelouch said and Kallen grinned at him.

"You spoil me." Kallen accused playfully.

"What about me? Any more orders for me?" Villetta asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well…maybe ask Jeremiah about why he's in Area Eleven again and remind him, discreetly and subtly of course, o the fact that he wants to be a Knight to one of the Vi Britannia siblings if he can find them. Maybe discreetly point him to any records there might be about how Nunally and I stayed at the Kurugi shrine before the invasion? He might not have his memories but he was loyal to us to a fault. If he found out we were alive and didn't want to be found he wouldn't bring us to the attention of anyone. If nothing else this might keep him from being a pain when we fight him in the beginning." Lelouch said and Villetta frowned as she considered that. There should be some old files left over from the invasion.

The hardest part would be finding them and bringing them to Jeremiah's attention without notifying anyone else but…

Lelouch was right. Jeremiah would prove invaluable to them if he swore himself to Lelouch again.

"Consider it done my lord." Villetta said saluting him and Ohgi and Tamaki followed behind immediately.

"Don't call me that please. For now just Lelouch will be fine." Lelouch said wincing and they noticed and nodded at that. Of course he wouldn't want to be called a lord. Last time he was called Lord he had a sword shoved through his gut.

"So how long before you start dating our firecracker? You know she has the hots for you right?" Tamaki of course broke up the silence following the request.

Kallen's face went as red as her hair as she lunged to try and wrangle Tamaki's neck while Lelouch blushed and Ohgi and Villetta chuckled.

Leave it to Tamaki to break any awkwardness.