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Dimensions chapter 11 (and about time too, I hear you say…)

That evening Harry returned to the dormitory with Hermione and began his homework. Hermione was trying to catch him up with the work he had missed. Less than half an hour later Ron, Neville and the rest of the Griffindors were again badgering Harry about what had happened.

"Did he threaten to kill you?"

"what's his palace like?"

"Were you scared?"

Harry who was fast developing a pounding headache, stood and thrust his essays into his bag. He was getting extremely angry with Ron who should be there - defending him - telling the others to leave him alone, not joining in. Harry shot his one time best friend a poisonous glare.

"He was torturing me as revenge for my uncle putting 0Harry Potter0 into Azkaban, and was going to kill me and give my body to James as a 'present'. There! Satisfied? Now leave me alone!" Harry burst out, and stormed to the fireplace, thrusting a handful of floo powder into the flames "Lily and James Potter!"

he found himself looking into a cosy common room. James came up to the fire and knelt down "are you alright?!"

"can I stay with you tonight please?"

James looked at Harry appraisingly "Of course you can - we have a spare bed, wait in the tower, I'll come and get you."

Harry nodded and pulled his head from the fire, turning back to the thunderstruck Griffindors.

Ron came over nervously "I'm sorry Dudley. I - I don't know what to say."

"It's ok. Just - no more questions?"


"I'll see you in class tomorrow - quidditch practice in the evening right?"

"Yeah." Ron said apprehensively

Harry turned to Hermione as James entered the tower "Thanks for your help."

She smiled at him and handed him his bag as he turned to follow James.

"Where do you live anyway?" Harry asked as he walked with his father

"Teacher's tower."

"Not that I'm not happy to see you, but why do you want to stay with us?"

"Too many questions - it felt - too much."

"ok. You can come to the tower any time you wish - day or night. There's always someone around to let you in."

Harry followed his father to a portrait, that swung aside following the password. There was the room Harry had seen from the fireplace. It contained a small number of tables which were piled high with books and unmarked essays. There were armchairs, a wizarding radio, chess boards, a small library, and a selection of snack foods around on tables. James followed Harry's curious gaze.

"This is where the staff come to relax in the evenings - some bring some marking up so they can have a chat while they work. We each have a floor of the tower. Ours is the forth floor. I'll get you a key."

Dumbledore who was reading muggle newspapers next to a bowl of sherbert lemons smiled in welcome. Mc Gonagall and Snape - the only other teachers present had failed to notice Harry entrance. They were embroiled in a furious chess battle. the pieces had been charmed to appear red and green rather than the more traditional colours.

"Dudley. Come here for a few minutes would you?" Dumbledore asked gesturing to a vacant sofa next to his armchair. "Lily tells my you wish to remain here. is that true?"

Harry nodded although there was probably more doubt present in his gaze than there was previously. Dumbledore gave Harry his usual piercing gaze.

"In that case - you may. If you ever wish to return - just say the word alright?"

"Yes Sir."

Harry felt James squeeze his shoulder "Lets get you upstairs."

Harry followed James up the stairs to his rooms.

"Lily's doing some work in the lounge. I've got some marking to do. Have you bought anything?"

"I haven't done that DADA essay yet."

"I can help you if you'd like. Being the teacher's nephew has to reap some benefit for you."

"Thanks, but it'll be alright."

"What are you going to do it on?"


"Why not dragon? I normally get every single essay about dragons after that class."

"Do you want me to do dragons?"

"It's up to you. I was just curious."

"I've killed a basilisk before."

Looking slightly stunned for a few moments, James smiled at his son as though he'd finally got the joke.


"In my second year. The chamber of secrets was opened and Tom Riddle took Ginny. I had to save her, because I am the only parselmouth in the school."

"You're a" James looked shocked

"Voldemort accidentally transferred some power to me when he was defeated when I was 1"

Lily came over who had been listening from underneath her pile of work.

"You're life's really boring isn't it?" she said sarcastically

Harry snorted.

"Can you write your essay about what happened. I'd be really interested to hear it." James said - now finally realising Harry wasn't joking.

"Alright then." Harry replied and began writing.

That night, Harry crawled into the large bed in the spare room next to his parents room. He had never in his wildest dreams imagined that this would ever happen. He was living - albeit for one night - with his parents. They were a family. The teenagers in Griffindor tower were nothing like they should be - which made Harry miss his 'real' friends - but - nothing could beat this.