I stare at my reflection in the clear water for a minute, noticing how different I look. I recognize myself of course, but I looked a bit older than I was, with defined features that made me look in my mid-twenties, even though I know I'm just twenty years old.

My physique is better as well. Taller and more muscular. I'm no bodybuilder, but definitely better than before. A lean body, with muscles very obviously noticeable even without flexing. Now I do go to the gym, but I don't remember having a body like this.

Overall, it feels like I'm looking at the version of myself that I've always wanted to be. The best version of me basically, though, not counting the purple fucking eyes that just screamed 'anime'. I had dark blue eyes that were sometimes even mistaken as black, and I never wore any contact lenses. What the hell does this mean?

This is part of your bloodline, boss.

Bloodline? Oh right, the whole Raiju thingy.

How does this even happen? I don't remember being related to a Japanese person at all much less a fucking mythical creature. I mean, I'm not complaining, it saved my ass, but how and why? Is it related to this… this Skyrim isekai business?


Thought as much. Well, seeing the situation I'm in, I'm not gonna refuse power that I can use to defend myself. Skyrim is a fun game and all - even though I liked Oblivion more - but lorewise, The Elder Scrolls universe is not a place I ever want to be in.

Speaking of power, can you explain this system thing?

Of course!

Simply put, a system is a cosmic entity that is tied to its usually mortal host. Some systems have a consciousness - like me - and others don't. Systems are programmed and created with one goal in mind, and that is to help the host thrive and become as powerful as possible.

That's why there's nothing to worry about, Raiden Sir. I'm on your side!

I'm sure- wait, Raiden? Me? That's not my name, my name is… It's…

Why can't I remember my name?

According to article 523, section 12 in the CosmicGGuide - "All Gamers must have a new name when reincarnated, and their old one discarded and erased from their memory."


Well, I had to change your name basically.

I pinch the bridge of my nose with a sigh.

Why Raiden? Couldn't you have chosen something else?

Huh? But I thought Metal Gear Rising was your favorite game.

…nevermind, I guess. Please continue.

Right, well. There are three different categories for powers. Classes, Skills, and Perks. The latter two can be acquired through specific actions or through quests. Classes are the only powers that can be directly upgraded.

Classes don't do much on their own, but they're the root for most skills, and the higher the level, the more powerful your skills will become, and the more perks they grant. They can be gained through rare and specific quests.

Some also come with weaknesses, so be wary of them.

These are your starter skills, perks, and weakness.

[Raiju's Heir - Rank 1] - Class

The blood of a legendary thunder beast runs through your veins, giving you inherent control over lightning and much more, such as enhanced senses, claws and fangs that are stronger than iron, and a much tougher body. You're also incredibly resistant to lightning damage, able to absorb it and use it to temporarily increase your power.

[Enhanced Senses] - Perk

Your five senses are supernaturally acute. You can see further and clearer, hear better and from longer distances, and smell even the faintest of scents.

[Minor Bestial Appendages] - Perk

You have hidden claws and fangs that can be used as weapons.

[Danger Sense] - Perk

You have a sixth sense that warns you of nearby danger.

[Lightning Absorption] - Perk

You have tiny hairs around your body that act as electricity absorbers. You absorb electricity instead of being harmed by it, channeling the absorbed lightning into an amplification of your physical strength or the power of your lightning manipulation. Sufficiently intense lightning can overload this and still harm you.

[Lightning Manipulation] - Skill

You can generate and control the mighty power of lightning.

[Weather Sensitivity] - Weakness

You are extra sensitive to the cold, be it from natural sources or magic.

That's a lot of stuff. Danger Sense and Enhanced Senses will keep me alive, so they're more of defensive perks. I don't know how to use claws or fangs as a weapon, nor do I know how they feel, but I won't say no to a hidden weapon. I'm no Khajit, so they should be good for surprise attacks.

Lightning Absorption basically renders about a third of Destruction magic harmless , and lightning manipulation seems to be my main offensive power. I don't mind, staying alive is more important than getting strong.

Though, the cold weakness is a big problem. Most of Skyrim is a freezing hellhole for fuck's sake.

Though all of them aside from the weakness are mentioned in the Raiju Heir description. Why bother making individual descriptions for each?

Because they're more detailed.


So, I remember seeing a class reward when I was escaping the abandoned prison. What did I get?

Oh right.

Congratulations! You've gained the [Rogue] Class! These are your new skills and perks

[Rogue - Rank 1]

Thief, scout, assassin - you're the whole bundle. A rogue is skilled in hiding, stealing, and backstabbing, as well as dismantling traps, picking locks, and picking pockets. You can naturally use words to persuade targets or easily lie to them. You have talent in using daggers and short bows.

Ahh… I was hoping for a mage or the like. Well, it's not too bad. Being strong enough to defend myself isn't better than not needing to defend myself in the first place. Agile and good at hiding is a great combo for that. Besides, the Raiju Heir pairs pretty well with it due to the danger sense and enhanced senses.

[Silver Tongue] - Perk

You are a natural at charming others through conversation, easily able to persuade and seduce them.

[Treasure Hunter] - Perk

You gain an instinctive sense of the presence and rough direction of any treasure in the normal range of your senses, even if completely obscured.

[Backstab] - Perk

Attacking targets from behind deals additional damage, which is substantially increased against unaware targets, and when using a dagger.

[Sneaking] - Skill

You are able to move silently, hide using cover or shadows, and generally avoid attracting attention.

[Sleight of Hand] - Skill

You are very dexterous with your hand movement, thus able to pick locks, dismantle traps, and pick pockets.

[Dagger Mastery] - Skill

You can skillfully use daggers as weapons.

[Short Bow Mastery] - Skill

You can skillfully use a short bow as a weapon.

Just about what I expected.

Now I got this out of the way, what the hell am I supposed to do now? I woke up with nothing in the middle of nowhere, so what can I do?

Okay, if I remember correctly, the Abandoned Prison was in Eastmarch, south of Windhelm, I believe, but it's also pretty close to Whiterun. I can go to Windhelm - which only an idiot would do- or Whiterun.

Whiterun is pretty much my best bet. It's at the epicenter of Skyrim. I can think of my next move from there, perhaps head to Riften once I have money to buy actual clothes. This tattered tunic isn't doing it for me.

Because even though I'm at the edge of Eastmarch, it's fucking freezing in here. I need a warm place to rest at. And food, because I'm getting hungry.

I stand up on my feet, looking around the river to see a slope behind a destroyed building that'll lead me to the road from what I can see. As I walk there, I notice a backpack next to a huge log that had crashed into said building.

I get closer to investigate and open the backpack. A silver ring, health potion, ruined books, and rotten bread. I click my tongue and throw out the useless crap, taking the rest and the backpack with me.

I climb the slope with no effort at all, making my eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Alright, it's now obvious that that stronger body comment wasn't a joke. I don't even feel the strain I should be feeling from that.

I shake my head and focus on the matter at hand. The sun is directly above me, meaning it's midday, meaning I'm not sure which direction I should be going. I can wait until the sun sets a bit, but that's wasting precious daylight, and the night is scary in the wilderness. Predators don't extend to only wolves and bears here, but vampires and other bullshit.

Wait, that huge, huge mountain to my left is more than likely the Throat of the World, and behind that should be Riverwood, and north of Riverwood is where Whiterun is. If I'm actually in Eastmarch that is, and I'm 90% sure that the Abandoned Prison is in Eastmarch.

I shiver slightly as my stomach growls in hunger, but there's nothing I can do other than continue walking on the cold road. I keep an eye out on my surroundings, knowing full well how dangerous it is to walk alone and virtually defenseless like this.

Nonetheless, I have a lead. I can use my general game knowledge. Skyrim might've been buggy as fuck, but that's the game. The actual lore and geography can still be used, even though I'm more than sure that Skyrim is much bigger than I'm familiar with.

Though, how can I be absolutely sure that I'm in the fourth era? Is this the future or the past? Do I have to worry about the dragons, or have they already been dealt with?

Focus, you can get your answers once you reach Whiterun.

I don't know how long I was walking. More than an hour likely, and the weather didn't get any better even though I'm pretty sure I'm already out of Eastmarch. Is it Winter or something? No, I would've died already if it was.

I suddenly feel every hair in my body stand up, flinching violently as I frantically look around. I quickly calm myself to stop panicking and focus on my sense of hearing. I can hear something approaching, and from this gut feeling, it's not nice.

Is this what Danger Sense feels like?

I'm able to identify the direction whatever this thing is coming from, prompting me to slowly back away from it. It didn't take long for me to hear a growl as a big fuck-off brown bear comes out of the bushes with a ferocious snarl, prompting me to flinch.

Of course it's a fucking bear. Holy shit it's massive. What the fuck.

I try to not make eye contact so as to not aggravate it, keeping it in my field of vision while looking down. My grip over the hatchet tightens as I prepare for a probable fight, and my possible gorey death.

I have to calm down. I'm no nord or an orc that can cleave it in two with a swing, but in theory, I should be more than strong enough to defend myself with my Lightning Manipulation. I'm not exactly sure how to use it fully, but I know it's there. If I can shock and stun it for a few seconds, I can kill it. Or so I hope.

Uh, Game? System?

Still here, boss!

Any ideas?

Hm, well, your lightning powers aren't magic, not fully anyhow. It's like a muscle, like raising an arm. Just think about doing it and it should respond. Remember how it felt like when you did it against the ghost.

I think you're capable of killing it. As long as you don't panic, this should be a piece of cake! I believe in you!

At least one of us does.

The bear is still keeping its distance, but it probably won't let me pass for some reason. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'd rather not fight it, but I still want to go to Whiterun, and I don't think I have enough supplies to last me the journey. I need its meat to eat on the way, and the fur to sell when I hopefully get there before nightfall.

Fuck it. I don't have any other option.

I slowly extend my arm towards it but make no sudden movement. It roars in response, trying to intimidate me, and while it's working, I don't make any other move. I try to channel my lightning into my arm, and I'm instinctively able to do it. It felt like something I've been doing my whole life.

Purple sparks dance around my arm, making the bear realize that I'm not going away. It makes one final loud roar before it rushes towards me. As terrifying as seeing a gigantic bear run towards you at what feels like fucking mach speed is, I'm able to stay calm just for a moment.

A moment proves long enough to unleash the charged blast of electricity gathering in the palm of my hand. The bolt hits it square in the face, and while I don't know how much voltage it had, it was enough to make the bear lose its footing and stumble on the ground, spasming violently.

I'm in awe at the sheer power of that blast, but I quickly try to charge another one. However, it recovers far faster than I expected, quickly charging again with an angry snarl. This time it's able to stop me from firing it, forcing me to roll out of the way of its pounce, falling on my back as I lose control of myself.

I try to get back up on my feet, but it gets on top of me, my hatchet slipping out of my hand as it traps me in place. It tries to bite my head off, but I'm able to stop and push it away with both hands. My survival instincts kick in, prompting me to use my lightning powers to electrocute it, my entire body covered in intense purple sparks.

Even as the lightning scorches its body and causes it to convulse, it powers through, relentlessly pushing its jaws towards my neck, and I feel my strength fading rapidly. I grit my teeth and shut my eyes as it gets closer to my neck, using everything in my power to hold it at bay while shocking it.

Just as I feel my arms about to give out, and feel its hot breath on my throat, I hear a whistle, and an arrow impales itself in the bear's neck.

The bear roars in pain, and this moment of surprise prompts it to abandon its attempts to bite me. I use this chance to grab the hatchet, which was lying near me, and I lodge it in the other side of its neck as hard as I can.

Seconds later, the bear loses all its strength, prompting me to kick it off me. I look at its dying state whilst breathing heavily, my heart pounding in my chest as I try to calm myself down. My hands are shaking uncontrollably, I almost can't believe that I'm still alive.

I couldn't stop the relieved chuckle from escaping me.

Fuck me, that was close.

I-I'm sorry, I didn't expect this outcome. I thought you had it for sure!

You have waaaaay too much faith in me. Christ.


"Are you alright, Traveler?" A voice interrupts my thoughts, prompting me to look up. "Must've been scared out of your wits, eh?"

It was a pale, blond nord man wearing iron armor with a bow and a shield strapped on his back, and a steel axe on his hip. He looked young, a little older than I am, but from his defined muscles, I can tell that he's pretty experienced. A hunter?

I assume he's the one who helped me if the bow is any indicator.

"Scared is one way to put it," I respond, finally forcing my whole body to stop shivering. "Thanks a lot, I owe you one."

"Hah! Make no mention of it, a True nord always helps those in need." He says, extending his hand to me. "I'm Golldir."

"...Raiden." I take his hand, prompting him to pull me up.

"Raiden?" He raises a brow. "A strange name. Er, no offense."

"None taken." I sigh. "My… uh, guardian had a weird naming sense."

I-I thought you'd like it.

Don't worry about it. It's just a name. I have more important shit to worry about.

"Is that so? Well, Raiden, even though you've used magic, you've fought that big bastard like a warrior." He pats me in the shoulder, making me wince. "Ah, apologies. I did not realize you were injured."

"It's nothing serious." I wave it off. "It's just a little sore."

"Well, a wound is a wound." He says. "Come with me, I can treat it for you there."

"I'm good, thanks." I refuse his offer. "I just need directions for Whiterun."

He helped me enough. I don't want to owe him anymore than that.

He looks at me with a raised brow. "You're going to Whiterun in that state?"

"I can manage."

"No, you'll freeze to death. Or be mauled by another bear." He scoffs. "I can tell you're not a nord, and from what I can see, you barely have any supplies to last you the journey, and the sun will be setting soon."

I have no counterargument to that and remain silent.

"Heh, that's what I thought." He grins victoriously, making me frown. "Come, the camp is close by."

With nothing else I can do, I follow him albeit reluctantly.

Goddamn it.

"Apologies, I don't have any extra clothes for you to wear," Golldir says. "I'm sure you're freezing in that tunic."

"You have no idea." I stay close to the fire, feeling sweet warmth at last.

The walk there lasted for about twenty minutes, and Golldir is pretty talkative. I expected racism considering it's Skyrim I'm in, but he seems not pretty okay with me. I told him the bare minimum about myself, twisting my story a bit to not seem like a lunatic. I woke up in that ruined prison with half of my memories gone. I don't know what brought me there or why. That is my story.

He believed it immediately somehow, and sympathized, saying how hard it must be to lose your memories, which is nice, but I'm honestly glad he bought it. Either the Silver Tongue thing helped, or being kidnapped by random magic asseholes was common enough in Skyrim. Probably both.

The nord's camp wasn't what I expected. It had everything a camp would need - bedrolls, fire, and so on, but it was inside of a tomb. I remarked about it, and he began telling me a story as we sat down to eat.

As he tells the story of this being the grave of his ancestors, and how a necromancer is using it as a hideout and to exploit their remains, it clicks.

This was a quest in the game.

"You let your aunt go in there by herself?" I ask, making him flinch. "I'm not gonna fault you for it, but you could've hired some mercenaries to take this Vals guy out."

"Not many would be willing to go into an ancient, nordic tomb, my friend." He says with a shake of his head, sitting opposite of me by the fire. "Only the bravest warriors, and those cost a fortune to hire."

"Why not ask the Jarl, then?"

"With the civil war going about, Jarl Balgruuf has his hands tied. Being hounded by both sides is bound to make him busy." He responds. "It would be difficult to spare even a handful of soldiers."

Interesting. No mention of dragons. Either he doesn't know about them seeing where he is, or the events of the game haven't started yet.

"I should've gone after her." Golldir sighs solemnly. "But every time I open that door, my legs refuse to move. So much for a nord. If my aunt sees me right now…"

"Take it easy, man," I say. "If you did go after her, that bear would've killed me. I count that as a win."

He blinks and smiles a little. "I suppose."

A moment of silence passes as I glance at the fire, a part of me still not believing that I'm actually in a game. It feels like I'm gonna wake up at any second, and I'll be back home staring at the ceiling from my bed.

But this is my home now, isn't it? I honestly have no idea what to feel about this. Should I be happy that I'm finally out of that dull and boring life? Terrified, knowing how scary this universe is? Why, though?

Why am I here? What's my purpose?

…Hey, uh, system? You said your creator chose me, right?

Can you tell me why I'm here?

That's for you to discover, boss.

I run my hand through my hair with a frown at that vague response, still feeling lost as the weight of the situation finally sets in.

However, my predicament is cut short as Golldir speaks up again.

"I know this is too much to ask, Raiden." He starts. "But could you help me? My aunt has been in there for god knows how long, and this necromancer needs to die."

I grimace. I honestly want to just refuse, but after he saved my life and helped treat my wounds, it's a lot harder to say no to that.

I fucking hate being in debt.

"I'm not exactly a great fighter," I say, hoping to at least discourage him. "Not sure how useful I'd be."

"Keeping that giant bear at bay with your bare hands is a testament to your strength." He says, countering my claim. "And with your magic, together we can put an end to Vals Veran."

That bear should've killed me. For fuck's sake.

Don't worry sir! Clearing dungeons is a way of leveling up your classes! This is a great opportunity seeing that you have an ally in this particular scenario.

Right. Silver Lining then.

"Well, I guess I can try," I say, hiding my displeasure. "When do we go?"

"Right now. If we're quick enough, we can find my aunt." He responds, grabbing his bag and standing up. "Thank you, my friend. I will make sure you are handsomely rewarded after we're done ending that miserable elf."

I grab my hatchet and backpack, then follow him as he heads towards the door, opening it slowly after taking a deep breath.

"You're no milk drinker, Golldir…" He mutters. "Do it for Aunt Agna."

With that, he steps inside, and I quickly do the same, closing the metal door behind us quietly. He readies his shield and axe as we start walking on the freezing stone floor of the catacombs, the smell of death lingering in the air, making my Danger Sense flare up.

The only things lighting the place are Golldir's lantern, the tiny candles in the halls, and the occasional lit torch by every doorway. The place was fucking pitch dark otherwise, it creeps me the fuck out. The occasional skeletal remains and rotten, putrid corpses aren't helping me calm down either.

I really don't want to be here, man. Fuck.

I suddenly feel a faint tugging sensation, and a part of me knows that there's something in the other room we just passed, but I ignore it and focus on following the nord. I don't know what that was about, but I'm not splitting. Opening that door could be the end of me and I'm not taking any chances.

I don't know how long we've spent slowly walking, but eventually, I hear a ghoulish groan in the distance, making me crouch. Golldir sees that and I gesture for him to do the same, pointing at the door way in front of us. He nods and tightens his grip over the axe, going in front of me to see what's in there.

"Damned necromancer…" He mutters through gritted teeth. "Defiling the bodies of my ancestors…"

I peek to see what he's seeing. A disgusting, decrepit corpse standing on its two feet with a rusted greatsword strapped on its back. The rotten smell is overpowering, but I manage to prevent myself from gagging and alerting it.

I tap on Golldir's shoulder, getting his attention.

"I'll sneak up behind it and kill it. We should avoid fighting." I whisper quietly. "You have a dagger?"

He nods, taking it out silently and giving it to me. I put the hatchet down and slowly approach the Draugr, making no noise. Successfully sneaking up behind it, I aim where the heart could be, not knowing if the dagger is long enough to penetrate that much, and stab it in the back.

The undead immediately falls down on the ground, completely limp.

I exhale as Golldir approaches me, giving me my hatchet back. "That was impressive."

"Thanks." I nod, giving him the dagger back. "Here."

"Keep it." He waves it off. "You are clearly better at using it than I am."

Not gonna say no to a backup weapon.

"If you say so."

We continue through the corridors of the tomb, noticing rotten corpses lying around the deeper we're in. Golldir remarks that it must be his aunt that killed those ones, and from how many I've seen, this Agna must be strong as hell.

I stop as I hear a faint noise, focusing on it as Golldir stops to look at me in confusion. He was about to ask what was going on, but I shushed him. I hear cries, growls, groans, and metal clashing.

"I can hear fighting," I say, making him flinch.

"That must be my aunt!" He exclaims. "Let's go, before we're too late!"

He sprints forward and I follow him, ignoring my stinging shoulder. I see Golldir jump over a pressure plate, likely knowing where it was, and I do the same. As we keep running, Draugrs break through their coffins and ambush us, prompting the nord to slow his advance and look at them with a scowl.

"Damn it!" He curses, backing away slowly. "Get out of our way!"

Lightning crackles around my body as four Draugr surround us. Two with greatswords, one with a war axe, and one with a spear. I calm myself down, and having an ally helps a lot in that regard. We're outnumbered, but if a single person was able to mow down dozens of these things, then they shouldn't be that tough.

Thinking quickly, I throw the hatchet at the one with the spear, the blade digging into its face before I rush in and kick it in the chest, putting it down. The first one with the greatsword swings at Golldir, who easily parries its strike before splitting its head with his axe.

One with a greatsword charges at me, about to cleave me in half, but I unleash a bolt that freezes it for a second, which is enough for me to stab it in the throat with my dagger, pushing it down on the ground.

The final Draugr was about to end me from behind, but Golldir beheads it with one clean swing. Golldir and I nod to one another, prompting me to take my dagger and hatchet out before we continue our sprint towards the noises.

We finally enter the chamber where the sounds of fighting were coming from, seeing the ground littered with old broken furniture and food offerings, a big door to our left, and a severely injured woman in fur still on her feet holding a steel longsword with her right hand as her left arm bleeds, limply dangling as she fights back a single Draugr.

"Aunt Agna!" Golldir yells in horror at her state, getting her attention, as well as the Draugr's.

"Golldir!" She gives us a quick glance. "What are you doing here?!"

"We're here to help!" He responds, getting in a defensive stance, with me closely behind charging my electricity.

I was about to wonder why she's having trouble with a few when she handled more than ten of these walking corpses but then noticed that this one was different, making me flinch. This one wore a horned helmet and held a blade in a much better condition compared to the others, and its stature was far more imposing. Perhaps a whole foot or two taller than the other Draugr, and its eyes were glowing brighter as well.

Oh fuck.

"Ruth Volaan…" It growled angrily. "Dur Nahgahdinok…"

Oh fuck.

"Golldir! Get your aunt out of here and let's go!" I yell at him. "We can't handle that one!"

"What are you talking about?!" He scowls at me. "The Necromancer is still inside!"

"Man, fuck that!" I return his aggression. "We can come back after we get help!"

"The stranger is right, Golldir!" His aunt agrees. "Run, get out of here. Inform Jarl Balgruuf about Vals and get help!"

"I'm not leaving you here, aunty." But he refuses. "I'd die before I abandon you again!"

With that, the moron charges headfirst at the huge Draugr, swinging his axe in a wide arc. The Draugr shows impressive skill, unlike the ones we beat earlier, effortlessly parrying Golldir's swing with its sword before thrusting. Golldir barely manages to block with his shield, and as the two trade blows, it's easy to see who has the advantage.

I try to find an opening, but I can't. My instincts are begging me to just run away and abandon this moron to his death, but I can't even move my legs. With an annoyed growl, I charge at the Draugr, hoping to at least hit it hard enough to kill it in one hit.

It notices me, though, and as I get close, it tries to backhand me, but I was just fast enough to duck under its fist. The Draugr kicks Golldir back and swings its blade at my neck, but I manage to put the blade of my hatchet right in front of the incoming strike, redirecting it upward as it grazes my forehead, sparks bursting from the clash.

Blood trails down my face from the shallow cut, and I quickly drop the hatchet and aim my palm at its face as it tries to swing again. I unleash an unexpectedly powerful burst of electricity that even pushes me back, making me tumble and fall on my back.

Golldir rushes back at the Draugr and manages to land a clean blow on its back, as my previous lightning attack managed to stun it, but it isn't enough to put it down. The Draugr casually turns around and punches the nord with its armored fist, breaking his nose and sending him crashing into the dusty broken furniture.

Golldir quickly rolls to the side as the Draugr slashes down at him, barely avoiding a killing blow. The nord quickly gets on his feet, blood seeping from his nose as he struggles to keep the Draugr at bay, blocking and parrying its blows.

I get back, and as I try to find another opening, I notice something off in the way it moves.

There is a weird… 'delay' in between its movements. It'll pause, and only block or parry at the last minute for some reason, and whenever it swings, it'll give Golldir enough of a window to avoid the lethal strike.

Did my earlier zap slow down its movement? No, this feels pretty deliberate. I don't think my Lightning Manipulation is strong enough to cause long-lasting damage like this. I don't know what the problem with it is exactly, but it feels more as if the Draugr doesn't want to kill him. It didn't want to fight.

More like, it wants to be defeated.

I take a deep breath and sharpen my focus, charging as much electricity as I can. I drop both my destroyed hatchet and dagger, aiming both hands at the Draugr, and as soon as Golldir gains a distance, I unleash all the charged energy in a big bolt of lightning.

It doesn't do much in terms of damage from what I can tell, but I only wanted to stun it, so I grab the dagger once more and rush forward, striking at its hand to disarm it. The loud clang when the blade hits the ground makes me wince, but it gives Golldir the needed opening as he swings his axe with all his might, striking the exposed part of its chest armor.

The Draugr groans and looks at Golldir, and it moves its mouth to say something, before suddenly whipping its head towards the big door instead, shouting a single word that shakes the entire tomb.


The door is flung off its hinges from the power of the shout. Both me and Golldir stagger from it even though it wasn't directed at us, and as we regain our footing, the Draugr breaks into a wide grin before falling to the ground, unmoving.

We did it.

We somehow defeated a Draugr that could've killed us in seconds with a shout.

Holy shit.

"What was that?!" Golldir shouts in shock.

"Nevermind that. Treat your aunt." I snap. "She's losing blood."

"R-right, of course." He approaches Agna, who is leaning against the wall, breathing heavily, the sword in her hand having had slipped out of her grip and fallen next to her.

Golldir crouches and takes some bandages out of his bag, wrapping one around his aunt's broken arm, and a few over her other wounds. The woman seems to be seconds from passing out, sweating bullets until she finally loses consciousness, but not before patting her nephew on the shoulder and smiling at him.

I could give her the potion I found earlier, but I won't. It's my last bit of insurance that I won't die here or any time soon. I only said I'd help him get rid of the necromancer, not save her life.

And with that retarded stunt he just pulled, I'm less inclined to help his ass.

"She should be safe here," Golldir says, getting back on his feet. "Vals will be too busy with us to target her."

"And he's right there, isn't he?" I gesture towards the next chamber, grabbing the Draugr's sword and my dagger and noticing how unfamiliar the bigger weapon feels in my hand.

Holding a sword feels so wrong compared to the dagger. That's how I felt with the hatchet too.

"He should be." He nods. "Let's go. That bastard needs to be taught a lesson."

We enter the new chamber, where we see said bastard at the far end of the room, holding his seemingly broken arm in pain as he struggles to get back on his feet. I blink in confusion for a moment, and realize that the force of that shout must've reached him as well. Not killing him, but injuring him for us at least.

That's nice.

He notices us and his eyes widen in shock. "You- how did you get here?!"

"This is the end for you, Elf." Golldir growls. "I'll make you pay for your crimes."

"How?! I raised the corpse of a nord Hero!" Vals scowls, panicking slightly as he forces himself up on his feet. "You weren't supposed to defeat it!"

Does he mean the Draugr we just killed? It didn't want to fight, did it? It kinda wanted us to win from how it acted.

"Did a lousy job from the looks of it." I mock him with a fake smirk. "It didn't even want to fight. So much for being a Necromancer."

"Tsk, no matter, that's nothing but a fluke." He scoffs, his hands bursting with fire. "You'll make fine new servants once I'm through with you!"

"He may be injured, but he's still able to fight," Golldir warns. "Be careful."

The Dark Elf flings a Fireball our way, but both of us are able to roll and evade the blast. Vals looks more focused on Golldir than I, seeing that I'm wearing nothing but tattered rags, but he does keep me in his field of view. Golldir gets closer, but he's kept back by a rain of fire spells, and I try to find the chance to sneak up behind him.

If I get behind him while he's too busy with the nord, I can finish him off. He's nowhere near as scary as that Draugr, especially seeing that he's wounded.

I catch him off guard by shooting a quick bolt that shocks him, stunning him for a split second. Golldir uses the chance to charge at him quickly, and with the nord getting close to Vals, I slip away and around him, approaching him from behind as he's too busy dodging Golldir's swings.

The nord barely tilts his head to dodge a fireball that singes his hair, his eyes widening as he sees me directly behind the Necromancer. Golldir leaps back as I plunge the sword in Vals' back, making him gasp and cough up blood.

As he tries desperately to take the sword out, his survival instincts kicking in, I go even further to make sure he stays dead and slit his throat with my dagger. Blood gushes out from the wound, painting the floor crimson as he chokes, clawing at his neck before simply going limp.

I pull the sword out and look at his corpse, breathing heavily. My hands are shaking uncontrollably and my heart is pounding wildly. I've never taken a life before, and I never imagined it would be this bloody.

For a moment, everything goes silent as I stare at his body, still violently twitching sometimes. All I hear is the painful ringing in my ears as I try to keep my breathing under control.

"Raiden!" Golldir shakes me by the shoulders, snapping me out of my trance. "Calm down, my friend, it's over."

I nod, taking a deep breath as the noise dies down. My muscles stop spasming and twitching uncontrollably, but I can't stop the slight shake in my legs.

"I know it must be hard." He says. "But you've done it for a good cause. This Elf was a monster, he deserved to die."

"Y-yeah, I know." I nod, my voice getting even as I take another breath. "Was just a shock. Never killed anyone before."

"That explains it." He pats my shoulder. "You've fought well. You should be proud of yourself. Come, let's return to the camp."

With that, we head back out, with Golldir supporting his aunt on the way.

I'm never doing this again.

[Rogue] class rank up x2!

[Raiju's Heir] class rank up x4!

Raiju perk added

[Minor Healing Factor] - Perk

You heal relatively quickly compared to most, and resting increases the speed.

Still not convinced.

"Are you sure I can have this?" I ask, looking down at my new gear. "These were offerings for your ancestors, no?"

"Yes, however, I owe you a debt for your help against Vals." Golldir responds. "You've helped me, and I needed to pay you back for your efforts. I'm sure my ancestors would've loved to reward you for protecting their honor as well."

It wasn't a lot, all things considered, but I definitely need this. After we got the aunt out of the tomb and rested for the night, Golldir woke up early and went back inside, bringing a few things with him. Tough leather armor, a fur cloak, a few potions, a pouch of gold, and food. He told me to take them on my journey to Whiterun. Not only that, but he told me to keep the sword I got from that strong Draugr.

I wondered if he was going along with me back to the city, but he said he still needed to take care of a few things inside, like clean up the place after that necromancer, and take care of his aunt until she was ready to walk.

Well, no good deed goes unrewarded I suppose. I'm not saying no to supplies.

"If you say so." I wear my backpack and give him a nod. "I'll be going now."

"Of course. Thank you for your help, Raiden." He smiles. "If you need any help, seek me out in Riverwood. My aunt and I will always lend our hands to a friend."

"Right." I give a tiny smile and leave the camp. "See you."

With that last exchange, we part ways. I safely make it down the hill and get back on the road, rolling my shoulder a bit with a frown. The pain is gone. Hell, the wound itself is. Same with the cut on my forehead, and it didn't even leave a scar. This 'minor' healing factor is no joke.

It's still pretty early in the morning from what I can see, maybe roughly around 8 am. According to Golldir, I have more than enough time to reach Whiterun before the sun sets, assuming I don't run into anything like another bear or something.

As I walk, I raise my hand and look at the crackling electricity surrounding it. I need to get a better handle on this. Only being capable of shooting bolts makes me predictable, I have to find a different way to channel this.

Though in all fairness, I only just woke up in that prison yesterday, and a whole four levels in my Raiju class probably means it's easier to use now.

Hey, System?


Actually, wait, do you have a name, or do I have to call you 'System' the entire time?

Well, no, but if we're going by technicality, my designated code is SEL3700000-TYPE C.

I suppose that can be considered my true name.

Yeah, I'm not gonna call you that.

Hehe, thought as much.

Right, how about… Selene?


I took the first three letters of your 'code' and continued off from there. This is the only thing that came to mind. I'm not very creative.

Selene… Selene…

Yes, I like it.

Thank you for giving me a name, boss.

It's only fair. You named me.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you something-

A sudden, violent earthquake interrupts me as I crouch down to keep my balance. The tremor was a surprise, but the following, earth-shattering roar chills my bones. It freezes me completely, and in a second, the light of the sun disappears, prompting me to look up.

And I immediately wish I hadn't done that.

A gigantic, dragon with pitch-black scales flies over me. The dragon's blood-red eyes lock onto mine for a mere split-second. At that moment I forget how to breathe, the sheer despair almost making me pass out. At that moment, I feel like I am about to die.

I knew that he existed, I knew he was gonna show up, but to actually see him in the flesh is an entirely different feeling. His stature in the game doesn't fucking compare to the absolute behemoth that covers the whole sky- as if he blots out the sun itself, there is nothing but darkness under him.

This instant feels like an eternity. Seeing the World Eater himself glare at my very soul is one thing I knew I'd never, ever forget, no matter how long I live for.

And the moment I blink, he finally flies past me.

For a long while, I can't do anything but look at the sky, exactly at where he was when he looked at me, frozen like a statue.

What was your question, boss?


I think I know the date already.

So a few things.

I did play Skyrim like I said I would, but I haven't finished the playthrough because procrastination and Elden Ring, and I forgot to write notes because I'm an idiot. I also literally fucked around with Mod Organizer more than I did actually playing. I'm pretty sure most people who played modded Skyrim can relate to that last part.

But I suddenly felt like I wanted to write this, so I did. Inspiration is fickle.

also, lil note, but Raiden's name was gonna be Terr, but that sounded too nordic when he isn't a nord, so I gave him one that stands out because I thought it'd be funny.

Don't know when I'm writing this again, but maybe it won't take as long as this took to get out.

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