Chapter 2 – Getting There

(December 13, 2008, Lipsky Apartment, 7:05pm)

Drew and Sheila were sitting outside the apartment building. The both of them had put on their coats to protect them from the bitter cold outside.

"You think that Francis would be here by now!" he muttered under the stairs, trying to generate some warmth on his gloves.

Sheila scoffed, shrugging her shoulders "Probably he has to get gas for his car."

"Yeah, he did call five minutes earlier telling me he was going to be a little late but he shouldn't be this late!" Drew complained, "There's a gas station not more than three-quarters of a mile down from the apartment complex!"

"Unless he went in to buy some snacks, but we're going to a fancy steakhouse, so it would be stupid of him and Adrena to spoil their appetities." Sheila said, holding her coat tightly against the cold.

A pair of headlights came towards them in the parking lot.

"Is it them?" Sheila asked.

Drew looked at the vehicle and saw it was a blue minivan.

"No, it's not them." Drew replied. "He drives a green SUV. You will know when it's him and Adrena."

A couple of minutes later, another pair of headlights came into the lot and it was an SUV.

"It surely must be them this time!" Sheila insisted.

Drew looked at the SUV closer and it was teal.

"Blast! I thought it looked greenish at first!" Drew whined.

"Do you think we should postpone it?" Sheila asked her boyfriend.

"No, I'm pretty sure Lurman will be here." Drew replied with confidence, "Believe me, he would usually honk his horn if he sees me."

"Oh right..." Sheila agreed, "...the one with the very loud horn."

A third vehicle then came into the lot and, indeed as Drew predicted, honked its horn. It wasa green SUV.

"That must be him!" Sheila exclaimed.

"Heya! Drew!" Francis grinned, honking his horn repeatedly and loudly.

"Finally..." Drew muttered, . He went up to the vehicle.

"Heya, Drew!" Adrena exclaimed from the passenger seat. She was in a long maroon-red dress that had a slit at the right leg that came midway up to her thigh with high heeled brown boots. Giant hoop earrings and two bracelets completed the look for her. "Traffic was FREAAAKY!"

"Do you like my new and improved horn?" Francis asked, honking it twice and very loudly.

" do know that this apartment complex has a noise ordinance!" Drew replied. "I don't wanna see the apartment manager file a complaint against you and force you to leave."

"Are you kidding, Drew?" Francis laughed, "I was rommies with him at Upperton U!"

"Yes, you told me that several times, Lurman." Drew replied, "But people can change over the next 15 to 20 years."

Sheila came up to Adrena and asked. "So which steakhouse are we going to?"

Adrena grinned, "We're going to the freeeeeeakiest steakhouse ever! It's the Porter House in the Downtown area."

"I heard of that place before..." Sheila said, leaning on the SUV window. "Got a lot of 5-star review from it."

"And it was highly recommended by the Colorado Association of Steakhouses led by Jackie Oaks!" Francis added.

"Sounds very tasty to me!" Drew grinned.

Sheila heard her stomach rumble.

"Speaking of which..."

"Yeah, we should really get going!" Francis insisted, "The place can get rather packed."

"I'd rather wait for only 15 minutes for a seat instead of that FREAAAKY 2 hour wait the last time we were on a double date!" Adrena said.

Drew and Sheila got in the back seat of the SUV and buckled up.

"Now, let's get to the steakhouse!" Francis insisted as he drove the SUV out of the apartment complex.