**It's very important that you read this to prevent confusion!**

Hey kids!

This isn't exactly your conventional type of fan fiction. While written in prose and all the other standard stuff (dig my knowledge of technical vocab), this is actually an RP (role play) between me and my friend Rick. I, Raye, play Rogue and he takes on the role of Gambit. We thought you might get a kick out of reading it. Be warned, there is no set plot, it's sort of us meandering for some of it. There are major themes and a continuous story line, though, but may have one or many climaxes/etc.

How it works with us is this: we trade off posting our character's thoughts, actions, feelings, in the narrative past tense (though Rick sometimes has trouble staying out of present tense - we forgive him). There are a few rules that we stick to when RPing - usually, one can't post the actions or reactions of someone else's character. In one fight scene you'll see Rogue "attempt" to swipe Gambit, but only he can post whether she is successful, and how much damage she causes. Why is she fighting him, you may ask? You'll just have to find out!

Sometimes in scenes where there are more than just Rogue and Gambit, we switch off playing the other X Men/other characters, though they aren't the main characters. We can control these characters during our turn however we want - so long as I'm not speaking for Gambit, and Rick isn't deciding how Rogue reacts to someone else's actions.

At times, especially in the beginning, the language may at times seem informal and even confusing. This was just between us, not really writing for an audience, know what I mean? And some of the random things may be inside jokes, but I promise they won't be anything important to the story.

There also may be some OOCness. Rick's the big X Men guy, I've never read any of the comics, seen only a few episodes of the original cartoon, but I have seen most if not all of X Men Evolution, in which this fic is set. We apologize if we misinterpret characters, or tweak them for our own purposes.. We are the gods of our RP world, and if we're going to stick Magneto in a pink tutu and make him sing West Side Story, we're sure as hell gonna! *ahem*

Format wise, I've separate mine and Rick's posts by skipping a line. I didn't want to italicize one, or anything, as I thought that might be a bit weird to read. In our messenger, in which we played, you can't italicize words by themselves, so stressed words may have **'s or - -'s around them, like this: I can't *stand* you! =)

STORY BACKGROUND - *Need to read for plot setup* Now I don't know if WB has or is going to show what happens after Trask captures those people, and I know only what I do only from reading other people's fanfics. For our purposes, this is what happened:

*Remy, along with Pyro and Colossus, was working for Trask, doing his "dirty deeds" involving the Sentinel project. What these deeds, how just how bad/evil they are, will be explored in the story.

*Rogue, along with Spyke, Wolverine, and Blob were captured and subject to tests run by the secret govt agency SHIELD, intent on experimenting on captured mutants to make them into super killing machines. Nasty, innit?

*During testing Rogue was forced to absorb at least one mutant named Carol Danvers, who now resides as a whole being in Rogue's mind, Carol's body being dead. For our purposes, she is NOT Ms. Marvel, and does not possess the same mutant powers. I've tweaked those. You may hate me because it's not being true to the Marvel/Rogue universe, but we think this will make it more fun. Besides, I'm not a big fan of the 'invulnerability' power. Bit too easy, I think. What those powers are will be revealed.

*Rogue doesn't remember too much about the testing, as a fair amount of brainwashing is a part of the SHEILD project, but knows that Carol is in her mind, seemingly dormant. She has no knowledge of the new powers and appears not to have any.

*The captured mutants were rescued by the remaining X Men. I don't know what really happens, but for our purposes (again), the testing facility was destroyed, the baddies beaten, and Trask MIA. The X Men rebuilt the institute and lived much as they did before, going to Bayville High and such. How is that possible, you ask, since the public was clued in as to their identities? I don't know - let's pretend that Xavier did the old mind eraser thing. Sorry. But the public does know that mutants are out there, and the Friends of Humanity are going strong.

*Remy joined the institute not long after it was rebuilt. Xavier trusts him as do most of the students, but there are some who are still a bit untrusting because he worked for Trask - including Logan and Rogue.

*Mystique and Magneto are still MIA from the Asteroid M episode, though the appearance Maggy made during the Angel episode stands.

*Evan never joined the Morlocks. Sorry. It's not such an important thing anyway.

I'm sorry, that was an awful lot to read. If there's anything about our particular X Men universe that you need clarification on, please feel free to e-mail me.

One final note: Gambit's player Rick isn't a French student, so don't flay him if his little French quips and phrases are incorrect. Honestly, this isn't meant to display our mad language skills, it's added for spice. I've tried to correct as many errors as I could spot, but as long as you get the drift, no harm done right?