Chapter 39: Catching Some Rayes

                Remy leaned against the railing of his balcony, wearing some sandals, denim shorts, and a wife beater, as well as a pair of sunglasses and a bandana keeping his hair back. It was quite warm in L.A. right now. He felt lucky, his suite had a balcony, but Rogue's didn't. She'd got stuck on the inside of the hotel. Tough luck for her. The rooms were quite plush anyway, but still, it was nice to have a place where he might be able to work on his tan or something.

                There was a knock on Remy's door. Rogue stood in the hallway, fidgeting. She was slightly annoyed with the fact that Remy got a balcony and she didn't. Who was planning these things anyway? Unfair treatment, it was. She was wearing shorts - the California sun demanded it - and a long sleeved button up shirt, with thin black cotton gloves. She smiled when he opened the door, glancing past him.

                "Workin' on ya tan?"

                Remy chuckled and backed away from the door to let her in.

                "Naw, least not yet, chere. Remy jus' enjoyin de view. Why yo' askin, jealous?" He grinned. "Yo' know, since yo' didn' get no balcony, yo' can come ovah ta enjoy de sun wit' Remy. He wouldn' mind de company."

                Rogue grinned. That was easy. She walked past him, admiring his room. While the layout was different, it had all the same furniture and features, except the balcony, of course. Walking out onto the balcony, Rogue leaned one elbow on the railing and cupped her chin in her hand, looking down on the beach-going people below. There were children playing, people swimming, women sunbathing, each one of them taking for granted the amount of skin they were free to expose. If looking fat in a bikini was her biggest problem, she'd take it.

                Remy closed the door and shook his head. She had become quite easy to predict. Still, he smiled and walked out with her and pulled one of the chairs over from the side so he could sit and prop his feet up on the rail.

                "Remy been waitin ta see yo' in one of dem skimpy bathin' suits anyway." He grinned and folded his hands behind his head. "So yo' can go ahead an' change, hm?"

                Rogue looked over her shoulder to give him a warning, but amused look. Still, she couldn't deny that she wanted to. Just to sit in the sun, feel the warmth, and forget about everything. Besides, it'd be a good tease, put Remy in his place. Straightening, she crossed over to a lounge and smirked.


                Rogue turned her side to him, looking pointedly out at the ocean as if ignoring his presence. Nonchalantly, she unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off. Next her shorts, and then she sat down and lay back to soak up the rays. Given their vacationing time, she had decided to indulge in a new bathing suit. It was a two piece, dark green with black straps for the top, around her neck and back. It was simple enough, but the amount of exposed skin still made her heart beat a little faster.

                "Just be careful."

                Remy sat up slightly and even pushed his sunglasses up. He stared at her for a moment, then grinned again and gave a low whistle.

                "Damn chere! Yo' could put mos' of dose women ta shame!" He chuckled and leaned back, letting his sunglasses fall again. "Remy gonna have ta tie his hands tagether. He wouldn' wan' ta have ta intarupt de tour 'cause he couldn' control hisself."

                Rogue smiled faintly at his comment, but it faded just as quickly. It wasn't like she had anything to worry about from him, or anyone with wandering hands. One touch and they could consider themselves down for the count. Still, it was just another reminder that, as potentially enjoyable the interruption might be, it could never happen.

                "Do ya think security will let us leave the hotel? As nice as it is, it'd be nicer to see some of the sights, too."

                Remy shrugged and let his eyes close, just letting the sun bake him.

                "Maybe... 'Course, dey don' always have ta know, p'tite." He snuck a glance over at her for a moment. "Dere's othah ways outta de hotel. Prob'ly ain' dat hahd ta sneak out."

                Rogue looked over at him, catching his gaze, and smirked. Then she turned her head away again, slipping a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. Professor Xavier's warnings were completely forgotten now.

                "Ya becomin' a bad influence on me." She didn't seem to mind, and she grinned. "Where do ya wanna go?"

                "Los Angeles s'posed ta have some of de bes' clubs fo' dancing, yo' know... Remy sho' dat wit' all de publicity we could get in any of dem wit'out havin' ta wait in de line."

                He chuckled nodded a bit to himself. They'd all ready put in the appearance with Mr. Mann at the press conference, and several people had recognized him when he'd gone to get ice. It was slightly strange, but he thought that plenty of people must have all ready seen them, so it should be a snap.

                Rogue thought about it. Going out to dance would be fun, but it was always something she'd avoided. Getting lost in a crowd of people rubbing up against each other was an inevitability, but with enough covering.. She figured it wouldn't be so bad.

                "That sounds like a good time." She smirked again. "What time should Ah pick ya up?"