Little Earthquakes

By Saz

Pairings: Cath/Sara

Category: Angst

Pulling the Tahoe up to the curb, Sara Sidle hops out, her eyes automatically drawn to the woman sitting in the passenger seat of the police car. A blanket wrapped around her shoulders and a blank expression marring her usually smiling face.

She's supposed to be on a case, but couldn't stay away, not now, not when her lover needs her.

She walks up to her, crouching, touching her knee. Dazed eyes meet worried ones and without even asking Sara knows what's been done. She wants to scream, shout at the unfairness of it.

Why Cath of all people?

Her arms wind around a body shaking with silent sobs, the only comfort she can offer at the moment. Sara kisses her face, tries to kiss the tears and the pain away. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there Cath"

~*~ Fin ~*~