Accidental Love

By Saz

Pairngs: Jack/Jonas

Spoilers: Teeny tiny for Meridian

I don't know how it happened, it just did. One of those spur of the moment acts that happens so out of the blue that you're frozen for a moment, unable to move, as your cognitive functions slowly begin to return. You know it's wrong, but it's happening and it feels oh-so-right.

I guess that's why I'm standing here, Jonas lips hungrily devouring mine, and I'm not even so much as putting up a fight. And as his tongue seeks entrance, I willing give it, wondering if I'm going to come to my senses, or whether the reason I'm not pushing him away is because I'm actually enjoying this.

As his hand moves to the back of my head, running slowly through my hair I find myself moaning softly into his mouth, the sound intensifying as his other hand drifts down my back to cup my buttocks.

Then I'm lost.

I fall ever further when he moans my name as his lips begin to slowly travel down my throat, leaving a fiery trail behind them.

My arms wrap around him, pulling our bodies closer together as I press my burgeoning hardness into his hip. I can already feel his erection grinding into me, and invoking feelings in me I haven't felt in a long time, too long, not since Daniel.

I want this. I really, really want this.

"Jack, I want you!"

*No kidding Jonas. I want you too!*

My only answer is to cup his face and claim his lips once again.

~*~ Fin ~*~