Darkness Chronicles
Saga 1: Shadow attacks Nintendo World

This Fic's Main Theme:
Shadow's Theme Song "Throw it All Away"

"Shadow You are running out of rings! Are you
"Sonic the red swelling area is a weakness!
Aim for it!"

Shadow watches as Super Sonic darted in to
the giant Lizard attached
to the space colony headed to the earth. The
lizard howled in pain as
the area that had been hit throbbed and after
thrashing a few times it
died. The colony was seconds from impact with
the planet, surrounded in

Sonic: No way that's getting through! Shadow!

Shadow heard the words in his head "Shadow,
do it for the people on
that planet, give them a chance to be happy!"

Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow grabbed the
colony and nodded to each

The colony was engulfed in a bright yellow
light and vanished in a flicker,
along with sonic.

Shadow: Maria, this is what you wanted right?
This is the promise I made
to you...

Shadow breathed heavily as he fell to earth's
atmosphere, he was out of
energy, it was over. At the last second too.
Something was odd, but
Shadow the hedgehog could not put his finger
quite on it. He was still in
Hyper form as he fell! He must have some
energy left!

Shadow: Chaos Control!

He didn't know where he was going, but it was
away from the
atmosphere. During his chaos control a blue
portal ripped open in the
fabric of space in his path, Shadow falling
weakly into it. He gasped a
heavy breath and fell onto some kind of
surface, and blacked out...

He rolled over on his belly, his head was
hanging over this object he was
on. He slowly opened his eyes. He was back in
normal form now, blood
trickling from his eyes and mouth. His world
came into view, but it was
wrong. Space?! He sat up quickly as if
awakening from a bad dream. He
was on some kind of floating platform
surrounded by space.

Shadow: What the...Where?

The ground began to shake and he stood up,
wiping the blood from his
face. He felt a strange energy here, and it
was coming closer. A large
glove hovered to him, laughing.

Shadow: What the ****? A floating hand?
Where's the rest of it!

Hand: Quiet Hedgehog. Who are you to intrude
on my domain?

Shadow: I..I am Shadow the Ultimate life

Hand: You? The Ultimate Life Form? Bull.

Shadow frowned and crossed his arms, slanting
his eyes in an evil glare.

Hand: I am the Master Hand, ruler of this
land in-between dimensions
and holder of the world renowned Super Smash
brothers tournament!

Shadow smirked evilly and took a step toward
the floating hand.

Shadow: Either I fell harder then I thought
or I am dreaming.

Master Hand: Silence hedgehog!

The Master hand snapped his fingers. Shadow
watched him closely.
There was no clue to where the voice came
from, and it sounded like a
deep sonic boom.

Master Hand: How is the ultimate lifeform
such a puny creature, I ask

Shadow: Size is an illusion, freak. I ask you
how the Master hand is such
a pathetic creature.

Master Hand growled at shadow and charged to
smack him off the
platform, a good fall is all the hedgehog
needed to die.

Shadow watched as the hand darted at him. He
gripped the green chaos

Shadow: Chaos...Control!

The Master hand smashed into the ground with
a loud explosion, sending
gravel and stone everywhere.

Master Hand: What the **** was that!?

The Master Hand yelled in pain as Shadow
darted into the back of him,
curled into a pall and zooming through the
air with an orange tail of light
following him like a comet. The hand turned
and made a finger gun

Master Hand: Suck on this fuzzbucket.

He fired multiple large bullets toward the
hedgehog who...jumped right
over them?!

Shadow: Chaos Spear!

A bolt of yellow energy struck down like
lightning from the sky, hitting
the Master Hand.

Master Hand: You are strong I'll admit that.
But you cannot beat me!

Shadow leapt into the air, his face cold and
emotionless. He fire rolled
midair, raining fire down on the glove like
the plaque of Moses. The
Master hand hit up in retaliation, Shadow
placing his feet on the tips of
the pointer finger and leaping into the air,
coming down in a hard air kick
into the knuckles of the hand.

Master Hand: Grah! What..What are you.

Shadow: I told you, are you deaf freak? I am
Shadow the hedgehog, the
ultimate life form. And you...are dead.

Master Hand: Wait. Spare me and I shall tell
you how you can rule the

Shadow looked at him quizzically. He was
interested, indeed.

Shadow: Tell me then, freak. And Make it

Master Hand: Through the time portal over
there, it leads to nintendo
world. All the worlds are continents on one
big planet, Nintendo World.
There is a sacred temple that is guarded by
the Nintendo Sages, Zaji and
Gaia. If you beat them, all you would need to
do is recruit the villains of
the world, and no one could stop your
combined power.

Shadow smirked and began to laugh.

Shadow: I would not need any help to enslave
a pathetic planet! But
fine, show me the portal.

The Master hand snapped his fingers and the
portal lowered.

Master Hand: Now go, step on it. You spared
me so Its yours.

Shadow began charging at the Master hand,
running at the speed of
sound. "Who Said I'd spare you?"

Master Hand: What?! You insignificant

Shadow leapt into the air, rolling into a
ball and becoming encased in an
orange glow, did his Homing Missile, firing
at the weak hand followed by
an orange tail of light. The Hand couldn't
even utter another word after
the hit, Shadow unrolling and holding up the
green emerald

Shadow: Chaos Spear!

The bolt of energy smashed into the hand's
palm, and right through the
back! It hacked and flung back, falling off
his own platform almost out of
sight, until it exploded in a ball of orange
fire, pieces of white rubber
flinging everywhere. Shadow didn't even watch
the explosion. He began
walking towards the portal and stepped on.



Mario: Mum-a-mea! Thata gooda Meataball!

Luigi: Well I am a good-a cook! Hehe!

Mario and Luigi sat inside their small house
eating dinner.

Mario: Are you going to be attending-a the
Princess' party tommarow-a?

Luigi: Where-a else would I be?

Suddenly, the clouds began to darken until
day became night, the cloud
rumbled and a dark purple rain began to fall.

Luigi: What in the world?

Mario: Is it Bowser?

Peach walked to them from the side.

Peach: No..It means the sacred heaven temple
of the sages is under

She had a look of despair on her face, one
Mario had never seen.

Everywhere around the world people were
watching the sky. Ness
dropped his yo-yo in amazement. Samus
just stared, flipping off her visor to see if
she was seeing things and
blinking in disbelief. The Ice climbers
became so distracted they actually
fell off the mountain they were on. Link
dropped his sword, along with
Ganondorf, mid fight between the two, both
were in amazement. Zelda,
behind Ganondorf in a crystal prison, also
gasped. Marth and Roy stopped
their training and just frowned, knowing what
was happening.

The yoshis all shivered in fear, hiding in a
cave. Kirby watched wide eyed
in fear. Game and watched...made rapid
beeping noises. The pokemon
cried out their names in panic. The other
smashers were at a party, and
they too were amazed and frightened, even
Bowser. Crash Bandicoot
from a nearby forest stopped fighting Cortex
as they both watched the
events of the sky.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles also watched the
sky, having just returned
from ARK.

Sonic: Kyuu! What is that?

Knuckles: Its...so cold...and evil.

Tails: This can't be! My Computer has
detected the disturbance....

Sonic: What is it? Is it eggman?

Tails showed him the computer screen, showing
a small beeping red dot
on a map.

Sonic: It..Can't be...Shadow?!

The two warriors glared at Shadow as they
stood Parallel to him on the
surface of Kirby's dream fountain stage which
had become the sacred
temple's entrance. Zaji had black hair and
eyes, dressed in a angelic
white/sky blue tunic and robe outfit. His
sword was wielded. Gaia wore
golden armor and a red under armor, wielding
a dragon sword.

Gaia: We demand you leave now, Shadow. You
are breaking divine law!
There would be concequences to what you are
planning to do!

Shadow: Pathetic human, I have no time to
hear your blabbing!

He made a fist and charged, running at top